Amazed By The Quran – The Hoopoe And The Sun-Worshippers

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With great eloquence, the hoopoe in Surat An-Naml reports back to Prophet Suleiman about what he saw in Sheba and how the queen and her people were prostrating to the sun. This amazing bird gives a profound analysis of how the shaytan has beautified their rituals and prevented them from the correct path to the point where they will accept no guidance. We learn from this story that each of Allah’s creatures has its own language and that they record what human beings do. They are all witnesses to our actions, and just because they don’t speak comprehensibly to us now, doesn’t mean that they won’t do so on judgment day.

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Salam Alaikum everyone welcome to amaze by the Quran a series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about quantity a little bit about this beautiful bird and Hood Hood that's mentioned in sort of number Laszlo just says to her walk over hi Yes, Juna the shamcey mundo de la was in Allahumma shaytani r Milan facade domani CBD for home life.

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The bird comes and reports back to Solomon after going to see Queen Chiba squeeing subbass kingdom. And this is her analysis, which are too hot or cold mahaya chanela shams, I found her and her nation prostrating to the sun. So they're worshipping the Sun mendola as opposed to Allah was Allahumma shaytani R. mela home and shaitan the devil has beautified has successfully beautified their deeds to them, meaning this heinous act of worship is a decorated act and they think it's a spiritual act and a great you know, profound ritual etc. For so domani Sabine, so does he has prevented them from the path from the correct path for him let alone thus they are not going to commit themselves to

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correct guidance. They're too invested and too immersed in their, in their, you know, schicke ways and their ways of blasphemy, and they've beautified it for themselves because of shaitaan, that they're not going to commit themselves to guidance. I'm amazed by this ayah because this is a bird that's giving this profound analysis in a bird didn't just see that they're worshiping, it sees in and out and reports that they're worshipping the sun, number one, and that they've actually decorated this ritual to the point where she can tell shavon has beautified this for them. And he's prevented them from any means of finding the right path. There's a really a deep insight by a bird.

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And they're not going to commit themselves to guidance for home life.

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What I'm trying to get at is Allah has put all these creatures that don't have a speech we can understand. So the man Ali Salaam is given the ability player, the ability to converse with birds, you know, to be able to communicate with them, and they can communicate with him, what we're learning through that little window that's been open for us as these creatures, all of them have a language. And all of them are actually they have their own way of recording what we do what human beings do. Like you're you have a pet or you're just driving around, you're driving to some bad place. And there's a bird sitting up on like the wires on the street, or on the streetlight and it

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just sees it looks towards you. It's a witness. And it's got a pretty detailed account of what you did. It's not just the angels on your sides that are writing it down. It's the ads, it's the it's the fly on the wall. It's the birds, you know, it's the it's the cat, it's the dog, these are all witnesses. And they just because they don't speak now doesn't mean they won't speak on Judgement Day. So halala like, even the way we think about animals and how much they are going to be recording on our behalf has changed just because of this idea. That like what more do you need to become conscious of Allah? Did you know what are these people that were worshipping the sun? How trivial

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was it that a bird just flew by? But you didn't even think about it? It's just a bird that flew by and yet it was surveillance from Allah is what that was and surveillance to report back to a prophet. And then on the day of judgment when everything becomes a witness. SubhanAllah it's not just our own hands, our own feet, but even the animals around us are gonna be witness Allah azza wa jal make us conscious and make us realize the Presence of Allah and allow us full view of all things just by these beautiful examples that he lays out for us. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa

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