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This episode makes mention of how Allah SWT is making a distinction between the struggles of two Prophets, Nuh AS and Hud AS in the light of an ayah from Surah Aaraf. Tune in to educate yourself about the Quran’s remarkable way of teaching people to think in sophisticated ways and be careful about labeling people.

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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah so Allah Allah Allah He was a huge mind Welcome to amazed by the Quran a series in which I like to share with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today I want to talk to you about two prophets again, both of them talked about in sort of an era of the seventh surah one of them as hood and the other one is new on Instagram, talking about new holiday Salaam in the same surah Allah says Carla mela, woman Kony in northern Iraq coffee volume moving the Chiefs the generals or you can even say mela is the elite of his people said that we see you obviously lost. We consider you lost or confused. So Allah is making a

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comment about the elite of nos time that they were at the forefront of making propaganda against No Okay, so that's the first Prophet and the chiefs are the elite of that time making propaganda. The second case is that of hood and again, the the elite are highlighted columella Latina Kapha Roman colony here in Northern Africa supporting one another No, no communal Caribbean. The chieftains, the elite, who had disbelieved from among his people said that we certainly see you immersed in stupidity mavala and we consider you from those who lie. Okay, so now, in both cases, the elite are, in a sense, you know, pointed out, and the the accusatory fingers pointed at them, right? They're

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the ones incriminated. But the interesting language is columella, as opposed to columella Latina cafaro forum in Omaha, the Chiefs from his people are the elite from his people on the one hand, and the elite who disbelieved from among his people, on the other hand, unless actually making a distinction between the struggles of both of these prophets, and he's alluding to the fact that new alayhis salam had the toughest time of all other profits. That's why you know, about his nation will call my new human capital in the home condo, home of llama, la otra Takata. Allah, Allah describing them in another place in the Koran says, The New newest people before they in fact, were the they

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were more wrongdoing and more rebellious than anybody else, like the worst nation described in local artists, the nation of No. Okay. So, and there's a reason for that, you know, that you can have a qualitative problem and a quantitative problem, the persistence with which they did crimes, right, the centuries and centuries and centuries, labels them, you know, qualifies them for the label of the worst nation, okay, or the worst, the worst enemies of our profit. In any case, a lie saying making a blanket statement about the elite in the nation of new enhancing the Chiefs among them said, we see you as confused. But when it came to what he didn't say, the chiefs, the elite,

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basically, you know, brushed him off, he said, the elite who had disbelieved among them. So he qualified the elite. So he didn't even take all of the elite and throw them under the bus, if you will. Right. So what what we're learning here is that you might have people in political power and economic power and social standing, that may become proponents against Islam and speak, elevate etc. But you cannot use even them to make categorical statements about all wealthy people, all politicians, all leaders, all heads of states, etc, etc, etc. You can't generalize. Allah gave license for new la salaams case for that to be generalized because had centuries in the making. It's

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been cooking for a long time, in the case of Buddha de Salaam, no, and let the NACA forum and call me the qualification was necessary. This is yet again the Quran is remarkable way of teaching people to think in more sophisticated ways to not oversimplify things to not just take your and my frustration about all those politicians, they're all the same, you'll hear this right, all politicians, they're all the same. Well, Quran doesn't let you say that the Quran doesn't let you say that the Quran is basically saying you have to be careful about how you brought you know, how you label people, there were those who expressively dis express their disbelief explicitly expressed

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their disbelief and their disregard for the prophet and they came after him calling him stupid and saying, masala, you know, calling them stupid or

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saying that he's among those who lie. They made propaganda against Yes, watch out for those. But don't dismiss all the others or assume in sincerity on their part. Eliza will keep us from those who paint with broad strokes and look at life and look at people around us with more subtlety and more care Monica lohani Welcome was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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