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Hello Machito rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sharif we will send in St. Now Mohammed Ali he also have he married a bit of brothers and sisters said Mr. Ali kumara to Lahore Barakatuh.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always forever we'll begin with the praise the thanks of Allah Nisha to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will be a witness and testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala. And we said our love and greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu, wasallam, to his pious, his pure family, his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah subhana, Allah bless us to be amongst them mean well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, I hope all of you are on live would have, you know, some people are not looking so happy.

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I must apologize to begin with that. This was a last minute change. And so the gym was a bit rough around the edges, literally about an hour ago, I called with Mr. Aiman. And I said to him, I'm changing the topic is the idea was to do a talk on the Messiah, because it's Christmas and about number Isa. And then I had a call this morning, with a colleague of mine with one of the organizations I work for a colleague that is highly productive, highly efficient, that whenever you need something, they get something that and after our meeting was quite short, and so we stayed on the call for a little bit longer. And he mentioned to me how burnt out he is to the point where he

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is physically ill and need to physically take time off. You know, and I was surprised, because someone that is always there. And I realized that you know, whenever we talk about holiday topics, whenever you're good Baba holiday, it's about not wasting your free time about using your time productively that, you know, you don't give enough in terms of the dean. And so you should, you know, pick up a class, memorize something, read a book, do some more work. That is true for some of us, for all of us. But at the same time, there's another group segment of us that is working and is overworked, that is actually suffering from this level of burnout in another organization that where

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I teach at

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this period was so stressful for the students with exams and assignments, many of them basically said we love the course we love the work, but it's becoming so much we want to quit and you realize you take a step back, when highly motivated people are highly dedicated people become so disengaged, so exhausted, that they want to give up. And this is a symptom that I find across many organizations, and even and more worryingly spiritual exhaustion, where you feel even giving your time to the dean, time to Allah, you sort of lose your motivation. Today, today's topic, stick a fork in me, I'm done. This is how life feels for most of us. For most of us life is a shopping list

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of tasks and chose a whole list of things I need to do. In the morning. I know I need to do this for work for kids. For myself. For the Dean it is oh list of things. You move from deadline to deadline. You plan. In fact, when we plan our calendar, before it was planned, maybe around birthdays, anniversaries now it's planned around deadlines, this deadline and that deadline, right many of us many of you shaking you nodding your head, that is how our calendar is. And it seems like this never ending goals and targets to meet when you achieve one goal. It's only to look at what is the next step? What is the next goal? What is the next thing we need to push forward to even when Islamic

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perspective. I mean, that's work and kids and family even from an Islamic perspective. Islam has come down to a list of do's and don'ts. And let's stop do hours and vicars and dividers you must do routine of rituals that you must do. And it's and then on top of it, you have the never ending community problems. You focus on Palestine and then it's Kashmir, then it's the Uyghurs eventually it becomes so much where you just want to throw in the towel and say what is the point of it all, I'm never going to eat. I'm like the hamster on the hamster wheel. I'm never going to get anyway. So why even try. And so burnout is a real thing. It is as the psychologist and I'm not a psychologist

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and I always have to caveat that whenever I talk about emotional things that the psychologist say burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion and I'll add to the spiritual exhaustion, you can become spiritually exhausted when you eBUY that feels meaningless. When you saw the cup feels meaningless. We're often doing so much good Ibadah you still don't feel connected to Allah.

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And is comes about as a result of excessive and prolonged levels of stress. Now we all we basically live in a permanent state of stress. Our environment is stressful, our work is stressful, our communities through to our kids are stressful. Our spouses are stressful. So when you're constantly in an environment of stress, eventually something is going to break something is going to break and it occurs when you are feel so overwhelmed emotionally and drained that you're unable to meet the day.

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months, and the states continues, you begin to lose interest and you lose motivation. In it completely, you lose all sense of motivation. And it reduces your productivity. So you're unable to function like used to, you don't have the energy, there's a difference between tired and being fatigued.

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Fatigue means that you can sleep the whole day and still wake up exhausted. Fatigue means that you don't don't have the energy anymore to do anything simple tasks. You know, you don't have the will to do it anymore. You feel helpless, and you begin to feel cynical, you actually, and most of the time, and we'll talk about this type of disease affects people that are usually highly motivated and highly productive. When they lose the motivation. And they start seeing the world as an abyss and him endlessly. I can't do anything, it leads to a type of depression.

