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The last ayah of surat al hajj elaborates the purpose for which you and I were chosen by Allah to be honored with Islam. Let’s explore together.

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The importance of keeping surah's lesson in memory is discussed, along with the rationale behind different choices made by different people, such as "has" in English and "has" in Arabic. The speaker emphasizes the importance of having a preference for a certain person or group, rather than just a preference, and discusses the benefits of working for Allah, including being recognized and being able to see one single favor. The importance of learning a language and working for a job provides guidance on preparing for a job and being prepared for law holds. The speaker emphasizes the need for strong guidance and guidance to restore everyone's position in the world and to testify against their own people.

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Today's Cobra is about the last ayah of Surah Al Hajj, the 22nd, sort of the Quran and this is the 78th if this is the ending of the surah, the surah had a huge impact on me when I was first learning the meanings of the Quran and trying to understand the Quran better many, many years ago, and I've spoken about it on occasion throughout the years and I felt today I felt the need to review the lessons of this ayah and I think inshallah Allah, you'll benefit from them as well.

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I want to start off by giving you a strange sort of a lesson, you have to keep that in mind. So you can appreciate the lessons of this ayah as well as possible in the short time that we have. In the English language, we have something called synonyms right. So for example, choosing and selecting can be considered the same thing I selected this and I chose this is pretty much the same meaning, right? Or I'm somebody happy or somebody's joyous or somebody's angry or somebody is upset. These are words that are close in meaning to each other. And they're even though there may be some differences between them, we do tend to use them interchangeably. A lot when he speaks, he sometimes

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uses the same word or the same meaning but different words. And specifically what I want to talk to you about today is the different words he uses for choice for making a choice. And in this case, it is Allah Himself choosing.

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In this passage, Allah says, for example, that he chooses angels, and he chooses human beings, some of them to become messengers, not all the angels are messengers. Some of them were chosen like jabril and slms chosen, and the ones that follow him are chosen. And among human beings, some human beings are chosen by Allah to be messengers. Later on in this passage, the I want to talk to you about today, Allah says again, who was who he chose you, he's talking to the oma the Muslims. And he says he chose you, every one of us has also chosen, but the word Allah used for his profits is something else. The word for choice Allah used is something else. And the word for choice of the

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believers, you and me, chose us also is something else. Now this is the beauty of the Arabic language, that every word even though in English, we translated pretty much the same way. The each of them has their own flavor has their own meaning. And so I'm going to give you an example to try to help you understand the difference between these two kinds of choice. The word Allah uses for choosing prophets. messengers, he says Allah, Allah, your stuffy, menial, melodica to Sudan, woman, a nurse, the word is your stuffy. And they make it easy for you. Sometimes you make a choice. When you own no one and explanation. It's your personal preference. That's it. If somebody asked you, why

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did you choose it? It's because I chose it. There is no scientific explanation. There's no rationale. There's nothing. So for example, you go to the grocery store, and you pick up a kid cat. And your wife says, Why didn't you get the Twix? Why not the Snickers, when all the other things that will give you diabetes? Why did you pick kid cat? And you say I like kid cat? No, give me a rational explanation. Explain to me why you chose Okay, let me help you understand? Because I like it. That's it. That's your preference. You don't owe an explanation. You understand? The same way when you go and buy a shirt. And you pick a color you like, it's your choice. that's entirely up to

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you. And those kinds of preferences are called istighfar. They're purely on comes from the word software. And software means purity. That means purity. And so when the choices made purely on one's own, and you cannot be asked, why did you choose this person? Now, let me contrast this for you. Maybe you work in the human resources department at some company, and your job is to do the interviews for people that are applying for a job, right? And somebody you know, five people applied for a job. And you one of them, you gave the job. You said this is the person we should hire. And then your boss says Why do you think we should choose this person? You say, because he's wearing a

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blue shirt, and he had a kid cat? Well, that doesn't make any sense. Because when you make that choice, then it has to be based on qualifications. Does he have the right experience? Does this person have the right education? Are they a good fit for our team? Did they have did they do well on the interview? There are other questions that led to that choice. That's not just personal preference, you understand? When Allah says he chose messengers, he says Allahu your stuffie Allah made that choice. You don't get to ask questions Why? You don't get to say why did Allah choose Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi salam, why not someone else? lowlanders Zilla has an allergy liminal

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Korea tanea Lim. The Quran says how come this Quran didn't come to one of the two? You know, I'm banned from one of the two great cities. I'm a great man. In other words, five and makara, the big cities of the Arabian region of that time, and they have plenty of millionaires, plenty of politicians, plenty of famous people, and people listen to them already. And rasulillah salam was actually raised pretty much an orphan. Not very well known. He's not a celebrity doesn't have political power. He doesn't have economic power. He doesn't have any of these things. Why should you Why should have let use him he should have chosen someone who's got more chances of being heard.

