Abu Bakr Zoud – Focus on at least ONE Good Deed during your life

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of choosing one deed in one's life is discussed, along with advice on handling one's behavior and finding one's partner's name on a throne. The use of a mirror can reveal a deed and the number of doors and names on a throne. It is recommended to focus on finding the right person and finding comfort in one's life.
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on hamdulillah Hello bin alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah pada le Kiyosaki as mine, or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may the peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam still follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, shallow to Allah just a very short, practical advice that one is supposed to implement in his life until he meets Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that is that my brothers and sisters in Islam, the paradise, it requires people that are focused people that are dedicated people that are committed people that are serious, this is what the paradise requires.

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It requires people like this, not someone that is lost and left and right. And Danny has nothing of the good deeds and they and he sometimes is focused, sometimes he's lazy as Allah subhanaw taala when he described the Mona if you put in the hypocrites, he said move the bean avena valic la ilaha illallah wa Illa Allah when Allah azza wa jal described the hypocrite, he said more than a human being much more than he is someone that is undecided. Sometimes he feels like spring, sometimes he doesn't feel like praying. Sometimes you feel like fasting, sometimes he doesn't. That's Alma de la ilaha illa. He hasn't taken a firm decision to be among the people of the paradise. And he hasn't

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take a firm decision to be of the people of the hellfire. What

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we understand from this that the believers task and role in this life, if he hopes to enter the paradise he's supposed to be focused and committed. And a practical advice Yani concerning this principle is that you choose for yourself, one deed, one good deed one kind of worship, in where you find your heart, resting toward, and you find peace, and you find tranquility with this one deed, then you hold on to it, until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you hope that Alonzo Hill admits you into the paradise from this one deed. I give you examples now, so that you can understand why this kind of advice comes from BelAir. Roby Allahu anhu and the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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during the night of an Islamic marriage as the prophets on the lohani your syllabus and ascends to the paradise. He hears the footsteps of beloved by a loved one. And how did he know it's beloved? Now he did not see him he only heard his footsteps because the prophets on the lawn while he was selling them, when he was in this world, they live below the Allahu anhu used to pass by his house every morning so he can go to investor that number and make another and so this is the relationship between a teacher and a student. That also loss is seldom did not only know his student beloved by face, but he also knew him by his footsteps right this is a perfect teacher in terms of relationship

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with his students for no reason alone while even salami he is Janelle even when he heard his footstep in the paradise, so maybe some alone while he was alone. Yanni wants to know how to make it then what is the thing that he does that got him to this high place in the paradise for your sister Mia Bella in addition to what he says the MA Orisha Amelie namita Whoville Islam, what is this one deed that you deeply miss them that you hope from Allah social admission to the paradise Alisha Aman amento Phyllis them.

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One he says nothing other than every time I was to relieve myself, I will make will do and I pray to God after this one deed and he held on to this one deed all his life. And he ends up being in general for those because of one deed he did now definitely been out of the alojado read and he prayed he made he gave charity He fasted he did a lot of good but one good deed that he held on to any hope that Allah would give him the paradise because of was this tool or God of the every warhead that he made right? We also learned my brothers and sisters in Islam

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Jani, the Paradise is eight gates, eight doors, and every door has a name. So there is Babel yen, Babel, solid Babel, Sadako. Babel and Kelvin Meanwhile, you babble government, Bab an IV gnarly nurse. These are those of the paradigms there's a door called the door in where people that used to fast would enter from that door. There's another door double saw that the people that used to focus in their salon. They five daily prayers on time shouldn't avoid the before and after the prayers, night prayers a solid diluted or solid to be focused in their solid. They enter that door. Right babbles soda called people that will focus in their sadhaka they enter from

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That door double l kelvim enough for those that used to suppress the anger. Imagine that the whole door an entire door for people that used to control their anger in this life. They enter from this door. But let's understand something. Why does the paradise have eight doors and every door have a name for all leads to the paradise should have just been one door and everyone go in. But the fact that it's eight doors with different names on it allows or shall is teaching us that in this life, there'll be people that are focused, for the one that was focused in solid will enter from Babel sada, the one that is focused on fasting Monday, Thursday, three days of every month for a mobile

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and perfect person like that would enter from who yet someone that is focused in suppressing his anger all the time. He wants to get angry, Bab government life he enters from there. And so what we learned from the doors of the paradise and the different names, we learn from the step into what is the deed that you're holding on to that you hope that allows origin admits you through the paradise because of this, what is this one deed that you're holding on to you need to find the deed for yourself and the people that are available solid, it doesn't mean they didn't file. It doesn't mean they didn't read the Quran and give sadaqa for sure they did that. But Yanni they focused on one

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deed and this is the door that they entered on upon and the reason

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he says to us also in an authentic hadith that on the Day of Judgment, there is a woman that raises little solar muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam for nerissa salami system and Auntie who you fish she says animal Totem card to Allah a term in Lee, I'm a woman that is widowed, my husband had died, and card to holla. at me only I had children. So the children now have become orphans. And I took care of them. And this woman through this one deed of hers, taking care of her children after her husband's death, and focusing on that as the main task of hers. She hoped from this to be admitted into our high station in the paradise on the Day of Judgment, she's racing or sort of loss, I send

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them to the paradise when he asked her what Who are you she did not give her name? She did not give her name. You're not known by your name on the Day of Judgment. That's a side thing. The primary focus about you on the Day of Judgment is your identified through your deed. What deed did you do? And what did did you hold on to? And you heard from Omar Xhosa very admitted through the paradise because of it. Yeah, this is the short advice find for yourself during these last 10 days of Ramadan as we are about to enter these 10 days. And getting what is to come is much better than what has already any proceeded those 20 days of Ramadan. 10 days are coming now. They are in a much better

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than the 20 days far, there is no reason to lose hope. There is no reason to be sad about what happens past May allows origin forgive the shortcomings of the past. And now focus on what is ahead. Find for yourself a deed in where your heart rests with and make a commitment with yourself that you hold on to it until you meet a lot of Zoysia intimacy during this month of Ramadan. What did you find? What kind of worship? Did you find yourself relaxed more with a diet? Then hold on to a diet for the rest of your life and focus on it? And ask Allah Zoysia that through a dryer you enter the paradise? What is it a solid solid thoroughly? Did you enjoy it really, you found your heart connect

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with solid thoroughly, then make sure after Ramadan that you continue this deed? Even if it was 2468? Whatever it is, I get that you pray before you sleep. What was it? Was that fasting? Did you really find comfort and peace and tranquility with fasting more than any other worship of the day in the night? Then hold on to fasting and continue Monday and Thursday and hope that Allah azzawajal admits into the paradise because of it. What is it? What was it that was at the time during the day when you carry the new began to read? Did you find the connection with that? Did you feel that peace and tranquility and comfort when you're reading? And you found that this is it? This is the deed I'm

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supposed to hold on to? If it is then that's it, focus on that and keep asking Mr. Zoysia that he accepts and he admits you into a paradise because of this one deed that you held on to and as I said it does not mean that you don't engage in other worships you can do that there bonuses on the side. But there needs to be one thing that you focus on in your life and your hope from that that Allah azzawajal admits into the paradise We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from us. We ask him subhanho wa Taala to Yanni to allow us to reach later than others to benefit from the reward of later to Katarina, Julio Veliko. poder Ali salam wa Salaam Bella Garden of Eden Muhammad wa ala he or Sophia

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