Ali Hammuda – The lives of the four Imams #08 – Imam Ahmad

Ali Hammuda
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What do we know of Imam Muhammad consciousness of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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For example, Imam Muhammad showed huge caution from ever speaking without knowledge. He was not afraid to say I don't I don't know. Because he recognized that speaking on behalf of Allah and His Messenger without shore knowledge is in fact signing on behalf of them both. So I want to share with you a few statements in this regard, attribute it to Imam Muhammad, how he answered many of the questions. These are all translations. I have not heard anything in this regard.

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I have not heard of it.

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I don't know the issue, the ruling issue in it. I don't have the coverage to speak of it. I don't have answers in this matter. I don't have an answer.

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Ask someone else. Ask the scholars. Are you fear answering this question? It terrifies me. It's an unclear matter. It's an intricate topic. It's problematic. There is a difference of opinion. They have differed. I prefer to stay safe. I prefer well being please relieve me of this question. These are different sentences actually attributed to Amador throughout his life to show you he was not afraid he was so conscious of Allah scared to answer without knowledge. His his biography is an academy of lessons. And one of the most important of them is freezing at the limits humility to the truth and the courage to say I don't know.

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This was the behavior of Mohammed. Although Subhanallah he may have actually memorized hundreds of narrations pertaining to the question that he had just declined to answer, but because he is unsure of the strongest opinion he says these things. I don't know the answer. Don't think it is a mind blank. Hundreds of narrations are there, but he's unable to declare which is the strongest.

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I had was also very troubled by the levels of fame that he had reached, particularly after the trial that he experienced towards the latter years of Imam Muhammad he would say what do you do and Hakuna beshear had been back at the hotel and a lot of money to be sure it in the terminal notice or mahatma.

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I want to live in a remote valley somewhere in Makkah, where no one will recognize me. I have been afflicted with fame. And so I desire death. Every morning and evening. He saw fame something that some of us may crave today he saw it as an affliction. And therefore he was asking Allah for death because of it.

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And it was also once said to him, there are so many people who are making dua for you. And upon hearing this Amis eyes flooded with tears and he said a half one you're gonna heard they're still behind ya. I am so scared that this may be a sign that I am being baited to my distraction.

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So don't put it past yourself. Don't put it past yourself. What is fasting? What is charity? What is the reciting of the Quran? What is prayer in congregation? What is your flawless hijab? If it is tarnished with this ultra self admiration that we have spoken about before, even a trace of its poison is sufficient to tear down years worth of good deeds. And that's why our predecessors were so afraid of it. And what is even worse is that we rarely own up to this. I mean, you hear people saying, Hey look, it's I have pure intentions or it doesn't bother me whether one person follows me or a million person follows me as he pleases. That's quite an unrealistic statement to make. Be

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honest with yourself and realize you are being trialed.

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Ibrahim even though Adam once traveled to another city, and he entered within a particular garden and the new spread that the great Imam Ibrahim, Adam was now in the city this this Imam impiety and religion. So everyone knows about him. So everyone came into the garden. And they hadn't seen Ibrahim before. And so they began to say where is Ibrahim? Where is Ibrahim?

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So what did Ibrahim do? Fearing fame? He began to walk around with them. So where is he? Where is it going to hit me?

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And Ibrahim I'd have himself he would say Masada Allah hadn't done. I had the chakra any person who loves fame has not been true to Allah subhana wa Tada. Something to think about and something to inform your decisions as well.

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What do we know about the trial of Imam Muhammad Muhammad? Allah it seemed as if all of the events of Muhammad's life were leading him towards this one.

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moment where he would need to remain firmer than mountains at a time when all others around him would crumble a trial that would cost 117 years of his life in total. In fact, I believe that any biography that seems to remember

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that does not make mention of this trial is unforgivably deficient?

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See, the Muslim ummah up until this point in amateur life was, by and large upon the belief, the theology the creed of the predecessors companions, saying that Allah speaks and that speech is an attribute of Allah, a speech of course, that befits his majesty and glory, and that the Quran is part of Allah speech, which he delivered to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through Angel Jibreel it's important to understand this. What later happened is that a group would emerge, the MA Tesla, and they would create this new opinion that clashes with the understanding of the predecessors and this pristine belief. And they posited that Allah did not speak the Quran.

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Their belief was that Allah created the Quran.

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Before this point in amateur life, the mortality rate this group, they were, to some extent clandestine, they were hidden with respect to their beliefs, because they were afraid of the Khalifa Harun Al Rashid, and he was so severe on them. And He Himself Haruna Rashid was on the theology of the predecessors. In fact, the heroine, Rashid had threatened to kill Bishop and Morrissey, who was an advocate of this belief of Albert Tesira. He said, if I if I get my hands on him, I will kill him in the most brutal of ways. So their their beliefs were quite hidden up until this point.

