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I have about 25 minutes, I believe to share some ideas with you about some basic,

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basic teachings of our Deen in regards to email, and Foundation, a strong foundation in our faith and our belief that we're all supposed to have. So I'm gonna start as though I am teaching this to my own children, and they don't know anything about this stuff. And we're going to start from scratch.

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A lot has already created us. And He created us in two parts. There's a part of ourselves that has seen our physical bodies. And there's a part of us that a lot installed inside the values of our mothers, when you were still inside our mothers, and it came from the skies from the Hon lives from the command of a law, that part of us was already intelligent. Before we even started our life. You know, as babies, we will not we don't have any knowledge, we don't even know how to speak, we don't even know how to control our limbs, our eyesight isn't formed yet our you know, all of our faculties are going to develop over time and children will learn to speak and and understand more and more.

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And as they slowly grow into adults, and actually becoming human beings, right. And eventually, then, you know, once they looked back at their life, as they grow older, they mature in their knowledge. So when you look back at how you were and how you used to think when you were 18. When you look back at that, when you're 35, you say How could I have been that stupid? But when you get to 50 and you look at yourself at 35, you look back and say, Well, how could I have been that retarded, etc, right? So you grow and you mature as age goes on. But there's a part of us that a lot put inside of us that was as mature then as it is now. That's a part of us our rules that are

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created simultaneously from the world of us command. It's not restricted to age. All of us existed coexisted at the same time before we even came to this group. And we all knew alive we knew Allah so well that we directly had a conversation with him, this conversation occurs, some of it at least tells us about it in the seventh. So as

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a lot as all of us, all of you are all together with him.

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And I'm not even going to translate that as soul because that's problematic. Just Just get to learn that term. And a lot asked us if we don't recognize him, Am I not your master? Now? You know what I say? Am I not?

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Who am I not? Like you go to your pregnancy? I'm not your friend,

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then you're already expecting an answer. What's the answer supposed to be? Of course you are. Why would you say that? So my ask the question that, by the way, he asked the question already suggests that he expects not us not just for us to know the answer. But to be embarrassed by the question and say, Why would you say that? So the answer is, but of course, why wouldn't it be better?

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to testify? You know, you want us to testify? We will.

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So we go out of our way to say why wouldn't we know that you are our master? No, but didn't just say, am I not God? He said, Am I not your master? believing in God is something believing in a master is something else. People can believe in God and that God has no relationship with them. Right? You can believe in a God that created the universe. That's an invisible force. It's the unmoved mover, whatever philosophers may have called him before and Okay, it has nothing to do with me. It's this thing. It's God. It's the force. In Star Wars, whatever it is. But it doesn't mean I have a personal relationship with it. The very first orientation we have any man was before we even

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came here. And in that orientation, Amanda can just tell us his name, that he has a lot that He is the creator of. That's not what he told us. The first thing he told us about himself is his relationship with us that he's the master and were the slaves. That's the first bit of our education with a lot. And that started before we even got here. Then we come out of the wombs of our mothers then we come out of our moms and we're babies when we started growing up, and our parents teach us about a lot and looking at the world around us. Now one of the areas that I wanted to talk about has already been addressed is when people have hard times they start losing their faith.

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Cinema, the only brief thing I'll add to that conversation as a side conversation, is that a lot of his images did not leave us hanging when it comes to that problem. It's a very real problem that when people have very difficult time in their life, that they start to get so angry, how can I let all of this happen? How can you tell the company unless merciful? And I went through these terrible, terrible things in my life? Why wasn't he there to help me? That's a very real problem. So Allah does not just give us theoretical answers to that problem. Like just saying, Just trust the line, believe in him that actually tells us very real historical stories, people's wives that have some

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very serious problems.

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A lot of times, for example, just on that side, but a lot of times, for example, parents can lose faith when their children are very sick.

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Or when the children pass away, or when the children are taken, you know, we'll protect our children. But when that happens, then you know, why would I do that to a child? Why would that happen to a child? Is their child mentioned in a very bad difficulty? And apparently, equally bad difficulty? Knowing that it isn't even know what happened with a child? Can you think of anybody? Let's talk about them. You surprise me that they're both in a traumatic situation, a child being kidnapped, a child being taken to a different country, a child being sold as a slave. And it's one thing for parents to know, my child died, it's a lot more painful to know, I don't even know what

