Abdul Nasir Jangda – Clothing – The Parameters and the Permissible

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the topic of Islam and how it gives clothing parameters, but also adds that wearing long clothing in Islamic countries is prohibited. The speaker suggests that sharia and Sharia's language have influence on clothing, especially in older countries where people may remember warime.
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When it comes to clothing, it's a very interesting subject matter in Islam, what Islam did was Islam gave certain parameters. The this is the part of the body that needs to be covered. And then beyond that point, now, if you choose to wear a little bit of the longer shirt, like they were in some parts of the world, like in Pakistan, or in India or Bangladesh,

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then that's fine. You can wear that if you choose to wear the job where that they were in other parts of the world, like in Iraq or in Sudan, then that's totally permissible. If you decide to have the cloth wrapped around, like the lower cloth wrapped around the ease out the Linky, right, like they were in other parts of the world, like in Bangladesh or in Malaysia or somewhere else, then that's permissible. And so the nature of the garment, right, and this is for those that maybe, you know, are either old enough to remember some of the fake wars in our community, or people who waste too much time on the internet will remember all these battles in the community of what is Islamic

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clothing, sunnah clothing, and all of it was a silly discussion, because it's all moved by permitted it's like flavors of ice cream, basically, is Sharia saying, nobody cares? Nobody cares.

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