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Beach and Eb by either Mr. Sahu shellbrook

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mellow ella shakeela de la bukem movie man who does that mean?

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What is a locker? room poleon row home in Europe be

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odd to me in Kuala Lumpur sorry we are silly mid rock that can be sunny Cody 211 salat wa salam O Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah he was at the Santa Monica Morocco Mercado so inshallah, in this brief reminder, I want to share with you some,

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some reflections from three IOD that belong to certain slot, this is the 17th surah. And these are at number 8384. And 85. Allows origin says what either an unknown inside when we shower favor onto the human being

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that the human being ignores it deliberately ignores it. The suggestion here is that when human beings are given lots of gifts By Allah, human beings start becoming deluded into thinking somehow they deserve them, or they are entitled to them. Or this is because of their own doing or their own accomplishments or their own capability. So they completely ignore the fact that these are favors, they actually start thinking they own them, or they're entitled to them in one way or the other when I be Johnny V, and he turns away to his side. In other words, this is kind of let me give you an English translation, an American English translation of Abidjan dB.

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That's not Abidjan dB. Okay. So this guy, when somebody says Allah has given you a lot of hair,

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that's literally captured in language. Okay, that's what he does. So he hops in talks about the things that OLED is given and dismisses the idea that this is somehow a divine gift. What is the Messiah? Who shall and when harm touches him? When harm hits him kinda Yahushua. Here it becomes all together depressed, full of sadness. Allah has done this to me. Why? Why am I being put through this? What did I do to deserve this? When good happens? I deserved it. And it was my doing, but when bad happens, it wasn't my doing it's a lodge doing it. Let did this to me. Kinda this twisted mind of his. On a side note. What's really remarkable about this is actually a lesson in a lesson in

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etiquette in how we not only think about a lot, but even how we talk about a lot. And obviously, you all know that speech, the way a person speaks is a manifestation of how they think. Right? So when when favor is mentioned, Allah says we're either anana Alexander says the past tense and I'm not. Who's the Dewar was the fire and let me tell you what, no, it's Allah, we've showered him. But when it says we must sell who shall rule, when favorite is mentioned, then the door the subject of the verb is Allah when we shower him with favor, when harm hits him, unless his Messiah, who am I, and the outside door, the fire is a shadow, when harm hits him when harm touches him? In other words,

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Allah did not associate himself with harm. Okay? So Allah did not say when we make harm touch him, or we afflict him with harm, he didn't do that he didn't associate harm to himself. And this is actually teaching us something, a very deep concept in our religion, about harm and benefit in this world. At the end of the day, what's our belief, everything is from a lot, when someone gets sick, it's from Allah, when someone gets better, it's from Allah. That's our belief. Nothing happens except for the will of Allah. But that doesn't mean that we get to talk about it like that. Even though that's the reality, there's supposed to be a certain level of respect. Why is that and you

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have to if it's truth, its truth, you should just be able to say it, why code it with formality. This is also an important lesson. A lead teaches us in a way that is suitable for all human beings, you see a mature student, a mature believer, they know that when good happens, there's good in it. And when that bad happens is also good in it. And all of it is a test. This is a mature believer, but anyone short of being mature,

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anyone that's not that mature in their faith.

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Then when bad happens, and you say it's from Allah, how do they think of it?

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Literally, as Allah did something bad and he means something bad by it, like they cannot process anything more mature than that. Right? So Allah reveals language that for someone who's deeply going to reflect will also understand but somebody who just looks at it on the surface level can still appreciate it and not get the wrong conclusion. harm touched him. Allah did not say when harm a lot harm done. Allah didn't say it like that because for the image, you're just listening to that he just got messed up. And he's actually correcting the immature by saying way that Mr. hotshot can do so when harm touches him, he becomes entirely depressed. He becomes overwhelmed. Yes, actually

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ferule this is from Yes, is his mobile are extremely depressed. You know, there are some people who are used to

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Access. They're used to just getting 100. They're used to winning every race, they're used to winning every game. They're used to being number one in everything. You know, they're used to getting their parents to listen to everything they say, etc, etc. Then one time, they don't get their way. What happens to those kinds of people? Those are the kinds of people in life that have a really hard time dealing with failure, or dealing with loss or dealing with a challenge. People that take the hits all the time, like the fourth kid, or fifth kid or something, and apparently, it's all good.

