Nadim Bashir – Khatira – The Story of 100 Camels

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a proposal from the Prophet sallim to kill the Mojtoes, which was initially a treason but became a reality. The proposal involved the Mojtoes and their involvement in television advertising. The segment also touches on a family member's dream of a well, which was eventually true, but had a disastrous outcome. The segment also describes a culture where people were living in desert territory and were given a vow to make a promise to their relatives, leading to a former fortune where a woman said she would sacrifice 10 more children for their sake. The culture's potential consequences are discussed, including negative consequences for those who sacrificed.
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Two days ago I gave a talk regarding the seven sorrows that begin with Jaime and I chose an idea from Surah facilite where Allah subhana wa Tada says what a tester will hustler to when I say that good and bad are not equal. And Allah and I also shared the story from the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrating how the Prophet SAW Selim enacted upon this idea, today in sha Allah I if you remember, at the end of that story I was sharing with you, I did mention that since the Sahaba, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Maharaja companion, the Prophet SAW Selim, he killed those two people who are going back to their homeland. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam decided that, of course, he has to give up, he has to pay the blood money, and it came out to be 200 camels because 100 camels per life. And for those of you who don't know what happened after that is that there was an agreement. According to the Constitution of Medina, the agreement between the Muslims and the Jewish community was that if there is blood money that has to be paid, then both communities will pull together the resources and they will give the money, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he actually then went to balloon elite and because but it was still there in Medina, he went to Bernoulli with his intention of seeking blood money and getting

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their support. But on the flip side, what they did was that they plotted to kill us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the province of Satan was informed by hate and the prophesy son, he left and because of this, they were actually then exiled from Medina because this was a, a treason or a betrayal committed by someone who was in that agreement. And that's why the power center, he removed or he, he has been allowed to leave Medina and so forth. Now, today, I don't want to talk about that, at the end of that talk to three people that came to me and they said that we don't get this whole concept about the 100 cameras. So can you please explain this, and today in sha Allah in my in

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my heart that I just want to quickly go through that? Where did this idea come from? First of all, is that you cannot really talk about the 100 camels till you don't go a little back. And we see the front of the lineage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Prophet SAW Allah, Who are you some lineage is that he is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, who is the son of Abdullah, who is the son of Abdul Muttalib, who is the son of

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Hashem. And Hashem is a son of of them enough. Okay, so let's go just to have enough and not not beyond that. We're talking about Polish who were in in Makkah, and they had assume responsibilities. And they had the system, that they will distribute all the responsibilities, whether it's a feeding there for Judge, taking care of the well of ZamZam, or I mean, it was something was out there at that time. And it was let me explain. And what happened was that then all the other responsibilities were distributed. Now, at that time, the responsibility to feed the Hedgehog, those who are coming for Hajj, and so forth. It was given by abdomen as the father to his son, and his son, his name was

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Ahmed. So I'm gonna what he did was that in order to change up the system, what he did was that they used to when they used to come to Mecca, they used to give them soup and bread. But what he began to do is that he changed up the menu a little, and instead of just giving soup and bread, he began to crush the bread and, and grind the bread. And he began to incorporate that into the soup. And because of that, he picked up the name or the lack of was created for him, which was Hashem so the Hashem is originally Ms. Ahmed, and onwards name has now become Hashem, which was common in Makkah. And by the way, is mentioned about Hashem, that he was a person who actually really developed the

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economy in Mecca. In fact, he was a person who initiated the traveling routine between Yemen and Syria in summer and in winter, which has been highlighted in Isla Qureshi, either for him relata schita, it was safe. This if the Quran Allah subhanaw is talking about the Quraysh and their traveling routines between the Yemen and Syria in summer in in winter, this was pretty much enacted or put together or initiated by Ahmed or Hashem. So he was a person that not only the developed economy of Makkah, but he also was a person that he cared for others, he always will not have a meal by himself, he will always bring the the team, the poor and so forth to have food for food with him.

