Learn To Wait, The Timing Of Allah Is Perfect

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah subhana wa tada makes mentioned in the Quran fapa darna fen yarmulke the rune we measure we calculate we arrange we proportion funny ml per the rule and we are the best of those that measure calculate and arrange. There is a time for everything. When the time does not arrive, things do not materialize. And when the time arrives then everything happens so swiftly and quickly and calmly. Allah subhanho wa Taala tested say that I Yom Tov and Yusuf alayhi salam, the son was separated from the Father abducted by his own siblings dropped in a well adjacent to can on the brothers return with a fabricated tale, and they claim and allege that the wolf had

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devoured him, Yakov alayhi salatu salam perseveres, clueless of the location of his son. Yet we know les Sabina who were being a who enlists away I don't mean to harm his son was a stone's throw away from him few steps away. But at that time, Allah had veiled the whereabouts of his son. Fast forward this entire narrative and take it decades later, as the scholars make mentioned, and Allah subhanho wa Taala had now decided that the test had ended, and father and son were to be re united. The caravan departs from Egypt as reference in the 12 chapter in the 13 Jews in verse number 94. What a man for Salah tillery wrote that when the caravan left from Egypt with the upper garment of use of

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alayhis Salam jacoba. As salam said to those that were around him, in Nila Zhu Li her use of I get the fragrance and the aroma and the scent of my son use of loader and to find needle provided you do not claim or allege that I am senile. a sham Mullah whoa Lee How are you so for Allah mercy rottefella Athena Yama reflect for a moment. So you then our use of alayhis salam is at the distance of 30 days of travel. And Allah subhanho wa Taala allows you to Bala Salaam to get the fragrance not withstanding the distance. Why Hi, so Bella Val Kitab Angela, because the duration of the trial had ended when I barely got ill early and omura Maroon b o ka t ha simply because in the knowledge of

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Allah in the calculation of Allah, there's a time for everything. And Allah then reunited father and son, my brother I know you are making to offer your son to give up drugs. Continue making to her do not lose courage, your prayer will be answered. The time is in the knowledge of Allah. My sister I know you are anticipating for the right proposal to knock your door. Do not lose your hope. That proposal Welcome to that young couple anticipating a healthy baby. The time will come and Allah will bless you with a bouncing baby. What is it? Well, my Danica in Lally and Maura Marie hoonah. There is a time for everything and that time will surely come and maybe soon I mean your bladder mean