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It wasn't long after Abdur Rahman even Ralph's acceptance of Islam that his portion of torture would catch up with him.

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It was so intense that he was forced to leave his home city of Mecca as were many other companions in search of a place where they could worship Allah subhanaw taala freely and that place turned out to be abyssea.

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Now, not long after this, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to the city of Medina and so Abdul Rahman left Abyssinia and took part in the second migration from Abyssinia to Medina to be with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Now this is where it gets interesting

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because when he arrived at Medina, he was penniless. He was completely dependent upon others financially now he was not going to allow the situation to persist no way and so the very first moment that His feet touched the Medina and soil he didn't rest until he found what he was looking for. He was looking for financial freedom. I'm not relying upon anyone but Allah subhanaw taala.

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And Rama live now knew very well the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said that no one can eat any food better than that which one's own hands have earned and the Prophet of Allah Dawood David used to eat through what his own hands have earned listen to this young brothers who claim that life's opportunities only somehow favor the rich favor the privileged favored the well educated favor the drug dealer favor the YouTuber the influencer no you listen to this.

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And a signal Malik he said Abdul Rahman even now arrived at Medina and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam paired him with Saudi Arabia. He said he had so much money he was a rich man. You see, it was the prophets practice to pair a Mexican migrant with a local Medina and Muslim a resident of Medina. So the host in Medina would share almost everything with his Mexican brother. This was a prophetic strategy put in place to ensure the well being of those immigrants who left everything in Mecca to be with the Muslims in Nigeria.

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So Abdul Rahman even now was paired with this Sahabi called sad ignore Rabea a rich Medina native now listen to their very first conversation learn in a lot profound sadness Arabiya said says to his brother, Abdul Rahman, the Tsar, meaning the Muslim residents of Medina, the helpers, they know very well that I am one of the richest men amongst them, and I'm going to split my wealth in half between you and I. And then he says, and I have two wives. So you look at them both, and tell me which one is more pleasing to your eye, and I will divorce her and when her waiting period is over, you can propose to her.

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Now astonishing is this bewildering? I mean, what term does a person used to describe the scene? But you see, this was nothing more than a reflection of Saudi Arabia's eagerness to fulfill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instruction to provide comfort and support to their immigrant companions. So some of them took it to these levels. It's unbelievable.

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But to me, um, the Romans response was even more remarkable than the author. What did under Rachmaninoff say in response to this? He said, may Allah bless you, your wives, your family do loony Allah so please direct me to the marketplace.

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So they gave him directions to the marketplace. It was the marketplace of the Jewish tribal men with a new car and he began to buy and sell with what little he had.

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Not long after this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam bumped into Abdur Rahman, and he saw a yellow scented powder which was used by the woman of Medina as a sort of a dormant as a makeup but he saw it on the face of Rama. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to him, What is this? How Abdul Rahman and he said, Yeah rasool Allah He has a watch to a 10 minute answer. I married a woman from the unsavoury So the Prophet asked him What did you give her as dowry? He said the weight of a date stone in gold, Allahu Akbar. So in this short time, Abdullah man was now in a position to be giving gold as dowry. It was only moments before this when he arrived at Medina completely

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penniless as broke as they come, Allahu Akbar. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him prepare a wedding feast even if it is with just one sheet.

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Now, I can't help

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Harold is to pass without a reflection, the statement of Abdul Rahman who often he said direct me to the marketplace. This statement embodies values that our employer has lacked for decades values of hard work values pertaining to a yearning to sweat in pursuit of self reliance values that we desperately need to rekindle within our hearts if we hope to see our man standing again on its two feet, leading the nations of the world as it did once before as Allah has intended for do Loony, Allah spoke directly to the marketplace. It's a statement which illustrates a love for vision setting and working towards goals a love of leading a life of activity where this individual is

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busying himself all of the times with something beneficial, oscillating between a worldly pursuit and their religious pursuit investing in every god given second and breadth in something productive and worthwhile. Do Looney I'll assume direct me to the marketplace is a statement that contests the sluggish attitude of so many who only accept work if it fits in with their preference or their standard or their profession or their background? No, no, if it's halal pounds have the opportunity to earn an independent living until Allah sends you the ideal job you desire or the work that you had in mind for yourself. Do Lunia Allah Sook direct me to the marketplace is a statement that

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rebukes those who wished that they could receive a generous offer like the offer that Sam gave to have the ramen, it rebukes them and it says to them, is it not that the upper giving hand is better in Allah sight than the lower receiving head? direct me to the marketplace is a statement that doesn't condemn the jobless it condemns the lazy ones, the complacent ones, the lithologic ones, the boys who sit in the bodies of men, their boys at heart, they lack the drive to toil to graph to grind, they prefer to stay at home playing games, maybe making dua for employment but they won't actively pursue it direct me to the marketplace challenges these idiotic get rich quick schemes and

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instead drives you in the direction of proper work of real work by saying to you Don't you realize that hard work in search of Halal earnings is an act of worship, put aside these stupid pyramid schemes and look for real work?

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How beautiful were the words of honorable kebab? Robbie Allahu anhu, who said none of you should sit at home without work and saying, Oh Allah, please provide for me because you know very well that the sky does not rain, gold or silver I

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remember reading the story of Chateau lblv, one of our righteous predecessors, and he stuck with me shocky made farewell to his teacher Ibrahim even who had him before then embarking on a business trip. During his travel he saw a blind bird with a broken wing and he paused for a moment and he stared at this disabled bat and he was thinking to himself, I wonder who provides for this bird in this desolate land. Soon after another bird arrived at the sea and dropped food within the beak of the blind back so Shafi was moved by this episode, he thought to himself if Allah provides for this bird without any effort from it, then why should I tire myself with this business trip? I'm going to

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return home, Allah will provide for me as well.

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So he came back and his teacher Ibrahim, I'm glad to have said to him, why don't you come back shortly I said to him, this is what I saw. And this is what happened. Ibrahim was unhappy with this response. And he said to him, why do you accept for yourself to be like the blind and disabled that dependent upon the provisions of others? Why do you not like to be like the other bird that works and toils to then be on benefit to those around it? So he heard these words and Shafia took the hand of his teacher Ibrahim, and he kissed it in se he packed his bags and he continued on his business trip once again.

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I asked how many fathers have fallen into debt because of their endeavors to meet the never ending financial requests of their sons who will simply refuse to grow up and start working and providing and acting like men? Is it not time to give that arrest and become a means for his comfort? Once and for all? Is it not time to give him some peace? Is it not time to ask your father or any other experienced individual do loony? I'll assume where is the marketplace? Is it not that Allah subhanaw taala had said who wouldn't add the jar Allah Allah? Allah the Lula, femme Shu FIM and ActiveE how're Kulu mele risky? What is he Allah who made the earth team for you? So walk along it slopes

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and eat of His provisions. Look at how Allah draws together these things, how he draws together, walk along it slopes and then the consequential wage eat of His provisions. In other words, your earning will be a fruit of your labor. A fruit of your effort and trust in Allah's promise for provision for his work will come but only after

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struggle and pursue as a muslim you are to see yourself as a leader and a leader will accept nothing but to be the upper giving hand the giver of loans, the giver of charity, the funder of Islamic projects, the savior of authentic the financer of the Muslim cause so rise from your slumber

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rather than Don't waste another second of your life and repeat the words of Abdul Rahman in the house with strength and courage once and for all do loony I'll assume direct me to the marketplace.