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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma


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The speakers discuss the importance of the Prophet's use of words to describe actions and feelings, including "arep" and "will" in Arabic. They also touch on the use of "verbal" in Arabic to describe animals that are to be sacrificed, and the use of "has been cut off" in Arabic to indicate the absence of a legacy. The speakers also discuss the importance of language in communication and the use of "will" and "will" in Arabic to describe actions and events. They also mention the Surah and potential conflict.

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Salam O Allah, Allah.

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Allah Billahi min ash shaytaan on one team. This Mill Hill rock man of walking in

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Cal Cal fell, fell Swan niniola became one help in naturally occur when

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala MBA even more serene vida le he was a humanist and Nebuchadnezzar he, Dean, along with an amine home, Amina Latina, Amina, Amina Swati heart, whatever. So we'll talk whatever subject I mean, I mean from about

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a few weeks ago, we started the Duff's on social gossip. And we actually covered fairly comprehensively a discussion on the first idea of social gossip. So today's agenda is to try to finish this little starting with the if I suddenly become one help in the shiny, aka one avatar. But before we get into the ayat themselves, there are a couple of things that need to be clarified. First, as a matter of overview, this this surah there's majority opinion that it came down regarding a series of incidents that are very similar. So there's no absolute opinion on which one incident it came down regarding, but all of the incidents that are narrated are all similar, but essentially

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they are incidents in which the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam was insulted by the kofod there were some disbelievers who came and said something inappropriate to the Prophet on a subtle Salaam and we'll see what those comments are we read some of them last time, but inshallah tada today, when we get to the ayah in a shiny eka, who will absorb we'll see that in more detail. Nonetheless, the context is something negative. It's something that happened that isn't a pleasant incident in the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but Allah takes this negative incident, but doesn't begin with it. He began with something positive in Napoli NACA and COVID. Allah giving the messenger Elisa

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was Salam al COVID is something entirely the opposite. It's extremely positive. And this is a teaching us this is teaching us an important lesson in this era of the prophet Isaiah to Islam and also in the work of Dawa. Something really disturbing, hurtful has happened to the Prophet it subtle Islam, but Allah wants his focus on something positive. Focus on what Allah has given you. Instead, focus on what goes on, that allows origin has given you that's the first lesson here. Of course, also, there's something as a gift from Allah azza wa jal, he mentioned the good before he mentioned the evil. So he mentioned the good in the ayah in our clinical culture, then also in for Sunday,

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nilotica one, then he mentioned the evil in nashoni. UK, your enemy, the enemy is mentioned at the end. Also, this is again, part of the love Allah has for his messenger and it's not to say them, the words that were said were very painful. And you know, we know that there are many words that are said against the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam that are painful. You know, he was called insane. You know where Luna in the hula Majnoon they say that he's insane. They called him we know who he is. They said he's a magician. They said that he's a liar, Sakhalin, kuzava, magician and a liar. So they made all these hurtful allegations against him. But this one is special, this one extra, this

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one hurt extra. And I talked a little bit about why this hurt extra. But I'll review that with you because that's important to note here.

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You see, the narration goes that the messenger Elisa wassalam, lost one of his children, one of his sons. And this is we'll see the names of the sons of the next generation. But the idea is he lost a child and the news spread, you know, the kind of pain a parent goes through and they lose a child. And you know, the people that come to you, they try to give you consolation, and they try to give you some words that will make the pain at least help you bear with the pain. And when you see someone going through that suffering, even if they are your enemy, you would just take a backseat and not say something because after all, they've lost a child, that much humanity and that much

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compassion. All human beings share with each other. When Abu Jahan gets this news, and he's his uncle, after all, you're expecting some compassion, at least from your family, this entire conflict aside, in the end, you're still family. But no, he is. So he has so much animosity against the messenger sallallahu wasallam that he goes around and starts celebrating and starts going around laughing and telling people but Allah Mohammed and we'll see that narration or Mohammed, his legacy has been discontinued, his name will not be mentioned again. In other words, the only way Your name is continued is through sons. And since he lost his son, he only has daughters, his name will not be

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mentioned ever again. This is a temporary problem because his legacy will not be carried out by his sons because that's the only means by which a legacy is carried out. You're not a painful moment like that, to turn that into a means to say hurtful painful things. So these words themselves are extremely painful. And they're so painful that a lot as origin doesn't quote

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What they said, he doesn't tell us what they said. You see, Allah didn't say you have una, who are who are better. They he didn't say they say that he has been his legacies is continued. He didn't bring up that wound for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, like he does when they say he's insane or he's a magician or he's a liar, he does quote them, but he didn't quote them. He just went straight to the constellation in Nashua, NACA Who is your enemy, he is going to be discontinued. So he didn't even bring up this thing that which the kofod had said subhana wa Taala. And this is an indication of the love Allah has for His Messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. Then finally, what we learned in this