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That's the rationale they offered and really in response to

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All those kinds of questions by the way, the Israelites asked, How come he wasn't one of us? How come God chose one of the Gentiles, one of the Arabs that can't be a prophet? Were supposed to be the nation that Allah chose his messengers from, you know, what were the chosen people, different nations had different criticisms of why why is he the right choice? Some even say, Well, why Arabia? Why couldn't we have a Greek prophet or a German prophet or whatever other prophet Why do you have to have an Arab prophet? Allah His response to that is he does Estefan, which means he owes no one and explanation he chooses. And that's it's not your place to ask. It's not my place to ask. And he

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shuts all of those questions down by saying Allahu el stuffie mineral mela, Aikido Sudan Madonna's but when it comes to us, he used a different word. He said, Who edged tobacco. And I will explain that to you yet. I'm going to start because that's not happening in the beginning of this ayah that I want to share with you. It's happening a little bit further down. Allah begins by saying what shall he do fella he haka jihadi struggle. Jihad means struggle. struggle with no goal before you except Allah. Be clear that every struggle you're making allies in your vision

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and do that in the way that Allah deserves. Me being very rough and easy with the translation for the purposes of struggle for the sake of a live the way he deserves it. Try to do things for a lot of the way he deserves it. Now, the issue is that that's practically impossible.

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None of us praise to Allah the way he deserves it. None of us thanks Allah, the way he deserves it. None of us obeys Allah, the way he deserves it. None of us remembers Allah the way he deserves it. That's impossible. No matter how much you do, you and I can never actually fulfill how much Allah actually deserves. Well as well are they come near mahoba? Here Ratan Baba Athena? Allah says he unleashed his favours on you the ones you can see. And the ones you can even see the ones that are obvious and the ones that are hidden away. How can I even thank Allah for things I can't even acknowledge? I don't even know they're hidden from me. And they're being done to me. favorites that

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are happening inside of my body right now that are happening from a lot. I am not even aware of them. And yet, Allah knows that he's doing them I can't. One of the most famous favorite slave of slaves of Allah one of the most grateful human beings of Allah. Allah describes Ibrahim alayhis salaam, saying Shakira Lee unami he, he was grateful to Allah as favors. But the word anonymous for those of you who know a little bit of self is considered general Killa, which means he was grateful for only a few favors of Allah. It doesn't mean many favorites, it means a few favorites. But that sounds inappropriate. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was grateful for a few favors of Allah. Well, no actually

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compared to the number of favors Allah has done. A human being even if they spent their entire life being grateful like Ibrahim Ali Salaam, that would only amount to a few favors that you were actually able to be grateful for. And there's so many unlimited more that you and I cannot even count much less be grateful for. So Allah says we're in debt will do net Mata la isla de Souza, if you tried to count or incircle completely grasp the favor of Allah, you can't. And that remarkable Ayah he didn't even say the favors of Allah, if you were to you and I can't even fully appreciate one favor of Allah, near mattala. That is Mogens here is bullfrog. Also, one single favor of ally

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can fully appreciate one favor of allies my ability to see one single favor of Allah, in how many ways is that one single favor of Allah helping me I can't even count? How many ways has it saved my life? How many ways is it providing for me? How many ways is it giving me joy? How many ways is it preventing harm from from it's the it's countless, per second, it's countless. So even one favorite weekend now I come back to the point, Allah says, I want you to struggle for me the way I deserve it. And I'd like to give you a comparison. Again, to help you visualize this problem. You go for a job interview. And you don't know any programming. You're not a programmer, you have no technical

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background, your resume wonder technology says Google and Microsoft Word. And that's pretty much it. You know, nothing else. And you go for this job interview. And the interviewer says, Yeah, well, for this job, you need the following coding languages, at least 10 years experience in this language, this language, he starts listing languages. And you're just listening, they're sitting and you have to have management experience. And you've had to have developed mobile apps for at least five years. And you have to have a portfolio of at least 20 projects. And he's going on and on and on. And you're sitting there 30 minutes, this guy is going on and you're sitting there going, can you just

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stop so I can say sorry, this is not me, and I can leave and save myself the embarrassment. Because he's looking at your resume that has none of those qualifications. And he's telling you how impossible this job is for you. I mean, how am I qualified for that? And at the end of that interview, he looks at you and says congratulations, you start tomorrow.