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Or the youngest one, you know, youngest kids, like, you know, I'm afraid for my youngest one, because, you know, she can get away with pretty much anything. You know, cuz at the time, by the time you get to the youngest age, then, you know, for some reason, the policing of your parents just I don't know where it goes. Like I tell my mother and father that about my youngest sister, they were tough on us, but my son, my youngest sister,

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this was not a policy with us. How she getting no 30. Like she saw little, little. Yeah.

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So what happens when people they get spoiled, favors can spoil someone. And so when a little bit has taken away, they become entirely depressed, entirely depressed. Now, this lesson that Allah teaches us, you know, about favor, and being, you know, harm touching you, all of us in this dunya have been given a limited number of nirma. And a limited number of shots. Right? On the one hand, Allah has decided what our risk is going to be our risk, our provision includes our money, but it also includes our friends and includes our lives, our families, always, you know, our knowledge is at risk. The people who teach us is our artists, the people who learn from us honest, our children out

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on this, everything, every good you have in your life is basically your list and you have a set, you don't have an unlimited amount of this stuff. Where do you get the unlimited stuff, you get an agenda here is there's a limited supply of what you're going to get it's written for you. Then on top of that, there's a limited number of challenges that you're going to face in this life.

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Allah is not going to give you any more that are any less than what he's written for you. That's it, it's declared this is what your lot in life is.

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A few internal internalize that, then your challenges and your opportunities, if you put it in those language and that language, that your challenges and your opportunities are not the same as my challenges and my opportunities, okay, they're not the same. And sometimes a lot opens a door of opportunity, but you refuse to walk through it.

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Like he opened it, and you could have reaped a lot of reward from it, but you chose to not walk through it, and then you end up suffering. And then you end up blaming a lot instead. So now, if this is the case, everyone has a different lot in life, everyone has a different set of challenges, a different set of opportunities, then the question arises, why why not all of us have the same thing. One or one or all of us have the same set of challenges make it consistent. The next? I answer that question? Well, yes, he says, will Colonia Malala shakeela tea, tell them let everyone work everyone should work Cool, cool. And Yamato actually means everyone should try to work when a

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melodic becomes a server, it's actually in the meaning of trying to do something everybody should try to work on their shakeela now what is shakeela shackle in Arabic is form shackle is the appearance of something and the mold of something okay. You can even say the shape of something and chalk it up in a figurative sense you can call it I use psychological terminology now your predisposition you're pre programmed a certain way you know, some people have a good sense of humor, some people are very serious, some people are oriented towards science other literature's Some are very artistic. You know, some are, you know, they have a hard time figuring out what they are, but

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they're, you know, what, to know how to have a good time. You know, there are people who have different personalities, different shocky not you can say, unless everybody first of all recognize what Allah has given you what kind of personality Allah has given you. And then work in accordance with that. In other words, shakeela you see the Tamil Marathi and makes it actually a mirage, meaning an instant an individual thing, not two people have the same shakeela Allah made personalities very, very, very different. And everybody should try to figure out what their personalities like as much as they can. And then in accordance with that figure out what is the most

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they can make of their opportunities? What are the most they can and what are the challenges in their personality? What are some shortcomings they have, and how can they overcome them? This is actually a very powerful concept at the individual level, but it's so powerful that ally in another place in the Quran, even describes this at the new level of nations. You know, one of the names for nations in the Quran was Rhonda come she Robin wakaba Isla de tarraco. shirogane comes from Dora Sha or shorba in old Arabic which actually means a dent or a crack in a wall. an imperfection is a sharp it's an imperfection. As if to say every nation has

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Some, some good qualities but some quirks. And nations have to get to know each other. So they learn from each other's strengths. Because one nation strength is another nations weakness and one nations weakness is another nations strength. In my culture, there are some things that are really bad, I should learn from another nation. Like if I'm a DC, our dietary habits are really bad.

