How Does One Maintain Sincerity While Doing Good Deeds – Ask Shaykh YQ #134

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Um, so this person asked how do you maintain sincerely in your good deeds without other worldly things, motivating you as well?

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How do you maintain, maintain sincerity in your good deeds? That's a very good question. multiple things can be done. First and foremost, monitor your heart. Always monitor your heart. Secondly, make dua to Allah Hadith is in behati, over close to the Ask the prophets are some about how to maintain sincerity. So the Prophet system said that ask Allah seek Allah's refuge from any type of showing off whether it's hidden or secret. So there's a door that since I believe you can find in any book of Hadith, any book of law, that in fact the prophets and taught abubaker what to say that over life, seek refuge in You from any showing off that I'm aware of, and ask for forgiveness from

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any showing off that I'm unaware of. So you constantly make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the final point for this question is that make sure you have plenty of private good deeds as well. This is a very key point, okay. In fact, majority of your good deeds should be private. And that's why it is the prophetic example that all of the prayers are done privately except for the father in the masjid everything else he would praise or send him in his house charity as much as possible to give privately do good things if a friend needs help right? Help them without posting on Instagram and Facebook. Hey, this guy needed a ride and I gave him to No, you don't need to do that. Do it

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privately for the sake of a lot and if you do so this gonna make making a shallow data more and more sincere Yeah.