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Nouman Ali Khan – A Balanced Approach To Religion

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delivers a brilliant lecture that aims at striking a balance in a world constantly pushing us to life-altering extremes. Difficult as it may be, the Holy Quran not only emphasizes balance in our lives but also provides us a solution. The following ideas and pointers are dealt with in this mesmerizing lecture:

  • On the one hand, we have people who have knowledge but no good actions and there are others without knowledge and henceforth, no good deeds.
  • When Allah SWT talks about the sky in Surah Ar Rahman which is to illustrate the majesty and lay our focus on one of the best Creation of Allah SWT.
  •  Allah SWT lays stress on all His creations and emphasizes that all His designs are in balance and in perfect harmony with each other.

Islam wants us to emphasize moderation and balance in all aspects of life, whether it is religion, relationships, ideas, or daily activities. Principled moderation is one of the most important characteristics of a person with good character in Islam. We have created such a dose of imbalance in our lives that it is proving detrimental in our personal domain. We just do excessive of both extremes and hence, land ourselves in a mess that could have been conveniently avoided, had we chosen to stay firm on the path of Islam advocated by Allah SWT – the Path of Moderation and Balance.

Listen intently to this enlightening lecture replete with astonishingly simplified analogies that will surely illuminate your lives in the right direction.