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And this is the exact reason why Bishop Morrissey despite his activism in in promoting his theology that the Quran is created, he had to remain in hiding during the reign of Harun Rashid for 120 years. But when the Haruna regime passed away, things began to change. Mohammed, the son of Harun came into power. His nickname is Amin in the books of history, I mean,

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and it was only when Amin passed away and his brother assumed the position of Khalifa was Abdullah son of Harun

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that bishop was able to come out with his beliefs. Beshear was able to come out of his hiding, and to become a lot more forthcoming in his views, and the more he liked it as well, and they even managed to persuade a moon the highest authority at the time.

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To accept the belief of the Quran being created more would be another khalifa to assume the position of Clara

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alamat Moon at first, he was hesitant about imposing this view upon the Muslims. But then with time, he would eventually find the courage to do so. So he instructed the leader of his police forces is hacking Rahim to begin an inquisition with respect to people's belief about the Quran. He wanted people to believe it is created, which is of course, an innovation. He started with the seven famous scholars of Baghdad. And unfortunately, by the color of Allah, they all succumbed and professed to this new belief under duress, of course.

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The trial began to spread all throughout Iraq, it reached Hassan Al Jazeera Arabian Peninsula, and people are being interrogated. The Inquisition was getting worse, prisons began to fill, people began to die. And the majority of the scholars were testifying to the correctness of disbelief, as we said under duress under coercion compulsion, but there were several figures who stood firm, and two of them were Imam Hamdan, and Mohammed IGNOU, who was a young student of Imam Muhammad.

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So upon hearing this moment, the Khalifa instructed his heart the leader of his police forces to send them both to him.

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They were refusing to budge or to accept this belief, even outward outwardly, Imam Muhammad said I used to make so much dua to Allah that he never shows me the face of a lot more. Because news was conveyed to me that more news to say if I see it, I will cut him piece by piece.

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So I had an Mohamed know how they were arrested. They were affected in chains, and they were taken out to meet the Khalifa and about mourn. But during the journey, Allah responded to the dua of Iman and use was conveyed to Ahmed that mod had just passed away.

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I haven't praised Allah subhanaw taala and he believed that this would be the end of the ordeal Alhamdulillah knowing that this was just the start of the ordeal that he would go into that he was going to experience.

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News was then conveyed to Ahmed that after mon al matassa had

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now become the Khalifa

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Watterson, he is Mohammed son of Harun Al Rashid. They're also father sons of our own Rashi.

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And that this Khalifa had an advisor from the Tesla group, the sect His name is Akhmad even though Abby do ad, who believe that the Quran was created. So, Mohammed Mohammed Abdullah, again they were summoned, fettered in chains taken to Baghdad, and they were arrested during the journey. Mohammed ignore, he began to suffer the throes of death. During his last moments as his soul was leaving him, he turned to a hermit. He said to him, undara, June,

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Yokota the happy, you are a man who has a following.

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And all of creation, I've extended the next in order to see what you shall say.

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So I'm at fear Allah and remain patient, according to or in the face of anything that Allah said your way

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hammered him, you know, passed away, leaving

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all by himself to endure the dark trials ahead of him.

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In his lonely in his lonely state, I'm able to add me to add whom we said was the advisor of the new Khalifa and Watson, who believed in this creed that the Quran was created.

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He advised and modelsim to subject me to an inquisition. So Mr. Mohammed was jailed in Baghdad in the month of Ramadan. And it was already very ill at the time, and he remained in the prison for two and a half years. Imagine.

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I then when it became a little bit too much for the family of the uncle of Mohammed Mohammed and his name was his heart, it would have been visited the chief of the police, and He interceded for his nephew. He said, Look, I mean, at least give him the opportunity to debate the scholars. Let him give him a chance to voice his opinion.

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So the leader of the police who said this is Hark, he went to advance in the Khalifa. And he said you seek permission and he said we give you permission to bring

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so a lot awesome summon diamond hammock came in heavy chains in this journey, barely able to walk Muhammad said because of how heavy the iron was on his body, and he said I would fall because of it and nobody was helping me.

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And he was taken to Elmore tossin, and they stopped off in the journey during the night, where they put Ahmed in a dark room with no candle light. And in his shackles, he prayed to Allah subhanaw taala and implored him for assistance.