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So maybe I should learn from another nation has much healthier eating practices, whose 70 year olds go jogging? You know, where our 40 year olds are on a cane.

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You know, so maybe there's something wrong with our culture that we can learn from another culture that's at the level of nations even. But even at the level of an individual, if someone's able to recognize their weaknesses, then they're able to make connections make friends, or, you know, put themselves around people that turn that cover for that weakness, that they recognize that weakness and they cover for that weakness. You see, if you surround yourself with people that have the same weaknesses as you

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have the same problem as you, like, if you have a terrible sense of humor, you have no restrictions on your sense of humor, and you become friends with other people who also have no breaks in their sense of humor. Not very good things will come out of that relationship. Maybe someone in this relationship should have what some, some some sense of Okay, guys, that's enough. Let's cut it out. You see what I'm saying? Somebody has to be there. And what if, by the way, if everybody's super serious, and all you're serious, and all your friends are so that's a very depressing life. You need somebody to stir things up. kulu Yamato Hana chocolaty. Now in terms of

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in terms of what Allah wants you to do with your life, everybody should instead of complaining or you only get happy when good things happen, and you get super depressed when bad things happen. The reality of it is, each of you will have your share of good and bad in this world. And you need to make the most of it given your personality, given your Shakira for a book of Allah movie Monica, Sabina, then your master knows who is more guided in terms of a path, you know, and he didn't say sob lighter, he said Seville and he made it actually this is a Tamizh of it in terms of a path suggesting that each one of us will have a course, depending on our shockula. Now, which raises

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another question, Where did these different personalities come from? How can we get from personnel you know, and psychology studies, they study genetic twins, one's favorite color is blue, and the others favorite color is purple. And they're like, we can't figure this out. Genetically, they're the same. They're you know, because some said, your personality is a product of your genes and your environment, right nature and nurture. But then they can figure out these cases where the nature is the same, genetically the same and they're brought up in what same household so their nature is the same and the nurture is the same, but this guy likes bicycles and that that guy likes boats, or

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whatever, you know, this one's into sports, and that one's into chess. And they can't figure this out. You know, genetic twins. How can they do this? allows them to actually answers this question. And he says there is something mysterious about you and what's going on inside you. The next idea is with aluna, Ganja ruhi, Holy Roman amla lobby, they asked you about all the essence of the human being, by the way, an

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interesting word in Arabic associated with

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like foreign war I had joy, pleasure, contentment, satisfaction. There's something inside of us that is the source of our happiness is the source of our contentment. And it's distinct to each and every one of us. We can only know very little about it, unless as they asked you about the roof. Tell them the roof has from the command of my master min Amrita be in a shower Lula del Rahim Allah used to argue that there are two worlds of Allah's doings. There's the island will Hulk, an island will enter

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the world of creation, and the world of command. And what he meant by that is that Allah created this universe, the physical universe, in which there are certain laws that govern it, it's dictated by time. For instance, when you plant a seed in the ground, it doesn't just pop up into a tree. Right? There's a process by which it turns into a tree, a baby doesn't just turn into a man overnight, or a woman overnight. There's a process there's a time, and this is the world of Hulk that made things with the dot Raj, in the world of Hulk, there is a process and progression in the world of Hulk, but there's the alum of an unknown there's the world of where Allah commands

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something and it comes into full formation to perfection when instantaneously like the angels are from what I learned and the rule is from what I remember, the Quran is from Allah. Right? So there's this unseen world where things happen there first of all, not limited by time like we think of time they're not limited by distance like we think of distance. They're not limited by process like we think of process It's its own entity, the world of the armor of Allah, which is why you know the when Amara is mentioned in nama amuru who are other Shana Nicola Hoon for your cumin he says, He gives the armor that it should be and it comes into existence immediately. It happens to me

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That's the world of LS. And so and these two worlds seem to be separate most of the time.