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So nonetheless, you have this person by the name of Hashem. Now Hashem got married. He they had a lot of women at that time, they had many wives. And of course, the legislation that the most a person can have for was it came of course, many years later into the medina era. But before this, of course, they had many, many wives. So Hashem had a wife

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who was from yesterday, which was from Medina. And what happened was, uh, he married her. And he decided to go on a business trip. And he went on this business trip and he passed away in this business trip. And by the way, he died in Gaza. He died in Gaza. And if you go to visit today, Palestine, may Allah subhana help our brothers sisters there. His grave is there till today, Hashem is on grave is there till today and was up. So he went to Gaza for business purposes, he left behind a pregnant woman, which of course, his wife. And when she delivered, she realized that the only way I can keep my child is because it was mentioned in the books I've seen that many of the family

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members did not know that she was pregnant. But she was expecting she came all the way she had the child. And she came all the way to yesterday, and she began to live in yesterday. And many of the family members didn't even know that she actually had a child. Now, this child, his name was Shaybah his name was Shiva. And the reason why he was given the name Shaybah is because he had some white hair. So when so she was living in in yesterday with her child and so forth. It just so happened that once again the one of the sons of abdomen enough, okay, so once again, follow with me, I'm dumb enough, has a son by the name of Ahmed or Hashem. And Hashem now has a son, but then you have

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Shaybah so Hashem is brother. He comes around to Medina, his name is Muttalib. Okay, his name is Muttalib. So most of them comes around to Medina. And he and you know, the odds at that time, they could actually see a person, and they can tell right away that he's a Qureshi, Nan, Qureshi, and so forth. So he looked at this child, and he said that I can see some remnants of my brother in him, and he began to inquire, and what he found out was that lo and behold, this child shaver is his nephew. So according to the books of Syrah, two things are mentioned. Number one is he went to the mother and said that your husband left behind a responsibility. Your husband, Hashem left behind the

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responsibility he passed away. But now your son has to come and assume that responsibility in Macau, because this is how it worked at that time. And according to some books of Sierra, it just simply mentioned that he basically kidnapped him and took him back to took him back to Makkah. Now, either way, he did have the child with him, he had Shaybah with him, when he walked inside MCCA people did not know that who this child was. So they automatically assumed that this is perhaps the slave of Muttalib and hence his name was then kept. Abdulmutallab. Okay, this is the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, okay, so you follow with me, often Muttalib even though he had

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not have a father, but nonetheless, he as he grew up as a young man, he began to assume a lot of leadership qualities and characteristics. And eventually in Makkah, he became a dignified leader. Now, years later, of course, we know that Abdulmutallab, he then sees a dream, and he sees a dream for three consecutive nights that someone is telling him that dig up the well of zamzam. Now, let's take a step back also, the well of zamzam of course, was established or when we learned from the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam is made it is something Hydra that he struck his foot on the ground and there was some some began to appear. But what we also learned is that the one of the very first

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tribes to live in Makkah, after that was called Judah home. And before joven, Jordan was exiled from Mecca, they actually buried the well of zamzam. So the world zamzam has been buried for so many decades. Now, you come all the way to the time of Abdul Muttalib. And he sees his dream. And he sees that he you know, someone's telling him that there's a well over here, come and dig up the well. And there are some details. I don't want to go into that right now for the for the time, for the sake of time. So he comes there, he gets his, he gets his shovel, he gets his axe, and he comes all the way to the place that he has been shown in the dream. And he begins to dig. And at that time, he only

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had one son, his name was Alhadeff. So what happened was that he's digging and the people are mcara telling him that what exactly are you digging? And he says that well, I've seen in my dream that there was a well of zamzam over here. I'm trying to dig that. So they thought that he's like, you know, they actually literally thought that until Motorola has lost his mind. So of the motor, they've kept on digging, and lo and behold, the well of zamzam was re, or rediscovered. Now, when this happened, the people of Makkah, they began to say that we actually have ownership over this well of zum zum. Because, you know, this is in MCCA, and other Multilib. Here, on the other hand,

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he's saying the profit it sounds grandfather is that no, I saw the dream. I did have the words of you actually saw that I was mentally insane. But I'm the one who dug it up, and I'm the one who rediscovered it. I actually have full ownership over it. So at that time, how would they resolve their conflicts? They would go to fortune tellers and so forth. This is once again, we're talking about a paganistic time there was no Islam at that time. So they will go to four

