Hamza Yusuf – The Jewels of the Qur’an #07

Hamza Yusuf
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim masala Allah Allah see the Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam tasnim Akira al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen wa salatu wa salatu salam ala rasulillah e, Sala La la la wa sallam Alhamdulillah as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. We're in inshallah, this seventh session on Johor Koran, and inshallah I'm hoping to get through the entire book today so we might move a little faster than I would like to. Yesterday we talked about the eight doors of Paradise that the Fatiha opens up and the importance also of the Fatiha

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As containing all of the meanings of the Quran, so the opening chapter that Allah subhanaw taala gave us which is the one we recite in every prayer really is a summation of the entire Quran and the prophets, Allah Allah and it was seldom said that he was given the Quran

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it's the equivalent of the Torah, the Injeel, the Psalms. So the first seven that what are called the sub earthly, while or tall, are equivalent to the Torah. And then the means for us, the ones that have around 100 eyes in them are equivalent to the engine, and then the muthoni are equivalent to the Tsar bore. And then from after the end, he said well for them to burn more fossil, but the more fossil is ma it's the these are the ones that I was preferred over the previous revelation. So the Quran really contains all of the Abrahamic dispensations and the Fatiha contains all of them and that's why it's it's such a central book. Now if you look at the two halves of the Fatiha

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according to mama bazaar is theory, one half is Jawahar. And then the other half is pearls because he has the door or the Jawahar are those that relate to knowledge of God and the door are those that relate to how we get to Allah subhanho wa Taala the past to God. And so,

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if you look at the chapter is famous Hadith which is in the psyche, a collection that Allah subhana wa tada said that he Assam to Al Fatiha or a solid venue have been Abdi knows Fein what Ali Abdullah said and so the the Fatiha is divided into two. Allah subhana wa tada says this in the hadith of Pudsey, Khan and ABD al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen that strengthens the opinion that the Fatiha begins with a hand and not Bismillah but this valid filler. Allah huta Allah hamadani Abdi my my servant has praised me so this is Joe. And then a Rahman Rahim Allah Rahman Rahim Allah Allah to Allah fnr la Abdi my servant has glorified me with our partner Maddie key or medic kiyomi Dean,

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partner, magetta Majid any of the my

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my servants has magnified me glorified male Majeed partner parlor.

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So that that's is

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to Allah subhana wa tada Alhamdulillah now with them Jie li li to Allah. And then either Baba Yaga Abu EOC understanding potterhead the beanie ouabain Abdi Ali Abdullah said so now this is the first is is a loss. It's It's It's to to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the second half is how the beanie would have been Abdi What do you have the mast cell for either party. Dina Salatin was the Pim sarada lived in an untidy radiant macrobiotic Mara born in pata ha the reactivity algorithm is so that half is to

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the servant so there you have the two the UI and the door. Now we go to editor corsi, and this is a

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in Surah Al Baqarah. This is a key verse in the Jawahar. So this is probably the most important of all the Jawahar vs. Either corsi is the Seder. So it's, it's the mistress of the verses of the Quran. And the reason for that is because it really directly

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it directly indicates the the the nature of Allah subhanho wa Taala, who Allah is telling us who he is in this verse. So he says, to stimula Anika that we'll see that what I found, it tells us all three of the aspects. So if you remember the pizza, that is in the cabrita, the red sofa, you have the three hour period, so you have your quota, llamar, your quota, a cab, your quota, as far this has all of them. So he's saying that this in that way contains all of the

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all of these meanings, and then it's of course, the stimula automatica and Irma allottee here ma when Matsuda allottee at barrelhouse I run out of so all of the knowledge is follow from these knowledges because all knowledge is follow from knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and so it begins Allah. So this is really essentially the muqtada in grammar is it

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begins the muqtada It begins with Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah is that is that it's, it's an indication of the essence it's not it's not an a name of attributes. So there's no attribute associated with that name. It's some say, you know, the ultimate differ on is it from an ILA, and then there's an ivam. And then others say no, it's actually it's specific to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's not the God. It's Allah's Name. So you have the man. And then you have, yeah, so this is like that is from Adam to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It indicates Allah subhana wa tadesse essence. And that's why many of them say that it's the smilla Allah, it's the greatest name, there's cleanup,

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these are all enough issues. But the point is, the name Allah is a laws alone, and it can't elac and you can have alley hat. Just like in English, you can have Gods you can have God and Gods but you can't have the god like the only God. So this is Allah and then

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La Ilaha Illa. Who, so here's the answer. There is no God. But he said, This indicates immediately Allah La Ilaha Illa. So Allah is letting us know that he is the only one because the jannetty arrows believe that Allah was the greatest God. But all these other at the heart were ways that they they worship them Leo curry buena era, his soul felt like to get close to God. In fact, just a little interesting side note.

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The great Algerian Mujahidin Ireland,

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Amir undercarriages, it he actually said that it was the humility of the Arabs

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that they didn't see themselves as worthy of asking a lot directly. And so they really saw like, Who are we to ask Allah? And so this was like Allah removing all of those and say, No, you are my special creation. I created you to ask me directly. And so Allah remove the shark, so that you know Illa Whoa. And then this is an he shot it a toe he did that. Just to know that this is absolutely one God, there's only one. And

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this is really important too. Because what are the first two attributes that he gives to Allah subhanho wa Taala in this alhaj an altium.

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He doesn't say hey, Yun, au moon.

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Because if he was hayyan, if it was NEC era, then you could have death also, like we're Hey, but there's no l Hi, no human being as l high, because the Meriva indicates that he is V living. In other words, he doesn't die. Hey, and then Allah Yum, yum is a very

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vast word. It has a lot of different meanings. It's It's a sefa mobiola in Arabic, so it's a hyperbolic form from RM. And so the PA M is the one who takes care of things. Right? in dunya. If you have a car in Allah Shea, it's somebody who takes care of things here. The young is the one he's a young, the immortal Hulk, he takes care of all of his creations matters. So he's, but it also indicates These are imobie NFC. So it has both meanings. He's self subsistent is he is he has absurdity in and of himself. He does not need anything. He needs no space, like we need space. We have to occupy space. He's made us creatures that have to occupy space. We can't subsist without

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being in time and space, whereas Allah has, he has there's no time or space. Allah subhana wa Tada. He has it, there's no place he's in no place. Because he's infinite. So we can't imagine this. And that's why the proposal I assume, so let's have a guru. Philip, don't think about the essence of Allah, it means fee that you don't think about the essence of Allah because you can't take it. And that's why in fact, Cantor, the great German mathematician who did all his research on infinity ended up in an insane asylum. Because if you think about infinity, you will go mad. And so the prophesize I'm told is don't think about infinity. only think about the Allah of Allah, reflect on

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his creation, reflect on his attributes, but don't think about it.

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infinity because you're you are a finite creature, and you can't grasp this. So a higher volume is he is

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self sustaining. He is ever sustaining. He's also sustaining his creation, both, and it's in that. So this is any shorter NLC fatter, that would lie hidden the magnificence of it for the meaning of self subsisting and all sustaining is one who is self sustaining while all other things are sustained by him. So one of the definitions of Illa is an Mastani another cool word Coolen was stuck here on La that's one of the theologians give this definition of Allah, He is the one that is completely

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independent, rich in himself. And yet everything is dependent on him. Allah who will have any right Allah is that of anyone and tomorrow for Cora, you are in need of Allah subhanho wa Taala letter Hoda who sinner to what I know.

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After saying he is a heyoka yom Allah tells us that neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him. So slumber here sinner is just to it's the beginning of sleep with the arrows called no * is where you begin to doze off like people now when they're fasting at the end of the day, they feel the dozing off. So, so Allah is telling us that and the thing about sleep, there's a beautiful Milton called sleep, the gentle tyrant.

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The jet is a beautiful term and Jabara Latif, because you cannot

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sleep will will will, will take you over and you cannot fight off sleep, it will win, always about you see, little children, because consciousness is so interesting to them when they're little they don't want to go to sleep, because there's excited and they they know I want to stay up because they want to, they want they want to see what's going on. But then you see them and then they just crash we caught crashing. Right? So So who here it did? He didn't say that he doesn't you sooner or later now um, he said that Whoa, whoa, because sleep is something that overtakes you. Right? And then he repeats Well, no, because in the Arabic If it was, let's at holdo Sen one ohm, then it could be one

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or the other overtakes him but here sinner Well, I know. Neither drowsiness nor sleep will overtake him so he's constantly in fact, if he turned away from creation his Umi for one lever it would disappear. Oh, what am yuck Phoebe Arabica. Anwar other cliche and Shahid isn't an enough that he is constantly witnessing creation. If he wasn't witnessing creation, it would disappear. In the same way that when you not in the same way with Lila and method Alana, but if you're looking at something and then you turn away from it, from your subjective experience, it disappears. And in fact, there's a whole philosophy based on whether or not that exists or not. Right, solipsism do things exist when

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we're not witnessing them. So Allah says it's enough as a proof that he's witnessing everything

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because without his most Shahada, it doesn't exist

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and that's his and a lot you know, he's looking to GDP our union, his or Anya is constant. So let us know Senator what are known 10 Zuma these Hola Hola, esta Hello, la mano software Howard it because this is these are qualities of created things. So he has transia he has transcendence, above and beyond these attributes of accidents, which are impossible in his case, freedom from what is impossible, in his case is not one of the obscure divisions of knowledge of Him. Rather it is the clearest of them. So this is the Via negativa the things that that we negate about Allah Subhana Allah that is the easiest thing. It's harder to say things about God. It's easier to say things that

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aren't God right kulula Yeah, Toto vivatic Allah He left with attic anything that comes to your mind Allah is other than that as a party that in in, in Muslim theology, anything Kula mahapatra vivatic Allahu Allah who that anything that occurs to your mind allows other than that law whoa math is somehow it one method of again you see the beauty of the Arabic line because Allah whoa he doesn't say math is somewhat a one method or low level because it's macadam indicates that it's solely his it's solely his and he has

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No shadek in what's in the heavens and in the earth.