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So it's important that we talk about self care as well. Now usually when you talk about self care and looking after yourself and first focusing on yourself, like you know, in the plane, whenever they tell you, and inshallah we'll never be in a situation they tell you before the flight that if ever there's a loss in oxygen pressure masks will drop, first, put it on yourself, and then your kids. Why is that? You know, firstly, now my kids and Information area perspective, my mother first and then my dad, then my kids, then my Muslim brother, I don't love and I if you don't love for yourself, so I must be lost? No. Allah says in the Quran, oh, you believe who I'm full circle, what

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a Holy Quran, Allah says to you, save yourself, and then your family from the fire, you have to prioritize yourself. Because if you are drowning, you can't save anybody else. If you are not able, if you are out of balance, you can't support anyone else. And if you're giving so much of yourself to everyone else, and you have nothing left for you, then really you you will become burnt out. And maybe you can relate to this, that after giving 110% that work, and then 10% As a dad, as a husband, and then 10% in the gym. If you do that to your 110%, the new Obeida and you still go to bed and you will think about all the things you haven't done for the day. After giving more than your what you

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have the capacity to and you still feel is not enough. That's a bad symptom. Now, I must, I must caveat this discussion. As I said, when you have ordered a talk, you have two types of people, you have the person that says, Jeff, I know exactly what you're talking about. I watch the whole night Netflix and then I was burned out when you came to Fudger. Last night yesterday, I'm burnt out I need to watch a few more few more episodes, I am with you on under 10%. There are people that obviously, there are people that need to do more and use the free time productively. And we always focus on them usually holiday time. This talk is for the high achieving person, the person who does

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and meets the targets and the deadlines. And they just don't know when to turn off. It's usually the perfectionist, the person who gets everything right, they get 90%. And they don't enjoy the 90% The thing about the 10% that I could have gotten, they think about the 1% that they've missed in terms of the targets. These are the people that are usually selfless, whenever you ask them to do something, they don't complain, they're ready to jump in and give it 100%. And they are also people that are usually unable to ask for help. They don't know when to draw a line and have a boundary. So how do I know if I'm feeling burnt out? How do I know if it's if it's becoming, you know, my space

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is becoming more of a disease than just a momentary thing. So some symptoms to look out for physically, as we said that you are completely drained and exhausted. It can't be fixed with just a good night's sleep or a weekend of rest. You beginning to physically get ill

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you are getting sick more often than normal. You are in constant pain, headaches, you know,

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different parts of your body, you don't have appetite anymore. from an emotional perspective. You have this you used to be a positive and and upbeat person you're now feeling self doubt. You have a sense of failure. There's a feeling of helplessness. You feel alone detached you have no motivation anymore, you will used to be excited about your job excited about your organization's your, your Maji that you go to you've lost all excitement for the work that you do and the things that you used to be excited about. And you becoming a negative and depressed person. From a behavioral perspective. When you go through this kind of stress. It will take it's it will manifest itself in

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how you treat other people. You will start isolating more you used to be someone that easy to get along with. Now you're very quick to get angry and flustered. You don't have the energy and the patience anymore, to be diplomatic. Used to be when people will come to you and have a conversation. You could give and speak to them. Now you're about look I don't have time for this. I don't have time to but your grandkids and

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Don't work to do. If you start finding yourself being a different person, there is something more to it. And as I said, from a spiritual from an Islamic standpoint, if you feel that you're distant from Allah, that your Ibadah your charity is not being accepted, Allah is not happy with me, and that my good deeds have no benefit venue or another road to being overburdened, overstressed and actually burnt out. And there's a big difference between stress and burnout. Burnout usually is from prolonged stress. Stress is you've got a lot of things to do. And you're trying and it's pushing you to be to, to, to rush and to do it, it forces you to engage more, you have too much to do. Burnout

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is where you realize you're not enough, you look at that list of things to do. And you think there's no point in doing it, I will never, ever be able to achieve this. So you give up and you go through various stages of burnout, for the productive person starts off well, he takes on or she takes on too much I can do it, I can be a full time mom, and I can have a full time job. And I can make her sisters for the masjid. And I can be there for my family when they need me. I can do all of it. And you take it on and initially you succeed and it's good. But you start feeling I'm being spread too thin, you become overwhelmed, you become exhausted. And so from the honeymoon phase, where you're

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able to do under and 10 things, it begins to take its toll on your stress states fully. And eventually this chronic stress when you live under stress is your mind telling you this is too heavy. You know,

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it's not good for me to give gym analogies, you mustn't talk about things you don't have knowledge about. But in the gym, it will tell you your muscle will tell you Look, this is my limit. If I add another few kilos, something's going to stop. Stacy's telling you that your mind is telling you Look, you're at your limit, you are at your capacity. If you add any more to the plate, something is going to break emote emotionally, mentally, spiritually, you're going to break. And when people reach this burnout level, they basically completely shut down your body is forcing you to shut down from your brain perspective. Your brain is an amazing organ. And it requires a lot of energy and a

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lot of sleep to survive resources. When your brain is deprived of enough sleep, enough resources, enough comfortable environment, it starts shutting down certain areas, your brains are going to shut your heart down, obviously, so I'm going to shut your lungs down. So the important stuff remains the it will start shutting down your ability to think and reason your executive functions your brain uses well. You don't need to be creative. When you're in a time of panic mode. We don't need to create beautiful pictures. You don't need to be diplomatic. And so those kinds of elements of your mindset breaks down. Now how do now I hope most of you and especially as I said it's for people that

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are in very high performing jobs and they have high demands at home and they want to do more always if you in that mindset and this resonates with you. Then from a Sharia perspective, you need to take care of yourself. It is actually compulsory that you look after yourself. It is a compulsory thing. And Allah subhanaw taala if you look at our Sharia what happens after Ramadan, what is the day after Ramadan?