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solar is something remarkable not only does it lead, change the messengers focus, he just feels like he's lost something. When you lose a child, you feel like nothing you get matters, right? This is important for any human being. This would happen to any human being. When they lose a child. You wouldn't worry about the house or the bank or anything like that, on your mind is just that overwhelming loss of a child. It's the greatest treasure a parent receives, right? But at that point, Allah azzawajal turns his focus around and gives him the first remedy in the NACA alkota. He's just lost a child and a lot tells him you've received a lot. you've, you've gained much. And

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there's a list that we went through last time what Allah has given his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is the second thing. But even after that, the remedy, how do you deal with pain? what we're learning in this sort of also, in addition to the response to the kofod is how are we supposed to deal with you know, painful loss, you know, overwhelming depression and loss that we suffer, especially with loss of family? First, you focus on what Allah has given you. And second, for suddenly, Leon beaconhouse, Allah tells His Messenger pray, the way the remedy for dealing with suffering, the remedy Allah gives His Messenger himself Salalah alayhi wa sallam, his prayer itself.

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So Pamela, so this is, you know, from two angles, one the Salah has to do with the last ayah and the other the Salah has to do with the first the Salah is the central idea for solid Arabic is the middle of the surah. The first ayah deals with the gift Allah has given the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what's the thing you should do when you receive a gift you should think and the best way to think is Salah. So in response to the first if a sudden in Arabic, and second is the pain that he's being the pain that is hurled his way by his enemies in the last ayah. And to deal with that, what do you do? You stand in Salah. So for both of those, then the positive and the

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negative, the response for that is solid. So Pamela, now in regards to the children of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And if they are best in what they learn who and whom icon, it is narrated by ignore bustle the Allahu Donna can Akbar Allah de Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam al Qasim, the biggest child the oldest child of the Prophet, I start to Salaam His name is Qasim rhodiola horn who is a Neptunes a nut from Abdullah Abdullah from consume consume from a faulty moto moto kya fanatic possum so now we find the sequence the ages so the oldest child costume then Xena, then Abdullah and Uncle film, then Fatima den Rocha. And so first in the back end period costume

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passes away then later on our beloved passes away in the modern era. So some argue that this incident happened at the death of Qasim rhodiola horn who others argue that it happened at the death of Abdullah and then another narration we find another child's name Ibrahim while the alojado right. So it's argued which child's passing that this happened again in a blow up marriage Lama Mata Ibrahim bin Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah, Mashallah Khun Babu sacado so when Rahim Allah The Allahu anhu died, the son of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the moose raccoon, they went running after one another towards each other and saying in the sabi baton Laila that the sabi

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sabi means someone who cannot have children anymore. So cannot have sons who cannot doesn't have a following. He just became his legacy became discontinued tonight, so they were celebrating in that night. So the stronger narration actually it points to the passing of Ibrahim or the Allahu anhu so for solidia Robic is the the ayah begins with fat for selenia Robic the fire here a moment and Lucy lokhandwala comments on this word, he says alpha colita Allah the fact when Allah mentions in this ayah for Sunday's Olympic liter TV ma Allah, Allah, Allah, He says this is to illustrate the importance of what is coming after to connected with what came before for in Nepal at our Allah

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Yahoo Allah His Salatu was Salam Mizuki Ramadan and the TLM your your akademin Allah mean that it is because of what Allah has given to the messenger sallallahu Sallam the granting, Allah has given to his messenger RNA salt was Salam that is mentioned in the first ayah something that has never been given to anyone in all of the nations and peoples of the world. Muslim Javan Lin Lin mu mu B. He is

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The job it necessitates that it be responded to when such a huge favor is done. It is necessary that you respond to that favor if I do Marilla salette in Arabic that that the messenger is being told because that huge favor has been done to you. Be consistent domodossola he's arguing remember LC Rahim Allah be consistent in the Salah for the sake of your master. Just as a small reminder once again, in the previous surah we read the people who who when they pray, first of all, they're relaxed about it, they don't really care and when they pray, they pray to show off and the opposite is being mentioned here. When you make Salah make it for your rub for suddenly he didn't just say

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for suddenly because the command is done like in other places we find Optimus Sala right just up in Minnesota, but here for sunny Europe big for your master, for your for your Lord which simplifies or clarifies rather the intention. So suddenly for insalata Jamie utterly Jamie The exam is shocked. This is very important. Allah mentioned salon instead of mentioning Wash, wash camera back, be grateful to your master, right. When a favorite is done. The response is gratitude. So the way we understand this is that the salon is Jammie Jammie Jammie, the Joker, it's the most comprehensive of all the ways you can thank Allah. The best way to thank Allah the most comprehensive and most

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complete way to thank Allah is to actually make Salaam to alarm Village and this is why we find in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when something good happens, what does he do immediately? When some good news comes? What does he do? He immediately makes to America. Right? And this is his way of showing gratitude. And this is something we should incorporate in our lives. When a favor is done. When we find some good news coming then immediately our show of gratitude gratitude should be think aligned the best possible way make Salah before it lies.

