The Best 10 Days is Here! Do Not Take It Lightly!

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The thing

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this month is very special. It's very different. Why Allah

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number one enough that this is the month that Allah chose that hedge is performed in that time. And that's why it's called the hijab. So number one, number two, this is the month, one of the sacred months

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Islamically. So Allah said, he chose these four, to be sacred, special. And he said that in the Quran, and sorted Tober phenethyl, blue movie Hidden for second, do not, do not wrong, do yourself during them. Don't commit sins. And even more important, take the opportunity, and do a good deed, a lot of good deeds. So don't commit sins, and do a lot of good deeds and every good deed in the sacred months are multiplied, as well as the sins. So I need to look at the month I am now it's an opportunity, and every smart person, every person who wants to be successful, the advice you get is take advantage of the opportunities. And this is the opportunity I have now is the month of hunch.

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Get ready. Let's number one change internally, that I don't look at it as an ordinary month. Let's start our training camp in doing good deeds, or soiree sought or CERAM said in these 10 days, that's the first 10 days of the future, no days that good deeds are performed during them better than these days. No days that you perform good deeds better than when you when you do within these 10 days and good deeds or every good deed Allah loves salah, CIN, prayer, fasting, charity, remembrance of Allah and of course hygiene Umrah so look, get ready, prepare yourself change. You can take time off, take it and get ready and take advantage of the opportunity