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happened with my child. I don't even know if he's okay. I don't know what's happening. That's even more painful that pain doesn't go away. At least I would know what happened. At least I know his pain has ended, he's gone. I don't even know how, or why did not just tell us that. He thought it Look, this has happened to people before. Some really terrible things have happened. And these things when they happen. They didn't take these people further away from the law, they actually brought them closer to a law. So why don't you learn what they were like, maybe we'll learn something about yourself. But that's what a lot of difficulty. But that's not what I want to deal

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with. directly, I want to deal with something else. I told you, there's two parts of us right? One of us was already there to fully mature and knowledgeable in the most important bit of knowledge that part of our world has what's the most important bit of knowledge, the one that allowed me to the point I mentioned in that part of it already knows that we have a master and that is a lot that we have a master. Now you know that a master is someone who has all the authority tells you what to do and you do it that says he tells you what to do and you do it. Now what if you don't do what your master tells you? Why don't you get in trouble? In this world, there were slave owners before in

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PvP, they were masters of people, if a slave doesn't do what the master tells him, does a slave get in trouble? Does he get tortured? Does he get beat up? Yes, he does. If you and I do have a master deep down inside, it's basically a lifestyle that goes deep down inside in our subconscious. So big word for kids. But deep down inside, we know all human beings know that a lot is in fact, our master.

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And what Allah does in Revelation like we're on like the fourth a lot in Jane Doe, reminders from the prophets, Allah calls all of those reminders. All of those revelations are called reminders, all the big job of all the prophets was to remind you tell me, what is the difference between reminding you and informing? When I inform you, I tell you something you didn't know before? Right? But when I remind you, what's the point of reminding you, is that something you already knew? Or is that new information? A reminder, by definition is something you already knew something that was already there, and is telling us there's something already inside you and it's being refreshed. It's a

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review of what you already have inside you. That's what comes inside revelation from the scholars have derived a lot of things and I don't want to complicate this conversation. I want to keep it simple. The simplest thing I want to tell you is what a lot taught us before we even got here, a lot is reviewing all of that and more when he sends on when he sends his book when he sends His Messenger. So the two things are basically both education from Allah. In one hour talk to us directly in the other doctor talks to us through a prophet but in both of them essentially Allah is talking to us. What was the fundamental point? What was the first point electronics when he talked

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to us directly? He told us that he is the master. Well, you know what, then you know what to summarize the four on with the point of the four I understand that you are the slave you're unwinding that you are the slave of Allah is the master. But interestingly, in this time, what Allah introduced himself a second time right the first time he already introduced himself. This is the second time he's introducing himself to you and me through his book, The second time around first thing ally introduces himself live in the cloud. When you open up the WhatsApp and you start reciting, the first thing you will read isn't that

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he doesn't ask you the same question again. He will say you remember

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the first statement he makes

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and that's really what I want to focus on. The first

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He says is completed all of you and myself, we recite it every time we make a lot, we remind ourselves of this one phrase before we recite the rest of the party up and humbling them. In other words, the one of our most fundamental education, something natural to human being, is the idea of wanting to be grateful and appreciate not even having grateful and appreciative to Elias just hum. How this needs to be grateful to want to thank someone. And when do you think someone would have done something with you that when you think someone, and to appreciate something nice has been done, something's beautiful, you appreciate it. What a nice city. What a beautiful mountain What a nice

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car you appreciate good things, two things to get to be grateful and to be appreciated Is that something just limited to human beings are all decent human beings are grateful and appreciated. audition human, this is not just something limited to Muslims, right? This is something that's base standard decency for all human beings. Now, people start losing faith when they go through difficulty. But people start also losing faith. When they fail, they no longer they're no longer grateful. And they're no longer

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appreciated when they lose that basic foundation of wanting to do. That's something we were programmed with that was in our operating system that was inside our personalities. Before we even you know, before we even developed further, we just want to be grateful, we want to be appreciated. But if that is you rob yourself of that you fail to be grateful you fail to be appreciated, then you know what happens, then you become self absorbed. Let me give you a practical example. I don't want to talk in theory.

