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Bilal Assad
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh today I want to talk to my young brothers and sisters, about their parents. We live in a time where family dynamics are very challenging. And I know that some young people have a difficulty in how to communicate with their parents and getting along with them. I get a lot of complaints all the time and a lot of questions about Look, brother and sisters, I want to start by first of all, saying how important the respect and goodness of the parents is, and it's non negotiable. Allah subhanaw taala does say in the Quran, that even if your parents are disbelievers, and they push you and put force upon you to disbelieve in Allah, He says, don't obey

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them, but treat them in goodness, no matter what a lawsuit and sort of look man, why is Jahad go

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to shooting curvy man, like he's like a very healing malaise and I can't be here anymore.

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Well saw a the home feed dunya and

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Allah says, even if they strive to make a disbelieving me, then don't obey them, but live with them in life in goodness. But the sisters kindness and mercy and a good word doesn't cost anything. And I promise you, if you merely do this simple thing. And that is no matter what they say, how angry they get, or how annoying they may be to you at times. Remember one thing, they are human just like you. And

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sometimes they don't know any better way to communicate with you. Sometimes they're confused. Sometimes it needs a little bit of your communication with them. Choose a time when your parents are calm. The stress is not too much. Why don't you make them a cup of tea or something that they like, and come round, sit down and offer something out of the blue? I promise you, your parents will look at you differently. Some parents they never see goodness from their children. And these probably speak to each other saying what's wrong? Why doesn't our daughter or son like us? You might love them with all your heart. But most of the time it comes down to communication and little bit of

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mercy. You know, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't tell us that we have to obey them in everything they say some things they say is wrong. But it doesn't mean that we'll have to respond to them in a harsh and disrespectful manner. You know, at the time of the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah was setting them. The Companions knew what it meant. And a lot of them had disbelieving parents, good parents, bad parents, Muslim parents believing parents and some of them even had parents who were extremely nasty to them. Yet they knew that Allah subhanaw taala is going to ask them even about their parents, and their parents will grow old in age and leave this world soon. Abu Huraira he says every

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time I used to go to visit my mother that people would hear him say this, he would say Salaam Alaikum, my mother from outside to get her permission to enter. And then he would say to her all the time, malice Penta Isla love you and have mercy upon you, as you had mercy upon me when I was a child. You know, sometimes it takes a few words, and then you get used to it.

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There was another companion and Hussen are the Allahu Anhu the son of it to the Aloha now he says, I never used to eat with my mother in the from the same plate. And they asked him why he said because I feared that her eye may look at a piece of food which she wanted to eat and without me realizing I would have taken it and she wouldn't say anything to me. Subhanallah how they looked at it. You know, brothers and sisters, the way that you talk and respond and treat your parents one day you're gonna grow up and have children of your own. And if this habit does develop, your children are going to copy you and think this is okay for me to treat my parents the way they treat my grandparents,

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brothers and sisters, even if your parents are harsh, even if your parents may not have a good communication ability with you, I promise you a little bit of niceness, a little bit of goodness, a little bit of Mercy goes a long way.

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The Prophet peace be upon him did say mean one time when he was climbing the member, and it was Jubilee rallies and I'm saying to him, may his nose be rubbed in dust whoever's parents reach old age and still they could not make him into paradise. Meaning that there is a humongous reward in being dutiful to your parents and the doors of paradise opening even if they were non Muslims themselves. Brothers and sisters before you know it, you're going to grow up, get married in sha Allah and you'll be living your life and your parents will get old and need you.

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Be good to them as much as you can make too hard for them as much as you can. You know, sometimes, just stopping a few of our habits can go a long way.

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I know a young boy who once came to me crying saying my mother won't talk to me. I said why? He said because I said to her some words out of disrespect. I said to him go home tonight and give her a hug.

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He said what if it doesn't work? I said go and do it. The next

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They came back smiling and he said to me, it worked. My mother is talking to me again. Brothers and sisters, that's all it takes Insha Allah, a bit of mercy, a bit of kindness and compassion. And if it doesn't work, at least it's in your scale of good deeds. And at least you're a person who's growing up to be an amazing person. Insha Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah bless her parents, and Allah subhanaw taala always tells us make dua for them to have mercy upon them as they had mercy upon us. When we were little babies. When we were in our mother's wombs, when they were struggling and striving to feed us and make us grow, we at least owe them that may Allah subhanaw taala give

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you the strength of Allah subhanaw taala assist you in communicating with your parents better. And may Allah subhanaw taala give you the wisdom and guide us all Amin was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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