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So for some first customer for Sally do not do nefesh freshco. So he uses the word for Sunday instead of saying fascicle well Marathi salah and I mean Muslim or salata, mahfouda boo Muslim says that this salad that Allah mentions within pray is referring to the mandatory prayers that's what he says ignore above says that what they have in Genesis Allah that was just Allah saying pray but he didn't qualify pray which ones it means all kinds of prayer pray all the time, the prayers and even additional prayers. Others had different opinions about the word Salah in this ayah they said what penal Mirage we have selected read, we now have that they said because when it is mentioned after

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what have to sacrifice or to slaughter, actually more closely to slaughter, not sacrifice, sacrifices other words in Arabic, but you know, because of that word, some said no, this is referring specifically to the prayer made on a day. So when you make the salah and then you go and sacrifice so that connecting the two together, but really the majority opinion is this is not specifically any one Salah the messenger is being told whenever difficulty comes to you the first thing, remember the good has been that has been given to you and second makes a lot makes a lot so that's that's the overall understanding. El Mirage salatu salam, the MAS Delica and nahal B minor, B

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minor. This is the other opinion finally on in regards to this that when Allah says Salah it means that the morning prayer at the occasion was only 500. And then 100 in the in the area of minute will accelerate an El Mirage bunnahabhain this is also important that the majority opinion of not 100 which is commonly translated and sacrifice, right, that the majority opinion is this is the sacrifice of the day of freedom. That's the majority opinion though there are other opinions that we will see. But before we get to them, we find an interesting commentary by Mr. Shetty. He says we're in as soon as any liquid liquid liquid sacchetti but the solid or actually, yeah, Barbados Allah so

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Allah says well Timo salata at Osaka masala at Osaka. So here the same thing has been mentioned for Selenium obika 100 because now how the sacrificial animal what happens to the meat is given in South Africa it's a form of Zakat, it's a form of given it's a form of sadaqa So, the Salah is mentioned first just like everywhere else I listen to the masala first and Otto zeca second, so the two have been distinguished from each other. Now I know comb can we as you saw Luna, Luna Nelson and this is also important because this was a nation that used to pray and sacrifice before idols find the answer and you know Salalah and he was LMP mobility him this allottee 100 was urgent. The so it's

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important that Allah mentions the exact opposite attitude which is that Salaam should be made only to him and sacrifice should be done only for Allah azza wa jal for about a buck and levy as the as the cabbie aka he This is against the machine his commentary, then enslave yourself to your master, the one who has given you authority and has given you honor because of the grants that He has given you. What shall Rafa can who's honored you, Muhammad Nicole MC and Latina Allah, as opposed to your nation who worship other than Allah 100 he would he bismi he isn't a health and when you sacrifice sacrifice only for the sake of seeing his pleasure, Mohali funda home fanatic

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authen as opposed to them who sacrificed for sacrifice for idols. I'm not going to read you the next paragraph paragraph but I will give you its summary. A show currently Rahim Allah and his famous theological caddied commenting on the word NAB in one health, which again translated as a command form sacrifice. In commenting on it, actually, he narrates the Hadith, which is not agreed upon. But nonetheless, it's important to mention because he did comment on it. In this Hadith, the messenger essentially says that not here, now here is not the kind of sacrifice but rather it's the neck I'm referring to the raising of the hands when you make Salah You know, this rough idea, then the

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raising of the hands, that's also called nothing in this hadith. So some other might have taken that opinion of the seed and said that this is saying the first mix Allah and make sure you begin the Salah with the tequila and then its benefits have been mentioned in other places in the Quran. And it's it you know, the blessings of this refer here then is mentioned. Now which part of the salon which refer I didn't that's not been specified. Nonetheless, that's not the majority opinion. That's a very minority opinion, the overwhelming majority say that 100 refers to the sacrifice of the animal on the day of need. We have to also understand why this why this has mentioned why for Celine

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Dion because when, when we when we move later on, we'll see how this is connected directly to the legacy of Rahim and his Auto Salon. So in regards to this I ignore bus or the Allahu anhu goes further to say, a Salatu mokuba was the Yeoman Aha. He says this Salah is of course the mandatory prayer and then the sacrifice again, you will be happy says the human now same same concept and basically says this one is the sacrifice on the day of nap which is the day of read. Now what are the words in Arabic This is just an aside vocabulary for those of you that are studying Koran more deeply and want to get a little bit of insight on vocabulary. The words used in the Quran to

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describe animals that are to be sacrificed are wooden, nusach, heavy and color and these are the different words used for animals that are to be sacrificed. None of these are used here. By the way, right? Buddha is used for an animal that is large, that is large in size, and that an animal when it's sacrificed its blood hasn't even dried up yet such an animal is called budan. Then nusach is a sacrifice made only for the sake of pleasing the Lord getting close to Allah as an act of devotion to Allah such a sacrifice is called nusach like in the eye in salatu wa new Suki Mohamad right that is no joke is a sacrifice made to get closer to Allah azza wa jal Howdy, howdy is a sacrifice that

