How the MAJORITY can lead you Astray

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If you follow the majority of people on earth, they will divert you from the Path of Allah E to B 11. They only are following their conjecture, their assumptions. They don't have firm principles. And if you corner anybody who doesn't have a firm theological basis for what they believe it's all Ashaway. It's all folder. It's all chaos. They don't have a consistent regime of principles. You talk to a vegan.

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Somebody who doesn't eat any animals, or any animal products. Okay, well, you say, Well, why don't you Why don't you eat this? Well, you know, because it's cruelty to animals to kill. Okay, go to your cereal box. You know how many paths out off died to get you that cereal bat box. You know how many squirrels and rabbits and other sorts of animals get caught up in the turbines when they're collecting cereal? Okay, there's still animals that die when they when you produce your cereal, or you talk to people now they say that relationships it's all just about consent, masha Allah. So if a brother and a sister consent to marry then that's okay.

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Right? If somebody who's getting abused by their spouse consents to it, that's okay. By your logic. Right? Allah subhanaw taala said about colleague and your minimum and which is a beautiful double meaning

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they believe only a little. And it also means how few are the things that they believe in?

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And ask any people on the street? What do you actually believe in? Very, very few things. They can't, they'll be only be able to give you a few things. You talk to a Muslim who knows even just a little bit about their faith. I believe in Allah, I believe in the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I believe in the messengers before him. I believe in the books I believe in the Koran and the NGO and the tilde, and as a board, and sort of Ibrahim right I believe in that afterlife and the Bozak and he said and I believe in this and I believe in that.

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That's belief that's actually submission Islam. That's having something outside of yourself that you is data is something that is holding you down, giving you gravity. Anybody else that doesn't have this then it's just one

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like a lost power to audit compares to their deeds. It's just like, straw. You blow it away like a thief. It's nothing

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but Lila Umino they believe in very, very few things. So if you follow the majority of people, you're gonna go astray