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He said that you to say, no, that's not me. I can't do that job. I'm not qualified for this. Why are you choosing me? Allah says to you and me, you will struggle for me the way I deserve. My immediate response is I'm not qualified. How am I qualified? This is way up here. And I'm way down here. I think you might have meet somebody else might be a better fit for this job. And a law that says who I used to back home. Now he says he, in fact, he alone has chosen you. He's the one that shows in you. First, he gives the impossible job description. Then he says you're the right fit for the job. And the word he used each device is different from remember for estefy said it's a choice a lot O's,

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no explanation. There's no explanation. Like he chooses profits, messengers, you don't ask him why. But when you say HD Ba, it comes from the word jumble. And jumble actually was used when you collect taxes back in the day, and taxes were collected from those who are qualified, they made enough kind of money, if somebody is homeless, you can't collect taxes from them, they have to have a minimum kind of income, so they qualify, and then you make that choice. Now, let me put that in simple words for you. Some of you work, for example, you're fixing your car, or you're fixing something, you're putting furniture together, and there's a screw and you have to tighten that screw, you have to pick

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the right kind of tool for this kind of job, you understand, you can't pick a hammer for this. You need a screwdriver and the right kind of screwdriver you understand, when you pick the right tool for the right job. That's college, the bar when something fits the job, and you make that choice. That's called HD. But what I'm trying to get at is a law sees in you, and he sees in me something that he decided of all the other billions of people in the world, you should get to c'est la ilaha illAllah, you should get to say Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he sees something in you, that qualifies you to struggle for him. What does he do filler, he has a God who was who he

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selected you. And it's a wise it's the right fit for the job. I don't even see that qualification in myself. He sees it. He sees it. And now I take you back to the example I gave you. The guy says you start your job tomorrow. Clearly, you're not qualified. Even if you bring me to the job, and sit me on a desk with a keyboard in front of me. And you want me to start coding? I'm just gonna write my personal story. Maybe my resignation letters, what I'll be typing. I don't know what else I can do. And he knows and he says, Look, I know you're confused. I know you don't think you know what you're doing. But I know tell it when I see it. I've been doing this a long time.

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And I know you're capable of this. And I know for a fact, when I train you this is going to be easy for you. You're going to be surprised at yourself. In other words, your interviewer sees something in you you can even believe about yourself a lot as our gel in the next phrase of this ayah says while manager Allah Allah confit de minha. Raj, he did not place any discomfort in the religion for you Listen to these words, how about you actually means tightness of chest discomfort, hard to breathe? This is how much he didn't put any restriction, difficulty, anxiety, pressure in the religion for you. In other words, first of all, it says you have an impossible job. And even though

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you're not qualified, you're chosen, then he gives you comfort and says, Listen, I know you think you're not qualified. I'm going to make this easy for you. Why am I a confident I mean, you know, you It looks impossible, but I'm the one who makes it easy, but cannot be looked at as easy or you know, something you can progressing or something you can ever be able to do a level remove the difficulties from your path. Well, my job didn't mean any difficulty whatsoever. I have not put for you in the way of your religion. So you take a sigh of relief, okay? Allah said he's going to make it easy. I can do this. I got this. And then come the next words of this. ayah. Allah says mulata

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become Ibrahim. He says you are the continuity of the legacy of your father Ibrahim. So he makes reference to which Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam. Now hold on a second.

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Ibrahim rallies of all the profits. Ibraheem alehissalaam because when you think of Ibrahim alayhis salam and the struggles he had to do, they were pretty easy, right? I mean, he only had to leave his family in the middle of a desert and walk away. And when his son finally grew up, he only had to take a knife and or he had to even when he was younger, he had to challenge his own father, take on the entire town, get thrown into a fire. When you think of the things Ibraheem alehissalaam had to do. You don't think of easy tests. Allah himself says he limitada Ibrahima boo boo kalimat in Fatah mahana. When Allah tested when his master tested Ibrahim Ali Salaam, thoroughly, these weren't easy

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tests. This is the kind of test that

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No human being, you know after him was given the way that he was tested and yet Allah says you this job that you have is actually a continuity of the same legacy as who Ibraheem alehissalaam so a moment ago he said things are going to be easy relax Masha Allah Allah confit demon homage. And you feel relaxed and he says, By the way, you're on the same train as Ibrahim Ali Salaam and you get like,