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is made. So you that who's the flesh of it, the meat of it is taken to the house of Allah for distribution, that's called Howdy, then Allah in the plural, that's the plural word. kallada is the singular kaleida is an animal that has been marked for sacrifice, you reserved it for sacrifice, but you haven't sacrificed it yet. And the way they would do that is they would hang something around its neck like a garland around the neck. So it's known that this animal is to be sacrificed, whether it's at the occasion of Hajj or otherwise, that's what that's called. But so these are the words for the animals of sacrifice. But then there are three words in the Quran for sacrifice. It's a

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sacrifice itself, slaughter itself, the act itself, the three words are the first one is love. Okay, so, because we have also read, that's the word that's used. It's a common term, this is to slaughter something for religious motives. And this is to slaughter something for a higher agenda. And this this word has been used for religious terms in Islam, and it's also been used in the in the most hideous terms too, because for example, with Fidel and we find you that be hona urbanite at home. Right, they used to slaughter their children. So it's used generally for slaughter. Then we have the word veka leca. For example, in the Iowa mama Akana, Subaru islamize, ilam advocaten. veka is used

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to kill an animal quickly, and swiftly and painlessly. It's usually used, you know, when you have you find in the woods, an animal that was eaten up by like, another predator, but it didn't kill it. It's injured, but it's not killed. Now, it's still not hot. So if you slaughter it quickly and painlessly, then you can still eat it. And that's what the is discussing. Then the word veca is used, also generally used when you kill something painlessly and quickly, then in the magic item, but then we get to the word Now why did Allah use not? He didn't say, for suddenly Arabica was right, he didn't use that was a bit he didn't use a bit also, he used one half specifically. Now

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listen to this, this is beautiful. He said, Allah, Allah azza wa jal uses the word nav, it literally means that which is above the chest, okay. And when people hang themselves or cut their own neck, you know, they do suicide. It's called empty heart in Arabic from the same root. So that's what it comes from. Also. Now moving on this word, it literally most literally means to cut in the throat to cut in the throat is now now split

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Specifically Allah highlighted cutting the animal at the throat in the surah. Why? You see, we learned before that this entire soldier has to do with the messenger fulfilling the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, as opposed to the Quraysh, who are not able to fulfill that legacy and how miserably they failed. As mentioned, it's a little known. Now cutting up the throat. Who does that remind you?

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Abraham on Instagram, and that's where this began. This entire tradition of the sacrifice of a lot. How where does it begin? It begins with that original sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhis salam and I precisely using this word beautifully. Allah azza wa jal tells His Messenger, these people were told to do a battle by two soldiers ago. They should enslave themselves to the master of this house. They failed. How did they feel about eternity? You can see Boumediene for their legal team, they failed miserably. Now it's your job to do to fulfill the door and the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam. And what is that legacy for Selenium? Pika, one house of Han Allah, how beautifully Allah azza wa jal

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places that word completing, letting us know that the messenger himself is not only the fulfillment of the door of Ibrahim, it's the fulfillment of the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam, wa salam ala Honda, he will send them now we come to the last ayah in Nasha, Nika who epitaph, the word in man is important. I've mentioned this many times before in this series that we're in now is used in Arabic to talk to someone who's in doubt, someone who's in doubt. In this surah the audience, the primary audience is the messenger himself, some Allah Honda who seldom, Allah does not address the kofod he doesn't even address them. He's only concerned with his messenger, that in and of itself, isn't, is

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a show of love by the messenger by Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa Taala for his messengers of Allah hearts, you know why? Because if the enemy attacks, instead of going after the enemy, Allah makes sure that the messengers feelings are, are not hurt. So he comes to the aid of His Messenger instead, some sallallahu Sallam right? So first thing he says is in, in, there is no doubt common I'm not saying certainly or verily because those are old English terms. I'm trying to make it as contemporary as possible. There's absolutely no doubt. Now when you say there's absolutely no doubt before you say something, clearly there is a doubt that you're trying to remove that's why you say

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there's no doubt. So what is the doubt you see, this is the mocking period. And in the mocking period, the Quraysh have a lot of power. And the messenger does not have much physical power. There's no armies behind him. Some a lot more so than the Sahaba are few in number, and even the ones he has are being oppressed and tortured. So they're not in any position of power. So when the Quraysh were outnumbering them and out powering them, and they even have control of the dribbler, and they can see these kinds of things to the messengers of the law, harness them without any physical response, no retaliation, then it seems like they are in fact, in a position of power, and