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So this is the Shara illa kuliah. Wonder Jimmy I have Minho almost start over with a Margera all of it is his math is somehow it will map it out. So it's for a moment it's called the Arabs call that Sailor Moon. Everything in the heavens in the earth is his his his

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Mandela the shower and the who in his journey, who and this is this is what the balloon call is to him inquiry. This this is actually stronger than saying no one can intercede except with his the so if I said, if I said for instance,

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no one is is is a greater

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poet than an authentic be

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or Romi for the Afghan people here, no one has a greater poet than Rumi, that's very different than saying who is a greater poet than Rumi. It's stronger because it's a challenge.

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Right? You're challenging him. Let's hear you say so Allah says men, the lady, and then men that, you know he could have some men are lovey, but he says men.

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And this is this is, again the challenge like in in, in the

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in when when Ibrahim challenges them. He says mother taboo don't but when he asked him he says my taboo Donna, you know what do you what are you worshiping when Yeah, but when he's saying mother taboo, Don, he's telling them, what are you worshiping? So this is this is stronger than saying manda is strong in the same man or lady? Yes. So the chef,

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Chef, as is a very important concept in our tradition. And the province is M is the greatest of you know, he has the shifra on the day of January. He's the only one salatu salam that has that my palm initially. And then after that Allah subhana wa Adana gives permission for others, but nobody can intercede before the prophets Allah is and he has that macom is Mohammed Mahmoud Allah, He says Salalah and it was so but it's with the 11 of Allah. So Allah is letting us know that no one has intercession. So nobody speaks before the merciful 11 he isn't he.

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So this is Shara, in Fira Hebrew Bill mulk will come Well, um, these are all his alone, sovereignty, authority and command. So whoever will have the right of intercessor will possess it only because a lot in nobles him and permits him and this negates partnership. Many, many people will have intercession on the normal piano like the whole fall who actually practiced the Oran will have intercession the Shahada will have intercession. Many, many people but always the first is granted to the prophets allies and then the other prophets will have intercession. People can intercede for their families. That's why one of the things some of the Arabs they say, a nadji hold via the E. You

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know, when they when they leave, they'll shake hands and say a Nazir Hello via the E. You know the one if you're saved Take my hand. Whoever of us is saved. Let him take the other's hand you know as an intercession, so this is something yeah no more my banner ad him or my hand for him. When are you here Tony? We say me in love you Masha. So he knows everything. He knows our what's what's, what's the future, and he knows the past. He knows everything that will happen to us. He knows everything that's happened to us. Everything has been recorded, that he has his angels because Allah has created a world of s Bab. But he knows. And one of the things about his judgment on yomo pm and is

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very interesting. There's a principle in fick that are all the layers of the enemy. So the party who's whoever is a judge cannot judge by his knowledge. So he has to recuse himself. So for instance, if I know that this person murdered somebody, I can't I'm not I can't judge with my knowledge. I have to hear all the facts I have to. So

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the judge can't just say, oh, you're guilty.

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And Allah, he has established that principle for himself on the Day of Judgment out of His justice, even though he's just even if he condemned us without any court. He would be just because he can't be unjust, but he has established justice in the world.

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And he's told us to be just in the current oven on a bad day and NFC. So yeah, I bet a lot of animal I have prohibited my own self to oppress even though he can't oppress by his very nature. But he's telling us that he prohibited for himself and then he said to his servants, oh my service do not operate. In other words be just so he will not judge with his knowledge. He could just send us to * or to have inshallah everybody. May Allah give us make us people, Jenna, but he could just send people in even if he sent the whole of creation, he would be just in that, because he can do what he wants with his creation. So when he said that, that we will be judged based on testimony, so our

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hands will testify against us. Our eyes will testify against our ears will that we can't deny it. They'll say no, I stole he made me steal. And that's why the limbs are there, they fear because they don't want to go to the body doesn't want to go just like nobody wants to go to the fire in the dunya. Like you see a fire. And if somebody is trying to force you into it, you're gonna have immense fear and trepidation. That's the way the body is. The body does not want to go to *. And so we're being told that he knows everything. And yet despite that, he is going to have a trial for everybody. They will all have their child and they will have their day in court.

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Everybody will have their day even the animals all raised up. The animals get their their day. You know, they say in English every dog

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has his day. That's true, is a true proverb.

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And then he shall receive at the end what of the Bowden Marlowe Matt wood infrared villain, that he alone he is for calculi the Edmund alene. Allah alone is an alum. He is an alumna who he knows everything

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Who am icon, right, he's with you. His Maria is to he has Maria Taylor him and Maria Taylor, Enya. So he is with the believers in Allah ma sabreen. Allah is with the impatient in his knowledge, but he's with the patient in his Anya.

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So he's always his knowledge is lay, in fact, Ghana, and mala is always aware, and then was the CO CEO who somehow it was art. Now, this is really important in light of what we know about other dimensions and all these things.

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You know, they're talking about all these possible dimensions in the world. And we also know that dark matter is they think it's the vast majority of the universe is unseen. So they actually see what we can actually see is a tiny portion of what's actually there. So they actually, theoretically, their own, scientists are saying, there's a whole unseen realm that we know is there.

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But we can't see it, because we don't have material access to it. The dark matter, they call it, it might be light matter. They don't know it's dark to them. But it could be light.

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So when he says was here, of course, you some of it with ARB, there are Hadees that indicate some there's a there's many variations of it. And they have some weakness in them. But the meanings are sound, where the Prophet the end, there are different versions of the prophet SAW his son once was sitting with Sahaba. And he said, How do you know what's beyond this heaven? He said, it's another 500 years and beyond this Heaven is another five. So he's letting them know, and he might have just been using numbers that are high to indicate that we don't know because in some it says 70 years and 70s used by the Arabs, to indicate something extensive, like l

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1000. Is is something that Arabs use, just to mean a lot. I, like we say, and I told you 1000 times, you probably didn't tell them 1000 times, but it's a hyperbole. So the same as you're like Alif Laila, Laila 1001 nights, it's like they go on forever. So in in the traditions, the prophets I send him said that the courtesy, the mal courtesy in an arch in helper, middle art, the art of the flatten, right, the the, the, the footstool, to the throne, the dimension of it to the throne is like a ring of Hadid and one rewire in the midst of a vast desert.

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So this is just between and that's why Allah in many do as you'll see or above our shell, our theme

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for that reason in

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To us, because we can so you can imagine this is the foot, the foot store contains in the entire universe

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is contained in the footstool, and the footstool to the Arash is like a small iron ring in the midst of a desert.

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So it's just it's you, it's just, you just have to put your head on the ground, this is the point, you just do says the and say, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, which can mean the greatest but really, it means greater. Allah is greater than anything you can comprehend. Anything you can think of, and people will exhaust themselves market or law capacity, they will never give Allah His true estimation because Allah cannot be measured.

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So this is just his throne, and his foot. I mean, the quarter See, there's a hit off about is the

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the, the like a chair, I mean, you're not even supposed to do that to him, because it's anthropomorphism we can't we can't do that. In fact, other Walker said, anybody that mentions the hand of God and then uses his hand to indicate each other You should be flogged.

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So we can't we can't these are these are analogies to let us know that you know, every every every king in the dunya has a throne and a footstool. So Allah is giving us

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but his the modalities Billa cave, we can't there's no way we can comprehend what these mean.

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It's they're just approximations to the Bulma and everything. That's why in the

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somebody came to a searing chef, a chef, a shallowed bar and he told me this story.

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He said that, you know, somebody came in he said he's on a dream that he was eating macaroni in general, my Corona, you know, the aritzia micro is alella. Corona, Corona. Now you were eating what we read about in the Quran. Right? So and the point of that is that

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there's nothing in the afterlife that relates to the dunya according to him and thus ill asthma. Ladies and gentlemen adonia ill asthma, they share the names, but we can't conceive malah ainun rods what are the non semi as well ah ha para Appleby Basha? That's Jenna. It's what no eye has seen, no ear has heard and never occurred to the heart of a human being. So everything that you read there just to give you some kind of approach in the same way that we know Allah is hearing only because we know what hearing is, but you can't in any way think that his hearing is like our hearing. It's just to approximate those meanings.

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So this this indicates the greatness of God's sovereignty the perfection of his power. Right and and, and it is a noble and obscure knowledge. So it's something hidden from us. Well, are you Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, la de la v. And then again, it

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there's no weariness from preserving the heavens and the earth will only allow them and He is the Most High, the magnificent, the vast, the tremendous. So he says, this is an he shot at you they'll see fatter acumatica 110 z and above one Oxon or above. So So this indicates divine attributes of power and its perfection, and freedom from weakness and imperfection. Will who will allow them he says that he could go into great detail about those. Now, sorry, yes scene is called Oliver Quran. And this is a surah that you could spend an immense amount of time on. It's one of the most important traditionally practices of the Muslims. yacine is a very important spiritual practice.

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Some say it's the name of the Prophet mo Matic or the land even Abizaid mentions in the research that he didn't like to use the name for a person because he said it might be a name of God, and their names like that. But generally, it's been used as a name. Some say it's the name of the Prophet. It comes from Yeah, insane.

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So the virtues are many. And there are Hadees Oliver caranya Celia rajouri dolla, dolla Shara Allah for Allah Hola, whoa, para Animoto calm. That's related by Hackman even then consider it so he is relieved by him. I'm just lucky for that. I learned from the

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I had the sound that I started with whenever you have a Hamad he should always be before the other unless it's Monique so if it's if they're if they're going to say whenever you see somebody with who says Ottawa who Academy the med you know that the person's What didn't study with muhaddith and because of them I do think they'll always put the higher the arm so even more like an amateur overall Buhari even though Buhari is emammal hydretain in that way.

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But so I'm it always goes first. And unhackme is very important because he tried to find all of the Hadees that Mr. Bahari and Mr. Muslim miss that were

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so he did there is his did the Rockies the mustard rock is to to find those, but he is not as rigorous in his Saha. So some people will say these are weak IDs. This one is in a tirmidhi audit tirmidhi Hadees don't hurry hurry doesn't necessarily mean that it's not a good Hadeeth it's just related to the raw we one of the

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chains and then looking at other Hadees in relation to it. So inadequately Shay and Alba cocklebur caranya sin woman Tara is in Qatar Bella hula hoop your karate happy Roger Quran Ashura Murat. This a week had these. But again, our owner said that you can use weak Hades for for violence. And that's the practice. I know, there's a lot of people in the modern period. And there's something to be said for restoring the rigor of Hades. And so the impulse to do that was was a positive impulse, because a lot of later onomah got very lazy about the Hadees. So you'll find Heidi's mentioned in a lot of the later books, where they don't really let you know there's a weak ID, it's good to know that

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hedges are weak, but for common people, traditionally, the the wild and things encourage them to do these things, because they're, they're good for them. So this moniker is inflated and asked for a level layer, which does not mean that the prophesizing didn't set, it just means it's not.

