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So moloko what are

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the brothers and sisters in Islam? This is your brother chef Khalid you're seen speaking to you from my face

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Today I want to talk to you about a certificate program titled your life plan. ggs.

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You might ask, what exactly is a life plan?

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And what is its relationship to a GPS? Well, a lifeline, this is the definition. And I want you to listen carefully.

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A life plan is a prepared, written and preferably memorized, outline or statement, which expresses what you want to accomplish. And where you want to be in your life,

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your industry, or your professional field in the next three, five or 10 years. Now, that by definition, is the life plan.

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You may therefore see your education, your profession or your occupation as a vehicle to get you there. Well, then your life plan is most certainly your GPS on that road.

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The question is, do you have a life plan? By that definition?

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Now, you may answer this question, like a lot of people do.

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They say, Yeah, I have something like that. Well, something like that is not that either you have a life plan, or you do not by this definition.

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Other people say well, almost Well, I answer that by saying

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is water almost wet?

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Do women almost become pregnant?

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The answer is absolutely no.

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unequivocally No.

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And also, people do not almost win.

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Now, it's a fact that only one this is a fact I just want to give you the facts

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that only one out of every 100 professionals and business people, by this definition, have completed a life plan.

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And I asked you the question, Are you that one in 100.

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If you do not have a life plan, you have a serious career disadvantage.

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In a world of competition, and competence.

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The world

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as we know it today,

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only rewards winners.

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Now, we're not talking about from a religious perspective, we're not talking about from a philosophical or personal perspective.

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You know this, when you have good intentions, and you're a good person, you're a decent individual. There's no failing. So here when we're talking about failing or winning here, we are talking about having a life plan that will give you more advantage to win.

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That will give you more leverage to succeed.

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you may ask the question, so

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what will a life plan do for me? Well, that's a very good question.

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that question needs to be answered in order to add value to the Certificate course that you're going to take or that you want to take.

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Number one, the lifeplan GPS certificate program will provide you with the advantage of confidence

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of knowing your trajectory in life.

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Now, trajectory is very important. You know, when they send a rocket to the moon, they don't just shoot the rocket up in the air and somehow navigate the rocket towards the moon know they use mathematical scientific equations, formulas, logarithms and other types of calculations.

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To create a trajectory, so that that rocket ship, once it leaves the atmosphere of the Earth gravity, then by virtue of its trajectory, it's going to land on the moon.

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The life plan GPS will give you focus, and the ability to concentrate on the things that mean the most. Now, that's very important.

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The life plan GPS will assist you in choosing the right friends.

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The wholesome, the most wholesome environments,

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and spending your time

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in the most valuable manner.

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This is very important. Your friends, your environment,

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and where you spend your time

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has a lot to do with

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achieving your goals.

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Number four, the life plan GPS will help you to organize your home,

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your office, your vehicle, your diet, your address habits, and your personal presentations.

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Number five, the lifeline GPS will give you that edge

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in every challenge that you face.

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Because you will have a stable platform of thinking, before you choose any action.

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That's very important that you have a stable platform of thinking, before you choose any action, my final question to you is, are you willing to make the commitment to have a life plan

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and for that life plan to become your GPS. Now, brothers and sisters, we are offering this life plan GPS program.

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It's a five day program.

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That means five consecutive days, two hours a day. Now, it really requires from you four hours a day.

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You know, two hours is the live instruction that we're going to provide for you.

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Two hours of live instruction.

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But somewhere in the court force, somewhere in the course of your day,

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you are going to need to do another two hours of introspection,

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writing, preparation, organization, reading, so that you can prepare yourself for the next day.

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So two hours a day that you're going to get direct, live presentation.

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And two hours a day. That's sort of your homework. Now, if you're not willing to make that commitment for five days, Don't even start.

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Don't fool yourself.

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You know, don't jump into a river.

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when in actuality you're not able to swim in a stream.

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If you can't make the commitment, put it off for a later time, like you have done so many other things.

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But if you're prepared to make this commitment,

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this is what it's gonna cost you now

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if you want to register for this program, it's easy. Now there's a lot of different ways we could do this. But let me just tell you the easiest way for any blade for anyone in the world

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you know if you've got internet, if you've got email, if you've got what app you got, messenger

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you know you've got a phone and you can text. Then you have a way to register for this dynamic

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Certificate course life plan, GPS

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unit to do a few simple things.

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Number one, send me an email. That email should go to Skye purpose at gmail that is SK y.

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Purpose. PU rp o s [email protected]. That's one way

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send me a text message

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or a text message on facebook message

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And my Facebook is plus 1-347-446-0866. So send me a message on messenger

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send me a what's app message.

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Now once you send an email, whether you send it by messenger, or you send it by WhatsApp, or you just send a text on my phone, whichever way you do it,

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provide your name,

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your email,

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your WhatsApp number.

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And your phone number. Now the phone number is optional. Now I'm not trying to be familiar. No, I'm not trying to get with you. I'm not trying to get in your business of not trying to be over familiar.

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But if you wish to facilitate this edge email,

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also, then what will happen is, we will send you the registration form.

