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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a soulful and impactful lecture that deals with the importance of and the lessons one must imbibe and inculcate from the day of Jumu’ah.

  • Those people who were given knowledge of the Book of Allah but chose to stay ignorant about it are like the donkey that carries a load that it cannot benefit from.
  • Those who claim to be the only Friends of Allah are challenged to desire death if they are in fact truthful. There cannot be a more true measure of one’s proximity to Allah!
  • Those who know they have done well have no qualms and apprehensions about death.
  • The death we try to run from incessantly will eventually catch up with us. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we rectify and better our actions while there is still time.
  • It is sinful to engage in worldly activities whilst unprepared for Jumu‘ah, once the Adhan of Jumu‘ah is called.
  • The worship and obedience of Allah are better than futility and business, though the latter has to be done when necessary. 

Listen intently and be mesmerized by the lecture.

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Thank you.

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What does he mean? Are tsunami home? Yes, it will use a key him when you rendezvous. Makita Baba Hickman, were in Kansas, let alone a movie.

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Suddenly, we're simply me

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deciding a Coca Cola

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Coca Cola

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along with our lemonade

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today's brief clip I'd like to share with you some reflections from social Juma. I chose this purpose because a lot of times, actually, most of the time listen as we come to Jamal over and over again, and very few times we get an opportunity to talk about what makes Joomla itself and the prayer itself important. And even when we have a conversation about why it's important. Most of the time we have the

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conversation in terms of how to make the most of your Friday in terms of the students the practices of the messenger. So the audio center of the morning, the night before, what what part of the crockery site, how we should try and get to the prayer fairly, and all of those other kinds of etiquette of the prayer itself. And that's all important. But that's not what I want to share with you today. What I want to share with you today is the spirit, the wisdom, and really the fundamental strategy of allies. in putting this program inside the Muslim community and making it a permanent feature of the Muslim community. I want to start with a very simple observation, you know, Muslims

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all over the world. They have credit cards and study circles. They have conferences and programs just like we do here in the United States. And what do you do, we have to advertise those programs, we have to make announcements to tell people to come, there's going to be a program in the evening, there's going to be a program on the weekend, we have to nowadays we have to put Facebook pages up and tweet out and email mass email people, maybe YouTube videos to get the word out, etc, etc, whatever it means we can be advertised programs, even if they're religious in nature, we advertise them. Here's one program every single week, on Friday afternoon, that you don't get an email, or you

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don't get a text message, and you don't have to mark it in your calendar. It doesn't matter how religious you are, or you're not religious at all, maybe there's some of you in the audience, you don't know this place this person for that matter, except for Friday afternoon. That's the only time you see this place. But you don't have to be told you just go on your own. And that's something incredible that the Muslim Ummah altogether gathers, it gathers on this day without invitation. Without even reminder, we've been programmed, so proud of the knowledgeable of us another very knowledgeable of us, the extremely committed and practicing of us, and those who are far from being

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also a good majority of them, as well show up on this day. And you'll notice even a bigger community gathered, some of them lost their way to the machine. You'll see them on the prayer, right, you'll see those people that you'll never see any other time of the year. But regardless, I want to focus on this Friday. There's something about putting science this day. And this gathering is specific, that's very important. And you know, the Arab Spring is not too old now. And it's something that's still taking place. And you guys are hearing about it in the news all the time. You know, one of the scariest times for regimes was right after June masala, because they knew automatically people are

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going to be gathered in all the massages anyway. So as they're leaving, they're going to give more momentum to the protests and more people will be out in the streets. So the thing that the thing that would terrify these regimes was a lot of Joe Han, you think about that, that because they knew this is the time where Muslims will show their strength, their numbers, you know, but what is the spirit of this, this this particular suit this this day, and this activity itself that gives it its power, this communal activity that all of us have the blessing to enjoy week after week after week. You know, in this sort this by the way, this is sort of Cozumel, I chose it on purpose. So to Juma

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is the best place to learn the spirit the wisdom and guidance about the Friday prayer itself. If there's one ayah that summarizes the mission of Alas, messengers, the logline is only just one.

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If you can, you can study years. For years, you can study the life of a loved messenger on

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people into their entire PhDs in like the working period, or like the hidden or what aspect of the sila, they can dedicate and study in depth, and then write books and books and books about one particular portion of the sila. But this one I have that belongs to the heart of this device. The second I have this

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a lot. So we can basically take the entire mission of the messenger and summarizes it. And in summary, the summary of this is I shared with you is basically the messengers job was to bring about by a loss permission.