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We're Muslims living in a country, it's one of the wealthiest in the world, despite the economic recession, if you think this is economic trouble, then go to some parts of the Muslim world. And you'll see what economic trouble really looks like. Right? This is not economic trouble by comparison. So we were some of the most affluent Wilson's on the planet that were living here. Even the ones that are middle class here or lower middle class here are living far better than most people living in other parts of the world are living very, very well. Which means we've gotten used to certain good things in our life. Things like a car in an air conditioned apartment and regular

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electricity, hot water, a refrigerator full of food, these are things we take for granted, because we have them available to us all the time. They're, you know, things like you know, constant cell phone connection, internet connection, etc, these things on top of things on top of things are just become a part of our life. And we've just gotten used to it. Now the thing is, when someone doesn't have anything, when somebody doesn't have anything, and they even get a little bit, when they even get a little bit they're very, very great. Right? Isn't that natural, if somebody doesn't have anything, and they even get a little bit, you know, a family's very, very poor, they don't have much

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money at all, they can't even pay the electricity bill. And then somebody sends them a donation they give their child to get, even if it's a used toy, or they can appreciate that toy. Why? Because they don't have much, right? So whatever they have to be very grateful for. But the opposite happens when you have a lot. When you have a lot, and you get so used to it. And you start feeling like you deserve it. It's yours. It's my room. It's my house, it's my car, it's my career. It's my computer, it's my toys, mine, mine, mine, mine mine. And when it's all yours, then you don't have to thank anybody else for it. Nobody else deserves you know, you don't have to worry about anybody else that

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you're going to give credit to because you're constantly you're already in the back of your mind thinking is all * to yourself, yourself. And so you start worrying about appreciating value, stop worrying about yourself. And the other thing that happens is then even going a little bit is taken away from you. A little bit is taken away from you and B what we start doing immediately

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complaining, why is the internet connection so slow?

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Why is the AC in the car not working?

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Why is there no orange juice in the fridge?

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Why is this coffee so cold?

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Why didn't you put an extra you know spoon of sugar? Immediately we start complaining immediately. We don't think I mean, let me tell you something about the philosophy of complaining in our religion, what the wisdom of complaining is, essentially a person will complain when they're already they've already done justice to think about it when it came to light up. Now they have time to complain.

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Complaining means that you have all the things you have to be grateful to a loved one you've already done justice to that. Now you find time to complain. Is that the reality?

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If you and I really people have been humbled enough, if we really were a people of a company that then we wouldn't find time or energy or even the motivation to do what to complain for every one thing that goes wrong there's a million other things that are going right.

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There's so much that's going right in our life. There's so much of our lives blessed us with and that unless has something else if you think something is going wrong. Here's a formula. There's two things you can do. You can be ungrateful

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Meaning the same as you can complain, or you can do what you're supposed to do. Be grateful.

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If you just give you even more, I swear to it. Unless I swear to it, I'll give you more and more and more if you just be a little grateful. In other words, something went wrong, there's a little bit of less that you have now you want more instead of complaining? What should you do? Be grateful that's the formula teaches us. Does this have to do with meaning? Let me come back to the topic at hand. You know, when people when a person gets so used to getting and they start feeling like they deserve it, then they're constantly worried about what they didn't get that they want to get. They're constantly looking for what they deserve, what they want, what they should have. And so their

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relationship with ally isn't one. I owe something to Allah, their relationship with a law becomes reverse. Allah owes me some

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I don't go to Allah, Allah owes me and so I'm gonna ask Allah for something. I didn't get it. What kind of goddesses I asked him very directly he told me make driving cars income through, you know what, what's the point I already have everything I need to pray and God

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ality to do that.

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The other side thing before I go further is when you become so obsessed with yourself,

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worrying about yourself, praising yourself, elevating yourself, concern with yourself that you have no time to be concerned with a lot, you yourself are too great in your own eyes for someone greater to for you to be worried about. So are you know Are we a lot of times for our own children, I argue we for the adults here for a second, we dig our own graves, we give our children so much without teaching them gratitude

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that we actually were signing their destruction, we're not giving them things that will make them great that they'll make them grateful actually makes them more ungrateful. They get so used to getting and not used to painting not used to give me that destroys eemaan in and of itself. You don't even see the need for it. All of your needs are met, why would you turn to a leather fulfiller of all needs? You never turned to him before and all your needs were met. So why would you feel the motivation to turn that?

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And it's at that point, you've got a tough one. You can even talk about what was your mastering? You're the slave cuz you're totally free to do whatever you want. Have you heard your teenage teenage kids, I can do what I want. I'm a free person.

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You've heard that before, right? I can do whatever I want. I don't care. I'm an adult, you know,

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these words, what are they suggests? They're not slaves to you. But if there was one thing we could successfully teach our children and ourselves, there was one thing is you're a slave and Ally's master. If you can't teach that one lesson that Allah started humanity with

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the first lesson, I won't even take the rest of

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that lesson, be grateful. That one lesson we can't even talk about anything else. Because it's after the 100 law alarm, he introduces himself as what did it mean? after that? He says, Well, first you have to learn a company that then you can appreciate we'll have is your master is now you're ready to obey. Obey Him, because you know, he's done so much for you. And there's absolutely no way you can thank him enough, the least you could do is recognize me as to you, at least act like asleep, at least know that he's alone.