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The next day, Ahmed was taken into the presence of the Khalifa himself. Now Allah doesn't he enters into his royal presence, which included me to add this, this forged scholar and the military leaders of the Khalifa and his companions and his generals afterward requested permission to speak, and it was granted

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and not awesome then instructed his scholars to refute him to address asthma. But the signal Quran is not created. It is the speech of Allah. And after each of Ahmed's arguments, they will just turn to the Khalifa and they would say, I'm an innovator. I have Madison Street, and he is leading others astray. He's accusing you of disbelief. It was becoming apparent to us in the Khalifa that Muhammad was overcoming them. And so they weren't resorting to these insults or accusations. It's always the way of those who are penniless when it comes to knowledge and understanding.

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I cannot would turn to an Wasim Khalifa, and he would say to him, leader of the believers, they have not cited anything from the Quran or the Sunnah. Where is there evidence for what they are saying? And every time they said something, he said, Where is there evidence from the Quran and from the Sunnah. And so this infuriated me to add and he said to me, my handle, are your opinions taken only from the Quran and the Sunnah? What is wrong with you? So I have added Mohamed said to him, Can the religion of Islam stand on anything but the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Now, standing firm like a mountain Imagine No wife, no children, to family fettered in chains, Royal courtyard, enemies, threats of being killed Subhan Allah Allah was with him.

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And more tossin scholars urged the khalifa to execute Muhammad, claiming that he was erratic, but a lot awesome was hopeful that Ahmed would accept his beliefs one day because he recognized the status of Iran and the importance of having a man like him by his side. The debate lasted for three days,

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all by himself in his lonely, isolated and imprisoned state,

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but was in a state of fasting.

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Only eating the minimum to keep himself alive.

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To make things worse, I haven't even thought of you to add.

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Made sure to continually terrorize. I hammered him to humble by saying to him, the Khalifa is going to talk to you. It's coming. If it's going to execute you it's coming. But Hammonds Reliance was upon Allah subhanho wa taala.

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By the end of the debate, the Khalifa al Motta doesn't realize that average views were not going to be shifted, and his arguments were strong. And so he instructed his men to imprison.

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Then, came the instruction, that the apparatus for torture was to be prepared, and the punishment began. And between every round of torture, they would say to Akhmad, what do you say with regards to the Quran, and he would simply respond by saying it is the speech of Allah, and sending upon himself another torrent of lashing that would cause him to lose his consciousness.

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During one of the awakenings of Muhammad, when he came back into consciousness, because of the pain and notice him said to him, Muhammad, Woe to you, you're killing yourself. Whoa, do you just accept what I am saying to you? I will personally unshackle you.

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But he didn't answer him back,

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surrendering to the decree of Allah.

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So Allah Thorson instructed his men to continue lashing him, and he screamed at his men saying algea caught up our Allahu yedek LJ meaning hurt him May Allah said that your hands hurt him. And so they were hitting him as hard as they could, and again, don't lose his consciousness and he would he would pass out.

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They lifted the body of Imam Muhammad, they threw it on a straw mat, landing him facedown. And they began to step on him. And at this point, it occurred to me to assume that he may have just killed a hammock, and this terrified him Subhanallah it's as if some sense came into his mind.

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And he instructed that a hammer to be released. Muhammad said, at this moment, I was completely out of my senses, unaware of what was happening in the world around me.

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When all of a sudden I said I woke up in a in a room, and the chains were taken off me. And I was clothed.

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And subhanAllah, despite the constant whisperings of Abu Dhabi due to the Khalifa saying, kill him, execute him.

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I'm AutoSum decided to free

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and he clothed him with expensive royal attire, while Allah and he set him on an animal to go back home.

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When I haven't even know Hammond arrived back home. Instantly, he took off all of this expensive attire, and he sold it and he gave it to valuing charity. What happened is that Al matassa Khalifa, he fell into regret for what he had committed against.

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And so he would send his men to email Muhammad on a daily basis to see how he was doing and if there was anything that he need Subhanallah how the table's turned and how events change.

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After the passage of some time, habits body Alhamdulillah had recovered from the lashing and the injuries. So he was able to go back into the public again and pray with the Muslims in the masjid. He was able to teach Masha Allah to continue with his life as normal. Till al matassa Acalypha passed away. Then Elmore possums son would come into power, his name was and wife nicknamed and wife, he became the Khalifa. And sadly,

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this would begin a brand new chapter of suffering in the life of a hamlet. And whilst it was a fear advocate of this creed that said that the Quran is created, and again, acrobatic, whatever you do ad was his was his advisor, and the Khalifa was more committed to me do evil his predecessors. So he tortured many people in prison, many on account of this, and he caused so much suffering in the city of Baghdad. During this period.

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A letter was conveyed to him I heard from the leader of the chief of the police saying the Khalifa and was the leader of the believers has made mention of your name.

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So what would happen to have to do he would force he was forced to go into hiding, where he would not visit, or he would not be visited by anyone, nor would he even be able to pray in the masjid hiding homes. And he remained in this situation till Eduardo passed away a life of suffering a life of fitna, but Allah Jalla Jalla, who, who we hope wanted to give him has an arc that could not have been acquired without it.

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After Allah thick, the Khalifa died, came a man nicknamed Albert our killed Khalifa. He was a Sunni Alhamdulillah he was upon the way of the predecessors. And so amateurs read the trial

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I had finally ended, the Sunnah was victorious and the International hero was Imam Muhammad Ibnu handled Allahu Akbar

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Muhammad Abdul Yeah, he said that when Ahmed was set free I saw Jacobi. Ibrahim was already kissing the forehead and the face of email. And I saw so they might even do the old kissing the forehead of Imam Muhammad people are coming to greet this great Imam, soldier of Allah, this defender of the Sunnah Muhammad, Muhammad Abraham and may Allah be pleased with him. And with the work you also sent a sum of money to a hammer donated the whole amount of money to the poor along with the bag which was sent which it was sent with Allah.

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And with the work he also invited me to visit him, but he wasn't inclined to doing so.

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And he told him that he was ill he was ill, the Khalifa insisted that you come and visit me so 100 meters away, in the midst of a huge entourage which the Khalifa sent there. In the royal palace, a huge table of food would be offered for avid on a daily basis. And I didn't even take a glance at it. He didn't touch any of the fruit. So interest.

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Speaking about this fitness experienced this trial of him and what he did for the Sunnah, how we defended their religion, we should even have heard it he said, if it wasn't for this man, I hammered him to him and Shane would be upon us till the Day of Judgment.

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And Abu Bakr Al ashram he also said that, our friends, they believed that the position of Imam Muhammad Imam Muhammad even though humble and Abu Bakr ashram, he also said that our friends, they saw that the station of Imam Muhammad in the humble during the trial and what he did for the religion was similar to the station of Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu. During the trial of the apostasy and what he did for the religion, they said we would make that comparison.

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And Abdullah the son of Ahmed, interestingly, he said,

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I used to frequently hear my father saying, may Allah have mercy upon Abul Hasan? May Allah Almighty forgive the Haytham

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who was able to hate him.

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See, brothers and sisters, even though he wasn't afraid of the prison, he said, the House and the prison is the same thing for me. And he wasn't afraid of execution either. 100 was scared of the web.

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And on the day when he was summoned for a session of lashing, he felt somewhat tugging at his clothes from behind, he looked back.

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And the man said to him, Do you know who I am? You might know

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him and said I am, I will hate him. I am the free soul. I am the infamous thief. And to date, he's on record that I have received 18,000 lashes on my back. And I have shown patience towards this in obedience to the devil, and in the cause of worldly gain. So you are the Imam you are to show patience because you are in in the Cause of Allah and in the cause of religion. This gave strength to the heart of Imam Muhammad so he would also say Allah have mercy upon Ebola hate them. He was proactive the thief was proactive despite his situation. See, productivity is a universally admired trait. Even if we aren't blessed with it. We admire people who, who who are proactive, we wish to be

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like them. So we can ask the question, if it is so universally admired, why is it that some of us still fail to live a productive Muslim lifestyle? We can blame genetics, sometimes we blame circumstances, our lack of knowledge, lack of courage, bad upbringing, a mix of it all. But at times, the reason why we're not proactive is for a reason far simpler than all of that.

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Because we belittle ourselves, like what am I who am I? What am I going to do?

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Here so you have this desire to be an initiative taker to live proactively with purpose with vision and energy, but you're shackled with these whisperings of who am I to do so? Like, what what value could a person like me possibly add? But hold on a minute. That story you just heard of Abu Haytham, the thief that just pulls the rug from beneath every excuse? Because despite his sins, his left his crimes 80,000 lashes for them, he did not deprive himself from acting proactively. And as a result, his words would have a tangible effect in strengthening the heart of Imam Ahmed when he needed it most. And therefore that thief qualified himself for a dua from the Imam which we envy him for we

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wish we had that dua. And the books of history have eternalized his words because of a single moment of proactivity so why do you belittle yourself

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Remember that you are not the product of your circumstances? No, you are the product of your decisions. And so with Paradise as a price, our decision must be to live a life of motivation and vision setting and planning for the religion, unlimited productivity.

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