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what fire Am I gonna have to jump into? what's what's what's happening here? I thought this was easy. This is a profound lesson from Allah. Allah is telling you and me that Ibrahim alayhis salaam I asked him to jump into a fire. I asked him to leave his family in the middle of a desert. You guys don't some some of you are family men. Some of you have children, wife and children. And you travel with them when you travel two hours in the summer in Texas. Can you stop? Can we get some water? I need some Gatorade. I need soda. I need ice cream. Oh my god, there's a McDonald's can we pull over? What air conditioning did they have when they took the road trip to Makkah? What rest stops did they

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have? Can you imagine? What shade did what trees did they get shade under? And when they finally get there? Well, what are we going to get there? What is this excruciating journey going to be over? When they get there? They're in the heat of the McCain desert. And then the father says I'm leaving.

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Unless command he's leaving. And he's gonna leave wife and kid behind your wife and child if they're at the airport and you're one hour late to pick them up.

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When you're 30 minutes late, or you're texting them they don't text you back. What happens to you?

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You started getting a heart attack. What happened to them? Where are they? I've been calling for 30 minutes you haven't picked up? The phone was ringing it wasn't getting straight to voicemail. Where are you? What's wrong with you? Why did I get you a phone anyway? 30 minutes of no contact you go insane. Can you imagine when Ibraheem alehissalaam went through that crying baby and that his mother in the middle of the desert that they walk away to not know what's going on with your child. Sometimes you're late to pick up your kid from school.

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You know, you got stuck in traffic. And nobody at the school is picking up and you don't know where your child is until you get there. Once your child goes through what you go through.

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Now this the trials of Ibrahima Leeson were so massive, they're so difficult to comprehend. I can't imagine when you know our children, when they're even playing near a swimming pool, we run and pull them away. When a two three year old is going to grab a knife, we get away from there, put that away, put put everything dangerous in the middle of the table so they can't reach and get it. And now you have your own son and you have to take a knife and you have to put it on his neck.

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We This is beyond imagination. A law says when he can make that easy. When he can make that easy. What are you going to complain about? Did he ask you to jump into a fire? threat he asked you to leave your family in the middle of a desert. I've put you on the same track as Ibrahim alayhis salam, he can make those things easy. You have nothing left to worry about. You're on that legacy. Mila tobiko Brahim, who has some macoun muslimeen I'm in Kahlua Fie haga. He's the one who named you Muslim way before and even now. Some interpret this to mean Allah named you Muslim. Others interpret this to mean Ibrahim Alayhi Salam named a Muslim because of his da da da da da Muslim maynila master

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makers, Muslim woman Surya, Tina Mata Muslim Allah and from our offsprings from our future generations, at least one nation should be Muslim. So inspired by that Eliza gel says here, you know you should be you, you are the ones named by him. Every time you and I go through a struggle, what is this ayah telling us? This is telling us first of all, struggle is a part of life. That's a part of life. It's second of all telling us that whatever struggles You and I are going through, and we still have to hold on to our faith is because we were qualified to somebody else when they went through those struggles would have left their faith. But you are qualified to hold on. You are

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qualified to not let go. And a lot will make ease where there's difficulty because Allah made ease for your father Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who puts you on this track. You're part of his legacy, who are some mockable Muslim in America. And then now this was our history. This is our past. You know, and this is an important thing. Ibrahim alayhis salam is not just called a prophet. Ibrahim alayhis salam is not just a suit. He's called our father Masonic Islam he certainly Salaam who saw actually when you hear about them, but let us not use the word father. You know, Alonzo, john uses that word, particularly for Ibraheem alehissalaam now the relationship we have with profits is we respect them

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and we love them and we want to be law, we want to follow their example etc. But when you say father, then there's a different connection. There's a different connection, you've inherited something. It's part of your identity. This is who you are, your father's name, your father's legacies, what you carry. This is actually we are the people of Ibrahim actually, we're the first

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Family of Ibrahim alayhi salam, because of our Kadima, because of our Shahada where his family to not forget that, you know, somebody reminds you, you know your grandfather did this, this and this I'm reminded all the time of what's happened in the in the oma today, what 50 6070 years ago, so many Muslim countries were under colonial rule, the French, the British, whoever else. And we were struggling to get away from the rule, not even a century ago. And they were our grandparents and their parents, great grandparents, not three generations ago, they were they were still staying in their massages all night, Yala. Remove the rule of these people that have taken a meter Dena fitna