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In us as human beings we actually have our physical growth is from animal Hulk. And our spiritual entity belongs to Ireland. And profits are the human slotless salaam, our teaching people, but their teachings come from where.

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And they're the miracles that they're given that which break them will help because they belong to them.

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Right, so the fire stops burning and Ibrahim Allison's case, that's from the now allies saying that your rule was something inside you belongs to Parliament under Holy Roman Emery, Robbie, is from the armor of my robe? And how much do we know about angels? How much do we really know about, you know, the world of armor? Not much. You know, we can have some idea that whatever Allah tells us we can have. Otherwise it's entirely unseen and unexperienced us. So actually, what we're learning then is, there is something inside of us inside of you. And inside of me, that is the essence of my personality. And yet, I know about it very little Wall Mount multitone, minerale, me in La calida

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you have been given about now from within it's knowledge, knowledge itself very, very little. There's something inside us so powerful, that we can even know it ourselves. Now, think about this, in retrospect, you know, the human brain, the physical brain, this is not our rule. This is just some gray matter. And some electrical signals going off between microscopic cells over here, this stuff how much too, you know, neuroscientists know about the brain. After all this research, they tend to say we know almost nothing, we're only beginning to scratch the surface. And that's what they'll have what? Alcohol? So how are we going to know anything really about

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the rule? So what Ally's teaching us then is that we have to go on this expert expedition. When you work towards your predisposition, you will discover more about yourself, you will not discover who you are until you put yourself to work. And this is the lesson I want to leave you with young people nowadays, especially young people nowadays, say, I don't know what I should do.

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That tells me what I should do.

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What should I major in? What kind of job should I do?

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And they don't do anything.

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And they get 30 bits of advice from someone, then they go to someone else and get another 40 bits of advice, then they go to someone else and get another 50 bits of advice. And then all this advice from all these people that say, Well, I asked 100 people and I got 100 different kinds of advice.

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Yes, that's because you asked 100 people,

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and you got 100 different kinds of advice. Because human beings are individuals, they're going to give you individual advice.

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Until you put yourself to work, you're not going to discover who you are, you're not going to know your strengths. And you're not going to know your weaknesses, stop being afraid of work, stop being afraid of jumping in trying something failing, failure is good for you. It exposes the holes in the wall, it exposes what you need to work on. It also exposes the few things that you are good at, and maybe you should refine them even more. But that does not happen until you grind it out. Until you throw yourself in the middle in the mix. You know, I'd like you to think of the fact that you know our role has from Ireland and under but this life that Allah gave us here in which we can put

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ourselves to work and discover ourselves is not an unlimited life is it. So between coming of age, and sleep, and then old age where you pretty much become senile, we don't have a lot of years

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to figure ourselves out to put ourselves to work. So don't be afraid to try things. Allah has given us this incredible adventure in the world. Don't be scared to try stuff. Try I mean, the fact that you've taken the adventure to try to learn Arabic is cool. Cuz it's just the beginning. Try things in business, try things in your education, try things in, you know, try different kind of job, try things. And if you live your life, just afraid, I'm not sure if it's gonna work or not. I'm not sure if it's going to succeed at that or not. Those are the kinds of people that will only sit on the sidelines and not do anything in life.

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You know, you have to stop being afraid of failure, you have to work on your shakeela

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you have to let go of that inhibition. And once you let go of it, amazing things will happen in your life. When you stop being depressed about failures. You know my favorite student I've taught you know dreams been around for now for you guys a year number five. It's crazy. You guys are here. Number five, one of my favorite students of all time, we're not going to name him. You know what his problem was? a lucky I say I love created him not to learn Arabic. That's what I say about him. He's my favorite student. I love him to death.

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This guy, no matter how hard he studied harder than anyone else I know.

