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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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You know, just because we can't hear them many times we think that the heavens and the earth and all of these celestial bodies do not communicate, but indeed they communicate with their Creator. And so last panel to Allah He tells us that as he completed the creation, he commanded the heavens and the earth to come forth, either in compulsion or in submission. And they said to Allah Subhana, Allah attain our part in that we come in full obedience and full submission to you Oh Allah. And Allah even mentioned to us in our journal and Anita Allison out you will have the ability but that we offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and what that means is, the trust

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here refers to you know, the the duties and obligations and the consequences and rewards and punishments and so on so forth. But they refuse that recognizing their own in capability. So Allah Subhana hoods Allah says, avena and Yasmin, I spoke on them in her Warhammer insan instead, mankind took that responsibility on they took that obligation on. Now this is very significant, when a lot mentions to us the heavens and the earth coming to them and submission, obeying Him, not going out of order, not going out of orbits, fully recognizing their obedience to their Creator, why would have lost penance I mentioned all of this, Allah says to those that refuse to believe that refuse to

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place themselves in practical submission until a shadow halcon MSM Ah, you know, are you greater of a creation? Are you more difficult to create or do away with? Are you more magnificent of a creation, or the heavens The sky is the things that are around you. Right, even they submit to a loss of habitat and even they declared the perfection of Allah Subhana Allah. So we find many different ways Allah mentioning it to us in the quarter and Allah says that the heavens and the earth cry. Now Becca Talley, he was sent out or went out when I can. And one lady in the last panel Tyler says about the people around and people that are like for their own tyrants and oppressors and

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those that bring no benefit to this world. Allah says that when they depart from this world, nor the heavens or the earth, shed a tear for them, they don't cry for them. And even Ambassador de la tada and he was asked, do the heavens and the earth cry. I mean, we know the people, the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth, which said tears, but do the heavens and the earth actually cry, and even Ambassador the Allahu taala and we said, There is not a single one of us except that when they depart from this world, the place of such that the place of prostration where you used to bow your, your, your head, it used to prostrate and used to say Suppan about Bill Ariela declaring the

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perfection of your Lord the Most High, there's not a single place on Earth, that doesn't cry, when the person no longer makes the Jews in that spot. And even ambassador, a lot of Thailand who said and there's a gate through the sun through the Samoa, there's a gate through the heavens, through which your good deeds ascend to Allah subhanho to Allah. And when you pass away, and that gate is closed, the heavens also cry, however, you obviously don't hear they're crying. Sometimes Allah Subhana Allah might allow you to hear something. And this really refers to the profit slice I'm in his companions, in order to show a miracle or assign as we see with the prophets lie Selim, that

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when he left the tree that he used to lean up against when he would give hope but and he would bask in the shade, the profit slice of him as he left it, to start standing on the pulpit on the member that was built for him the tree started to cry and then started to shake in a way that even the companions could hear why, because the Prophet slicin upset, it missed the knowledge that it used to hear so these are living you know, these are living creatures of a loss of Haddon heights added they communicate and obey and worship their Lord in a way that's befitting to them as a law says that there isn't a single creation in the heavens or the earth, except that it glorifies Allah subhana wa

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Tada. It declares his perfection. But what does Allah say that can lead to a hornet's nest be home but you don't understand the way that they glorify a Lost Planet Allah and declared the perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot even mentioned to us lm Tara and Allah Hi, yes, Judah who Memphis on our last panel to Allah says, Do you not see that everything prostrates to him everything in the heavens and the earth actually does such the to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and not only does the last point I say that he actually gets specific he says yes to do documentaries similar to manfield Auto wash shampoo well Palmer when new Jomo was panatela says the sun the moon, the stars elgiva The

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mountains are Shujaat the trees a doe are the animals what Kathy Romulus and many people last pantai says, do not see how they all prostrate themselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala but again, you don't understand the way that they prostrate and do such that to Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, so when you see the prophets lie Selim for example, talking about the sun there's an authentic hadith where the prophets lie Selim mentions how the sun makes the Jew to Allah subhanho wa Taala every single night it prostrates to Allah subhanho wa Taala every single night and takes its permission to rise

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profits licensing clearly is not referring to the physical such that the way that we know how to make such stuff, but rather the obedience it shows to a loss of habitat and you know, people will try to poke fun at the Quran and the Sunnah. So they'll take, you know, the eye and sort of calf where Eliza judge describes the domain that, that that he saw the sun tolerable fine and happy that he saw the sun setting in dark water and they would say, Oh, they believe that the sun sets in dark water. But even the earliest scholars, you read the Tafseer of Ibn katheer Rahim Allah tala, which is the most famous to see it in Islam. And you can read that tough seat of the eye. And he says that

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what it refers to is how when you're watching the sunset, upon water in the ocean, you would see it disappearing somehow, like anyone who's watched the sunset and an ocean, you would you would understand what this is speaking about. or CLT Rahim Allah, Who said what it means is that in the perspective of the eye, the way that you see things, the point being here, that all of these things cry, they declare the perfection of a lot they make salute to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in a way that's befitting to them but everything is in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what's interesting, the right amount, the scholars they point out that when Allah mentions the test be the

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glorification and the declaration of perfection that comes from these beings. He's referring to His perfection and creating to Allah subhanho wa Taala is perfection in his creation, when he refers to it's such that all of these things prostrating to Allah subhanaw taala he refers to their obedience and when you come when you combine the two, in their perfect course in all of these celestial bodies running their perfect course, in a way that if they were off by even a millisecond it would cause absolute havoc that in and of itself is his submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala and his glorification of Allah subhana wa tada in his obedience to the laws that were placed upon them by

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Allah subhana wa Tada. I mean, I remember reading an article that said that was called Jupiter, our guardian planets, and I was like, What is this talking about? Obviously, Jupiter is this humongous planet right next to us, right that that's called called The Guardian planet, the vacuum cleaner of Earth. You know, it's it's it takes all of those meteorites and as you know, those objects that would crash into the earth, it's massiveness absorbs the gravity and so on so forth. And somehow I'm sitting there thinking to myself, you know, this author is actually ascribing power to Jupiter Who is the one that put Jupiter there who's the one that placed everything in its perfect orbit, and

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it's perfect space that though it moves rapidly, everything moves rapidly. It still runs its perfect course and as Allah subhanaw taala says, could learn fi fellow Kenya spell Allah describes the perfect orbits of the celestial bodies and it's beautiful because the I couldn't learn the Falcon Yes, behind a law describing the swimming, you know, the perfect orbit of the celestial bodies, even these these letters and that I orbit around the letter Yeah.

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