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for us, we cannot practice our religion. If you give us freedom from these people, we will say la ilaha illAllah. And we will teach our children La ilaha illa Allah and we will say your name and we will praise your name and we will obey your Prophet sallallahu sallam. This was our great grandparents not even 100 years ago, not even 100 years ago. And two, three generations later, you have those same grandkids they're their children what nothing more, but to be like the colonizers that colonize them, to dress like them to talk like them to walk like to think that that was superior. That is the superior way of living like the one used to call his way of living. We have

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How about Vitaly catechumen Musleh that the new sign Harun, wanna get rid of your exemplary lifestyle. And we want to do everything that we do, even if it compromises our religion. I'm not saying it's not okay to wear a pair of jeans or a baseball hat or, you know, drive a car. I'm not against modernity. But what I'm talking about here is when all of your values what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable, what you love, what you hate, when that's defined by the people, your own grandparents were making go against, when they were begging Allah to give you free, give your you freedom from it. We forgot what our fathers were. And somebody robot shows

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you just a picture of your grandpa and says this is the legacy you're carrying. It puts me to shame. Now think allows that which is not just calling on your grandfather, he's saying Ibrahim alayhis salaam. That's actually our father, mulata abiko Ibrahim, who has remarkable Muslim men come to Africa. But we were not just answerable to the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam because he's our father. Then Allah adds another dimension to this ayah and he says Leah Guna rasuluh Shahid alikum. What? Aku Shahada, Allah knows this is where the burden gets heavy. Allah says, you'll make the job easy. But he didn't end there. He puts and it's not like Oh, no pressure. No, there's pressure.

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That's the reality of it. The thing is, my job as someone who tries to give hope by every week is not just to give you false hope. It's not just to give you and myself I art and reminders that are going to make us feel better about ourselves. Was there if there's a storm coming? And I say, Well, I don't want to talk about the storm that's coming. Because you feel bad.

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Then I'm doing you a disservice. And when the storm finally and you're like, why didn't you say anything about a storm? Well, I said was it was gonna ruin your weekend. I didn't want to tell you anything about a storm because I mean, it's bad news. People hate the weatherman for enough. So let's just talk about something else. Let's just talk about the game this weekend or something else? Well, there's something some realities we have to face, whether we like it or not. They're in the book and we have to face it. He says Leo akuna rasuluh shahidan aleikum. So the messenger could be a witness against you against you some Allahu alayhi wa sallam judgment a comes. Ally's asking for

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testimony for all humanity. Allah says, Leia Taka llama nobody's gonna be talking illumine Athena la hora man, except for the one that Allah gives permission to man gives permission to what kind of Sahaba and he's gonna say the right thing. And that's our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he's going to speak up on that day. And on that day, among the things he will say is in COVID de Anima Jura my nation, this nation of mine here abandoned the Quran was one of the things he'll say in the Quran. He will testify for his own law. He will also testify for those who abandoned the legacy of his father Ibrahim, those who have walked away who didn't care. He's going to testify

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against some of us. What can you fight either gentlemen Coolio matambi shahidan, he was listening to a Sahabi recite Quran How will it look when we bring a witness against every nation? wodgina Vika Allahu la Isha hedin Soto Nyssa and we will bring you to witness against stand with this against them. This was an iron Sultan, Hassan Medina, not even the kuffar in Medina and the Sahaba is listening to reciting this ayah to him and he said, yo sola, I should recite Quran to you, Quran was given to you, he said, No, I love listening to it. So he starts reciting he gets to this ayah How will it be when Allah makes you Mohammed Salah long when I tell them stand witness and testify

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against your own people. The Prophet couldn't take any more he said hospital hospital Enough, enough enough. He couldn't take the thought that he is going to be made to testify against his own oma, the one he cries about every night so a lot more I named him Almighty almighty. Welcome.

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will lead to Leah coonara solution hidden at a calm but that's not enough. On the one hand the Prophet is standing there testifying and if the Prophet testifies will lie or the minute I'm taking a little extra time, I won't take more than three or four minutes, I promise. If the prophets lie Selim testifies, then there's no saving you and there's no saving me. That's the same prophet that didn't even ask a lot of change the pimsleur he just looked at the sky. He just looked at the sky and the Qibla changed. Because the neurotoxin Luba Chica sama, Fernando Leanna, cochem, Latin baja are changing the direction so you could be happy because we saw you look at the sky, Allah says,

