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in the humble Ilana Magoo style you know who want to start a fiddle. What I will do will lie even to reinforce the medina maniac de la polla Mozilla, for me usually the other one I showed on

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the low Cherie color we're not sure Donna Muhammad and after over a solo Amala for Ignace honeystick The novel love Heron Howdy, hello Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worshiping Allah more data to her Wakulla our beloved Arvind Bharara Boquillas Allah Dippenaar we will belie severely ministry by rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Rama, Allah Allah, masha Allah Allah Ameen, follow through lines of Allah Orlesian Sanlam la you will want to come Hattah Akuna hubba alayhi wa invalidity or whether the evenness here is nine. Oh come upon Allah salatu salam, respected brothers. Today I will be talking about identity crisis. I was on a draw for the past four days talking about this issue all

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over the country in Burlington, Manchester and then in Newcastle. And I have seen that our youngsters are youth. The Muslim youth in particular, is facing identity crisis on a scale never witnessed before. So the onslaught of influences and distractions our youngsters face today, in particular on social media is unprecedented. Never before in our history, our youngsters or Shabaab, our youth have faced fitna on this scale. So every single one of them or most of their most of our youngsters, they carry these gadgets, these smartphones, and through the smartphone, they get all the inspiration from Shavonne and satanic forces into their minds. For example, they have these

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application these apps such as tick tock, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube and all these other applications, and our kids are exposed to some of the most evil content that confuses them. Right. And that really boggles the mind. And they get confused about their own adult identity. They don't know why they are Muslims, whether they are even Muslims or not, right. And this causes a lot of problems like depression, confusion, and outright apostasy in some cases. So my topic today is this question

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ISIS identity crisis. Now don't get me wrong. Historically speaking, we have been victims or we have been, let's say, targets of an identity crisis for a very, very long time since the colonial period, Muslim lands from Morocco to Bangladesh, this large stretch of land, what we call the Muslim civilization was colonized in the 19th century, or possibly some areas in the 18th century. And then the British, the French, and in some places, Germans and Italians came in and they colonized our land. Now, before this colonisation, our people were, they were dressed like Muslims, you know, what is dressing like Muslims, they were wearing turbans, they were wearing long thobes. And you know,

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these robes were absolutely elegant Muslim dress code was absolutely beautiful. To an extent that when Muslims are dominating the world for over 1000 years, is, in terms of every single field you can imagine in education in economics and politics and military prowess. Muslims were the most dominant force for over 1000 years, right. For 1000 years, Muslims dominated the world, known word from all angles from Spain, to China, more than China, this large stretch of land when the Omiya period, or during the omae period, some of the Muslim generals took this land, right? Not to devastate not to brutalize not to exploit not to plunder raw to bring justice and peace to these

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lands, and people living in these lands. They testify to the fact that when Muslims took these lands, they were just, they were just there, there was freedom for the Christians and the Jews. In fact, the golden age of the Jewish people, the house of Israel was under the protection of Islam in a lot of those in the Middle East and places. As far as India, they were Jews living in India and Persia.

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And the Muslims facilitated all of this the Muslim civilization pioneered by Islam and Muslims. Right, so the Muslim dress code, the Muslim culture, the Muslims living in general was in fashion, to an extent that the Europeans are copying Muslims, just as we copy European dress code today, European styles, European living standards. Today, in the 21st century, for over 1000 years, Muslim fashion was copied and followed. If you pick up some of the medieval paintings from medieval Europe, like from the 12th 13th 14th century, you look at some of the medieval European manuscripts, you will see paintings, right? And what do you see the painting a man sitting on the pulpit, and there

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are students in front of him, and he's teaching them and you know what the man is dressed like, the man is dressed in a bow and a turban. And this man is a Christian teacher, he's not a Muslim, is somewhere in Paris, somewhere in Italy, or somewhere in Britain, teaching his students in one of the European universities and how is he dressed? He is dressed like the Muslim because the Muslims are so dominant in civilization. As a civilization, Muslims are so dominant. On every single field, one can imagine that the Europeans started to adopt the Muslim identity is not in religion, in culture, in culture, the Europeans had adopted the Muslim ways. Okay, the most educated people in Europe for

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about 500 years ago knew the Arabic language. So this identity

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adoption, I must say, on the part of the Europeans, who was inspiration. Where did the inspiration come from the Muslims? for over 1000 years, the largest libraries were in the Muslim world, the best color of the best points, the best.