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we will we don't have much to go on. But Allah says no, as powerful as they look, they'll be cut off. No doubt about it. Don't be in any doubt about that fact, in shiny alcohol. Now we come to the word shiny. Actually, before we come to shiny, we'll work backwards, we'll get the word better. Engineered comments in his commentary, better. Mohammedan, Mina, Abdullah, Mohammed, it's the passing of the lion Mohammed. And this rumor was spread that Mohammed Salam is cut off. Butter in Arabic is used when the the tail of an animal is cut off. That's where it's used. And it's an it's a show of the animal is humiliated. And the way the Arab would be humiliated his his future

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generations will not carry his name. Now who carries your name, the son or the daughter, the son carries your name, right, the son carries your name, the daughter will get married and carry the name of her husband and so on and so forth. Right. So if your son Your name will not be carried, you should be as embarrassed as an animal whose tail has been cut off. That's the literal interpretation of the word butter. And this word they started using for the profit on a subtle salon.

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This was also used by Abu lahab by the way for the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, and in response, alesse has avatar even more cut off and truly cut off will be the enemy of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam It is He will be cut off, not you. Now why is that important? We're going to read the commentary of the Lama on this word. And we'll discover why Allah azza wa jal uses this word and what the power of this word is in this surah in them and Avada minicomic llamo hollyford. Lambo halophyte, Oklahoma, who? uptown LA and look Alyssa, you know the word Hua. He's commenting on the word who the machete is, he says, you know how in English, they say your enemy will be discontinued,

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your enemy will be cut off, as opposed to saying, it is your enemy that's going to get cut off. Now when you put it like that it is your enemy that's going to get cut off. You actually said something else without seeing it. I'll give you a simpler example first. If my child says to me, it wasn't me.

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Who drank the milk? It wasn't me who drank the milk? You know, they're actually saying something else. It wasn't me who drank it? My brother did. Right? Or she did or something else. There's another sentence, there's understood by Matt mentioning who are here. And if that allows, identify, and this is a tool in Arabic, it is your enemy that is in fact going to get cut off. What's the part that is understood? Not you. Not you land, not you. Now, Allah did not mention that part. He implied it, but he didn't mention it. Now, why not mention it? This is also the mufa cities mentioning it, the language mentions it, but how come I didn't spell it out? Because Allah doesn't even want to

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mention that comment associated with his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he doesn't even bring that up. This is again a show of the nobility of the messenger and in South Sudan. So the the word avatar is used for the enemy, but only imply that you're not part of this, but not even stated in that way. So that painful statement wouldn't be brought up again. soprano, la Nakula, Nuland, Illa, Yeoman chiamata middle meaning for whom Allah wa Kabak? Because all of those who believe until the day of judgment, every single child that is born, that is born with the Adhan being given in their ear, every single one of them is from your progeny, now, they are from your children, and

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they're from your legacy and your continuity, their idea of continuing your memory, your legacy was having children, and the messenger has been given a new way to continue his legacy, a way that nobody else has ever been given. So it doesn't matter if somebody says La ilaha illAllah in China, or they say in Africa, they love the messenger equally so malachite said them more than they love their own nation and their tribe and their nationality and their heritage. You ask them who do you love the most any child any child who bears La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, they will show that affiliation first so proud Allah. Nobody, no, no family enjoys this kind of tight, you know,

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families have fights with each other. Right families get, they break up and they break over inheritance and this and that and the other and Allah gave his messenger a family, this family that Allah gave this Omar's Pamela, what kind of continuation of legacy Allah gave. So he says In comparison, who will after he's the one who's going to be discontinued? From Islamic law you call the whole chapter. And then the other one, actually, anyone the likes of you could never be called up dub. This is the commentary again, we're in them after Hua Shan, Shan oak, and Moon soffit. Dunya was

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the one who's truly discontinued. The one who's cut off is the enemy that you have the one who is cut off in this world and in the next one in Vic, we're we're in lukina, Luke Robin Lang. And even if he is mentioned, he's mentioned in a means by which he is cursed. Every time we mentioned the people who cursed the messenger sallallahu sallam, another door is made against them. Another way of the Hellfires punishment is Berlin to fund them with our daughters against them. And every generation of believers, even if they do mention a Buddha, or Abu lahab, they don't pray for them or praise them. They curse them even more. And Allah accepts the cursing of the believer against them.

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So millions upon billions upon people generation after generation who's who's buried under now that's the kind of legacy they deserve. You want a legacy will get you a legacy, you know, and they thought their legacy is going to be continued by means of their sons proud Allah.