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just look at that when that Prophet speaks a lot listens, allows you to give him what he wants, you know, center upon judgment, Allah says, ask you will be given, ask you will be given that's the only creation of a lot less has that to ask you will be given on Judgement Day, yada. We don't want him testifying against us. We want him testifying in our favorite. We want to be of the oma that receives the shofar of the messenger sallallahu sallam, but it doesn't come for free. And he adds, finally, how will you? How will you be qualified for the prophets testimony so he testifies in your favor. Instead of when he gets on the witness stand? He testifies against you and me. He testifies

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in our favor. The answers in the eye are the same. I this is all what I am. What Turku Shahada and you become witnesses over the rest of humanity. In other words, when people see you, they see La ilaha illAllah. When people see you, they see Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. He's not here. His ambassadors are here. We're here. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is not here. His children are here. When you see the child you remember the father, that's what's supposed to be the case. We are supposed to be a testimony of Allah, by our existence, by our existence over the rest of humanity. When people see us at work, when they see us at the university. When our friends see us when they

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interact with us. They know these people are different. They belong to a different kind of family. They have a different kind of Allegiance. There's something beautiful about them we haven't seen in anybody else. Let's with Lita kulu Shahada Adonis. How do we get there? How are we going to be strong enough to be a model for the rest of humanity again let's just conclude this I like it was the answer himself for a pee masala musica watashi Moo Bella three things and you'll be qualified. This is your training program. So far it was the job and the responsibility and if you don't do your job, here's the trouble you're going to get into. Now finally, how do you prepare for this job? How

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are you going to get trained for the job established the prayer gives the gods established a prayer means don't be Don't be laksa days ago about your five prayers take them very seriously. Then he says give us a cut which is a everybody knows if you're qualified if you make enough money two and a half percent of your income but that's not enough. The money you make has to be halal for you to give us a card if you're earning money and then giving two and a half percent of the beer money does doesn't help anybody that's not the cut because it's not pure to begin with. So your earnings your you're dealing with a lies pure your dealings with people the way you make money is pure will add to

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the car. Then he says Why does the movie line hold on for dear life to Allah? Hold on to Allah. What does that mean? He explains itself himself why because he will be heavily law hold on to those rope. That he explains that himself holding on to a law means holding on to all those words. Having a bond with the laws words that will protect you. May Allah azza wa jal give us that bond is the month of the Quran approaches where I totally move Allah Who am Allah come? He's the one that's protecting you. He's the one that guards you. He's the one that seeks securing you. He's your Mola Mola. What better protector Can you have? One airman no Ceylon? What better aid Can you have and these are the

00:28:46--> 00:28:58

last words of this ayah when you will see what better aid helper the word there are lots of words in Arabic for help. And I leave you with this one. Nusrah is used. No seed is used when you need help against an enemy.

00:28:59--> 00:29:04

Like if you say Hey, could you help me out? I need a pen. Or could you help me out I need to change a tire. You're not in the field.

00:29:05--> 00:29:45

But if an army was surrounded and they were about to be annihilated, and another reinforcement came and rescued them, that would be there in a scene. That's Nusrah This is aid, you know, weapons or a new new army came to support them. This kind of aid is called mercy. Allah says Allah is your new CD you know what that means? That you and I are at war in ourselves. The struggle is a war and this war needs big help. And no bigger help will come then alights himself when you start taking those steps towards Allah, then there is no better aid than Allah Himself what else he will hold on to Allah What better help can you possibly have so by the end of this ayah, Allah has made a promise you take

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

you and I take these struggling steps towards Him, and He will not let go. alone will not let go. The only people that let go is US alone, never lets go and when he holds on, then you have all the protection you need. You have all the help you need. May Allah azza wa jal put us all

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

Under the shade of his protection under the shade of his aid milazzo which would qualify all of us in our lives for the Newser of Allah azza wa jal, and May Allah alleviate the oma from the suffering that it's going through and really restore our dignity and our place in the world by making those people that carry the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam barakallahu li walakum pukalani him when a new El Camino it was declared Hakeem

00:30:25--> 00:31:11

hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah Dino Safa, Susana of Mali him Mohammad Nabi Muhammad in Al Ameen where Allah Allah He was happy he married Allah azza wa jal Kincardine by the end of akula, rubella human a*aba gene in aloha omala eketahuna soluna lnav Yeah, you have Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Oh Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Tomas Allah tala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka homido Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al Ameen in the middle Majid Allah Rahim Allah, Allah in the La Jolla mobile and liberation eater is a winner and in fact he will make up one of the cola he will La Jolla la

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Motta stone masala in the salata cannon, mini Nikita makuta