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Authors, the best theologian, the best scientists, the best philosophers were in the Muslim world. And for this reason, the Muslims inspired not only their own people,

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but the other nations around them. It was absolutely impossible. It was out. You know, as I say, this is the this is this is not even a question for the Muslim youngsters at that time. And the Muslims are a dominant force, militarily, economically, educationally in the world for them to consider another civilization And imitating it local Dawn, who was one of the greatest scholars of Islam, a historian, and a sociologist par excellence. A man who had written on sociology is when he was a philosopher. He writes that when a civilization dominates another civilization through military conquest, it is but natural for the vanquish the conquered civilization to start adopting

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the wave of the future.

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gra it is but natural. Right? But in the case of Islam, that didn't happen, for some reason, when the Mongols came in because even cooltone Rama de la la, he was living in North Africa. He was active in North Africa, right? When the Mongol invasions came in. Muslims did not adopt the Mongol way. Maybe for some time, you know, some things were adopted, but the religion was not abandoned. In fact, the Mongols themselves adopted Islam. They were conquered by having conquered Muslim lands and Muslim people, the Mongols got conquered by Islam. The Mongols themselves became Muslim they adopt and some of these logos later on their descendants and people who came from the areas they became

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the biggest defenders of Islam, the Ottomans, for example, Turkic people from the steppe region where the Mongols came from, right. They may not be Mongo descendants, but they came from the same region, the Mongols, right, also a very powerful dynasty. And even the memories, the memory support the Mongols, in India, and in Egypt, were actually a Turkic people. And they got immersed into Islam, the power of Islam, the Islamic identity, the Islamic civilization, which is a living civilization to this day, in people. But unfortunately, our fortunes have been reversed today, our youth today,

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even though we faced an onslaught of colonization, for the last 200 years, when the when the European powers colonized Muslim lands, a lot of Muslims are heavily affected, heavily affected by this colonization, right? Because Europeans appear to be more civilized, more advanced, technical, technologically, and they have more to offer in terms of material gains. So our people don't minimize, you see a lot of our intellectual, they got mesmerized, not everyone, not everyone, because there were still people who were arguing for the rise of the Muslim civilization, just as we had dominated the world for over 1000 years, we can do so again, it all positive fields, and all

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good things, education, intellectual pursuits, activities, such as libraries, right, putting civilization out there, mercy, justice, compassion, coexistence, all these things that Islam brought to the world, they can be reintroduced again, there was a group of Alomar scholars, intellectuals who were arguing in this way, but others were heavily attempting, to an extent that we took off the Muslim clothes, we took off our coats, we put them aside and we started to dress like the colonial master. Right? We started to dress like the white man. When I say the white man, I mean, the civilization, Western civilization. I don't mean the white man as as a racial term. I mean, the

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Western civilization that dominated militarily for some time, the Muslim world, from Morocco, to Congo, right. And if you want me to talk about who colonized who, that's another topic in itself, the French, the Italians, and the British had taken much of the Muslim land, right. And for nearly 200 years, they dominated industries land, and the outcome was, the outcome was basically on the palms. And, you know, people who basically became the spokesperson for the colonial establishments, right? Even though colonial establishments were very brutal, unjust, at times, completely, discriminatory against Islam, and Muslims. There were some proponents of colonial powers, they were

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basically arguing for the colonial power, there was no confusion on the powers of good. They need to remain in power to civilize us. But other law, you know, we were already civilized. We already had a civilization going. We were very educated, some of the best corners were produced by us, the Muslim civilization, from India to another room, we were the most dominant people in the world. Why do we need another way, which itself is in evolution is not stalking, the morality, the ethics of the colonial powers are evolving, they are changing. They don't produce any static results, you know, there is no moral compass with them.

