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The speakers discuss various crops and their characteristics, including wheat, pods, and dates, as well as the importance of avoiding abuse and quality. They emphasize the importance of avoiding overthinking and not overdoing, as it is important to determine whether one is a good quality or a bad quality. They also touch on animals, cattle, and the benefits of cow feed, including the ability to produce cattle and earn a small percentage of the same kind of animals. The importance of keeping a record of the number of cameras and animals, as well as animal quality is emphasized. The segment also touches on animal rights and giving back to the poor.

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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give, give love.

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There's a hand somewhere to hold on to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give out well give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee

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you sell.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to the thick of Zika the third pillar of Islam a very important topic that affects all of society, all of the Muslim society. To help me go through this topic and to expound we have our Shaykh Sheikh Mohammed a Salaam Alaikum welcome. Where are they from Salaam what I want to get to thank you, Jimmy. Chef previous episodes we've looked at, circa in his definitions, how to imply it went through it in currency went to gold and silver. And we looked into the plants, the crops and you explained to us what crops we were going to use in this zaca this arena of zurka one thing you spoke about before were certain types of crops. So you said

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to us, for example, wheat, barley, raisins and dates. Now what if we have different types of crops and we put them together? Can they then still be calculated Zakat upon smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah Cuba to Lima 13 Belladonna Illallah, wa alameen, or salat wa salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi as many more that when we stated the nisab, which is handset to Outlook.

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And we say the approximately it is equivalent to 720 kilogram of grains or foods wherever we specified.

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This is an answer for each item. So if somebody possessed for and have our stock

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of any of those categories, and another three or four and a half of another category, we do not say we'll combine them together in order to complement each other and have the new SOP or more than the nissa No, then you solve for each category is independent. So if it doesn't reach, then this part or this category is not the category. So like the golden silver, like you're told before, there's no combination exactly in this is there any time that there can be a combination for these products at all at any time at all it is it is of the same category, but maybe different varieties. So, for instance, reason we have a higher quality and a lower quality in the same field, he has more than

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one field and the harvest is a good quality and a lower quality. So obviously will be merged together and added to each other and whatever the summer whether it is an assault or more than the Denisov. So because we do not say because this is a different quality, it should be treated as a different category. And by the way, perhaps that

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would lead us to also speak about since we're speaking about quality, that whenever the farmer or the person who is a care payer,

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also as a care, Allah subhanaw taala reminded us in the Quran with the following fact that we should not look for the worst quality and take it out and give it to the poor unfortunately people do that.

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For instance, when we when we buy dates in certain areas, people may put the good quality on top, just the first patch. Then when you finish it up, you will see the small ones the defective ones beneath it. This is how this is cheating.

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And whenever we're supposed to give the old Zakah we're supposed to choose what's good. What's the best of the crop who say no, because then abuse on the lohani SLM acetamide amnesia Bella yakko, Cara Mo Mo le him so do not take the best to hurt the rich nor do we take the worst to hurt the poor. Rather the average Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses the believers who are the care payers in Surah Al Baqarah, in verse number 276 as far as he says, Yeah, you have Latina M and l omean. Thank you bet America saboten

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spin in a charity, the mandatory charity from the lawful earning what you have earned

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one member occasion

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criminal law that is pertaining the producer of Earth while at a mammal hobbyists I mean who own

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and don't you aim at the worst of the produce in order to give it to the poor? well as to the FAA, the

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middle fee while I'm on Aloha, Vanya and hammitt which means put yourself in the position of the for the recipient, you yourself you will not go into take this because you know, it's a very bad quality unless if you have to close your eyes in order to tolerate act like interpreting that you did not see it, because you're extremely hungry. Or you just have to take it No. Put yourself in the position of the recipient. What would you like? You don't have to give the best buy at least min for university maca submitted, and don't aim at the worst of it. Does that refresh? Now we've gone through in previous episodes, wealth, we looked at the different types of wealth and now we've gone

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through, for example, currencies and gold and silver. We've gone through now plants, and of course that of course is foodstuff. There's one part of this whole cycle that we haven't touched upon. And we could say it's one of the most important because many people are graded nowadays on this type of, shall we say wealth, which is lively livestock or Susa cattle? How does that fit in terms of Akasha?

