Abu Eesa Niamatullah – How do YOU understand Tasbih

Abu Eesa Niamatullah
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. demeanor is right around the corner this new evening. ilmenite were over a couple of hours will cover the story of Solomon. Solomon Dawood Islam. So I'm hyped up I'm excited. I'm reading I'm you know, researching and revising. And the reflection that came to me today, reading the story of the Buddha is Salam. sapan law is how Allah subhanaw taala mentions the spirit of the things around them. And I really do mean things, because we're not talking humans or even the birds or last dimensions, but you can imagine that chirping to be a test. But the mountains in NASA hornell Giovanna Ave Subash Nabeel, she, he was a SRA, and we made the

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mountains echoed the praises of Allah subhanho wa Taala with him, so that was that he said, I will do it at sunrise and sunset. So we would do it at you makes us be, and the mountains would join him. I mean, that's amazing. And lots of counter notices. Yeah. zhiban Oh, we became our own mountains. You mountains echoed the praise of Allah subhanaw taala with him. Yeah, last counter, Allah commanded the mountains to do that with download as the, as the as the leader of making this movie. I mean, it's amazing. I mean, it's amazing because obviously we don't have a connection to the spiritual and the fantasy and, and, you know, for us, it's, it's like, you know, such an empirical

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world. We don't see much of these miraculous things. And you know, I guess it's fair enough. But Allah does say Subhan Allah Hema sama tea while while while as his will, Hakeem, everything in the heavens and the earth makes this dispute about loss of power, dynamics, praise of Allah subhanaw taala and allies, the Almighty and the old ways and I guess, it's, you know, nothing, nothing, not a single thing, I guess if we actually reflect upon the verses of Allah subhanaw taala everything that we look at and we just, you know, we're so dismissive. I mean, I'm just driving along in this car looking at different things. We're so dismissive, and Allah subhanaw taala says, what, Eman Shay in

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your sub beho behind there and there's not a single thing that does not celebrate the praise of Allah subhanaw taala what I can let of Babu let us be hammam but you don't actually understand the ecosphere. You don't understand their praises, how they're doing it with the sounds that they're making or not making, you're not able to connect, and that's amazing. I mean, when we look at all these different animate objects, what is their reality? We're in nermeen Allah Hey, john it llama turfed gentlemen who an hour and there are some rocks that that that what gushes from them are strings. And we see that we're in an in her lover Yasha Kaku for the human Hola. And there are

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others which split open and water comes out. We're in them in her bedroom in Hachette in LA. And there are others that are that fall down. Yeah, but they actually collapse in all of Allah subhanaw taala in reverence of Allah subhanaw taala when do we, when do we, you know, our point do we actually, you know, perceive that when we look at our things,

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and we should, we should I mean, this is something from Allah subhanaw taala it's not just in the book of Allah, but we know from the seat of the prophets, Eliza lamb, when he would give what about you know, before he had the pulpit, and his stand on the floor, next to this small tree, and he would, you know, be very close to it. And he would give the world the admonition, that'd be the current debate about and this tree is taking in all of that blessing, all that blessing. And then when the member was made, and then the promise I sent him then moved to it and stood on the member to give his chutzpah and his reminders that that's how long the heading says that the tree started

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crying like a baby crying like a baby because of what it was missing from the companionship of the purpose of life and limb. That's a tree. What about the other Hadith in Sahih Muslim the promise of life send them said that when I came to Mecca, there was already a stone waiting for me a stone that was waiting and he gave me Salaam a stone gave Salaam Subhana Allah. And you know, this is from our Eman And Allah sometimes that tells us it's for a reason. I mean, why why would Allah Subhana Allah tell us that adelboden Islamics test a spear, and that the mountains do so and the angel the birds do so and everything and everything in the heavens on Earth, so, but you don't understand it, except

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to encourage us to make more to spear and somehow Allah all these stones are not doing that day and night. And you know, was amazing. I said, It was amazing. The amount that we carry as human beings, this this free choice, this trust that Allah has given us called Islam, either to accept it or to reject it. It's a huge responsibility. It is a huge burden. But the reward for it is gender. You get it right you get gender, eternal gender, we accept that. But this was also offered to everything and everyone else, everything else. In fact, in America

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Data somehow it was for Albania a while Juba for Albania a wash phenomena wahama * insane. In Canada lumen Jamuna Allah so contrast is that we offered the trust of the heavens and earth and the mountains. And they all refused it for Albania Milla wash Academy, not only did they refuse it, they were scared of it, because they recognized how heavy it was, and who take who took it on muggings. Of course muggins took Iran which is insane, US law human beings, so it just Yanni, you know, and they're still making this video probably much more than we do. And so I guess when I look at this story of elderly Sam, I said to myself, I got to motivate myself to make more disappear. We've got

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to you know, we've got to give these storms or mountains or run for the money. So there's so many reflection that we'll be covering a lot more of this in detail, but I had dominion, but I just wanted to share that with you. I couldn't really keep it in the second one. I could see you then, as I was so lucky.

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