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Humans are making laws and rules. European philosophers are good. You know, they are proposing the philosophies. And people are practicing experimenting on these philosophies, and we don't know where they're going to go. And now we can see today that we are still in evolution, we are evolving ethically, morally in western lands, the civilization is still evolving, it's not fully mature, you know, there are still problems there. Right. So that identity crisis we faced for nearly 200 years and it was a huge onslaught of identity and other identity imposed upon Muslim go in some cases self imposed by Muslims, right. But on hamdulillah Islam, stood the test of

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Time, Muslim civilization resisted the onslaught,

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whether it was military or otherwise, of hundreds of other Muslims. So by to this day as a living civilization, now we are facing a different type of one slot. And that Onslaught is the youngster they use is being taken away from us systematically. Our youth is being fed with all sorts of evil content online on these applications. I mentioned these apps, tick tock, Instagram, and Snapchat and all of these evil like Facebook, you know, they have good use. But most of the time our youngsters are inspired by rap artists, drill music, and movie stars, women taking the clothes off and then getting paid for it online. And most of our youngsters are hooked on that. But they are taking

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inspiration from these platforms, and the result is destruction. You see our youngsters stabbing each other on the streets, they are selling drugs, they are addicted to pornography, right? They are hooked on all these evil things because of the influences that are coming through their gadgets and the devices. So how do we overcome this? This is a real problem we are facing today. In Britain alone, we have hundreds of 1000s of Muslim youngsters who have been affected by this fitna this onslaught, right, and they are causing destruction on the streets with of course, other youngsters from other cultures from other background. But I am specifically concerned about the Muslims. What's

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happening to Muslims in Birmingham, and Manchester, and Bradford and places like Newcastle, let's say and London, most importantly, the largest city in Britain. Okay, what are your youngsters doing? And why are we affected by this? So trauma first, we were affected by colonialism and that identity crisis that came with colonialism. Now, it is a different type of colonialism. This colonialism of the mind comes from your devices, it is in the hands, we have given

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devices without service, we are given the weapons to our children to self destruct. So this destruction is coming through the screens in the phones right? Now we need to do something about that. How do we tackle that? So this is the problem.

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The problem is this. They are being affected by these self imposed so called heroes. They call them heroes. They listen to rap grid music which is violent, which is promiscuous, which is misogynistic, which really degrades humanity is chemo is pure evil. And for some reason, amazingly, theological radicalization is banned. It is discouraged, which is fine. Absolutely. If people get radicalized and they start causing destruction in society, they must be stopped. That's form of radicalization is bad. No problem. We understand that we agree with that. But why allow another type of radicalization where you are glorifying gangsters, drug dealers in movies, documentaries, right? And

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people are allowed to, you know, put the blame blame on Instagram and have millions of followers where they're driving Diablo, you know, Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and they inspire Europe with sons of corrupt presidents, let's say from Africa. There are African presidents and their sons have Instagram accounts with millions of followers. One of those guys I was recently watching. He had a he had a pile of dollars. He had a pile a big pile of dollars like a bed. And he was lying on top of these daughters and making a video and he's showing off like, look, look at me, I have all these daughters, my Rolex watch my car and all the women around me look at him, and he's the son of a

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prison African president. Now people are corrupting others openly. Isn't that radicalization when you make movies about a chapel, and Pablo Escobar and humanize them, so when you watch this movie about a gangster, a drug dealer, like Pablo Escobar, and I'm talking about identity, identity crisis, so don't lose, don't lose track of my topic. My topic is identity crisis, and how these people are affecting our youngsters, or this kind of radicalization, which is affecting our children. When you make movies about Pablo Escobar and humanizing right making sure him as a hero, even though he was a scumbag who got put down like a dog having destroyed 1000s of lives made

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millions of dollars. In fact, once it is said that he burned $2 million to keep his daughter warm.

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That he was he was on the run. He was a fugitive. And he burnt literally burned $2 million paper to keep his daughter warm. Right. So when we glorify people like this, who are blowing up people who are destroying people's lives from supplying cocaine to Americans, right, and tons and tons more

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kilotons right? In the 80s and the 90s. Okay, and then a movie is made about him. And movies made about him, glorifying him. Oh, look at this man, Pablo Escobar, he came from this background. He went through this he fell in love with so many children and the woman was, you know, in love with him in return. And then he had a family going and he was taking care of his family for his drug money was taking his mother, he was buying football pitches. And he was building churches. He was building townships, people loved him, people worship them as a god. He was the Pablo Escobar, right? And then he died. And then they play the sad music nominees dying, you know, making people feel

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sorry for who he is. He is one of the worst comes over here.