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You know, it's not like a commitment over the phone. It's not like something terrible, I'll do that. And you just send a text message, no

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formal institutions, formal transactions usually require some kind of documentation. So we will send you the registration form and instruct you how to complete the payment for the course. Yes, the course does,

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there is a course for the course, there is a cost for the course, that means you have to pay for it.

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Now, if that caught you off guard,

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that's because you've been accustomed to getting most things for nothing.

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Well, most things that come for nothing,

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don't have much value.

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And we're not saying that this is such a great value, that there should be a great cost attached to it. No, it's a tremendous value.

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But the cost is normally $159 for this 10 hour course.

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But we have discounted it to $99 that's 99 US dollars. So you can just put that into Google gaggle giggle, or whatever

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social media that you're using, and then you can find out in your country, in your region, you know, what 99 US dollars is, that's the cost.

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Once you complete the registration form, and then you make a payment for the course. And you can make that payment and a lot of different ways. And once we get your registration, we'll tell you how you can make that payment.

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Once you complete these steps, we will send you all of the course materials. Now let me tell you what the course materials are going to include.

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So that you know,

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was that book that I have here, just give me one moment here, because I want to just tell you that we're sending you out a very powerful

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this course is going to include about

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50 hours of dynamic information.

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First of all, you're going to have the cost template. That means the course outline.

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You're going to have a lot of narrative information that you can read even before you take the course

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you're going to have

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a lot of mp3, those of those

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audio files, mp4, those video files, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations that are going to provide you with all of the information or the inspiration motivation that you're going to require to from the tools of this course.

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The live presentation will just navigate you

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Through the materials, that's

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what the live presentation will do. So it'll be my job as the pilot, you know, of the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle, it's my job to drive you and navigate you through the content that we're going to provide you and help you to fill out the parts or the components of the template. So over a period of the 10 hours, you are going to basically complete the requirements for this Lifeline GPS.

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Now, if you do your job,

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during the night or day,

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you know, the two hours that you have to do your homework if you do your homework.

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And if you use the materials that were given to you, and you are open minded, you are sincere and you are committed, and you make your payment. At the end of that week, those five days,

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you're going to have the equipment

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that would qualify you

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to receive a certificate from the purpose of life Foundation, and lifetime GPS.

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Now, once you complete that certificate,

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then you have all the tools that you need to complete your lifetime GPS, and we will mentor you throughout the course of doing so. Now, you know,

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the lifetime GPS, it's this is your plan. So these 10 hours, we're not gonna be telling you about your plan. That's your plan, you have to you have to write it, you have to research it, you have to organize it, you have to you have to type it, you have to spell check it double spacing. You know, after that, you've got to take it to a mentor, or your parents or homeboy home girl or whoever it is that you respect your professor in the university, you have to take it to somebody and let them review it for you.

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And then after that, you've got to make the necessary adjustments. type it out, again,

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recite it to yourself every day for 30 days, until you memorize it.

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After that, brothers and sisters, guess what you have your life plan in your head and memorize in your heart. And as your life changes, you make the necessary adjustments in your life plan. But one of the things that you'll find out that a life plan will do is that it's going to give you the edge in every situation

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that you are confronted with in life, you are going to have an edge

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in the circle of people that you associate with, you'll find out that you have a bit of leverage and influence. Why? Because when you ask them, Do they have a life plan?

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And then not able to answer, you know, straightforward. According to the definition, you're going to be able to give them that definition. And you're going to be able to tell them that you've completed your life plan that gives you an edge in almost every relationship that you're going to have.

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The last thing is that you are going to have a tremendous amount of confidence and focus in your approach to life.

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Why because you will know generally, where you're headed, where you are in the road, and you will have the equipment to be able to get you there in the most efficient strategic way. Just like if you were driving a car. If you didn't have a GPS, you may have to stop, pull over to pull over to the curb and ask somebody for instructions or you wait to pull over to the curb like we used to do and pull out the map and see where you are and get your coordinates correctly. But if you've got a GPS as most phones do, and if you have a GPS like most vehicles do,

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you can follow the instructions in the coordinates of that GPS. The American citizen establish your brother Shakeology is seen as speaking to you from my Facebook Live

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platform and we are scheduled for 7pm Eastern Standard Time

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for the first life plan GPS

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session. Now the first session, which is going to be tomorrow night is going to be an orientation session. So

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you still have chance during that orientation to,

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to register. So from now until 7pm eastern standard time you have the time to register. You will also have time to register during the orientation program, and the actual program will start Monday 7pm I think that the date that date will be October 1.

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I think that date is October, the first 7pm will be the formal program, beginning

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Sunday 7pm. Eastern Standard Time, you will get the orientation.

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That's questions and answers and instructions and a little more details and what I'm giving you today. So I hope to see you there on Facebook Live. Monday, I'm sorry, Facebook Live Sunday, September the 30th. I'll see you there at the lifetime GPS program.

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pass this information on to your friends, your family members, your colleagues, your coworkers, your homegirl homeboy, send it over send it to them recommend it to them. However, don't recommend something to someone that you are not willing to do your self. Or I'll put it another way. If you want to recommend something to someone that you believe is good and will add value to their life.

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You should try to implement that for yourself.

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I want you to have a great day.

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Be positive and be focused. And we'll see you Sunday 7pm eastern standard time at the life plan GPS program.

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Somalia warahmatullahi wabarakatuh