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It doesn't have that rigor. And then yes, you name a party, etc, who I think is very weak. Some say it's moderate. But again, these are studies that have been used by the community for centuries. And so traditionally, SDN is really important. And I'm not going to go into a scene because it's that would be a whole, several lectures on their own really. Now we get to sort out the highlights and again, these are called our or Koran, these are the kawara,

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Eman nissa, booty wrote a book called kawari and Koran, specifically about all of these different eyes and, and and versus

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surahs that are used for protection and other things. But who Allah who I had is a miracle of this religion. Arguably, this is the single most powerful theological summation that you will find in world religions. I don't think personally, I don't think you could find any other certainly not the monotheistic religions that have anything like this, I really believe that

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Allah who Allah who had to do thorough, thorough Quran, why? Because a third of the Quran is to tell you who God is. And this surah does it

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in similar even more so than I had to of course the one of the things about it, of course, if you look at it, it's

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every single

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phrase in it of course, it can be a harbor of Allah. So if you look at each one Allah

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right La Ilaha Illa Whoa, that's that's a Joomla Allah, Allah.

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Allah letter hoto Sen. Each one is its own sentence about Allah. So each one of those, Allah Mandela dish or Undo, right, the east of ham can be a harbor. So each one of those is telling you about Allah in this one, Allah is doing something really quite extraordinary, because there are eight ways that you can have Kufa and l eight are negated in this surah. So,

00:44:44 --> 00:44:56

Mr. Rosati says this surah is medivet Allah which are hidden who it will give you knowledge of God and knowledge of his conceptual unification like how we make him one

00:44:57 --> 00:45:00

and then tuck these two who and Moshe rockin fulgent

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

When not a lot, you have the genus, and then you have so so in in Yep, you have these are called the five practicals in logic, so you have the genes and then you have the newer you have the fossil, you have the out of the house and then you have out of the land.

00:45:19 --> 00:45:42

When we speak about things we use, these are the five practicals anything you say about anything is going to have one of these five things. Allah Subhana Allah has no mashiac when we speak about Allah, Allah is unique alone in his reality and so there's there's no genus

00:45:43 --> 00:45:55

he has no there's no genus. Like he is his own unique reality. Everything else like we're of the genus are jancis haiwan.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:49

Like the flowers, Jen says, No bet. The the hub, the genus is mineral, Allah Subhana. Without is outside these concepts. We can't place them in these. So so that's one of the things that this does. woodmore I'd be nephele also word for word Cuf. So there's no also there's no follow up and there's no proof there's there's no origin, there's no nothing comes out of him as a product as a branch, like a child. And then there's there's nothing. He has no proof he has no peer, what was for hooba summit you shadow via no summit, Allah de la moksa Juju the Hawaii HCl, so the attribute of self existing and besought of all informs us that in existence, there is no one other than Him who can be

00:46:49 --> 00:46:51

sought for the fulfillment of needs.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:01

So 10 piano and cofra Semenya so it negates eight types of disbelief This is what what in western theology called the Via negativa

00:47:03 --> 00:47:13

so when you say Apollo Allah had and remember I had in Arabic you have warhead and you have I had I had is like unique

00:47:14 --> 00:47:15

why had is one

00:47:16 --> 00:47:29

why had in Arabic is not a number numbers begin with two. So why has is not considered a number. And that's what happened with her. Right? He loves the odd

00:47:30 --> 00:47:43

numbers begin the odd number begins with three and there are many threes in creation. In fact, this tripped up a whole religion because there's so many threes in creation, it's very easy to see Trinity's everywhere

00:47:46 --> 00:47:50

so Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna is one Why don't

00:47:52 --> 00:47:53


00:47:55 --> 00:48:06

and so it negates composition and number composition means he's not Morocco. So there's no parts and then number means that he that he's

00:48:08 --> 00:48:15

there's there's no added Allah is why don't it's not a number is unique. There's nothing beside him.

00:48:16 --> 00:48:21

Because the whole point of numbers you have to have more than one to have numbers

00:48:23 --> 00:48:52

because there's nothing besides Allah Subhana data can allow when you call my O'Shea Allah was and there was nothing with him unique and then Allah who Samad. There's a lot of different interpretations of summit, but essentially the summit is the one who is does not need anybody. But people flee to that one in their need. So this negates Killa and Knox,

00:48:53 --> 00:49:12

which is insufficiency and Wantage, so old English word Wantage that they need something so it negates the fact that there's there's no killer with a lie there's no insufficiency but also there's no nuxe there's nothing is not this he's not he's not missing anything.

00:49:13 --> 00:49:50

And then lamb yeah lead when I'm you lead this 10 feel Ella will Matt lulea it negates cause and effect. So there's no Allah subhana wa Adana did not, was not caused. And even though we use majaz, and we say Allah is the cause of the universe, it's not in a cause and effect relationship. Like for instance, when Allah says no maniapoto Ramadan, the Apollo con, normally the fall would be suburbia, because it's a is a feral ama. But the father is to upkeep for your call. No, it's not for your corner.

00:49:51 --> 00:50:00

Because there's no cause and effect with Allah. In other words, you know, Aristotle, called God the unmoved mover. He the first

00:50:00 --> 00:50:13

Cause and what he said was he he, because he had to be consistent with his philosophy. He said that creation has always existed with God because you can't separate the cause from the effect.

00:50:15 --> 00:50:22

And this negates that, that Allah creates. And it simply is

00:50:24 --> 00:50:37

there's there's no relationship to the cause and the effect like somebody's pushing something, there's no it is all right, in what we call cause and effect in the world, so that negates the Enlightenment lulea

00:50:39 --> 00:50:58

wollombi akula huka. Juana had 10 fee a shabby one novia so it negates any likeness and any peer. So these are the eight types of Kufa that sort of a class negates, and I've told this story many times, but it really had an impact on the lives very young. I was in the United Arab Emirates when I was studying.

00:50:59 --> 00:51:28

And there and I was with some Bedouin in a line. We were out. I used to go with this man that I met a century, shamrock man was from Mosul from Iraq. Really beautiful man. And, you know, he was one of my early teachers there in the Emirates. And he used to he used to go do dalla to the Bedouin. I mean, not really dalla because Muslims you don't do Dalit to them, you do Dalit to non Muslims, you do honorable Moreover, nahan among kirtan was

00:51:29 --> 00:51:40

so so we went and he, he used to Mashallah have a good impact on them. So I was with him. I was probably I think I was night 20, maybe 21.

00:51:41 --> 00:52:10

And, and one of the very young veteran, they all had sticks because of these candlesticks that they have. And he said to me, you know, what were you before you were Muslim? Because I told him I was convert. I said, I was a Christian. he's a he's a, what do they believe? I said, Well, they think that, that Isa is even a law that he's the son of Allah. And I as God as my witness, he said to me, by, you know, Homer undo

00:52:11 --> 00:52:14

for dunya for mumkin, Allah Bo,

00:52:15 --> 00:52:21

the older one next to him, took his stick and hit him and said, let me lead while I'm You, Lord.

00:52:22 --> 00:52:33

He literally hit him, and just said, let me lead Well, I'm EULA. And I thought Subhanallah these were probably illiterate people. But because they had sort of a class

00:52:35 --> 00:52:40

you know, they they weren't susceptible to that. sherek amazing.

00:52:43 --> 00:52:45

Sofia handle atrophy. When is that?

00:52:46 --> 00:53:11

When is it that he has a lead that are feeding? So the condition and Gnostics you have to be careful this word? Unfortunately, we don't have a good word for it in English, but gnostic can be confused with Gnosticism in Christianity and esoteric philosophy and things like that, so I'm not using it. In that way. I'm using non gnostic to mean somebody who knows God.

00:53:12 --> 00:54:05

So because it's from gnosis, which is knowledge and can No, no is originally from this route. So the word know is is from this route. So we have agnostic, but we don't have gnostic, you know, somebody who doesn't know as opposed to them using. So that's how I'm using it as a gnostic as opposed to an agnostic because an agnostic says, I don't know. The gnostic actually knows Allah. So the relation of the pleasure Anima No, lo julio de Fuca show con la liga la shadow Tony era meritage led us to our Aqua minchah hortica they actually when they carry the Quinta 200 genital area or Yaba, we used so woba certina anogenital latifi hapa la chahatein muscles. So he's saying, if if you had this

00:54:05 --> 00:54:57

choke, this yearning to meet a no God greater than your yearning to eat and procreate and do these other things that you're doing the junior you would prefer the paradise of knowledge over worldly desires, and this is why our hanifa said, if the Kings knew what the pleasure that we were in lead that they would send their armies to try to take it from us. So mattify is a great pleasure. There's a hadith it's Delorme related, but the Hadees states that an alum muteki on rF eurocity you photography ilmi He is hieromonk avid, yeah, Buda, la Sabrina center, or Sabrina, that like a scholar, reclining on his bed, reflecting on knowledge is better than 70 years of devotion because

00:54:57 --> 00:54:59

everything is in devotion.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:30

But the animals don't have mad FIFA not like we do and that's why knowledge is so central to our religion it's it's mad if that makes us human. They're all the the the the rooster he can out perform any human being in with his hands you know the pig can out eat any human being with his appetite the elephant can out lift any human being with his strength.