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This is at the heart of the problem. I've met young people in college that have taken a philosophy course or two. And then they come and they say, Look, I'm not so sure if God exists, I'm not so sure if there's you know, there's so many arguments against the existence of God. And I've read this website that that was referred to before, all of that's fine, all that secondary. But if you actually get down to it at the bottom of it, there's either one or two things, either they had a really bad experience in their life, and they're blaming a lot, they're angry, how can we let it and help them out, which was mentioned in the previous talk, or they really want to party. They really

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badly want to do whatever they want to do. And they don't want to feel like they have to answer to anybody. So the only thing that made them feel guilty was this idea that Ally's my master, and he's gonna come, you know, he's gonna ask me about what I did, what did I just get rid of this whole thing, so I can party freely.

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That's at the bottom of it all. You can cover it up the philosophical arguments. And to those arguments there. They're very strong responses. It's not like we don't have access to those things. But that's all secondary, even if you respond to those things, in my experience, that doesn't help the person. Because in the back of their mind, the problem is they refuse to accept themselves as asleep, it's too much of a life change. They refuse to accept that they have to be grateful to someone higher. That's the real problem. There's nothing else. It's really in the end, nothing else. You have to be able to be honest with yourself when you're having these kinds of issues. Now, the

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last thing I want to share with you guys and especially the youth here

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in regards to the kinds of things you read and the kinds of things that start influencing you. We're living in a time I had an earlier conversation with some folks about this.

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Actually, before I get to the just a little bit beating up on the adults, how much time do I have left, by the way?

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Okay. Okay, so a little bit on the adults, I told you the first question we have is that up.

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What that means is we are on this earth to serve a lot. We were put on this earth to serve a lot. Let me tell you, even religious Muslims can flip that equation around.

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Their idea of religion becomes, I just want to house what gosh.

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I just like him getting married. Is there some selection be resigning? I'm expecting a baby during the delivery connection just precisely? Because she had a baby? Should I decide that right now? Or is that gonna help me out? Or you know, what can I read? Because I'm looking for my for a new job? Or what can you know, constantly one of the one of the some things in the religion that can make my life easier? You know, put it in simple language for you? How can the religion serve me?

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As simple as that, what is it? What will be revealed that can serve me? Well, the original equation was what? What can I do to serve a VA, you just put the money. And I'm not saying those things don't exist. I'm not saying that there aren't gods that bless your house. And gatherings where you can use the rope to attempt to heal the sake etc. These are things in our religion. But as my teacher used to teach us, these things are what you call benefits with the job. These are the benefits, your real job is to be asleep to serve a BA and when you truly serve alive, you get these benefits. What did the Muslim become interested in all the benefits? And none of the responsibility? That's when we

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became a cultural? So it's not even a study of is this authentic honey? And is this or that voice? The way is? Are you here to be served? Or are you here to serve? Have you understood what are the mission of my life is to show some gratitude to a lot, you know, how many sacrifices and

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how many incredible sacrifices he made. And one of the most comprehensive descriptions of his entire life. Yeah, but summarizes all of the amazing adventures. In one phrase, shocking.

00:22:14--> 00:22:31

He was grateful to some of us papers, Allah summarizes all of the sacrifices, all of his incredible accomplishments with one phrase that was all motivated by one thing, he just wanted to be grateful to some of the things he could recognize, in the Favorites, that that's all that was.

00:22:33--> 00:22:37

That's what a slave does, his entire motivation is I just want to be grateful to have

00:22:38--> 00:22:41

when gratitude dies, faith goes with

00:22:42--> 00:23:15

the sense of gratitude dies, it goes with indulgence that we've created for ourselves is killing our sense of gratitude. And when it's killing our sense of gratitude, there is no debt, there's no surprise that we're having a crisis of faith that we're having a hard time. You know, so this is one bit that I wanted to remind myself of, and all of you have realized was that because of those who truly do have a lot of religion and recognizing their love, the second thing I wanted to talk to you about in our in our time, is the idea of honoring something and respecting something.