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What can we learn in na mohammedans on board again, they used to say that homosassa them is completely you know, left unsupported is our matamata the crew who when he dies is mentioned will die with him. That's what they used to say because he has no sons who's going to remember him. Well clean and so let Phil Aspinwall. And it's also been said this idea came about I also had been working on a hula hoop called Santa who after and he had named the Prophet after well after and Lila Aquila, who and after is the one who has no backing has nobody behind him. Woman what came out and after Bella who is also linguistically like I said, the donkey or the animal whose tail has been cut

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off who has no tail, or the mark I've been assured of another story that's narrated in regards to this solar garden I should have came to Makkah for call it la Quraysh. Curry said to him, antihero el Medina was at home you are the best of the people of Medina and their leader, Allah tala de la Ilaha sabi and Moon butterman coma he has more Pyromania Didn't you look at this, this this one that has no support this orphan that is cut off even in his future generations from their native from his nation he thinks that he's better than us when a new national Alhaji but we are the people who take care of the people who make Hajj Musa Kaya and we give people drink. What I will say Dynavox Kala

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

anthem Cairo Minho. And so he he this guy came garbin Ashraf came he came to Makkah from Medina and they said, you see this guy he thinks he's better than us. Look at us. We take care of the Kaaba, we do this we do that. What do you think who's better and who's going to be cut off whose name will never be mentioned again? So he says anthem Cairo men who you're obviously better than him. That's what he said.

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

So financial aid in Nashua NACA who will update and is as a result of that comment that this idea came your enemy he will be the one to be discontinued. Now about the word Shani, the common translation you know in Arabic what they do is to simplify things, the word is translated with another word so shiny shiny the word enemy translated I do which English again comes out as an enemy but that's confusing for us in English because if I do is enemy and China is enemy then why are they two different words? What makes them different? And of course I do is used in the Quran for example I do is used for around I do Li radula, who is used when Mussolini Musashi Salaam You know, when he

00:30:38--> 00:31:22

was brought up to the water and the child was picked up. Yeah, who are the one who initiated Allah? Can I do right or do is used for shaitan? around? It's used in many, many places. But here's specifically Shani, why not are the other worker? Who an actor? What's the difference between these two words? First of all, understand that there are three words three words for animosity. There is Shannon from we get that we get Shani that's the first word. The second word is bold bah bah from it the one who does it is called believe or mobile or mobile head right rather and the third is I do from other one and otherwise there are three words. So by the end of this verse inshallah tada will

00:31:22--> 00:31:32

understand the difference between these three and why specifically this word has profound benefits in this ayah. So now in regards to what oscillated between

00:31:34--> 00:31:42

the origin of bitterness to be cut what Shafi them like we said the cutting of the tail of an animal actually I'll skip this part because we did that already.

00:31:43--> 00:32:20

Let's go to the commentary. Oh, this is beautiful. The commentary of even Tamia Rahim Allah he wrote actually a thesis on sankofa it's a beautiful thesis, I've actually heard that it's been translated recently. So if you get your hands on it, to try to look it up online or something in Sharla, or an Islamic bookstore, and get it it's a very, very beautifully written paper on sort of calcium in the house of Hannah who up roshani Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam I mean, cool Lehigh. It is as though Allah azza wa jal how perfect he is, has cut the enemy of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam from any possible good. He didn't just say cut off from your future legacy cut off, which means it's

00:32:20--> 00:33:00

cut off universally apps in absolute terms for up to Allah who so he cut off his family Wilma, who and his wealth for your sudanic Philadelphia when you do Hayato so and he will suffer loss in the hereafter and even in this life. Now, fella in Bihar, whether he has money or wealth, even if he has them, he won't benefit from them, while he has over to see how he will not be able to enjoy them or use them solidly hand for any good whatsoever. Lima Lima Radha Kunda who Fela Emil hype that Allah has cut off his heart so it will never go in the direction of good and that's a curse from Allah to that heart will never be able to go towards good because it took an animosity against the messenger

00:33:00--> 00:33:01

sallallahu sallam.

00:33:03--> 00:33:40

Where are you who the modified ajita Allah and it will never inclined towards knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala one will have better he will email Nibiru su de la him salatu salam nor will it ever find a love for Allah or even or any of his prophets, Allah Himself to salon where you tell Amala who and all of his deeds even if the good ones are there, there'll be cut off finally a stamp mill who Subhana houfy thority and even if he has the ability, he will never use his abilities to obey Allah because he's been cut from all good. Meanwhile, Ansible up luminol and sod fellow agent Judah who now Ceylon wala Onan has been cut off from all kinds of helpers you will not find anybody to aid him

00:33:40--> 00:34:21

or to anybody to support him. Well, you've killed him in Jimmy corn and he's cut off cut him off from everything that he would find close to him falaya bucola help and you know what, and so he will never taste any food meaning you'll have no goodness ever and you will never find sweetness or satisfaction in anything panela and this is all Leigh Leigh actually, however who because he became an enemy of the Prophet because of his own personal desires have lousy comments The first thing that goofy suburban new Zune would you hand this this this was mentioned in regards to the the context of revolution a few things were mentioned I hadn't heard the first of them and know either his salon