00:55:31 --> 00:56:24

The Cheetah can outrun any human being with his speed. All the animals can they can cook They not only compete with us, they can outdo us the Beaver, look at the Beaver. And and and and what it can build with just these materials, the be the beat, we can't make honey, we can make honey, all these things. So what is it that makes us uniquely human? It's it's an apple, or an apple. You know if your hanifa said it's up here, the other three said it's here is either one. Now we know there's a relationship. So but it's the it's the apple, no clue. Colonia, they have hearts, but they don't use them to think so this is why it's so important. So I love this picture from because this is like,

00:56:24 --> 00:57:16

this is the person penetrating the milk into into I mean, obviously you can't we can't get them out of coop. But it's the idea that this is this is our pursuit is to get past this, this molk all the sensory and get into the meanings. You know, and so there's these other people krafla they're literally they're living in a in a fantasy world. I mean, one of the reasons why Plato did not want images in his Republic was because he said this is already an image once removed from reality, so you don't want doubly removed from reality. So you're in The Truman Show. You're just you're living in this complete, artificial world. And this is what's happened now with all of this, people in

00:57:16 --> 00:58:03

online. And in these, they call them virtual worlds. Now you have virtual friends, you don't have real friends anymore. You have virtual friends, virtual reality, there's no such thing as virtual reality, it's actually unreality. That's why it's virtual. So this is something that we have to really think about because we're called to penetrate for either the borrower or Koran to go to the, to the to the ends of it to penetrate it. were called to lead time for donate lobby. So Pon, you know, we're called to penetrate the heavens and the earth to really go into another world. Ibrahim was shown the meta codes of the similitude of Ibrahim and he said that he wasn't content to he

00:58:03 --> 00:58:39

wanted Joe caverta he and Mota. I want to know these things. But what I want them Tiltman, don't you believe? No, I believe Luckily, the ultimate in Appleby. I just want my heart to have Toma, Nina but so all of these, this is the pursuit that we're here to be engaged in. And we have little time and you can get completely sidelined by all the politics and all the madness. And you can miss this opportunity. Because it's a short time. We're here for a short time. We're not here for a long time. The Rt funan varone, lol Aquafina Javi the showerhead,

00:58:40 --> 00:58:56

Nevada lokala in a Sudan and the akufo him and Allah that Allah, the people of Allah, they look at those who are obsessing their appetites, like the intelligent people look at children wasting their life in the pleasures of games.

00:58:58 --> 00:59:10

You know, one of the things he he said that he wished he could go to all the the makaha you know, in in Cairo, they have all these cafes, and he said he wish he could buy their time that they were wasting

00:59:12 --> 00:59:13


00:59:15 --> 00:59:19

because it's it's wasted time. I'll tell you one of the worst thing ever happened to me when I was very young.

00:59:21 --> 00:59:58

I was with some of the asylee hain in Algeria. And we were walking, there was a cafe. And these were like traditional, you know, wearing a turban djellaba. There was a cafe and, and I just I wanted some coffee. So I asked if we could get some coffee and they kind of looked at each other. I didn't think about it. So we sat down, we had coffee. And then when we left, one of them said to me said that's the first time they'd ever been in a cafe. And they were old, older men, because they saw it as a place for hafla. Like that's where the people of hafla hang out.

00:59:59 --> 00:59:59


01:00:00 --> 01:00:10

So it was a real eye opener for me. So, you know, there's a wonderful poem, Thomas gray said, I just thought I'd put this in here. I like poetry.

01:00:11 --> 01:00:20

He was he went and visited his school where he'd gone to school and he saw these youngsters playing in the quad.

01:00:21 --> 01:01:08

And he, he thought about the fact that they Little did they know what they were going to confront as adults coming into adulthood and having so he wrote a beautiful poem. And in it, he said to each his sufferings, all our men, we're all going to suffer, to each is suffering, all our men, condemned a light to groan, we're all going to have pain in this world, Allah, this is something that I love promises us Lerner blue and we are going to test you with with hunger and fear. And this is dunya the tender for another's pain, the unfeeling for his own, so tender people will actually suffer for the pain when they see like, you see, some people can see what's happening around the world, like in

01:01:08 --> 01:01:17

quotes or in Yemen or live and they just have their dinner and not think of any other people they really lose sleep over it, because they suffer with them.

01:01:19 --> 01:01:54

Yet Ah, why should they know their fate? You know, young children. Since sorrow never comes too late, it'll come soon enough. And happiness to swiftly flies. thought would destroy their paradise, like the children are in paradise. No more. Where ignorance is bliss is folly to be wise. So the child ignorance is bliss. And that's they should be ignorant. That's their place. But we should not. The fault is in us that we grow old in ignorance.

01:01:56 --> 01:02:06

And that's what you know, Paul says, when we were children, we did the things of children, but now we are men let us do the things that men do, you know, giving up childish things.

01:02:07 --> 01:02:09

Like PlayStations.

01:02:10 --> 01:02:13

I mean, now you have adults playing games.

01:02:14 --> 01:02:28

It's amazing. And spending large times I mean, sharp orange, which is a chess, you know, some of the people used to play on occasion even some of the scholars even on the bottom benches, others.

01:02:29 --> 01:02:41

Some of them considered it prohibited. Others said no, it's my crew. Others said it's permissible from time to time, but not a medallion it. I wrote Actually, I wrote a essay on that on chess.

01:02:42 --> 01:02:54

And it's in its possession. But now what would they think of all these games and virtual reality, people putting on things and entering into virtual worlds and just losing sight of reality?

01:02:57 --> 01:03:02

So in my markers, it says Willie dedicata Ramos Takashi, you know, the,

01:03:03 --> 01:03:19

the mosquito, he is the one he has washed out, you know, he's, he feels alone. You know, the Arab say, john Porter saw that he said that, he said that atha is how will there's three things that there is is alone. And he said,

01:03:20 --> 01:03:29

a washer, whoa, Laila, you know, being alone, even if it's for a night? You know, it's it's difficult for people to be alone. And he said,

01:03:31 --> 01:04:00

What, okay, for party up having to ask a question, even if you have to just ask directions, is, you know, you're, you're put in a prison. And then you said, A Dane without danach a debt, even if it's like a penny, you know, those are so so washa is hard, but the people of our law have, they feel it in the world. And that's why they have a kind of sorrow for the next world and that's why they prefer lucilla will halwa

01:04:01 --> 01:04:04

why we're here How would I share la him?

01:04:05 --> 01:04:11

There's there's a so so you know, that my own teacher model that has

01:04:13 --> 01:04:39

he actually left the world like he went into the desert now people would say is that sooner it is as soon as across the province of Iceland, um, said that people could flee the world and go into the Shia aphogee bar, or go into the deserts he gave that option for people. And there are Muslims that have done that. It's called the path of always an army.

01:04:40 --> 01:04:54

Right now the prophets I sent him said it's better to be in the world. And, and but there are people that do that, and they do us a great service. He did not However, he produced countless scholars.

01:04:55 --> 01:04:59

I mean, he there are so many judges and and we're all

01:05:00 --> 01:05:15

And all these movies all over the world that studied with him, we have people now in America that studied with him. And and so, but he was Musto his, like, if you were with him, they call them how the raw

01:05:17 --> 01:06:00

present but not like, because he really wasn't you could see that he just, he was he everything was just, and then he would go back to the car. Like if you came with your board, he would say, Michelle Oh, heck, and then you read. And then when he's finished, you just go back to the car until somebody else can. And now and his life, you know, and I had the good fortune of literally staying with him in his tent. For the first month I was there. He taught he invited me and he said, come stay with me. Every morning, around three, he would wake and recite the end of sort of early Emraan, which is Santa. Every every single morning he would do that. If you had a summer watch what?

01:06:01 --> 01:06:08

And and then he would you know Alhamdulillah Lydia and then the Matthew Angel, he would say all that to us. And then he would

01:06:14 --> 01:06:14


01:06:16 --> 01:06:18

I got it right today and shut up

01:06:21 --> 01:06:22


01:06:24 --> 01:06:25


01:06:27 --> 01:06:30

but he was a master of Arabic grammar. He was a master of

01:06:31 --> 01:07:08

theology, he was a master of physics collide also. I mean, his now was amazing, he wrote, but constant dhikr of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that that picture does not do him justice. Because if you sat with him, his presence was so strong that the people and I'm not making this up people who visited him notice his presence was so strong, because there was just so much hold on with him like he was just harder my law, he was present. And those people are a great gift. they flee from from fame and wealth. They don't want it.

01:07:10 --> 01:07:11

They're not interested in it.

01:07:13 --> 01:07:31

And because they're in the leather of Menagerie, they're in the pleasure of that intimate discourse with their Lord. And so some people laugh at them. A lot of people they see these people like, what kind of life is that? But they laugh at those people, because they know what they're in and they know what the others are in.

01:07:33 --> 01:07:48

This is all from the America Saudi and out of measure woombie, Tahiti Safina to Nigeria, the lady what enough See, he's preparing the lifeboat for himself and for others. Because the ship of dunya is sinking.

01:07:50 --> 01:08:28

We're all drowning. So you need the lifeboat Safina tuna jet. In fact, arguably, now we have to think as an oma, like the Titanic of the oma went down. It got you know, it struck colonialism. And it's it's gone down, we lost all of this, all these things that we had. So now you have to think, what do you put on the lifeboat? Like what books do you take with you? What knowledge is do you need to preserve what because so much we've lost so much. There's so many knowledges we've lost? We, our community has no idea how many knowledges we lost.

01:08:29 --> 01:08:44

I mean, all that knowledge of geometry that they had that we can't even penetrate now. We have over 10,000 manuscripts in scientific that have never been read for, you know, hundreds of years. That's what

01:08:46 --> 01:08:48

David King, Sir David King, whose

01:08:49 --> 01:09:24

is one of the most important scholars of the Islamic scientific tradition. He said that all these manuscripts, they're unread. So he said, We don't really know what the Muslims knew, because they haven't been read. And they're in manuscript form. So who's going to read them? Maybe Maybe you'll find that we we had calculus, maybe they discovered calculus, because very odd that Newton and Leibniz got it at the same time. Maybe they had a manuscript, who knows? We don't know. I mean, I don't know that and I'm not suggesting that, but I'm saying we don't know, hypothetically.

01:09:26 --> 01:09:59

So that's what they're doing. They're preparing for the, the, the flood that's coming. So here we are. Now we're coming to the end. Jawaharlal Koran, so we saw the mocha demand was so Arabic, we went through those. Now we come that finishes the mocha demand and the swag. The aims are, there's 763 verses that he considers joab. He identified all of them. So him Ahmed Hassan is like a deep sea diver. He went in to the Koran and he pulled out

01:10:00 --> 01:10:45

All of the Jawahar and the pearls. And he's he's saying 763 verses in the Quran are about the kidneys that are these three hour pits that that that he talked about to teach us about Allah. So that's in the Quran, and then the dar are all the verses that teach you the path to God. So there are 741 it's interesting how close they are. Right? So there's 741 he identified that are the dog. They're the the ways that we get to God. Some of the most important ones, I'll go through these very quickly, because we already did that. Things like a two to 22. So this is a Joe hub. Because he's telling us about God, he made the earth a bed, what does it mean a bed because he called for Russia?