00:23:16--> 00:23:50

traditional societies, Muslim and non Muslim older societies, there was this idea that something deserves respect. And you don't make fun of it. You don't talk dirty about it, you don't talk down about it, you don't disrespect it, whether it was Hindu culture, or Buddhist culture, or Christian culture, or Jewish culture, or Muslim culture. We all have something in common, there were some things that you don't make fun of, even if you don't believe in it, you don't make fun of it. You know, even in our religion, we are the We Are the probably the most harsh religion, when it comes to standing up against ship. You know that right? We are probably the toughest religion when it comes

00:23:50--> 00:23:55

to standing up against ship, even then we're told not to make fun of other people's guns.

00:23:57--> 00:24:32

You have to show respect to people what they have regard for, because then they will respect your religion. We can make fun of other people's religion, we can laugh at them. There's an idea of respecting everything. But we've come at a time where the most important thing in the world today isn't knowledge isn't wisdom. In my opinion, the most important thing in most individuals lives has become entertainment. The most common thing that we have in common in the globe among people is mobile devices where we're watching movies, or playing video games, we're entertaining ourselves. And you know what, what entertainers do is they try to come up with newer and newer things to get

00:24:32--> 00:24:59

people to watch them to get entertained by them. And you know, as a result, what's happened is, entertainment has become more and more obscene. More and more shameless, it crosses the line every year after year after year, it becomes more and more disrespectful language becomes more and more inappropriate. What pG 13 was in 1985 is not what 13 was in 1995, but it's certainly not what it was in 2005. And today, it's forget it wouldn't even been our back then and now it's PG the standard

00:25:00--> 00:25:28

keep dropping. And with it all the things that used to be respected in society no longer deserve respect, you can just make fun of them. You can just make fun of things. So have you seen or heard of cartoons that make fun of God that make fun of profits that make fun of the Bible? Or are people that make fun of the profits of them, not just our religion, the Christian faith, the Jewish faith, you know, the idea of God, the idea of religion, making fun of profits, making fun of your money, this became part of common culture,

00:25:29--> 00:25:42

a culture in which you don't have to respect anything. You don't have to respect anything, you know, when you don't respect something, when you think it's less than you. Right? When you don't respect something, that means it's pathetic, it's less than you.

00:25:44--> 00:26:20

Showing a lack of respect to these things, we are already acknowledging How arrogant we've become how above everything that we criticize We are, we are in a position to criticize somebody says, How come the Koran says this, it doesn't make any sense, you are in a position to criticize just like some reader who read a book on And give it two stars. I didn't like the introduction that much. The author's kind of repeating himself too much. It makes sense in chapter three. So you're going to critique what a law says, Because obviously, the one who criticizes is in a position of power, or the one being criticized is in a position of power, who's in a position of power. You

00:26:20--> 00:26:23

are now you are now but when we say a live,

00:26:24--> 00:27:01

slave who's in a position of power, ally, as you already put you negated the idea that you are out. When you come with that attitude. That attitude in itself is the exact opposite of what a slave is supposed to be. That's the starting point. When you are not looking to be grateful, when you're not seeking to find out why you why you come to this earth, if your purpose in life is to become entertaining yourself, pleasing yourself. If that's the purpose you that's left for you, then there's no doubt about it, you will have problems with your faith, you will have questions, you will keep raising doubt after doubt after now,

00:27:02--> 00:27:10

you will have no regard for saying why why did the Prophet say that? Why did the Prophet say this? That doesn't make any sense. You've watched it before you talked about

00:27:11--> 00:27:22

even the slightest idea that he's the ambassador of Oz guidance to this curve. you'd watch how you talk about it, even if there was a little bit of discipline in your head. And this is a final lesson here.

00:27:23--> 00:28:00

And you know, Allah has so much regard for him, that if people just call him casually by his first name, as they did, some people did when he was alive, all of their good deeds were multiplied by zero. They didn't even insult him. They just called him casually. So I better watch it when I talk about the Prophet. So I better watch it when I talk about. We don't have that attitude anymore. Because we're in a culture where nothing deservers. Right. Everything's open to criticism. You can talk about everything, just any which way. It's no big deal. What's the big deal? I'm just asking a question. That's the attitude that it's become. This is not the attitude. Nobody has instilled in us

00:28:00--> 00:28:36

the natural decency that he puts in us without even is not being revealed, and decency that we already had the decency that already told us that we have a master and we have to be humble, and we have to look for reasons to be grateful or all around us. We allow, especially help us of the parents in the audience, raise children that have a sense of gratitude in their personalities, that they're grateful for the things they have, and they're not arrogant about it. And they appreciate the gifts that God has given them and realize over them because of those, that the parents and everybody here examples of people that are grateful to Allah and by showing that gratitude, that by

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doing that itself, they reinforce the faith of the people around them.