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

can Afro Jamia Masjid the prophet Isaiah to Salaam used to come out from the machine when I asked when we're in a semi yet fulfilled taka taka data. Then they met each other are asked meanwhile and the profit eyeshadow salon as used to come up from the machine. They met each other and they spoke to each other. Was it the French Phil Masjid Fernando de la kalu Manila de cantata Hadassah, so when the other people of courage came, they asked us even while Who were you talking to for Carla Vatican after he said that one was cut off that guy over there. So he pointed at the messenger in this condescending way and made this comment. So this was said after the Prophet had left Salalah

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

Aluminum, in other words, asked Meanwhile, talk to the Providence Auto Salon, the profit left. And when he left, they came and said, Who are you talking to? And he pointed at the profit has already left. He can't hear them anymore and said that one who is up top. That's what he said. Now look at the commentary in Nadella come in slowly, but

00:35:19--> 00:35:54

this was definitely a secret they had among each other. The Prophet was not aware of what they had said. Now I'm Allah, Allah, Allah who, despite that Allah made it manifest, Allah made it obvious what they had said only among each other. For Sakina is in the Yakuza Anika merges and therefore it even became a miracle. So when the ayah was revealed, they were like, How did he know? How did he know what I said? So even this is even considered part of the miracle of the Quran that Allah heard what they said even though the Prophet didn't and the Prophet Allah subtle said I'm giving the ayah in the shanika who will and must Allah to Sonia the second Hashanah and will both were Shani who

00:35:54--> 00:36:08

will mobile him he says also part of the meaning Shana and his and his hatred both of this really hatred and a Shani is someone an enemy who, who hates you, a man better who have a lower allistic silent kata.

00:36:09--> 00:36:12

Actually, I'll skip this because at the end it will become easier for you to understand.

00:36:14--> 00:36:19

Let's go towards the end inshallah. Tada. Okay, here's what I want you to, to look at.

00:36:20--> 00:36:59

When Allah azza wa jal described the kuffaar Anelka for a llama was a phobia, he was killed in nashoni, Accra, when, when the kuffaar were destroyed, described, they were described as something that will be cut off. This is important because Allah is alluding to the victory Allah will be giving to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam in such a way that no generations of the kuffaar will be able to survive in that land. That will never ever happen again. So in those words, already was a guarantee of a loss victory to the messenger sallallahu Sallam What is this guaranteed going to be a complete surah dedicated just to that subject? Yes, two solos from now we're going to read

00:37:00--> 00:37:07

either john so lucky. One foot right there, this will come completely clear. How will the enemy be discontinued altogether.

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

But now in sha Allah tala wrapping this up this the three words of animosity, if you remember I said or the one or the one animosity, then, you know, Shanahan and Bob but we'll go stage by stage, the first word is or do I do is an enemy that wishes to hurt you. He wishes to hurt you. And he's constantly thinking about ways to cause you pain. The idea is, he may not hate you, he may not have any feelings towards you, he just wants to defeat you. So he's constantly making plans or plots and plans to defeat you. Then there's mobile him or believe that's the second stage. It's above animosity, not only does he want to hurt you, but he has hatred for you on top of that. So there are

00:37:49--> 00:38:29

two things, but he actually includes a feeling. Then there's the third degree, which is Shannon, Shannon is the third of them. And this third one is important because it is one who has the first attribute of ado, he wants to hurt you and defeat you. And second, he has hatred against you also on top of that, and third, he hides he hide some of that hatred and only show some of it. Whatever he shows is a little but he's what he's got inside is even worse. So the worst kind of enemy is Shannon, the worst kind of enemy is Shannon. And why did I use that worst kind of enemy because we low even in sociology or just a history of human tradition, even an enemy will feel sorry for their

00:38:29--> 00:39:10

enemy at the loss of a child. Even an enemy will do that. What kind of enemy could this be that wouldn't even find pain in that in this in the death of a child, they will find a reason to celebrate. They can only be called Shannon. It's an extreme extreme extreme enemy and the strongest and the worst kind of enemy. And so I want to conclude with actually something very, very beautiful. That's been said by emammal elucid akinola similar things have also been said by mom huazi. And I do was often Mohammed Mustafa Muhammad SAW them, Bill in law was the law. This is amazing. The enemy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described with a word that refers to having little or

00:39:10--> 00:39:49

nothing, and also a word that is humiliating in lower Linda and uptown, he's not going to have much left, he's going to be discontinued. And it's humiliating because remember, we said it's the taint of the animal that's cut. And if you're being compared to a mutant, mutated, mutilated animal, so it's a humiliating word to use. When nafsa who've been kufra and Allah azza wa jal attributed his prophet with what in the NACA, closer so you contrast it? when describing the Prophet alayhi salatu salam use the word that is multitudes upon multitudes upon multitudes, when describing the enemy use the word that is less and less rather even cut off completely. And after sakalava Allahu Allah,

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

Allah He and this is the exact opposite of what they were saying. They thought they had plenty. They and by the way, why did they think they had they had plenty. You remember we read the Fluttershy