01:10:46 --> 01:11:27

Well, for her, it didn't arise, he said, the whole point of a bed is it should not be too hard. And it shouldn't be too soft. It has to be perfect. Right in the middle. So he made the earth. It's not too hard, and it's not too soft. So if it was too hard, you couldn't build on it or grow food or plants or anything. But if it was too soft, like sand, you couldn't build on it either. So he made it Earth where it's just right. The Goldilocks factor there's actually a book about that how the the earth is that we're this is you know, he called it the Goldilocks factor because Goldilocks tried the porridge It was too hot. And then the fourth It was too cold. Then the the the pores that was

01:11:27 --> 01:12:11

just right. The whole of of the planet is just right for us to be inhabiting it. And that's what he's saying that he made it just right for us as a few Raj. It's not too hard. It's not too soft. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. It's it's perfect for you. It's amazing. He did this. And then was summer Bina and he made he put it as a bayonet, it's a canopy. Now we know about Van Allen belts, that we've got this canopy over the earth that's protecting us, just like a roof protects a house from hail, and from rain. And all these things were being rained upon constantly by small

01:12:12 --> 01:12:34

rocks, and then also by radiation, but the earth is being protected, because and what protects it, according to you know the theory, it's the turning of the earth. It creates this the Van Allen belts that generate this force field that protects the earth. It's abena.

01:12:35 --> 01:13:14

And in the same way that your constant turning back to Allah through Toba, and that's why you know, Rumi represented that in that turning, but that turning back to Allah subhana wa, tada will generate this forcefield around you, that will protect you from all the negative radiation, all these radioactive people that are out there, you know, these toxic people that are really sick, because there's so many unhealthy people now, because they've forgotten their Lord. They've got spiritual Alzheimer's disease. They don't remember who they are. They don't know who created them. They don't know why they're here, where they came from, or where they're going and we know all these things.

01:13:15 --> 01:14:01

And what a gift. This is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and then ones that I'm going to assume at EMA and that are how does we human a thermometer, it is a look on look at cherries, the taste of cherries, you know, apricot peaches, he could have made it all one thing he could have had us eat mush every day. He could have had us just eat rocks, we'd have to break them down and eat. There's there's animals that just eat the meat of the bone, right there's creatures he created that just the bones right he could all those things he could have done. flies, look at what flies eat. Look where they look at the dung beetle. Right? The dung but he could have done this to us. But he

01:14:02 --> 01:14:09

Rafat inna by he elevated us and he gave us all these and all he's asking one thing, sugar.

01:14:11 --> 01:14:13

Just Just show some gratitude.

01:14:14 --> 01:14:21

Everybody's whining. This whole planet is just a planet of whiners. It's just amazing.

01:14:22 --> 01:14:30

I mean, earlier people's they were afraid to whine because they knew if you whine Allah will give you more to whine about

01:14:31 --> 01:14:32

just gratitude.

01:14:34 --> 01:14:50

And then further ado, delay and data and look at the mercy one from Tyler moon Joomla halia. So these poor idolaters that don't know we're supposed to go teach them but he's saying they don't know they're ignorant.

01:14:52 --> 01:15:00

But you know, so once you know don't set up idols with us educate you badly and if you read this

01:15:00 --> 01:15:08

This is another Joe Hawk we'll do that with the data either Diane Sally StG bully look at the let them respond to me.

01:15:09 --> 01:15:44

Meaning I'll respond to you respond to me I'll respond to you. What do you mean? Oh v vanderkam your should land on your shoe and let them believe in me. And and that will enable them to be guided. shahidullah Nola inaho. Well malayaka to we're all in our emember crystal. So, Allah witnesses Allah is testifying to us that he's one and his angels and those who've been given knowledge first and foremost the prophets and then those who are the water that are embarrassed

01:15:46 --> 01:15:54

upright maintaining justice, that you know, in the hole ISIS or Hakeem in Medina in the line Islam.

01:15:56 --> 01:16:20

The transaction with God is is Islam enter into submission otomotiv is selimiye cafa. Enter into this state of submission with a lot into this piece. Well, I'm in dab but then what are the what are the rubiginosa? Hey Illa, Oman, now we know the truth of this. They're all Oman, all of these creatures in the earth he's telling us and he's saying some

01:16:21 --> 01:16:35

some metadata being your shadow, they're going back to me. And he tells us I haven't left anything out in the book. Some states law had muffled other states the Quran, but the Quran has everything you need. There Everything is there in the book.

01:16:36 --> 01:17:00

This is one of the amazing I there's a whole but I need to get through this because my times coming through. Now you hadn't as output or have become this the first command in the Quran. This is the pearl. So the first pearl is the first command. worship your Lord who created you and those before you in order to ward off harm, or to be mindful of him? Right?

01:17:01 --> 01:17:30

What is life of this world? It's just live and let her look at people. They're just work to play. They play and then they die. And level entertainment. What adorable Asher hyrulean Lithuania takuna Farah attack Iran, this afterlife is better than this life. And now we've had these people, very popular celebrities and things saying telling people the afterlife so hype, you know, it's just pie in the sky.

01:17:31 --> 01:17:53

You know, this is Joe Hill, you know, the labor. You know, in the sweet by and by, you'll eat pie in the sky. That's a lie. Right? That was a song that the communists sung? Because there's a song in the sweet by and by about going to the afterlife. So it's like the the commies. They say, Oh, it's just a hype. It's all just to keep you

01:17:54 --> 01:18:31

oppressed, so you'll never rise up and break the chains. And this is just, well, why is it that the Prophet when he was teaching these things, he was the most oppressed. He wasn't teaching them when he was in power. He was teaching them when he was oppressed. All the prophets were oppressed. So they're teaching this and they're oppressed. They're not oppressive if the oppressors take it and try to use it which they do. You say as a dean, you know they try to politicize religion. That happens, but that's not what it is. So this is this Fedotowsky Don't you know, don't you use your brains

01:18:33 --> 01:19:15

and then also those who make a model of the massage that they believe in along the last day establish prayer pay the Zakat affiliated the Bruner Koran amarapura minocqua don't they contemplate the Quran, these are all pearls, these are Allah's, showing us how to get close to him a monetary massage. So those are the mocassin. And finally, the lower half. And we're done with this. So So I mean, it's really just the beginning, my hope is that this is going to encourage you to want to study this and actually implement it in your lives. So I've just, I've given you an overview. And I've gone fast and I understand that all each one of these things we can go into great detail and

01:19:15 --> 01:19:39

and the Imam does in this extraordinary book, which is is these two go together so that so the original gioi here is actually the two books, the catappa arbaeen and the jewel, but because he gave permission to print this separately to be a separate book, scholars have used it several he said if you want you can separate it from this because this is

01:19:40 --> 01:20:00

this is really the theory. This is the practice. So he's giving you the theory and practice and this is the best edition the Dollar Min Hajj. This is my beloved brother, Shia Hamada shave. He's really amazing. Man. It has been serving. He lives in Jeddah. He's Yemeni sir Rudy. He

01:20:00 --> 01:20:45

He's been serving the, the, the, the books of our tradition for four years printing really beautiful additions, he's got 20 Syrian scholars working doing the tacky if they get the earliest manuscripts and and really this is the it's on of our oma. So this last one which is keytab arbaeen. I'll go through it very quickly. He has it he breaks it in like the FBI into four. So he's got my ad if the the knowledges. And then our model via the actions, the outward actions, and then the HELOC and muma blameworthy characteristic traits or morals, and then 100 and mahamudra, the Praiseworthy trades. So in the knowledge he's basically again, you get back to each one has 10 foundations. So it's 40

01:20:45 --> 01:20:48

altogether, because it's 40 is a sacred number.

01:20:49 --> 01:21:42

So again, knowing towhee this is all tauheed really about the Pura villa in Marbella, the Rada the summer and the bustle of the canal. So these are the, the seven attributes of the of the mazzucchelli moon, and then the the eschaton. The, the last day so that's the motto of the book. So he goes, each one has a chapter, and he explains each one, and then finally, the Buddha. So there's your 10 and then the next are the model by Hara. And they also have 10 foundations, prayer, Zakat, fasting, pilgrimage, and then Quran recitation. So this really important and my advice to all of you, how do you come to tabula you really go back to the book of Allah? A rather good you know,

01:21:42 --> 01:22:20

there's there's a lot of old odd that people do. My advice to you is Koran, do the cassava one massage because those are actually better at the time. According to the odema. The ones that prophesized him did in the morning, even there's a lot of iterations of them, they're good, but overall poron adequately tabula Quran recitation, he puts us in a matter of azhari lie, I have to run out of money, he was constantly reciting the Quran. And nobody could penetrate the book, who didn't read it constantly. He said once a month is for the volume, Lin FC.

01:22:21 --> 01:22:40

Every once a week, is the Mokhtar said, and then the cyber Condor hierarchies every three days. My advice I mean, this is I don't want to make people, I can't do that. Just take half a page, start with half a page.

01:22:41 --> 01:23:12

Just half a page a day, make a commitment to read it and not just read it. But actually, if you don't know Arabic to read the translation, to think about it every day, just a half a page. And then once you get into a habit of doing that, then do a page, do two pages. You can do easily a juice in a half hour if you get relatively good at reciting Quran takes a half an hour. You could do a juice a day. It's not hard to do.

01:23:13 --> 01:23:30

That's a half hour to the book of Allah. And then you read it once a month. And so that's all you have to just take something the province RSM said highroller. Man, add one more how in the best actions are consistent, even if they're a little bit

01:23:31 --> 01:23:53

and then the other car and downward so he puts those in there because there are like mindfulness is really important people talk now about mindfulness that nobody was more mindful than the prophets. I said I'm so all the eyes. Those are the best way if you want to follow the Sunnah. The best way to follow the Sunnah is to I mean, obviously to have good character

01:23:54 --> 01:24:22

and a flock, but to practice the do eyes that he did in the different situations of the day to the best of your ability. So when you wake up, do the two hours of waking up. When you eat, do the dog eating when you finish do the dog finishing? When you dress to the drab dressing when you leave your house. There's a dude, let me know because I don't know the nose, the nose, you know, you know, these are all the doodads that he did the beautiful day.

