Is Your Child Lying To You

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If our children find it easier to lie to us than be truthful,

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it's usually because we've overreacted too harshly to their wrong and inappropriate behavior.

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And I want you to pay attention to that.

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If if your child finds it more convenient, easier to look you in the eye look you in the face and lie, and I'm not talking about not telling the truth. I'm talking about lying because there's I want you to separate between the two. Your child may not tell you the truth, but they may be quiet, they didn't lie. And you might even find that admirable in certain situations. Right.

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But I'm talking about now where they are duplicitous.

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Intentionally deceptive and deceived. And if this is something that's happening, often, I'm not talking about the isolated incident or things that are, I'm talking about this is becoming a norm. You need I need to look within ourselves and understand that what our child is seeing is that our reaction is more destructive than constructive for them to want to speak the truth. They would rather lie to us be caught in the lie, then tell us the truth in the first instance, because you're gonna blow it out of proportion. And you're gonna, you're gonna, you're gonna make a big deal out of it. Anyway.

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Where do we get this from? Well, and it's simply Malika de Allahu.

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He says that the prophets I seldom asked him to do something. And as you know, he took the parcel that the Prophet wanted him to deliver. And as he's on his way to delivering an Amana, the man overalls, gloves, it seldom he sees our subarea some of the young men, yeah, lagoon playing, he's a child, he was like, seven, eight and 10 years old. So he put down the amount of the prompt, I began to play with them and running around and hide and seek or whatever it was. And a few minutes later, a little bit of time later, the prophet comes by, he sees the amount of that was given to us to deliver on the ground. And and he's playing with the children. So he summoned to us and He says,

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Yeah, Anna's have you. It's right there. He knows he has it. Have you fulfilled the Amana I gave you? And I said no or messenger of Allah. Now that's lovely that that's such an incredible moment. Right? He doesn't just hang his head in shame and just doesn't answer you know, sometimes our kids they, they're like too scared to even say yes or no. So they're just like quiet right? Now. He says, No, I haven't Oh, messenger of Allah. The prophesy itself says, Well, why don't you go do it now? And then NS ends this hadith by saying, one Allah He, I swear to God, I swear by my Lord Allah, that never once did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his voice at me, ridicule me,

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disciplining me publicly, or put me down ever. For any reason, when I was wrong when I was wrong, are the Allahu Anhu while they have total solder, wear them with the sleeve. If your child is duplicitous, in general as a default, the problem is not necessarily them. It is a character trait that is being pushed forward, because they feel that there will be an unreasonable response to their truthfulness.