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And who is watching our kids, and then they start to imitate naturally it is but natural for your children to be effective.

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I can give you example, Saddam Hussein was a huge dictator even though his Fatima, you know, upon shahada, he when he was happy, he was saying shahada, right, but when he was in power, one of his favorite movie was the godfather. Don Corleone II used to watch Don Corleone. And then he will used to replicate that behavior in his torture cells. Right? The Godfather was so you know, these things actually do if if people

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President Musharraf of Pakistan used to, you know, you know, to admire Stalin, he was asked once in an interview, who is your hero, who do you he's just started starting what? Stalin, a mass murderer, or a mass murderer. This is all radicalization works. People get radicalized, and they have wreaked destruction in societies. And this is what's happening. Our children are being radicalized by drill music. Our children are being radicalized by evil movies, glorifying gangsters, rap artists and scans of the Earth. We're not making movies about sha Allah we're not making movies or TV or we're not making movies about all by bus. We're not making movies about sala de we're not making movies

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about Mr. Batman and his Batman. We're not making movies about Harun Rashid. We're not making movies about Dharavi from Spain. We're not making movies about Mr. Royce. We're not making movies about Muslim period in Spain, right? One series, once you want those one little dole, even though you know, those that was a bit mixed up with the truth, some truth, some false or thorough that series it was made, right. And Muslim youth and non Muslim you went beyond digital media. This is our power test. If you don't, if you don't rise up to the past, if you don't, up your game, you will lose you will lose your children, they will be lost to this onslaught of identity crisis, your children will

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forget why they are Muslim, and they don't have any heroes.

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So authorial series was created, and a lot of Muslims started to get inspired by this character, even though they have jurisdiction of mostly fictional we don't know anything about

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the father of values, man, we only know the name. The story is fictional, right? But it represented our culture in the series, our culture was put out, and people started to admire the culture that code of honor, you know, you're keeping your word, protecting the poor and the needy and, and helping the weak. You know, this code of honor was put out through a series very cleverly by the Turks. And it made people change people became very inspired by this guy, but we have real characters we can talk about, we can have we have real people we can make movies about and put these movies out for our children so that they can take inspiration if you leave the vacuum online on

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social media that who will fill the vacuum who will fill the vacuum grill wrappers, Nicki Minaj and the list goes on I don't want to say these names while I'm doing Yamakawa even though it's allowed to say because we say how do we lie ministry Aparna Rahim? So we mentioned bond proceeds Allah's refuge from him right? So it's, it's okay to mention these names. But these are the people our kids are following. Whether you like it or not, they are. Whether you like it or not, my brothers and sisters they are your children are watching this content online on the social media platform. Now that is done, you will need to feel we need to put content out there to expose our children to the

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larger and greater Muslim civilization and our personalities. So remove the current heroes, replace them with those who are normal. And by the way, the dose of half the dose of

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it overpowers, overrides and

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neutralizes possibly a million

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doses of bottle.

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Does that make sense? So your children might have been fed been bottled for the entire year Whoa, leader, they have been fed with bottle, bottle upon bottle. curses upon curses, right? Even upon evil online social media, they're watching pornography, they're watching promiscuous content, they were listening to rubbish, evil stuff. And then you come along and you give them a little tiny tablet of the HAC once a year, or once a week or once a month, that those of the hacker will overpower all those doses of

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you will see that this is all powerful hackers. Hack does not need numbers, it doesn't need money. It is it just needs representation. You need to represent the heart, even on a minor level, it will affect your children, your children's Allah has given in the federal recognized and federal, which Allah has given to our children. We'll get them to realize and to recognize the hug and they will start following it. We just need to represent the hustle. We need to have our content out there. We need to show our children that hold on a second. You have these heroes today. But look at our past. Look at the heroes we have the great personalities, the great generals, great things the great