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Can tellers and so forth. Nonetheless, they decided, let's go on this journey to go see a fortune teller and let them make a decision. On that journey. What happened was that they ran out of water, they ran out of water, and they all these men who are traveling in the desert, they decided that there's no way we can make our way back home, and we cannot move forward, perhaps we're gonna die here in the desert. So they made a decision that each one of us we dig up our own grave, and we lie in our own grave. And as every person passes away, the other person will cover them up. Hence, only one person will remain be remained uncovered. So they decided to do that. And lo and behold, even at

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that time, when Abdullah moto was digging up his own grave, from there, water began to gush out. Now these people are they're saying that you know what, we got water, even in the desert, ALLAH SubhanA, WA, tada saved us. So hence this was zamzam belongs to you. We don't want to go on this journey anymore. Let's just go back home. This was zamzam belongs to you. Now, at that time, the the grandfather promises, he made an oath, he made a witch in Arabic, even till today, there's a concept called another, basically, you make a promise that for example, if I pass my exam, or if I get my visa, if I get, you know, if something like this happens in my life, I will perhaps fast or I will

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give some supply and so forth. This is called a another, it's absolutely fine. It's a vow that you make. So he made this vow of the motto and made this vow that if Allah gives me 10 more children 10 more boys, I will sacrifice one of them for your sake. And subhanAllah he had many wives think so as mentioned that he around six to seven wives or even more than that, but altogether he had after that incident, he had almost 16 More children, okay, he has 16 More children, and he had 10 boys. Now, of course, according to the the oath that he made, that he will have to sacrifice one of them. When he did the drawing, the drawing name or the name that was drawn out, came the or the name that was

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drawn out was Abdullah, the father of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so hence he took the he took out the law all the way to the Kaaba, and he put him down, he's about to sacrifice him and the family intervened. They're like, You can't do this. And if you adopt the motto that you create this, this will become a sunnah here and Mecca, and people are going to start practicing this and they look up to you, and they regard they have high regard for you. They're going to start making these kinds of Ulsan they're going to start doing these kinds of things, you can do this. So he says, what do we do you know, let's go back to a fortune teller. And let's ask them what we can

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do. Lo and behold, they went to the fortune teller and what they basically said was that you place Abdullah on one side, and you please 10 camels on one side, and you do a drawing now at that time, they had very unique and different ways of how they will do drawings and how they will decide things, but it to keep it simple. They did a drawing and and basically this fortune teller said that every single time Abdullah's name comes up in that drawing, add 10 More camera to the other side. So they what they began to do is that they began to do a drawing. The first thing Abdullah, the first time the last name comes up, so the ad 10 camels, again, they do the drawing, or the last name comes

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up, they add 10 more camels, and the system kept on going till you have Abdullah on one side, and you have 100 camels on the other side. And then they did the drawing. And then the camels, the origin of the camels came out. And then they were told that at that time, if the camels then come out in the drawing, then you sacrifice all those cameras and those camels become in lieu of Abdullah's life. And so hence, the prophesy son's father was, it was saved in that sense, and 100 camels was given in lieu of his life. And it was from that point onward, that even into Islam also, the penalty of manslaughter in Islam, or accidental death and so forth, is 100 camels and that lived

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on even into Islam. And that's why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was heard saying that I am the son of the two sacrifice ones first Abdullah and who's the other one is my eighth because he comes from the lineage of is married to his Salaam. So that is why the person he would say something like this. So I just want to just take you down, you know, you know history and just you know, something that we should know about our own deen the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and because somebody's that we're asking that we don't know where this 100 cameras come from. So I thought, let me just take you down memory lane in one way. And you know, hopefully this

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is a Shala a, a boost for many of us to learn and study the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to learn from the life of the prophet saw Allah while he was sending them mutable. I mean, there's a lot

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more you

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learn, who seen to

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level math is Emma was the woman in

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was the Argonne co host

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in 101. I am Jorge Luna one I really you love the

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