01:24:23 --> 01:24:40

In fact, nobody has the doulas in their religion that we have. I'm telling you, I mean I my undergraduates in comparative religion. So I did study all the major world religions. I mean, I'm not an expert by any stretch. But I've never seen anything like our prayers.

01:24:41 --> 01:24:51

I mean, I know a lot of Christian prayers, you know, I know and there's beautiful Catholic prayers. And some of the prayers of St. Thomas are beautiful. His prayer of of learning is beautiful prayer.

01:24:52 --> 01:25:00

But I've never seen anything like our profits or license prayers. So that's really important. And then

01:25:00 --> 01:25:29

Audible, seeking Hello livelihood, personnel who look good character character traits. And then I'm Robin model Vanessa and amonkar. That takes that he gives the rules but you have to be careful with that because a lot of people don't know, the rules are sort of developed sooner, and then following the Sunnah because the prophesized cinemas are he's our guide. And we should do our best to follow and there are a lot of sunon Majora that we should learn. And then the blameworthy trade. So he gives 10

01:25:30 --> 01:26:17

gluttony. Right. This is a big problem, people eat too much. One of the things that that now there's so much study in diet, one of the things that they found out is that as you lower your caloric intake, your body actually gets better at utilizing the amount of calories you're doing. And so you don't need a lot and the prophets I send him said it's enough to have Luke came up just morsels. In fact, all the other worker identified exactly how many you need. He said, 30 a day. And he said, in other words, 30 handfuls of food a day, like you know, the Arabs eat with the three fingers 30 that's all he said, you need it. Right. And he said, You can eat him at one time. That's the way the

01:26:17 --> 01:26:20

profits eat. Or you can eat two times. That's why I decided he'd eat

01:26:21 --> 01:26:40

silent a story was asked about people to eat three times a day, he said build a trough for them. Right? So so we eat too much. And then we waste food. So the set of didn't waste food. So gluttony is a big problem. You know, one of the things, this whole thing now with COVID, and everything,

01:26:41 --> 01:27:25

where's all the preventive medicine, like healthy people what, you know, if you look at most of the people that are getting really sick, they have what they call co morbidities. Now, arguably, some people have those because, you know, it's genetics. And that's undeniable, even weight, you should never judge people about weight because there are people that really have genetic problems with weight. So be very careful about fat shaming in that way, because people really do have those things. But for most of us, that's not the case. And Alma didn't I know he wants, I won't say who it was. But he once saw one of the Sahaba, who had a potbelly. And he lifted his head on. And he looked

01:27:25 --> 01:27:31

at it, he had his door lifted, he looked at he said, that would be better if it was on somebody else.

01:27:32 --> 01:27:45

In other words, the calories that you're taking that you don't need, you should be feeding people that need them. Because there's literally people starving. And then talkativeness. You know loquacious sness

01:27:47 --> 01:27:50

people, we talk too much humans talk too much

01:27:51 --> 01:28:07

about anger. It's a big problem. I mean, we just saw this, apparently, somebody, you know, killed this man at a Dunkin Donuts, because he had, he said a racial slur to him, which is wrong.

01:28:08 --> 01:28:22

But you know, he's an old man, and he punched him. And he fell back and broke his skull and died. And now this this young man's looking at 30 years because it's a older people, the crime against them is, is 30 years.

01:28:23 --> 01:28:26

So that's an example where

01:28:27 --> 01:29:12

sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. That's when we were kids. We all learn that if somebody said something like they would you know, they would call you names like kids are very cruel like that. I won't say what they used to call me. But you know, I remember saying that, you know, you just go like sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. I mean, that like a little kids taught that, that not to get triggered by names. Now if they if they touch you, like Malcolm said send him to the cemetery you have every right if somebody puts their hand on you to defend yourself, but even there's a tsunami of man was to not even do that. He took

01:29:12 --> 01:29:47

the son of the two sons of Ibn Adam and and and he Mamadou he said that was the first shot Yeah, was non violence. Remember who he is tafsir about the in the eye about where Adam Cain killed Abel. He said that Abel was not in their shediac allowed to defend herself, even though he was the stronger of the two brothers, which tells you that the original shediac was non violence. So the violence is Rosa. It's not an azima. I mean, think about that. It's very interesting.

01:29:50 --> 01:30:00

And then hazard hazard is the worst and people envy. hazard is just amazing. Like you can see and the

01:30:00 --> 01:30:12

caught the green eyed monster. And if you want a real illiterate literary study of envy, nothing better than Iago the great envier

01:30:13 --> 01:30:29

because the poor are tired, you know Othello The more he envied the more is interesting that he made a more as the object of envy because that play was about Spain and, and Morocco and England, because he

01:30:31 --> 01:31:05

man sort of the hobby was at the time trying to make an alliance with the English against Spain and Santiago de Matamoros. Iago is St. James the more killer. So he named him Iago. And so Desdemona is his Queen Elizabeth Othello's Morocco. And so Spain did not want them to come together. That was my interpreter, I actually gave that talk at the Globe Theatre. That was my interpretation. The Moroccan Ambassador was there, too. He liked it.

01:31:07 --> 01:31:26

Anyway, but envy, envy eats good deeds, like fire burns Kindle. Like, and and nobody, as a great philosopher once said, people will admit to a felonious crime before they'll admit to envy.

01:31:27 --> 01:31:32

Nobody at all, I don't envy him. Really, really.

01:31:33 --> 01:31:49

And it's stupid. Because for me, like, I can understand why, you know, Miley Cyrus might envy Lady Gaga, because they're just people of dunya. And one of them has more followers than the other. So maybe that's true, or whoever the latest are.

01:31:51 --> 01:32:04

Candy be or whatever, cardi B. So whoever they are, like they have the most followers. And so artists envy each other. Because you know, and they'll watch each other and the watch, he can dance better than me, and

01:32:05 --> 01:32:16

you get really angry. But people have a law, should they envy each other? If a scholar is more effective than you,

01:32:17 --> 01:32:25

you're winning, because the whole point is to bring people back to our law. So why would you envy that person? Why would you envy that person?

01:32:26 --> 01:32:54

It's just really sad. And then I'll have sued later sued, the Arab say, you know, the one who envies will never be so the fact that you're ending because that person, it has leadership qualities that you don't have the fact you're envying is the reason why you're not in a leadership position. Because if you didn't envy, maybe Allah would put you in that position. But the reality of it is you're stupid even want it because it's a tribulation, like who wants to be a leader?

01:32:57 --> 01:33:42

The Prophet ism said, to uphold our view that you he has had success who dies and was never put in authority over anyone other than Matt, what am your umbrella, like just not having any authority over anyone that is a successful life, because you are going to be responsible critical MRA and we'll call Laura and mizuna. And the right at all of you are shepherds and everybody is going to be responsible for your flock. So the bigger your flock the more responsibility Can you imagine being a ruler, a leader? Like a country? I mean, I've been running a small college and the headaches and the difficulties and the trials and tribulations that go with just that. And I think what would it be

01:33:42 --> 01:33:44

like to run a country?

01:33:46 --> 01:33:53

Just amazing. So and then have been mad love of Well, that's old. Hubble. People want status.

01:33:56 --> 01:34:00

And it's an illusion status says total illusion.

01:34:02 --> 01:34:22

First of all, we're all going to die. And then what? One of the things that mark in the meditations, one of my favorite quotes from Marcus Aurelius. He said that people that are concerned about what people think about them today, 100 years from now, like, you know, oh, he's you're worried about his legacy. You know, there's to say, he's, you're worried about his legacy.

01:34:24 --> 01:34:28

Legacy is on Yom Okayama it's not, it's not here.

01:34:29 --> 01:34:44

So So Marsha Riley said, the people that worry about what people are going to think about them after they're dead are as stupid as the people that worry about what people think about them now, because the same people are going to be around after they're dead. So like, Who are you trying to impress?

01:34:46 --> 01:34:49

it you know, impress your Lord, you know, like

01:34:51 --> 01:34:55

Yeah, please Allah Subhana, Allah

01:34:58 --> 01:34:59

and then Cuba.

01:35:00 --> 01:35:03

is a big one, skip kyburz like

01:35:04 --> 01:35:04

it's like

01:35:06 --> 01:35:11

blood high blood pressure. You don't know you don't know you have it hidden killer.

01:35:13 --> 01:36:02

And then vanity vanity is is it's Kibar without a person to be with the cube, but I lay like, you're just impressed with yourself. You look in the mirror and you think you're wonderful. And then ostentation. The real lip service is service, your service, wanting people to see you doing this, that or the other. And finally, the Praiseworthy traits. The first one is Toba. It all begins there, hope and Raja. And then Zoho is not so much asceticism, but detachment, not being attached to the world. And then patience, sabar, gratitude, they suffer and sugar are really important. And then helaas and said, sincerity and truthfulness, tawakkol muhabba.

01:36:04 --> 01:36:20

contentment with the Divine Decree sidama zorach says kulu, amerada mudaraba Allah, Adam Murray, ba, ba, ba, ba Illa all the diseases of the heart revolve around being discontent with what Allah has decreed.

01:36:23 --> 01:36:53

And then, and that's why he ends it with those two and then unmowed we're happy to, we're all going to die. And, and the Quran in in many ways. And I wrote in the essay that I did on the death in the Quran, when I was asked to write that I actually excuse myself. And, and Dr. Nasir, you know, who's an elder, and, you know, one of the living philosophers, he said that I'm not this isn't a request.

01:36:55 --> 01:37:06

So, I and it took a long time I spent a lot of time on it was actually much larger than the the edited down version. But what struck me about doing that essay on death in the Quran,

01:37:07 --> 01:37:25

was I really realized that the Quran in some ways, is a death meditation, that there's not a page of the Quran that doesn't have the fragrance of death on it. And not in a morbid way. It's, it's in a way that really brings you to life. This is one of the things that just a offski, the great Russian

01:37:27 --> 01:37:47

novelist, when he when he was relieved from his firing squad, you know, he thought he was going to die. So he looked death right in the eye, and then went went when when when he was a pardoned at the moment, they were just they they said, Ready, aim. And then the man said, No, no, stop, they've been pardoned.