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philosophers, thinkers, points, theologian Alama, voila, we have so many of them. Let's start talking about that. Even if it's a short documentary, a short talk 10 minutes long. Our children will be inspired. If we start talking about chef on Islam, it will pay me I won't lie. I don't see why. I mean, it will be inspired me when I'm a non practicing. I wasn't practicing Islam. Someone told me the name, Eva Pena, you know, makes you think Hold on a second. The name, the name is very attractive. SubhanAllah. So when you start reading his history, he was a man, five years old reading books. 13 years old author, his first book 19 years old, giving fatwas later on fighting the Mongols

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on the battlefield inspiring the Kings inspiring his people writing books against bothin Allahu Akbar. So when we expose people like this, make a series about him for our youngsters. I don't think they will be following these unfortunate disgusting characters online, they will inshallah start following these individuals, and they will take inspiration. So the doors of the hardcore will always overpower

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many, many, many doses of battle. This is how it works. Okay.

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And, as Allah said, in great shape, Barney, kinda

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like the trap of shaytaan is weak is weak, when the heart comes the bottom, from both on that note, I hope, we will inshallah start looking into strengthening the identity of our children and our youngsters and not neglect them, not ignore them, have stronger relationships with them, have a bond with them. Father has to be a father and not by producing children. But by being there for the rest of their life. The father has to be a father, for the children as a guiding force as a positive influence. As the hero of the child, the first hero of the child has to be the father, before we start calling them out other heroes in Islam and talk to our children, talk to them, don't throw

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them on the screen. Go don't throw them in the spoon in the knowledge and leave other teachers to others to teach children walk them how you can swim with them right with them and talk to your children be an active presence in their life. And you will see the rise of the Muslim civilization once again as it was an honor to be able to Brahim IMAMBARA all because we haven't done

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that even if we have the Eman of Ibrahim today the fire which is burning around us will turn into flowers Ravana and 100 later

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala ha Camilla meow say you didn't know Celine Baba Ali he was how he ordered my Amin for a month on the Ubuntu Ensign and I have been a Baba we will do villa is a mirror image ship on over here Mr. La commander Rahim. Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean by respected brothers. So the point is to address our children don't leave them to others to inspire and have an active role in the lives and this is our future. If we neglect our future we are finished. We are gone. We have no future left we have if our children are corrupted and destroyed, then we will have no in this country or anywhere else. Britain is home so we need to

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produce children not only

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rather spiritually we need we need to produce such people that they can lead the OMA not only here. But globally. We need leadership globally. And here we have all the means available to us to make a difference. Produce leaders, normal characters, normal citizens who can leave a great mark in Britain. You know in the future when Muslims are remembered. Muslims are remembered positively so that these people came here. They will not drop hustlers. They were not pimps, they were not gangsters. They were not murderers and killers rather they were noble people who made a very, very positive beautiful contribution to these lands most importantly, get involved in Daraa Dawa in Allah

00:30:44--> 00:31:26

is an obligation upon all of us and when we do our and get our children involved in Dawa even never lose them to Cofer and other evil influences. So inshallah we need to replace the heroes and instill the love finally, the last point, instill the love of the Messenger of Allah in their hearts. Rasul Allah said, You will never believe you will not truly believe until I become more beloved to you than your parents, your children and Mankind together. The messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam has to be the hero of our children. You have to make him a real hero of your children by talking about him, teaching your children about his Syrah, his struggles, his his his efforts in bringing this

00:31:26--> 00:32:08

Deen to us. And once we do that actively, even if it's a dose once a week, one tiny dose of the tooth on the heart, once a week, sit down with them for one hour and talk to them about the Syrah it will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Or alternatively if you don't want to do it, instead of watching football matches and movies with them sometimes sit with them and watch Islamic content. Put a lecture on a short lecture or documentary on Islam and tell the children to watch it and discuss it with them. And then you will see the difference inshallah Tala. On that note we ask Allah to strengthen our youth through us, and may Allah give us the trophy to reclaim our future.

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From all those evil influences our youngsters our youth are facing online and offline. Robert Kolomna. Susana was involved in lanoka Humla continental philosophy, but after Natalia Hasina or phylloxera trust and our winner, Ala Moana Rabbana. Johanna Cafaro was the learner of Ghana in Ghana. Hakeem Allah miser Islam was the mean almanzora Islam was the mean to power up big trouble so gamma is a boon for Salah mana Mala masala 100 Naira inoculum.

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law, law,

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log level, or flow

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my soul

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always has been 100