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Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala informed us that there is a catch you on cattle but not on on livestock or on animals, but particular things such as camels,

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cattle, or cows, and buffaloes, and sheep. So these are the only three categories so donkeys and horses and all of that alysse if they're used in trade,

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okay, yeah, trade is different, as we discussed before.

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But the three categories are kinds of animals or livestock, which is acceptable, and even cams,

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Albacore calves, l one m, the lamb or the sheep. But before we speak about Denisov and the hell because it's also necessary, in order to determine whether this is acceptable or not.

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We have to reflect on some of the beautiful verses that Allah Subhana Allah revealed in the Quran reminding us with this blessing of making animals and cattle subservient to us, some of which will arrive on their back means of transportation, some of which are used for testing and agriculture, some of which are used for melk Subhan, Allah eating the flesh, whatever we were, have her have genuine leather, I mean, endless benefits and this will also pan out Allah says in verse number 66, of Surah An Na Na means the honeybees. And by the way, sooner than that talks a lot about cattle. And if to the extent some scholar said it should have been called Sora. And while there is a whole

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chapter, it's a very lengthy one. Scroll al anon are the cattle. The verse says we're in an akuna Phil anomala ebara

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stay call me my feeble Tony him in benei, forcing them in Lebanon Holly sons, Elena Sherry been. Here is an example. A reminder that Allah subhanaw taala reminds us with one of the greatest blessings, cattle, you have an admonition then have a look at the milk that you drink. And you enjoy you say it has so much calcium and you have to drink milk in order to grow good bones, powerful structure etc. This milk is coming as Allah subhanaw taala from between the fallen men benei for sin what I'm between the fees is the execution and the urine, the waste of the animal and the blood. So neither one of them is this is disgusting. So milk is coming from between these two items. And there

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we have a purified drink, sir one Holy Son purified seven palatable shebeen for those who drink it, and they enjoy it. If you saw that you're seeing Allah subhanaw taala says lol amuro and holla Cannella homie Maha amulet, Idina and Armand for whom the ham Alicorn How do you not seen that we have created for for them of what our hand have made cattle so that they possess and the control have was a loner Hello home. Fishermen how aku mom in Haiku made the skeletal subservient to them. So some of which they ride on their back and some of which day they eat their flesh. While our home fee hermana few I'ma share

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There are multiple benefits and wrink

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flh Guru, one day be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah These are some of the Nam there are many, many verses in this regard. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala orders will see people who have plenty of livestock and investing in them to give out of that a small percentage of the same kind animals to the poor, because the poor are seeing your herd and your cattle going back and forth when grazing coming back to this table, so, the look at them. So lots of Hana data sets satisfy the need of the poor by some of what we have given you. And have you solved a lot SLM indicated that this occurred you and livestock is in camel, camels, cows, and sheep and there is a general consensus amongst the

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scholars of the oma, these are the three categories which are capable, providing the rich Dennis up for each kind, there is a specific nisab that is different than golden silver and currencies, different than the plants and the fruits. And in case of livestock, and how

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is required as well, which is possessing the livestock then it's up for one complete lunar year when takuna said this is another exit condition which is that freely grazing they have free pasture so they don't they're not the ones which are how do you say brought up on and cultivated these are ones that are going on the freelance basically you have your cattle or your camels and you send them in and open the eat from the grass. It's called freely grazing, the eat from the green that Allah subhanaw taala created. So in this condition, such livestock meeting those conditions at training, then you swap one complete year and say me freely grazing is the cattle remains for us to address

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the rate of the cap for each category. Does that is a good point for us to take a short break now please remember these topics that we're discussing are those which are beneficial for all of us. Please take a pen take a pad, take notes. Very interesting, very informative topics. Please join me in a couple of minutes as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you well.

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The philosophy of Islamic law

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a program for restoring belief and trust within Muslims mind and heart

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and for for establishing a true concept. Once then fools for us.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who need time give us give us give us Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the thick of Zika. Just before the break this year, we went into the lively stock we went speaking about cattle and how important a loss of a hammer to either has given us these, these cattle themselves. One point I would say and very clearly, chef is that when you speak about library stock, there's one or one capitalist speak about, which always comes to mind and Allah speaks about in the Quran many a time is camels. And one thing about the camels, they're very very succinct as as animals, how do we go into the car? How do we collect the nice up

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on this kind of animal and the others that you mentioned you? Okay, first of all, I would like to share with you something as well as my beloved viewers, whenever we were studying this in elementary school or middle school or whatever, it was a very hard subject when it comes to then it sort

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of does occur on livestock. Because there's a lot of calculations and a lot of names in terms such as been to level one or even two mahad etc. So sometimes we tend to skip it. And I understand that those who are watching us right now once they hear those terms, they will be turned off. So I would say this, educate ourselves and at least have an idea we're gonna make it very simple and easy as much as you can even even if you're not a farmer, or if you're not investing in, in livestock, have an idea in order to see how beautiful is our religion that Allah subhanho wa Taala explain everything in

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Details. And before I touch base on any of that, let me give you a few terms for with regards to camel and their definition. The word bin Toma hub in the she camel. There is only one he completed one year and it is starting its second year that is been Tomahawk. Evan Orban. Tila boon Vinton a boon is a she camel, that is two years old and have starting have started the third. Then the right pronunciation of the third one is hecka not healthcare hacker, which is a she camel, three years old, and starting already the force.

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Then, with regards to camel, the last is Java. This is a she camel, four years old, starting its fifth year. Okay, stop at that and speak about the carry. There is no Zika on camels unless one possesses five of them. So if he has four, and many sheep, he will not be socketable. This look at the chart with us and the PowerPoint here. Once somebody possesses five camels freely grazing for one complete year in his position, then there's a cap rate on it is when she when she share.

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Then when he has done or on his cam was reached and then there's a guy his two sheep, that's every time they increase by five, there's a cat you on them is one more sheep until they reach 25. In this case, we're going to use the terms which were discussed earlier.

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Been to my heart. My heart means the mother is pregnant. So as she Campbell a young she camel, which is only one year have completed one year and entering the second whenever somebody possesses for one year 25 freely grazing camels then he owes been to my heart whenever they reach 36 then been to level. This is a sheer camel

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two years old and entering the SERP.

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Whenever they reach 46 camels, there's a kegel is happy. That is three years old entering the force. Whenever the reach 61

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there's a cat is just that.

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That is four years old, entering its fifth whenever they reach 76 then it owes as a care to bent level to mint level from 91. To 120 cameras is a cat is two young cameras, which has no auto known as head pattern. Okay.

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Whenever the number of cameras is above 120, then on every fall camels, there's a kegel is when Ben Tila won again, they've been Tila Boone is that a she come on young she can be two years old intern the third

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and on every 50 above the 120 this occurred you is one haircut that is she came on three years old and entering. its fourth Okay, I have a question for you now.

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Why? For the first do we have five camels and why five camels watch one upset for example, because you cannot give a camel is a carrot is very tiny and small. Remember in case of golden silver who say 2.5% you can exactly extract the amount from gold or silver or paper money or currency. But how would you take this out of a camel cut an organ or a limb so it is relating to it and later inshallah we'll speak about whether we're obliged to pay zakat as is specified or we can pay the value and we'll discuss this in detail inshallah. Now let's talk about this a carrot on cattle farm unless

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we say the Zika is not on camels until they reach five in the case of camels. The cattle are subject to the care provided they are freely grazing herd and number 30 at the completion of the howl or the lunar year at this point, this is you to give a Tabby burrata via Tamia Arabia. It is a baby Cameron that one year old. Entering