01:37:49 --> 01:37:53

So you could imagine what was going through his mind. But he said,

01:37:54 --> 01:38:37

Every moment from that day forward, would be an infinite moment, like he would just the gift of life, the gift of life of just to experience it. And that's the thing, we, we are going to die and death is tough at the moment. And we shouldn't fear death in that way, it's going to be a great release. But while we're here, the prophet said, do not desire death, let them in the common mode. Don't let any one of you wish for death. If you have to then say, you know that ask that Allah Subhana, Allah gives you life, as long as life is good for you, and then that he will cause you to death when death is better for you. And he used to say, after his prayer, that when I'd been nasty,

01:38:37 --> 01:39:17

or very radical fitness, and fuck with the realm of john, he would ask that if civil strife and calamities are going to send and take me before it happens. So that's the problem. But when you have security, you should do everything to preserve security and peace, everything because once you lose it, I mean, we've got some Syrian brothers and sisters, in the audience, you know, people know once you lose the blessing of security, even when when you have difficult governments and things like that, that rebellion, there, it's been proven again, and again, if you want to read the book on it, whisperer, the blade is a good book.

01:39:19 --> 01:39:59

revolutions just bring horrors and terrorists, they don't make things better. They end up making things worse. This has happened again, and again and again, and men do not learn. They don't learn. We have to change ourselves. And Allah tells us that he will change our conditions. That that's that's what we have to do as people. But it's a great blessing to live in a society that has civility, and has social order. It's a great blessing because it gives you the opportunity to get close to your Lord. Once you lose that. You're just in * that you're in anxiety, people

01:40:00 --> 01:40:31

You know, I mean, the things you hear about what's happening in some of the Muslim countries. And these are countries that I visited, and knew when they were, I mean, they had their problems, but nothing compared to what they have now. And this, this is what people really need to think about. And the same is happening in this country, one wonders where this country is headed. Because you can see the breakdowns are happening. You know, the shoplifting. My brother was telling me in the city, that people like homeless come in and just shoplift from,

01:40:32 --> 01:41:18

from from Whole Foods. And they don't, there's nothing they can do nothing about it. And in some ways, it's charity. But you have to see the breakdown. What that means for a society. Because property, once we lose the sacred, right of property, or property is one of the muffle muffle that hums, you know, have one man. And once you lose that, the ability to protect your property, it everything breaks down. So the merchants go out of business, they closed down Walgreens in San Francisco, because people were just going in stealing all the time. And they couldn't they weren't making any profit. So now all the people that need that service, it's gone. So things fall apart.

01:41:19 --> 01:41:37

The center cannot hold mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood dim tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned. The worst, the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. You know, this is this is this is,

01:41:38 --> 01:41:47

you know, this is a reality that happens. And when it breaks down, people will wish they'll realize what blessings they had.

01:41:48 --> 01:41:54

Once it all breaks down, then they just regret. So you have to just, you know,

01:41:55 --> 01:42:00

just recognize the blessing. Alhamdulillah so I did it Loic Well,

01:42:02 --> 01:42:03

that's a

01:42:04 --> 01:42:26

that was a map of Joanna poron. And keytab arbaeen by hergestellt Islam the great commandment of Allah, may Allah reward him, bless him, he actually as he said, one of the reason why he was doing it so that people make dua for him, smart Allah. And here we are 1000 years later, literally 1000 years later, you know,

01:42:27 --> 01:42:37

I was born 900 years after him, that he was born literally nine 900 years to the year Go ahead. Is there questions? Yeah.

01:42:42 --> 01:42:51

Can we develop our intuition? This mean how can we develop our intuition to be like that at the moment of is it are there exercises to help this or is it given by Allah

01:42:56 --> 01:42:59

emammal Rosati is a very rare

01:43:01 --> 01:43:03

I mean, in human history,

01:43:04 --> 01:43:09

there are a handful of people that that are in his league.

01:43:10 --> 01:43:11


01:43:12 --> 01:43:17

but he has given us a path. And I think as you practice that path,

01:43:19 --> 01:43:33

I think your intuition will get greater. And I know that method is real, that Allah subhana wa tada gives him dead to people, and sometimes

01:43:34 --> 01:43:39

you can feel it in your own life. So I would, I would try to do my best to,

01:43:41 --> 01:43:57

to set out on this journey, if you haven't set out and to stay on it if you're on it. Can the Islamic tuition like the one of early Muslims be revived without political institutions, meaning solely by restoring the intellectual? That is a really good question. So kudos to the person that asked that question.

01:43:58 --> 01:44:47

The prophets Allah Islam clearly stated in the Hadith Asahi, that his inner Buhari that Hodeidah, eventually a man asked him, What do we do when there's no political institutions? And he said, then cling to the root of the tree, and that tree is Islam, and the root is to hate. You have to cling to that until death comes on you. And so this religion does not need political institutions. It's a great blessing to have political institutions is great, but who's out? How come Sharia, to have obata have moved us to have all these things is a great blessing. But this religion began a strange thing, and it will return a strange thing. And that's inside Muslim. Where did it begin in Mecca

01:44:47 --> 01:44:59

without political institutions, but it had a guide so you always need water. That's what MBR the guides, but i i i really think people need to seriously reconsider this. This

01:45:00 --> 01:45:01


01:45:02 --> 01:45:35

We had a Iranian Revolution. Now the the atheism in Iran, the rise of anti muslim sentiment. The same thing happened in other places where so called Islamic got into power, because you can't solve the problems. They're that they're, they're immense. And people you have these slogans like Islam as the solution. The first thing that and I won't say who but one of these people, these islamize when they got into power, the first thing they did was start negotiating with the IMF for loans.

01:45:37 --> 01:45:53

Because suddenly reality hits, we have a whole system that has been created. What really we have to question, I think, is working within these systems, the Muslims in these Western countries to really

01:45:54 --> 01:46:04

recognize that we have alternatives even though the Muslim world's mass there are mass not because of Islam, they're a mess in spite of Islam.

01:46:05 --> 01:46:45

It's because they're not practicing Islam. Do you think killing those poor Shia little girls in Afghanistan has anything to do with Islam? Like that person who blew that up? I mean, I have to believe they couldn't have been Muslim It must have been some kind of just to make Islam look bad because I just can't believe somebody could be that crazy and think that they were getting close to Allah by killing little girls in a school you know, when those poor families and and how are they going to feel about their religion, people lose their faith, and you can be the caught let the agenda fit in attend the Latina cover. Don't make us the reason why people's persist in their Kufa

01:46:46 --> 01:46:48

well Filipina,

01:46:49 --> 01:47:06

and forgive us in the Tafseer They say he asked not to be a fitna for the disbelievers because that would be worse with Allah than any sin they did that affected themselves. By turning people away from God's religion. That's a worst sin than any sin that you practice in your privacy.

01:47:08 --> 01:47:51

So that's, that's a big problem. What is the amount because it is beyond freewill and other free will and other we have free will you just have to assume that, but we also have the word determined, you know, and this people can say, that's an that's a excluded middle. It's not it's, it's, it's morata. But ouzoud, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us freewill, even it was once asked about freewill and other that is, is inseparable here almost a year, you know, does he have choice? Or is he determined, and he told the man to lift his leg and he lifted it up. He said, Now without putting it down, lift the other one. He said I can't. He said it's between those two. And so we we've

01:47:51 --> 01:47:52

experienced free will.

01:47:54 --> 01:48:21

I mean, I'm here I came here by my own volition. Now, I was also decreed that I would be here. And you would be here, whoever's watching, listening, this is all part of the other of Allah that you chose. And you are going to be rewarded for whatever good you choose and whatever evil you choose. And so don't overthink this thing. Allah is Allah can square a circle, you know, Allah subhana wa tada is, is is,

01:48:23 --> 01:48:27

is is harder on other cliche

01:48:30 --> 01:48:46

from an incoming Indonesian freshmen to zetonna imamo, because it has significantly influenced previous scholars, like the valley sango in Java, but right now, ignorance of his teachings is spread in the region. How do we recontextualize as that he's teaching? Well, first of all, we need people to know what it was.

01:48:48 --> 01:48:57

The beauty of the amount of bizarrely is that he'll he taught, I'm reading a man who wrote literally 1000 years ago.

01:49:00 --> 01:49:31

It's a miracle that I can understand his language because I cannot understand English from 1000 years ago. I really, so that's a miracle just to be able to read him and to understand know what those words mean. And and he's a very clear writer is a very beautiful writer. He's not a turgid or obscure writer, he's really quite a stunning pro stylist. So that is a miracle in and of itself, but he speaks to us.

01:49:32 --> 01:49:45

He speaks to us in our time. He's not outdated. A great work is never outdated. It's always fresh. And and he and he's fresh.

01:49:46 --> 01:49:51

If rational knowledge is validated by intuitive knowledge, then how do we validate intuitive knowledge, that's the point you

01:49:53 --> 01:49:59

you can't validate intuitive knowledge. It's, you can't prove it's something you know, because there there's level

01:50:00 --> 01:50:07

Have intuition. So at the most basic level, we Intuit things like

01:50:09 --> 01:50:25

the, this the sum of the parts, right? is equal to the whole week. That's something that you just you can't prove that it's something you know, intuitively. And so these are the Biddy yet. And so.

01:50:28 --> 01:50:52

So that's, that's very important. But if you're asking about like, Ill harm How do you know that inspiration or a kind of intuition, like you have a gut feeling, or there's a book called The gift, which is about people having gut feelings before they got into dangerous situations. So that type of intuition is real. And and

01:50:53 --> 01:51:13

more some people are more sensitive to another some people just avoid it. So but you have to be careful I mean, you have to use your reason. So they work together what's called the news and the epistemic in the Greek in Arabic was called an apple overeasy and the academic tussle you know that these are the two

01:51:15 --> 01:51:24

so they work together and and if they work together probably lead to an alcohol, an alcohol, Hakeem, you know, wisdom hikma?

