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The Prophet sallam passed away without any body guards or protection, leaving only a woman with no proof of prophethood. She had people guarding her house until the man ultimately decided to remove them. Her actions were supposed to protect her and her family, but she did not have any evidence. The importance of verifying one's Islam is emphasized, citing examples such as the use of a symbol to symbolize his weight and his weight, and the use of a symbol to symbolize his weight to signal the presence of God.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa sallam Allah should have been more Sunni say the Nam Hamad wa early he was certainly here as you may. Your brothers and sisters are prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him did not have any body guards did not have people guarding his house or getting his family or protecting him at a certain point of his life. Let's know the details. Let's hear the details of this story from some ahaadeeth one of them is insatiable.

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And our ns of nomadic or the Allahu anhu I mentioned the Hadith in Arabic and then translated in English inshallah. And our anus of nomadic of the Allahu anhu by Miranda Beijo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam de Moura at in Turkey in the covering for Karla tequila was very well thought out la kaniva inoculum two sub B mu C Betty Willem tarrif who for para la in hoonah Beijo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for atid burba who will empty the India who Baba Beatty he will empty during the who bow worthy in for call it la who in the LM RF ca for Canada murottal in the visa Limavady was lm Lem, Erica for Karla and EBU some Allahu alayhi wa sallam in NEMA sub or in the submittal una bajo de

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Malmo and boo Hurry up Sahih Hadith Sahih mu t Sahih Bukhari

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so ns numele cannot be Allahu anhu May Allah be pleased with him reported that the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed by a woman who was weeping beside a grave.

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So he told her, he told her, he told her be fear Allah and be patient. What was his or her response? She said, Go away, for you have not been afflicted with a calamity like mine. And she did not recognize him. She thought that she was talking to someone, a community member, who was advisable advised her to be patient. But she was told that it was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who passed by passed by.

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So she went to his house, the halleck says he went to his house, and then she did not find any gods.

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And then she told the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, I did not recognize you. So basically, she was saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for for what I said, I did not recognize you. I didn't think that I was talking to you. At a salon. It was it. What was his response? He said, peace be upon him in number several into submitting Allah is that patience is only at the first stroke of calamity. So when people receive the news of death, the death of a family member, someone who will love or we are affected, we receive the first the news of a calamity of a disaster. So our reaction in the beginning, when we show patience in the beginning, and that that's the real patience. After that, I

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mean, everyone will be patient as time goes by. People don't have a choice they need to be they need to show pay patient patients, and they need to live their life.

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So but basically here, the woman, as I said, did not find any bodyguards did not find any people guarding his house or protecting his house. And it was easy for her to talk to him. And he salatu salam, it was easy for her to approach him, peace be upon him. He was not offended by her response, even though he was the leader of the community. He was a messenger of God, and he was supposed to be treated in a better way. But you could say here, wait a minute, there is no proof of prophethood and him having no guards, no body guards. Maybe he was brave. He was courageous. He didn't need people to protect him or protect his family or protect his house.

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Furthermore, there is no proof of prophethood in his manners. Maybe he was a wise leader, and he knew how to treat everyone with kindness.

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And if you make this these these objections, I fully agree with you. Yes, yes, there is no proof in these things prove that he was true messenger of God. However, there was a proof that he was concerned about his safety and the safety of his family. He had people guarding his house, but as at one day, he decided to relieve them from their obligation.

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He decided to relieve them. He told them

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Leave me alone. Go away. Now, you don't need to protect me You don't need to guard my house. And I will say I will mention the story the story is found inside as soon as the telemovie

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and sooner and Mr. Dre can hack him another source of Hadeeth I will say how do you begin in Arabic and and mentioned the translation in English

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shall be Allah can interview some Allah who it was tell him you had Enza Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala if you saw it in Merida, Allah who we are similkameen and ness will love who we are similkameen and nurse, audit vasculogenic EBU Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam razza homie no boombah for Kira au her nurse in Saudi food for other outside money now who I serve a shell. So I share may Allah be pleased with her the wife of the Prophet said, reported that the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him used to be guarded he used to have people guarding his house and protecting him and protecting his family. until God, Allah revealed the ayah the verse in salt and Merida and Allah

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shall protect you against people. Allah so provide his protection. So there is no need for you basically, this is how it all lies and Allahu Allah wa sallam understood this message. There is no need for him to have bodyguards to have people protecting him or protecting his house or his family. So what was his reaction? She said, he stuck out his head from the room and he said, Oh people go away, leave me alone. For Allah shall protect me. This is a hurry hurry that is found in Suna determining, and it is composed classified OSI, and found in other sources of Hadith. Now, the prophet of Allah is some Allah who I knew was sin and peace be upon him is acting, oh was acting

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here, based on this revelation that was revealed to him from Allah subhanho wa Taala, based on the new message that he received from God, in Surah, t Merida. Now those people who believe that he was a true, he was not a true messenger of God, that He was a false prophet, that he was a fabricator that he wrote the book, the book, The Quran is not a revelation from God. It is the fabrication of Mohammed, the son of Abdullah Bisbee upon it.

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So for those people who believe that he was, he was a false prophet, we tell them Do you think

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we invite them here for for to think here to use their intellectual power? Do you think that a false prophet will make a lie?

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And then believe his own lie while compromising on his safety, and the safety of his family?

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Do you think that someone would do that a false prophet will never be safe. He was a leader of Prophet Mohammed sauce and it was a leader in his community. He was the head of state. And he had enemies in the areas in the land surrounding and Medina people who were trying to get rid of him to assassinate him. He had enemies in the city of Makkah, he had enemies within different Arab tribes, the big ones who were not happy with his growing power in Medina, all of them, were planning to get rid of him. Do you think that someone in his position would just believe his lie with write this verse and tell people this is what God revealed to me that he shall protect me, I don't need anybody

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guards. I don't need people to protect me to protect my house. God will provide his protection. He will believe his own life, and then compromise on the safety as I said, of his, his own safety, and the safety of his family.

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We Muslims believe that he was a true messenger of God, that he was acting based on the revelation that he received from his Lord, that he was not in need to make such a fabrication

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and play with his own safety and the safety of his family. We believe that he fully and completely believed in the message of his Lord and he was acting based on this revelation that he received from God, though they he was fine as a conclusion. He was a true, this is a proof, another proof another proof that he was true messenger of God. May Allah be pleased with him, peace be upon him, and peace, peace.

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All prophets and messengers, when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And inshallah we'll meet you again in an in another episode about the same subject. Prophet proves of prophethood as almost kind of a dial and you will find out the coolie fade was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah hillberg wabarakatuh.