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One year old tibia for me and for a female or a cow

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is the BIA

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whenever the the cows reach number 40 is a care is Musina. It's a machine it's a cow that is two years old, whenever the number reaches 60 cows, then it owes Zakah to young cows to tibias whenever the number reaches 70 then this occurs you is masina and one tabea masina and one bowl that is only one year old and whenever the number reaches 80 then we have this academy on that it always two more centers and when it reaches 90, then three tibia 100

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it owes one Lucena and two tibia I have to say that and this is just general information for those who are not into the livestock business, but in order to understand that the dean really dealt in details with every aspect. So, the farmers have to know what concerns them those who are in shepherds for instance have to know what concerns them with regards to the herd and number of cattle or animals and so on. So, when the person owns 110

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cows freely grazing and he possesses him for one complete year, he owes tumo Center and the center is two years old and to tabea which is one year old. Whenever the number is 120 then he owes the Zika on that three Musina or for Debbie this system is followed on on additional capital when tibia and on every for one Mussina Mussina means two years old remains for us. The last and hopefully as I said, you will not act as we used to do whenever we were young and we will get to study this part then we're skipping the den in slop in the case of sheep Okay, somebody has a herd of sheep that is less than 40 heads he owes zero zeca

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zero exactly when the same condition is feeding raising and he was this is him for one complete year. So, when he has 40

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until 120 this is only one sheep, one sheep if you have 120 119 18 only one sheep, that's nothing

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and this is obviously if you maintain it for one year. So if you have it to the next year the same Zakah will be applicable unless if the number increases from 121 to 200 days okay is two sheep from 201 to 300 is okay three sheep and when that number is above 300, then one additional shear is added for each addition of 100. By that, we recognize that the person who is required to give one sheet should not look at I'm given one sheet should remember that a line give you 120 sheet, maybe you don't have that much number, but up to 100 cheap, there is no Zakah there is something called out costs in between. Like I said in the case of the sheep, the minimum threshold is 40.

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And the maximum is

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120. And in between, it's only when she's right. This is a half Allah Subhana Allah pardon us. Similarly in the case of the rates in the camel and in the in between the numbers, they're arranging, you owe nothing other than Allah Subhana Allah specify, does that click here? Okay. Now that's a lot of detail. And like you said before, it's not for everybody, but it's something that people should look into. Somebody may ask because we looked at quality in our previous episodes, quality ship.

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What about this quality of soccer? What about this livestock do they have to be of a certain quality and it gives us once again and we use a lot of Salomon abubakr sleeve afterward, and on top specified that would not take the harima. The cooler or Halima is, is an old

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sheep. And that's what was specified certain age. So you do not take a defective animal.

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You're giving this to the poor, but you're putting it in

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The end of our last panel, if you remember the story of Kabul and heavy, when they were all instead of bidding over who's going to marry the girl or the sister, admonish them, so just suggested to them to offer a sacrifice. So kabhi offer the worst of is produced and heavy, chose a nice head Ram. So this is what what accepts in America qabala who min and Mottaki. So if somebody is willingly giving this occur, you should choose something that is healthy, not defective. And if we're collecting this occur, and the state employees are collecting this account, then you should you should stay away from a milking

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animal because it benefits the owner and his family, or a pregnant or newly given birth animal because you cannot separate between the mother and the baby. There are so much details that when you study that you can put this as a doctrine for animal rights in Islam. Just Mohammed again, you've given us so much information, some valuable information to us. Again, another episode where we're going into the physicals are very important topic, and something which really affects all of us and like today, even lively stock and cattle and animals such as this that Allah has given us, we have to give back and give to the poor and those who are needy. Until next time I leave you with a Salam

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alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed, purify you Well, the coup round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give given it and love yourself.

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There's a hand somewhere hold mouth fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give our well Gibala give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D