01:51:25 --> 01:51:48

How can we revive chivalry before it completely diminishes? Well, I think, you know, good for you, just that you want to do that. So, you might end up looking like Don Quixote but that's okay. Don Quixote is is a noble, you know, his spirit is noble. So people might laugh at you. Now, I'm afraid to open the door for

01:51:49 --> 01:52:29

some people because and then you don't know anymore. Who's Who either. So it's, it's a strange time, but we should modal is very important. modal, the beautiful word in Arabic. You know, just being virtuous and being chivalrous. gallant, somebody gallant, you've courageous people. These are all virtues which the best way to do that is to really be a virtue cultivator to learn the virtues and then cultivate the virtues. He gives you all the virtues. He has a beautiful book called Louisiana Lamin, which I'm hoping we're going to publish with the zaytuna curriculum series. We're done. We're done. We're literally

01:52:30 --> 01:52:40

editing the Musina macchiato. But inshallah we're going to do that Musina Lamin, which is his of how to really learn

01:52:41 --> 01:52:42

virtuous behavior.

01:52:43 --> 01:52:51

And then what is your advice? Will a non Arab who recites Quran while not knowing the meaning get the same reward as the one who knows its meaning?

01:52:52 --> 01:53:17

It's a good question. I wouldn't worry about that I just worry about your own reward and you will get a reward and the more difficult it is the the the more reward you have. But the Mahara the people that are masters are with the angels. So just do your best. People that know Arabic have an advantage if they acquired it from the time their children.

01:53:18 --> 01:54:04

Allah, Allah, maybe that's just the follow up, Allah gave them but if they earned it, then allows gonna give them the reward of putting all that time and effort into learning it for his sake. So it's good to have to commit to learning Arabic, I hope people do that. It's It's a beautiful language, you won't regret it. Even if you took 15 minutes a day. You know, you could just do it every day. There's nice books too. And there's all this online resources. I mean, never in the human history, has it been easier to to learn knowledge, I'm telling you information on real knowledge is probably a difficult time because in the past, they had much easier and far less distractions. They

01:54:04 --> 01:54:16

had a lot of solid hygiene, and everything that could help people but in terms of just learning knowledge, like information and and sciences, this ages is just amazing.

01:54:18 --> 01:54:34

I mean, I think about before Google, of just what I would have to look up and the amount of time that took and what I can do now and and and the the accuracy of a lot of the information. It's amazing.

01:54:35 --> 01:54:42

Even though we understand the negative, but what is your advice to all dedicated young students want to master this tradition?

01:54:43 --> 01:54:46

My The best advice I can give you is

01:54:47 --> 01:54:48


01:54:49 --> 01:54:59

live like really take grammar very seriously. learn grammar, you cannot read these books without grammar. You will never be able to penetrate this tradition without good grammar.

01:55:00 --> 01:55:08

Hammer. grammar is very important. And then finding good teachers is really important. And then

01:55:10 --> 01:55:14

really having a helaas in your niche should you really have to

01:55:15 --> 01:55:21

examine your NEA. If you want to become a teacher, I think you've already got a problem.

01:55:23 --> 01:56:06

And, you know, I people come to me that I want to be a teacher like you. And I'm like, and I think about my own journey, and never thought that I would be a teacher, I wasn't interested in being a teacher, I was on my own personal journey. I wanted to know God, I had a head on collision. And I and I saw death before my eyes. And I thought I could have just transitioned into a whole other world. And I don't know anything about that world. And I felt like I was spiritually an embryo. That's what I felt like. And so I set out and Allah guided me to Islam. And then when I became Muslim, I wanted to learn Arabic, I wanted to learn the Quran. I didn't want to hear what other

01:56:06 --> 01:56:52

people had to say about it. I wanted to know for myself, so I went I and Allah, Al Hamdulillah. Woman, your tequila, Allahu Maharaja, you know, I just things were facilitated. I people gave me opportunities. And I ended up and then I went to when I found out about model that has I met his son and I thought, this is a son, I want to meet the Father. And I went and I tracked across the Sahara on a camel. I got sick, I got hepatitis, I got dysentery. I got I mean, it wasn't an easy journey. I was arrested in Algeria. I spent two weeks in in a in a in a real hellhole. I mean, a horrible prison. So my journey wasn't like an easy journey. People. You know, you see people later, and you

01:56:52 --> 01:56:55

think, Oh, you know, it all came easy.

01:56:57 --> 01:57:10

I don't think so. There's a lot of nights spent, you're studying and I, you know, when I first became, started studying Arabic, I literally got word of that dictionary and just tried to memorize the whole thing. You know, and learn it. So

01:57:12 --> 01:57:13

you know, that's

01:57:15 --> 01:57:26

it's hard work. People want that, you know, Euclid was asked if there was an easy way to learn geometry, he said, there's no royal road to geometry

01:57:28 --> 01:57:33

is just hard work. If you put in the work, Allah is going to give you something back.

01:57:34 --> 01:57:38

You know, the more work you put in, it's like the, you know,

01:57:42 --> 01:58:22

the golfer, you know, Ben Hogan hit this amazing, like, putt. And somebody said, I can't believe how lucky that was. He said, That's true. But it's amazing how the more I practice, the luckier I get. You know, so people think they see a finished product, and they don't see what went in the hours and hours and hours that went into it. So I just hard work, you know, if you want to and also to Matt, I mean, I'm a beginner in this tradition now. And that's not false humility, it's a reality. I don't have the intellectual gifts that are needed to master the truth. I wish I did, but I don't.

01:58:24 --> 01:58:33

And I've seen real masters like, Shadow love. And, you know, my doctor has been faithful

01:58:34 --> 01:58:36

chef, what I've done with

01:58:37 --> 01:58:41

the light would have been shattered below you would have made the memorizer Buhari in my house.

01:58:43 --> 01:59:28

You know, I tried to memorize our Buhari, I couldn't do it. So you know, Allah gives to whom he pleases and, and you have to just know your place and do your best and whatever he gives you, but the most important thing is lost. Knowledge is a beautiful thing. But it has is a more beautiful thing. You know, because if you're sincere, Allah will give you the knowledge you need to know. And many, many people with very little knowledge have gotten very close to Allah and many people with great knowledge. We're very far from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So don't despair. Our religion is a religion of the pursuit of knowledge. But there's a baseline and then you can if you're not

01:59:28 --> 01:59:29


01:59:30 --> 01:59:59

inclined, you can become a devotee and do Koran and do the earth car and, and and do night prayers and do those things. That's a path. There are many paths to Allah knowledge is one path. And but everybody needs baseline knowledge. Once you fulfill that, it's called fall, dine. Everything beyond that is key fire. You just need a certain amount of people to do it. So it just not everybody is is inclined to this.

02:00:00 --> 02:00:02

But those who are are,

02:00:03 --> 02:00:13

even though we understand the negative effects of social media, would you suggest that is the best medium to reach Muslim youth? I don't I yeah, I'm gonna allow them. I don't know.

02:00:17 --> 02:00:21

If there's an element to it, that's like a black box, you know, it just

02:00:23 --> 02:00:50

I don't know who's behind it, where it came from, who started it, what their intentions are, but I know that amount of money yet actions or buy intentions. And a lot of this came out of military application. And I don't know what's behind it. But I know it believes is making very good use of it. And it's it's quite terrifying the dark web and what's going on on the dark web.

02:00:52 --> 02:00:56

You know, Oregon trafficking, child *.

02:00:57 --> 02:01:22

You know, human trafficking, all these things are happening. So I don't know, I truly believe that the internet is mentioned in the Hadith, there's no way that something this moment is could have come about without the Prophet mentioning it. He mentioned everything that would come He warned his oma and I think we all just need to.

02:01:24 --> 02:01:53

On the other hand, Allah says our people will be with you, my akutan be fight with the weapons that you're being fought with. So there's an argument. So people have to know themselves and what they can do. But my advice to young people is read books, get off screens. I think they're they're harmful. Generally, we know this now that they're they are harmful. Even women have higher rates of abortion, spontaneous abortion,

02:01:55 --> 02:02:14

that work with computers, this these are facts, so we don't know what they're doing to us. We're all energy and resonance. And we don't know what 5g is doing to us. We don't we don't know. I mean, humans, we, we don't know very much. We're very arrogant. And one of the signs of the latter day people is they think they know everything been normal cardrona

02:02:15 --> 02:02:50

the people the earth will think that they have power over everything. We don't we know very little, but I know that the best time in human history was in the seventh century Arabia. And the best city that ever existed was the city of Medina. I do know that and, and their lifestyle was the best lifestyle. And they did not have internet. They had another type of internet. Right? They had they didn't have AOL or Google or they had straight to God. Yeah. So

02:02:51 --> 02:02:52

I'm doing

02:02:53 --> 02:03:05

all your work for you. Still Darko Allah, please support a tuna. All the people that requested do as just know that system and Allah May Allah reward her for the work she's doing,

02:03:06 --> 02:03:49

has given us she sends all the names out. So people here are making dua for all of you. We thank you for your support. Please Alhamdulillah you've been very generous this year. For those of you who have already donated, we're really overwhelmed by the support. But for those of you who have and I really hope that you will support the college. What we're trying to build is something for you for the community and for the people that come after us. So May Allah reward all of you, bless you increase you elevate you, give you openings from the book of Allah, make the book of Allah inshallah the spring of your hearts and may the flowers of its meanings bloom brightly in your *. May

02:03:49 --> 02:04:38

Allah subhana wa tan inshallah give you all the rewards of this month and may He inshallah give you a blessing to eat and may He inshallah give you 30 days the shell that we're going to go look for the moon but I think that it's going to be 30 days so it's a great blessing to have another day. inshallah in paradise Alhamdulillah Ramadan Mubarak, Chanda Mubarak, may Allah bless all of you saramonic Omar Abdullah II over aka to and salaams to imagine and his family I think he said he was going to be watching so May Allah bless you and the Adam center. We're kindred spirits out here with you we love all of you we love Adam center May Allah reward you elevate you increase you. May Allah

02:04:38 --> 02:04:38


02:04:40 --> 02:04:52

Dr. Asian and Dr. Rehan for all they do and all the people that are working moms aid, inshallah melas subhanho wa Taala bless Dr. Hatem for his work with

02:04:54 --> 02:04:59

trying to shed light on a lot of the trouble that's happening now. mela spa

02:05:00 --> 02:05:12

No damage Allah bless all the teachers wherever they are people that are keeping this Deen alive and just went ahead and was set on modicon Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

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