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

He was slaves. They thought they had plenty. They thought they had everything. But Allah azzawajal when describing them, he reverses it and he says no it is my messenger who has plenty of what's the word for plenty I would go up. It's even a plentiful word for plenty cathedra is less go said is more. And then on top of that, for them, Allah uses the word that is, you know is the lien family lumen Allah Allah. So we learn here, the lien powerless, you know, humiliated, embarrassed is the one who Allah embarrasses will castrato and the kassala here will counsel the Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and plentifulness and much and multitudes are for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

00:40:39--> 00:41:20

when tarea with Donna was De La Nina do and this being discontinued and this humiliation is for the enemy for hacer la Vina Oh when is sola What are killing her no one Minamata Baka Latif, then we find this between the beginning of the surah and the end of the surah this unique correlation, this unique contrast that has been produced Subhana Allah in the SHINee alcohol after the final thing I want to say to you here in sha Allah is that the you know, the the format of Arabic sentence syntax is important. And what what by that I mean sometimes Allah azza wa jal uses a verb to describe something, and sometimes uses a noun to describe something. And from a linguistics point of view,

00:41:20--> 00:41:56

verbs are considered temporary, and nouns are considered permanent. That's the that's the difference between them. When Allah gave to the messenger how to subtle Salaam, the past tense was used, because that was given to him even in his own lifetime. And that specifically for him, this doesn't continue after him, because it's only for him. So I'll allow him to send them when the enemy was talked about the noun format was used is humanize me in a shiny muqtada, who an adorable, right, this is gymnotus Mia. And the noun format of a sentence is something that is timeless. In other words, this punishment of being discontinued is not just for the enemy that is against you right

00:41:56--> 00:41:56


00:41:58--> 00:42:35

any enemy of you that will come generations after 1000s of years, after hundreds of years, years after, so long as he is your enemy, he's cut off, he is cut off. And then you know, there's a difference between using the melodic form the melodic form, and the Assam form. In other words, up, or up or down, even he will be cut off. That would have been a verbal form. But Allah uses a noun and a noun is something that's happening immediately to the Joomla is means happening immediately. In other words, you don't have to wait for him to cut off, it's done. It's happened already, he doesn't even realize that it's happened. It's already the plans have already begun. You know how

00:42:35--> 00:43:06

sometimes somebody has a disease, the virus is already inside their body, but they haven't felt it yet. But it's already there. That's what a lesson is describing in regards to the enemy of the prophets on the lahardee send them, they might think they're on top, do the operation think they're on top that the messenger is not going to survive? We're gonna get rid of him? Who's gonna listen to him? We already called him crazy. And this and that, and the other How is he going to have a following? Who's gonna follow him anyway? some kid? Some some slave who's gonna who's gonna follow him? How many count of his followers on the tips of your fingers? It's been 10 years, he has less

00:43:06--> 00:43:43

than 100 What's he gonna get? How many people is he gonna get? This is in their head, according to their planning, and their statistics and their future projections. There's nothing lined up. He's got no plans. But Allah has his own plan. And according to them, they have all the power all the strength, all the ability, all the means. So there's no way there's no way that this is they're gonna go down in any way. They don't. That's not in their fandom. But Allah azza wa jal has guaranteed it already. And this is a Maki surah. And at the time, even if they heard in the shiny Coca Cola, they'll be like, Yeah, right. Come on, really. We're gonna be cut off, please. Another

00:43:43--> 00:44:21

empty thread. Right? They weren't talking like that, well, Mark has conquered. They weren't talking like that until 15 years. But at that time, they're talking like that. So law changes the scenario, he changes the scenery. This is why this Sora and the rest that are coming I mentioned before, they are so important because they are directly tied to the seal of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and the seal of the Prophet is important in understanding the work of the messenger because we as an oma have to carry out the work of the messenger on a subtle Salaam that work is not done that work the best part of it is done, but the job has to be continued. And we cannot continue it in the best way

00:44:21--> 00:44:39

until we understand what the messenger himself went through and what responsibility has been put on our shoulder and what encouragement even Allah is giving us kind of what Allah in dealing with this now one quick comment about the next surah and we're done for the evening inshallah Tada, and that is that the next surah is sort of caffee rune.

00:44:40--> 00:45:00

Allah here mentioned the enemy in nashoni. He didn't say in a cafe. He said initially your enemy who is your enemy though, the cafe, the cafe has become your enemy. So here lies the region alluded to who your enemy is, but in the next episode, I'll become perfectly clear who exactly the enemy is.

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

And why is your enemy? Are you fighting over land? Are you fighting over territory? Are you fighting over my character? What's it what's the fight about? What's the fight about? The fight is about who should be worshipped. They were told for the Buddha has obeyed. They didn't do that. So what do we find in the next solo Allah will do matter Buddha we're gonna find that contrast between the two and inshallah tala will study that profound solar in depth next week. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem when finally we are combining it with the Quran Hakeem are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.