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His job was to bring about the change in people's lives. You know, when we talk about great changes in the world, we think of you know, big rope, big empires, what they left behind were buildings. I just recently had a chance to go to Europe. And when I was in France, one of my relatives was showing me around to Paris, and they showed me the tomb of Napoleon. And you know, these these large military academies that they have all over Europe, these historical sites, these great empires of the world, if you go to places like Algeria, you'll see the ruins of the Roman Empire. You know, you go to Egypt, obviously, you see the ruins of the pharaohs from back in the day. This is what these

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great civilizations left behind. Right? These these cities are these ancient buildings and artifacts. And the only thing we have left of those civilizations is maybe sitting in a museum, or it's a broken down building with tourists go and take pictures. That's all that's left of them. What did our messenger leave behind? I think you have to ask yourself, we really think there are no buildings left behind must have been applied. At the time. It was covered in leaves. There's a monumental structures, great highways that you can point to and people can go and say wow, look at that. Now. I love the Think of the messenger left behind are they sort of surrounded by a large

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It is incredible human beings, human beings as

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human beings that we point to and say this is the product of a great teacher. These are the Sahaba of the avant garde, whose name and who they left behind. And who the family left behind with the generation after that, we are the product of a lot of messengers words.

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23 years of labor, 23 years of labor of this man by a lot permission. And today, a huge percentage of the population of the word world says that something happened in these 23 years. And it's been summarized in this beautiful way in this is

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incredible before he even tells us what he does. He tells us something about the messenger and his humble beginnings. He says he allies, the one who appointed among the unlettered other when we eat.

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The Arabic word is usually translated as Allah, what it really means is someone as awake and aware of outside education. As you and I were, when we came out of our mother, you haven't been exposed to the outside world, all you know is basically your only education is from your mother, essentially.

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This is the Messenger of Allah. So in this group of people that did not have libraries and universities, they did not have huge learning institutions in history have a huge history of literature and philosophy. They didn't have any of that. This is among the messenger was sent.

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Nowadays, when you think of a person of influence, a person who's going to teach you something you think of his credentials, when you graduate from what's his degree, what qualifications tells you his qualifications before he even tells you what he does. He sent him on the UI.

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He's a messenger from among themselves. It's not that he's above them. He was just chosen among them. He was one of them in another question for all of us is, what are

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your companions, the one who spent his entire life with you? The messenger himself was on an outside.

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And on the side, why should tell you one of the things that just two members could not understand about the messenger.

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But I do

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find it very strange that a worker came to them from among themselves. You know what, that's weird to them. Because warnings come from the outside. Back in the day, they used to be someone who goes outside the village and sees an army coming back to the village and says, hey, there's a danger coming from the outside. You have to be from the outside to give a warning, the messenger is from among them, and he rises and he starts giving a warning of danger coming up. You didn't go anywhere. How did you get this information? So these themselves found it strange that he's from a moment, regardless of what tells us about this beginning, political historical place. This is a desert, the

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the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, the Empire City, never these big kingdoms of the time is huge. governments of the time with massive, massive armies are all around. But nobody even bothered to take over Arabia. Not because they were scared of Arabia, because they didn't. Oil yet. Right? There was nothing there was nothing there to take out. What's the point? Why Why should we send our soldiers to go barbecue in the middle of the sand? What are they going to get out of it? So everybody left the Arabs alone for 1000s of years, if you thought of it as useless territory, you know what big governments do right? To this day, when you have a big Empire? All you're thinking

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about is expanding your empire. All you're thinking about is how we take the borders further, you have to wonder why are these areas left alone for 1000s of years, they didn't see any value in this place. And if they don't see a value in the place, they will definitely not see a value in its people.

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And in this place, that was considered just completely off the map for the big powers of the world. Allah says his final messenger so the love money stuff, and makes it the capital of the globe.

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He went here to settle his family 1000s of years ago before then, the first description we get a workout is

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a value that has no produce, it's useless. It's got it doesn't even grow any plants. It's that kind of went and that allowed me the capital of the globe for guidance.

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And he said, Yes, so what does he do this passenger these 23 years? What's his job? How does he bring about this amazing change? 23 years are changing the globe. And how we think about

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the most impactful event in history happens within two decades the mission of this messenger so

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how does that happen? He says,

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We overlooked so easily. He says he narrates onto the TV's onto the people of us if we understand that to be

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the best job. His first job

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is to read on to the unlettered people to argue with you today that most of us are online. Most of the Muslims are online. We

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We may be very knowledgeable in accounting, some of you read knowledgeable in your business, all of us are knowledgeable in taxes. You know, they're knowledgeable, they're people knowledgeable in the areas of medicine, and in history.

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When it comes to knowledge of a large book, we are unaware we know, things here and there we know. For the most part, we don't know stuff. We don't know. The messengers first job is to introduce people to incredible amounts of of love. And, you know, there's no accident that this is mentioned in Juma because To this day, to this day, the function of Juma is to get people familiarized with

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the jobs as a theme is also that

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he should resign on to the people the

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remind people through His Word through his book, because you know, I can try and prepare a speech but if my speech is not centered around the word of the light won't have, it won't have the benefit that it can otherwise have. Something about this one is immediate change in those people. And you and I believe, is the perfect word of the law. So we also have to believe it still has the same power. So if it is shared with people, it will bring about a change in people, it will bring about a change in people. So

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he was a key, he purifies the messenger of a larvicides, the ionic people, and by means of doing that, a purification is happening. Of course, the messenger is not just doing that every Friday, he's doing it all the time. But the convention every week, the big gathering every week is human rights, this installation about love foot, so that we get refreshed with our relationship with the Quran. That's what's supposed to happen every single Friday. Now, let's talk a little bit about this purification. Because we know if there's one thing that somebody needs, you can argue with purification unit cleaning up a lot of dirty laundry, inside of ourselves inside the nuts inside

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these, these these greedy cells of ours. And as a community also, we have our act of cleanup. So by by reciting this for on to the people, he's cleansing, that he's purifying them, I want to discuss purification in two ways. Usually, when we think of purification, we think of something spiritual, you have to do a lot of digging to get deskey. And what dusty has discussed, we think of it in a spiritual sense. But also there's there's a purification of how you think, your attitudes, how you look at something some young men especially give you example of young men, you guys go out there, Muslim or not, doesn't even matter. You go out there, and you're constantly presented with choices.

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And you're constantly presented with opportunities, whether it's what career you're going to pick, or whether you're going to look at that girl crossing the street or not. Or whether you're going to check something out on your phone or not. You're constantly presented with choices. And towards each of those choices, you have a certain attitude, you have an attitude about money, you have an attitude about a car, you have an attitude about where you live, you have an attitude towards your parents, you have an attitude towards your friends, all of these attitudes and the way you think about things, the Quran came to direct them. It came so we can learn to think about things a certain

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way. The way law wants us to think it's not so much about knowledge, knowledge is later. Knowledge is later training you how to think is more important. training you me how to think this is purification. How do we think about the world around? What do we understand to be beneficial? And what do we understand to be harmful? You know, there are students that give you a simple example of that. There are students that study medicine, and they smoke. It's incredible, isn't it? They study medicine and their top students. They get hundreds on every exam. And after the exam, no stressed out and they go outside the hall and they're smoking. You told me you study medicine, and

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you'll say Yeah, no. I know what it does to my lungs. I know damage is taking seven minutes out of my life with every stokey I kill. He knows. What do you do? Oh, no, I like

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the knowledge is there. But the attitude is not there. He hasn't convinced himself is that harmful is not. Knowledge alone is not enough. purification means we clean up our attitude. Not just what we know. A lot of times you're giving advice and the first response in your mind is Yeah, I know. I know, man. I know. I know that already. You're still gonna do the wrong thing. Even if you're told I know. I know. It's as though you're saying it's not important for me to know all over again. nobody's asking you to know all over you already know. But purification means you need to change your attitude. That's why you and I need a reminder all the time. are constantly

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giving a whole Bible so colossal.

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Like 1000 times I already know this. Give me something new. Maybe you know it but it hasn't changed your attitude about spending time with your attitude.

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This is verification has to happen constantly. Like your car needs an oil change constantly. You will need cleansing constantly. That's why this this conference is put in place. The other verification of

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Courses spiritual in nature. You look online, it makes you do you think about your life? How do you spend your days? When do you wake up? What's the first thing you do when you wake up? What do you do in your free time? Are you one of those people that you can even sit still two minutes and do they can have a life The moment you have a couple of seconds, you will pull out your cell phone and start knocking down buildings and angry birds and that you become can even help yourself you become a zombie to this like 99 cent game is taken over your life. There's some people that they are, are you the person who can help themselves to check their Facebook status every 30 seconds. And every time

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someone puts a Thumbs Up you go, Okay, I was worth something as a human being Now finally, you know, that's, that's that's what you've reduced yourself to feel. This is also something that's destroying our hearts. But I'm keen to give us a sense of purpose and prioritize where where should I be spending my time? What what are the things I should just delete off of my phone? What is taken away from my life every single day? We've got about 25,000 days on this planet, on average, every human being being taken away day by day, what are you going to do with those days? What are we going to do with that time, this is purification after this purification after somebody experienced a change in

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attitude, because that's all you can do

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for 25 minutes, 30 minutes.

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I can't teach much nobody can? Well, all we can do is share a reminder, maybe change your attitude about something. And after that, maybe then you are willing to learn. So let's messenger as we learn about the last messenger. So hold on a second, this ayah First Peoples

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as a means of it will use a key. He claims his people, their attitudes and how they think about their life, their hearts. And then

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and then he teaches that the book is the wisdom. You know, reading something to someone is a one way thing. But teaching someone is a two way thing for teaching. Someone has to sit there pay attention.

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This is not right now this is not teaching teaching. These are to ask you questions, I have to give you tests, I have to make sure you learned it, it's two way street. But until people have changed their attitude, their ability to

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apply this even to our children, we think that we're gonna put our children in Islamic education, or we're gonna put them behind a chef who's gonna give a talk, and everything's gonna get better. No, no, no. First thing that needs to change. And every human being including children is the attitude. Until the attitude is change. Learning is useless. It's useless entirely. You know, there are people that go to school and they don't want to go to school and they do terrible why and they don't want to attitude, isn't it. But there are lessons that after that once the app is fixed, now you become a full of learning with people who keep up with HIPAA, then he teaches them to look at the wisdom. Now

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we become an educated a reformed oma. This is the spirit of tomorrow. every single Friday, you and I are supposed to get rejuvenated with our in our relationship with God. There is no nation in the world, no nation in the world. There are nations that are far bigger than ours in population, four times our size, three times our size of other religions. But they don't have the kind of gathering we have every Friday. We don't even realize whether we you know many of us, we don't even know each other sitting in this audience. We don't know each other. We're of different countries and different backgrounds. And that's one of the amazing things about the United States, right? There must be like

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50 countries in this hall right now. sitting side by side, you don't even speak each other's language. But there's one thing bringing us together. That's that one invitation by law. First,

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rush to the remembrance of Allah.

00:23:38--> 00:24:06

Allah created a real reunion of all Muslims, every single Friday, when we talk about how come the Muslims are not united. How can we don't take advantage of Friday to unite with each other at least as we say set out to one person next to you. At least get to know one person next to you. You know, this is how unity is built. Unity is not just built over just over the microphone talking about we need to be one a lot physically put us together physically. That's something you have to reflect upon it.

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We know how we take advantage of this colossal opportunity in the future. But I want to share with you is something I personally feel it should be shared over and over again across all Muslims. Don't underestimate the power of the Quran in your life. Doesn't matter who you are, how much you don't have what you don't know myself even when a lot of is over just gives you a reminder when you

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try to learn it and try to understand it and try to benefit from what was said like today I shared with you.

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For example that the 60 seconds

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60 seconds are the easiest things you can use go home and read

00:24:44--> 00:24:46

or speak Arabic In Arabic If you can just read the

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

translation wherever you whenever you read something, get a little closer to share it with the wife share it with the husband shared with the children. This Wallah says this What do you remember from the football

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

Let's talk about it. As a family we should get closer to

00:25:04--> 00:25:05

this is the day to do it. This

00:25:06--> 00:25:08

is days, we should try and do that.

00:25:09--> 00:25:13

And slowly but surely, you know, as the arrow says that we'll wake up.

00:25:14--> 00:25:40

Right? The first first thing that happens in heavy rain first you feel a drop, then it floods, it just goes crazy. It's like, maybe what I had today was a reminder tomorrow. But over time, it's become a really deep relationship with God. Don't underestimate these little things. And don't underestimate the value of them, especially when they're sharing with your family. How many times your father gave you advice, something you said about this stuff. You don't remember all of the speeches and all of the talks you sat down

00:25:42--> 00:25:49

with your father gave you a bit of advice that is still in your head. You know, my dad told me one time this this, this, don't underestimate when you give advice to your children.

00:25:50--> 00:26:14

Remember stuff, it sticks in their head, especially if it comes from you. You know, they value those alliances that make us individuals and families that come closer and closer to the fore on every single Friday. They allow us to give our ourselves the leaders that block speakers of abuse of this sense of responsibility are supposed to be delivered in love and appreciation of the art and of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam

00:26:15--> 00:26:51

Nika, so those who sins are forgiven and that are able to make sincere Dawa to align stay away from their sins. And as as the days go by, they only get closer and closer to Allah and not further and further away. Realize that we just help us get away from our addictions to entertainment, we allow someone to help us appreciate that our time on this earth is limited and valuable that it should not be wasted away and things that have no benefit here and no benefit in the next life. They'll make give us a love of useful activities, useful time spent in the worship of luck or in learning beneficial things and sharing beneficial things with one another and making ourselves better people

00:26:51--> 00:26:57

first prehistorical Baraka lovely wonderful football team with a family we're here could be if he was

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hungry, that was Salatu was Salam

00:27:06--> 00:27:11

ala walk them in the game. Well how bad it is. I mean, why that led

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me to getting pulled

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over in the

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in the, in the in the Admin Center, it will send you to see a lot of money coming

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in a

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lot of money.

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I gotta love.

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It picked up a lot in the La Jolla movie. It was exactly what he thought he can put about what it had. It's actually I do a good job with a Nikola Tesla. You love the sound? How can you follow him