What Does Jannah Mean to You? – Moses Finally Meets Musa (as)

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The speaker describes his experiences with Jana, a woman who has a history of helping people. He describes his desire to become Muslim and how it has made him feel like he is the most happily surprised by the success of his journey. He also describes his first experience with Jana, a woman who has a history of helping people.

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When you hear the word Janna, what do you think of?

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I think of

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massive mountaintops extremely tall trees, rivers that flow everywhere. As you're stepping it's feels as if like, more and more vegetation fruits, forward fruits, better than you could ever taste and imagine just feeling of calmness and peace and tranquility, shine when you think about judging a lot.

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How often do you think about Janome? on daily basis? Probably, probably, after every Silla after every summer, after every salah, can you describe that to me, what I try to do is I try to do something good. And I try to think to myself, like the vicar that I do, maybe raising my rings and gender if Allah accepts. So I think to myself, like if I am more remembrance of Allah, the higher rings I get. So I tried to think to myself, like the benefits that will come from it. Has the thought of Jim ever gotten you through like a really hard time in life?

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Yeah, a lot to my describing. Yeah, was definitely the thought of Jana, and been with suicide Salam is companionship is something I like, really, really want, you know, it's something that I really, really want to aspire to, to have in Genesis is companionship. And the idea that like all the trials, and all the tribulations that I've gone through in this world, will be so like, minimal, when if Allah wills like its agenda. And so for example, an example of that would be becoming Muslim. I took my Shahada about two years ago. And the idea of just getting to Jana. And becoming Muslim was something that was

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something that keeps me keeps me going in Islam. And when's the first time you like, grasp gender as a Muslim? Like, wow, this is amazing. The following on that I went to Mecca, I was able to do it all. And being at the Kaaba and just being in total submission with 1000s of other Muslims made me realize that like, this is real, it's very much real. And

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what's the best part of Jonah to you? The best part of Jenna to me would be spending it with

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all of my friends that I've gathered here, and all the teachers that I have, and just being in their company in their presence, I can't think of a particular place, maybe it will be my house, or maybe it will be their house, or maybe it'll be, you know, someone else's house. But to me, as long as I'm in their company, I'll be happy.

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So if you're thinking about the people, you're meeting agenda, right?

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You get to the gathering, the Friday gathering and Jana, you see the prophets or their companions, all these historical figures, other than the prophets, why some is there one person like you, like, I want to go meet that person and talk to him for a day, most of them.

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Most definitely, I feel his journey, his legacy, everything about him is has something that I very much think about often.

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The fact that you know, he overcame so much obstacles, and it's something I think about a lot and most definitely would be him.

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And you change your name to most when he became Muslim. No, I was. It was already most of you are already Moses. Yeah.

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So you were Moses, you became Musa, and now you're meeting Musa Inshallah, and he's the most the person that you long to meet most after the Prophet sigh sounds amazing. Tell me what's the first thing you're gonna say? I'm just speaking directly so I can Musa What are you gonna say, I don't think I would be able to come up with any words, I probably just hug him and be in His presence. And then if I could muster up the words, I would just thank him, thank him for for, you know, all that he did. And all the trials on earth that he went through because it has gotten me and you know, his leadership ability, his relationship with with huddled and everything of this sort has gotten me

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through so many trials and experiences and everything, and that's why so I would just thank him first. So I'll give you another scene. Okay. Your living room. Okay. Mohammed song so I'm not I'm more satisfied. I'm sitting with you.

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And they asked you to introduce what did you do to get here? What do you think you did to get here? Oh, man, I would like to think it would be the thicker, the thicker.

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The remembrance of Allah, especially after salah. I think, I think if logos that will be why they insurance agenda.

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So now

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you get called by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah wants to meet you alone. Welcome you to Jana.

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There's no questioning anymore. It's just the last part. I want you to come meet him individually. And Jana

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What are your first words to alas Ponton and Jenna? Oh man

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I don't know if I would have words. I feel like I would just be in awe and, and in total dislike, respect and fear. I don't know if I could come up with any particular words. But if I could come up with any words it just

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thank you for making me Muslim