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Day in, day out he's sitting in class breaks everybody else's playing

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Ping Pong or slapping each other. He's studying. People are taking lunch breaks he's studying. He's buried in the notes he's buried in review is always asking questions studying, studying study. He's got piles and piles of notebooks that are filled up with his notes and get another one and another one and another one. His hands starting to hurt. No, I'm not gonna use a laptop, because that's for lazy people. I'm going to study and he's one of my close friends. He and I used to hang out a lot before I was like, Hey, why don't you come over to America? Yeah, I'll do it. And he jumps in. And then now during the year, I call them hey, you want to go hang out, get some pizza or something? No

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more. I gotta study, I miss teacher during the day.

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And at night, I'm saying Hey, you wanna go hang out? No, Bro, I gotta study.

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Thanks a lot. Click.

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And he, on so many exams failed miserably,

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failed miserably. But I don't feel bad for him at all.

00:20:55--> 00:20:57

That is effort worth doing.

00:20:58--> 00:21:10

There are people who did not apply themselves and got easy hundreds. And I'm I don't, first of all, I don't even think it was worth their time, the education they received, and I don't respect what they did. I respect what he did.

00:21:11--> 00:21:16

I'm going to try something and I'm gonna give it my best. I'm not going to run it the first sign of failure.

00:21:17--> 00:21:33

I'm not just going to walk away and just do something else. You know, where this idea that even the line of work you're going to do the career, the pursuit you're going to make the efforts you're going to make so long as you find them enjoyable, you should do it the moment you have a boring day or two, you should be like I need to do something else.

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I'm gonna move on to something else. Really, really, this is not gender. You have good days and bad days. This life is like that. When showered, favors are being showered, everything's happy. I'm perfect. This is the way I need to be. And the moment things don't go your way I'm gonna yahooza become super depressed. I don't know if this is the thing for me. I don't know if I should even be doing this. It happens to students they feel one test or do not feel sorry, kind of 95

00:22:04--> 00:22:09

How will you show your face to your parents who will marry you now that you have a 95?

00:22:10--> 00:22:15

You know, I don't know if I should drop out now because it's not even worth it anymore. Are you serious?

00:22:18--> 00:22:42

You know, get a little grow spine, grow a spine, grow a thick skin, push apply yourself in whatever you do, in whatever you do. And this is not just about your studies at the program, a dream. This is beyond that in life have that attitude. Whenever you jump into really dive in, dive in, dive all in Yes, seek counsel. But don't over seek counsel, don't keep getting advice and getting advice and getting advice and not doing anything.

00:22:43--> 00:22:45

You know, you have a few people in your life you can trust.

00:22:46--> 00:22:53

And sometimes some people you know, they like they get into this habit where they like to get advice from people they know they're gonna get two different answers.

00:22:54--> 00:23:03

Because they live off of the confusion. They feed off of it. They use that as a scapegoat to not do anything. Well, he said this, but you said this.

00:23:05--> 00:23:09

And they wait for you to say something and said but he said this, you could have told me that before I told you anything. But

00:23:11--> 00:23:27

you know what? seek advice would seek advice with a purpose and seek advice with some trust. You shouldn't just ask random people. By the way, if you're seeking contradictory advice from people, you know what that says? That says, first of all, you have no confidence, number one, and number two, it says you don't trust people.

00:23:28--> 00:23:32

You don't trust them? Why are you asking their advice if you want an alternative opinion.

00:23:34--> 00:24:11

You don't have to take everybody's opinion. You don't have to take my opinion or your home or sell a man's opinion or shareholder or anybody's opinion for that matter. You consider their opinion and you make your own judgment. But once you make your own judgment 1000 when you make a decision for takahama cluster, move on with life, trust Allah, this is how you get to discover yourself and that's actually a very important lesson in life that Muslims all of you have to internalize and inshallah Tada. Great things will come for you in life and for the benefit of others in your life. If you internalize this barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when if I only what am I at what the clacking

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh