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Juz’ 24: Az-Zumar 32-75 – Fussilat 1-46

Ghafir 36-85 – Fussilat 1-12

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And fit our own set ohama and construct for me a tower, that I might reach the ways, the ways into the heavens, so that I may look at the deity of Moosa. But indeed, I think he's a liar. Now you see fit our own is mocking over here, and thus was made attractive to fit our own the evil of his deed, and he was diverted from the right way. And the plan of fit our own was not except in ruin, meaning his plan only destroyed him. He became stubborn on his falsehood. And what happened eventually, he's the one who was ground, we'll call a lady. And he who believed he said, Oh, my people, follow me. Don't follow your own. Follow me. I will guide you to the way of right conduct. I will tell you what

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the right way is. He called me he said, Oh my people, this worldly life is only temporary enjoyment. This is a central point of Dawa Life is too short, we are here for some time. Whenever we're telling a person about Islam, about the Quran, about Allah subhanaw taala, about the importance of worshiping Allah, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. What is it that we need to focus on? This life is short, it's very short. We have to die. And we need to think about what will happen to us after we die. And indeed the Hereafter, that is the home of ferment and settlement. That is where comfort and enjoyment is, it's not here in this life. Whoever doesn't evil deed will not be

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recompensed except by the like they're off. But whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer, those will enter Paradise being given provision there and without account, and all my people he went on, how is it that I invite you to salvation while you invite me to the fire? It seems like he's opening up about his faith. Now. I am calling you to Jenna, and you're calling me to fire. You invite me to disbelieve in Allah and associate with him, that of which I have no knowledge. And I invite you to the Exalted in Might the Perpetual Forgiver. assuredly, that to which you invite me has no response to a supplication in this world or in the Hereafter, meaning

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you're calling me to worship idols. If I call upon them, they don't even answer. They can't even move. And indeed, our return is to Allah. And indeed, the transgressors will be the companions of the Fire. facetted, Karuna akula, calm and you will remember what I now say to you. You will remember right now, you don't pay heed to what I'm telling you. But soon you will remember what will fall will Embry Elon law and I entrust my affair to Allah. Indeed Allah is seeing of his servants. He knows them all. He can punish any from anywhere, whenever whoever none can protect against him, and none can benefit against him. But what happened his people became violent towards him. And

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that's something expected After all, if he killed all of those magicians who believed in musar lisanna What do you think he did to his relative for work on hula hoops at Mercado, so Allah protected him from the evils they plotted, Allah saved him, and the people of their own were enveloped by the worst of punishment. What is that worst punishment. And now we're on a lunar layer with

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the fire, they're exposed to it morning and evening. Heat is difficult to bear. Just imagine the heat of the sun and the sun is so far that is difficult to bear. When you're standing in front of the stove in front of an oven, it's so difficult to bear that heat. How will the fire be, which is worse than the fire of this world? And the day the hour appears, it will be said make the people of our own enter the severest punishment. What do we see here? One is the punishment, which they're in right now after they were drowned until the day of judgment, and the other is the punishment which they will be admitted into when after his app. So this ayah proves to us it shows to us that there

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is reward or punishment after death before the day of judgment even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the grave is the first stage of the hereafter. If one is saved there, then what follows it will be easier than it and if one is not saved there than what follows it will be more difficult than it by Allah. I have never viewed a site more frightening, more horrifying than the grave. May Allah protect us all from the punishment of the grave and mentioned when they will argue within the fire and the weak will say to those who had been arrogant, indeed we were only your followers, so will you relieve us of a share of the fire. Those who have been arrogant will say indeed all of us

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are in it indeed alone.

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Has judged between the servants and those in the fire will say to the keepers of hell, supplicate your Lord to lighten for us a day from the punishment just one day off, they will say, Did they're not come to you your messengers with clear proofs, they will say yes, they will reply, then supplicate yourselves, but the supplication of the disbelievers is not accept in error. No drama shall help. Just imagine no drama shall help woman do our old Katharina Illa. Feel Bala. There there always will be wasted in Ireland and Zulu Solana when Latina Amano Phil hayati dounia indeed we will support our messengers and those who believe during the life of this world. And on the day when the

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witnesses will stand the day their excuse will not benefit the wrongdoers and they will have the curse and they will have the worst home. What are the artena moose? alhuda Well, Rosner Bunny is saw lol kita and we had certainly given Mossad guidance, and we called the children of Israel to inherit the scripture as guidance and a reminder for those of understanding false bear. So be patient, be patient in Nevada law he held indeed the promise of Allah is true which promise of the hereafter it is true, was still fiddly them big and ask forgiveness for your sin was a bit behind your back a bit I see you on a car and exalt Allah with praise of your Lord in the evening. And in the morning again

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and again, the vicar, the speaker is mentioned. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the most beloved phrases to Allah, the dearest crazes to Allah are for Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar. So whenever you want to do that, and by the way, we should want to do the good all the time. Whenever we find ourselves silent, just sitting or looking to is busy or tongue Subhana Allah 100 Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, Indeed, those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah, without any authority having come to them, there is not within their breasts except pride, meaning those who argue about the Quran without any knowledge, those who argue about Allah, what's

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their proof? What's their standing? It's just pride. What is their ground, it's just arrogance. It's not that they have any proofs, the extent of which they cannot reach, meaning they think so highly of themselves. And they're far far from being that great. So seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, it is he who is the hearing the seeing the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of mankind, but most of the people do not know. You see, pride is something very deceptive. A person thinks so highly of himself, but in reality is far from that position. And a person is so foolish when he's being arrogant. Allah says when is the will armel boss lead? When levena Manu amilo slowly

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healthy will Elmo see Camila Matata Cologne and not equal are the blind and the seeing nor are those who believe and do righteous deeds and the evildoer. Little Do you remember? In the south Allah Aditya? Indeed the hour is coming, it is coming low labor fee her there is no doubt about it. When I can act on nasty law you may know but most of the people do not believe what our little boy Komodo Rooney study Bella come and your Lord says call upon me. I will respond to you. Ask Allah supplicate to him, beg him request him. He will answer in the Latina yes duck Burana honoree badda T. Indeed those people who disdain my worship, who are too arrogant to lift up their hands, who are too

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arrogant to call upon Allah, too lazy to ask Allah say the whole Luna Johanna muda hearing they will enter hell rendered contemptible what prevents us from making the law. We think I can do it. I can handle this.

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I can handle this, right? I don't need to make the law or if I'm sick, it's okay. I don't need to make the law. I'm taking my medication. I'm going to the doctor. This is pride that a person thinks there is too little, but it's not good enough. It's not good enough. That alone will not listen. I can manage my problems myself. I can handle all of this myself. This is pure arrogance. Allah says those who turn away from my worship, who are too proud to even call upon me. They will be admitted into Hellfire rendered contemptible, made small.

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You see people

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When do they like to give?

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Even when we're giving gifts? What happens many times we're given gifts but in our heart, we're not very happy about what we're giving. Why? Because it's so much. Right? We have to give expensive gifts. What happens at weddings, I mean, people are spending on one another on themselves, but how begrudgingly because all those savings are going away. Or the credit card bills are going really, really high. Isn't that so? I mean, even when we have to give, we don't give happily because this is how people are. We have limited money, we have limited resources. When somebody helps you even when you help somebody. Yes, we do it happily. But there's always this feeling that I could have used

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that time for myself also. Right? So people do not like to give while Allah loves to give. People don't like being called for help. Allah loves being called for help. People don't like to be asked, Allah loves to be asked when a person calls upon Allah, then Allah happily turns to him. Dora is Riba the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a Dora, whoever Eva it is worship. So when we are asking Allah, we are worshipping Allah, and he who does not make da What does he deserve that Allah has anger? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Indeed he who does not ask Allah, then Allah gets angry with him, and those who do call upon Allah, then Allah responds to them. He answers them. The

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question is, why do we need to make da Why? Because we are needy, simple, we are weak, we are deficient. We are incomplete, imperfect in every way. When it comes to our article when it comes to our brains. Are we deficient there? For sure. When it comes to our knowledge, are we deficient? When it comes to our understanding? We are deficient wisdom, very deficient, isn't it? Weak in our strength in our abilities? We are weak in every way. We don't have enough we cannot look after ourselves. We need Allah unterman for Cora in Allah.

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What is that thing about which we can say? I don't need it. I can do it myself. Like seriously? There's nothing, nothing at all. Even if you have a million dollars. Why is it that you need more money?

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Because your expenses are more now. So no matter how much a person has, no matter what he has, he's always needy and who can give only Allah can give. So ask Allah the Sahaba used to ask Allah for even a shoeless every little and big thing. And Dora, what does that show basically the bond that exists between the servant and Allah soprano. Right? That a servant is really close to Allah that for every little and big thing he's calling upon a lot. Remember your draw? Is your relationship with Allah. It is your communication with Allah. It shows it's a proof of your love for him, your faith in Him, your hope in Him. It really shows and if dollar is weak, that means our connection

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with Allah is weak. Da, if you look at the prophets of Allah, they were all people who make doras in the Quran, what do we learn to answer the prophets? We learned about durazzo Ibrahim Ali Sena Yusuf Ali Salim Sulaiman RNA center, Zachary la Sena, we see the draws of the Prophet Nuh La Silla. Are you earliest center, all of these profits there thralls. I mentioned, because they were servants of Allah, and a servant asks, requests bags, so we need to beg Allah to

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It is Allah who made for you the night that you may rest there in and the day giving sight? Indeed, Allah is full of bounty to the people, but most of the people are not grateful. That is Allah here, Lord, creator of all things. There is no deity except Him. So how are you diluted? That's where those before you diluted who were rejecting the signs of Allah, Allahu la de da de la colada. Carrara was sama Urbina. also welcome for Arsenal Slocombe was acuminata yeva Valley como la hora bukem photobiological la hora burada mean, it is Allah who made for you the earth, a place of settlement, and the sky a ceiling and formed you and perfected your forums. Everyone's forum face is

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beautiful, Allah made it and provided you with good things that is Allah your Lord, then bless it is Allah Lord of the worlds who will hate he is the EverLiving there is no deity except Him. So call upon him being sincere to him in religion. All praise is due to Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Lord of the worlds say oh prophet

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Indeed, I have been forbidden to worship those whom you call upon besides Allah. You see, calling upon Allah making the right to him is Riba and calling upon other than Allah, what is that *. So I have been forbidden from calling upon others besides Allah, once the clear proof has come to me from my Lord, and I have been commanded to submit, to surrender to be humbled to the Lord of the worlds, it is He Who created you from dust, then from a sperm drop, this is our origin, then from a clinging clock, then he brings you out as a child, then he develops you that you reach your time of maturity, then further, that you become elder stage after stage. And among you as he who is taken in

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depth before that meeting, before even he reaches youth or before even he becomes an adult. And what happens as we live our lives every day, we live with so many hopes and aspirations. We never know, they might never, they might never ever come true. So we need to value each day, so that you reach a specified term and perhaps you will use reason it is he who gives life and causes death. And when he decrees a matter, he beats us to it couldn't be fair, Kuhn, and it is whether it's about giving life or causing death, it doesn't take long for Allah. Do you not consider those a dispute concerning the signs of Allah? How are they averted? Meaning when this lesson in the universe is so evident that

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Allah is one, what happens to these people, those who deny the book, and that with which we send our messengers, they are going to know, why is it that they're deluded? Why is it that they're turned away from Allah, because they deny the book that Allah has revealed. So let us never, ever take the book of Allah for granted. Because the book of Allah is the source of guidance. When a person believes in the book of Allah, then the doors of goodness are open for him. And when the book of Allah is missing from his life, then a person is in darkness. So never ever take the Koran for granted that Allah is giving us the ability to spend time with his book, to reflect on his book to

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read his book to benefit from his book. And let us also be grateful to people who are helping us in this way. For so farla Moon, they're going to know when the shackles are around their necks and the chains they will be dragged in boiling water, then in the fire, they'll be filled with flame, then it will be set to them. Where is that which we used to associate with him and worship other than Allah, they will say they have departed from us we have lost them we can't find them here. Rather we did not use to invoke previously anything they will lie, that does Allah put a string the disbelievers the angels will say that was because you used to exalt upon the earth without great

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happy with what you had. This is how you live your life, as if there was no tomorrow, no death, no account, and you will use to behave incidentally you are very arrogant in the world being careless about what Allah ordered, will do Hulu, Abu Abu jahannam enter the gates of hell to abide eternally they're in and wretched as a residence of the arrogant FOSS bill in Nevada law he helped over and over again the prophets of Allah must all be patient, be patient. The promise of Allah is true. Don't doubt it. Because what happens? You learn something in the Quran, you want to do it, but people don't support you. So what do you need at that time suffering? Should you begin to doubt what

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Allah has ordered? No in Nevada, my help it is true. And whether we show you some of what we have promised them or we take you in depth it is to us they will be returned. And We have certainly sent messengers before you among them are those whose stories we have related to you. And among them are those whose stories we have not related to you. The no one has complete knowledge except Allah. And it was not for any messenger to bring a sign or verse a miracle except by Allah has permission. Why? Because all power is with who Allah all knowledge is with him, and all power is also with him. So when the command of Allah comes, it will be concluded in truth, and the faults of fires will

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thereupon lose all. Allahu lidija Another common and it is Allah who made for you, the grazing animals. You know, it's amazing how over and over again these things are mentioned that we appreciate the blessings that Allah has given us upon what you write, and some of them you eat amazing. You can eat it and you can ride on it which car is it that you can eat? You can eat your cars, can you milk your cars? No way. In fact, it is milking you constantly is taking in your money. You have to feed it and what do we see here that what Allah has made for us these are now you write on it, you eat them for you. There are other benefits and that you may realize upon them a need

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which is in your heart meaning you have a need, you need to fulfill it.

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And for that you need to travel and that travel that journey is impossible without these animals and 100 Allah today, Allah is also gifted us with more means of transportation for which we should really be thankful to Allah. Think about it. If there were no buses, if there were no cars, would we really be able to come every day? Even if it's a bus, it helps us cross a huge distance. Imagine if we had to walk everywhere how difficult life would be impossible, and upon them and upon ships you are carried. So animals ships, and then cars and so many other different modes of transportation, where you come if he and he shows you His signs for a Attila he Tancharoen. So which of the signs of

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Allah Do you deny? Have they not traveled through the land and observed how was the end of those before them? There were numerous than themselves and greater in strength and an impression on the land. But they were not availed by what they used to earn. There is no escape from death no matter what a person gathers, here. And when their messengers came to them with clear proofs, they really rejoiced in what they had of knowledge. They ignored the knowledge that the messengers brought, and they were proud of the knowledge that they had from before, but they were enveloped by what they used to ridicule. So we need to see what kind of knowledge Am I proud of the knowledge of the Quran,

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or some other degree or something that I have, because of which I give priority to the world instead of what Allah has revealed. And when they saw our punishment, they said, We believe in Allah alone and disbelieve in that which we used to associate with him, but never did their faith benefit them once they saw our punishment. It is the established Way of Allah, which has proceeded among his servants will hasira hoonah legal carefree rune and the disbelievers thereupon lost all that is where they were defeated. So the fact is that we only have time until we die. That's it after death, there is no way that we can fix anything that we can change anything. So that each day be used

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wisely in preparation for the afterlife. So that firstly that we will listen to the recitation

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This means

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Nina watchi.

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sriti Latina

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suited for select or humming as such the Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful. Be Especially Merciful hammering down Zillow minerai manual Rahim. How many? This is a revelation from the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, a book whose verses have been detailed. The verses of this book are understandable for all people and Arabic Koran for people who know as a giver of good tidings and a warm

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But most of them turn away so they do not hear. Even though the Quran is so easy to understand majority of the people don't even bother to listen to the Quran to find out what is in it. What callooh and they say, Our hearts are within coverings from that to which you invite us, meaning our heart is wrapped, it is closed. Once it is closed, what does it mean? That it's full. This is an excuse that they would give to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that our hearts are full. We have no space in our hearts, so that we can give that space to the Quran. Our schedules are too busy, our lives are too busy, everything is busy, everything's occupied. We have no room for the Quran. And in

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our ears, his deafness This is too heavy for us to listen to, confuses me gives me a headache. And between us and he was a partition a barrier. We don't understand you anyway. So where indeed we are working.

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This is what the people would say to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam farmer in an army loan. These words What do they show? no interest in the book of Allah. no interest in the message of Allah Herman of Rahim, say, oh Prophet, I am only a man like you, to whom it has been revealed that your God is but one God. So take a straight course to him and seek His forgiveness. And woe to those who associate others with Allah, meaning ignore the excuses that they may tell them anyway. recite the Quran to them anyway. Woe to those who associate others with Allah, Who are they, those who do not give zakah or now you tuna Sokka also means who do not purify themselves, and in the Hereafter, they

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are disbelievers, Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds for them as a reward that is uninterrupted, never, ever ending, cola in a coma takfir una bella de holla call or say, Do you indeed this believe and he who created the earth in two days, and attribute to him equals that is the Lord of the worlds How could you deny him and he placed on the earth firmly set mountains over its surface. And he blessed it and determined there in its creature sustenance in four days, without distinction. So two days, the earth was created. And then in four days, what happened the earth was prepared for life. And the sky was also created for the information of those who ask, or he has

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determined the sustenance of the creatures, which creatures, those who ask, meaning. Everyone's needs are fulfilled in this earth. All of us, every creature, there provision is scattered, placed according to need. And what we need is right here in this earth, not far from us. Then he directed himself to the heaven, while it was smoke and set to it and to the earth come into being willingly or by compulsion, they said, We have come willingly. Just imagine how great the sky is, how great the earth is, how great the sun is, how great the moon is, each of these is willingly doing what Allah has ordered it to do. What about us, and he completed them into seven heavens within two days,

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and inspired in each Heaven, it's command, meaning for each sky, Allah subhanaw taala instructed what is to be done over there. So you see, there's organization and unless creation, it's not all haphazard, it's not random, that a blast happened, an accident happen, and the sky was formed in the mountains are formed and the earth was formed. No, everything was formed in stages, for certain reasons, and fulfilling certain roles. And within it, its purpose is also determined. And we adorned the nearest guy with lamps and as protection. This is the determination of the exalted in mind the knowing. So look at the sky, look at the earth, look at this creation that Allah has created. But

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what happens to us most of the time, even if we are in the sky, in an airplane, our eyes are glued to a screen

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or we're sleeping and we won't look at the sky.

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We are driving sitting in the car. And again, we could be looking at the sky, we could be looking at a las creation, those few moments that we are actually outside of a house. But again that is spent in what looking at our phones, or looking at the cars of other people. Right, or looking at the buildings that people have made. That is the maximum that we look at