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What's the day after Ramadan?

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Why? Why because I'll end is and it's haram to for some a day It is haram for you to fast on that day. Allah once you after a prolonged period of exertion to take a moment to actually enjoy yourself. It is actually mean so long as you don't do haram. It is it is compulsory that you enjoy yourself on eat the same with Hajj. After you've had a very highly spiritual moment of a Bhairava. You get the use of eat three days after Shrek and then he's also loved. Of course he's an IV, but even then Ibiza Salam had this routine. He would give 100% to his community 100% to his family, and fun in the night when everyone was sleeping. That's when he had his own personal time as 400 More

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than a visa salams relaxation was the statute. That was his fun, he enjoyed that. Then I mean sisters, the thing I love the most of the dunya perfume and women but the things that I that is the coolest of my eyes is my salah, because when I'm with Allah subhanaw taala I'm recharging, so even he needed to recharge himself every single day.

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That was his, you know, our equivalent of up at night binge watching Netflix. His equivalent was of course, standing before Allah subhanaw taala and recharging His Spirit. Now the fact is that at least some also as a Superman got depleted that he needed to take some time for him his own personal time. And that's why when he made the budget, it wasn't about he didn't have people around him. He didn't have Sahaba making tattooed with him because that was his personal time for him. And so every single

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person, if you're on holiday, don't leave, you need to take your own personal time to recharge. It's not haram. It is, in fact required of you. So some tips from the psychologists and from the Sharia perspective, how do I if I feel like I'm overstressed overworked? And all of you are, all of us are, what can I What can I do for self help? It's important to have number one conversation, you know, I've counseling is important. And, you know, mental illness of hamdulillah is something that we are learning more about, and becoming more sympathetic to before it was if you have mental illness, depression, anxiety, you're not paying enough Quran, you know, you're not, you're not making Salah

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enough, we realize that our hunger, the mind is an organ, and it has own diseases. Some people need, of course, serious assistance is chemical imbalances. You need psychiatrists, but for most for the most part, and that's why Imams, we do this, because we are free and cheap type of counseling, we're the easiest form of counseling, most of the time, just the conversation is in apitherapy. If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, whatever it is, you don't feel right, you must have a conversation with somebody, maybe you can have a conversation with a close family and friends, sometimes family and friends add a little bit more pressure, have a conversation with any person

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with your therapist, whatever it is, your Imam, and a conversation will help leaking out those feelings. That is the best form of of therapy is to have that conversation with someone else. So reach out, don't suffer in silence. Isolation

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is a it's a cycle that makes you you, you become ill. So you isolate and isolation makes you more ill. And so it's a negative spiral, you will become worse and worse. And the solution to that is having that conversation. So now holiday time on hamdullah. I know you can't have a conversation with someone nine o'clock a morning on Monday morning, work time, but now in the holiday schedule an appointment with somebody instead. Because you won't have a conversation to chat about life, about whatever Hamdulillah you will feel refreshed.

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Again, for people that are highly motivated in their jobs in the Dow organizations in the job, whatever it is, find your meaning again in life.

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Now, many organizations that I work for, from $1 perspective, they don't want me for my Islamic knowledge, they want me for my financial knowledge. And so you join this Islamic organization and you think I'm gonna feed orphans, and I'm gonna do all these amazing things. And you start doing a balance sheet and income statement is looks is not very, you can't get excited over those things. And after spending, you know, months, weeks, years, just doing a financial report, you forget about the good work your organization does. That's why I make a point yet where I know I don't want to do the finances. Because I'm tired of doing the finances. It's important to rediscover your motivation.

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You were passionate about your job. I mean, parenting smart was a good example. Of course, we love our kids. But when our kids are all about sitting with these studies, and the homework and the things that they must, or the things they must do, eventually, we're not so passionate about our kids anymore. You know, we want to push them to one side, it's about redefining your passion in life and the things that provide meaning, not going to be so sick to that's a hobby that he when he was looking for meaning go out and actually hit up the here head of an orphan. giving charity is one thing, doing things in the background, but actually seeing the positive impact of your work and your

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contribution. Actually seeing how you, you know you part of a chain. Now you only get to see the benefit at the end. Find what you are doing see the impact of your life. And again, I say this a lot to volunteers, like Ebates, for example, sitting there in the in the projector room, you know, he does work, he does record things and does a lot of things in front of a computer screen, he doesn't get the feedback I get, someone will message me and say that talk changed my life or that counseling that helped me. I see the feedback and it motivates me, but the rest of the team don't get to see that. And so it's important, especially in a dour organization, or in a job that you get to see the

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impact of your work. And so it will motivate you again

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as we know the hadith of Solomon really speaks to the core of this issue. When the very famous Hadith Salman Rushdie Allah and when he went to go visit his brother of Buddha and he found when he came to the house we know the wife was in a tested state with her dad's wife was not dressed in earnest haram this but a clothes were torn. The kids were neglected. And a Buddha is just making Ibadah he's fasting and diet and he's not doing anything else. And so Salmaan basically told him that this is not the way Allah wants you to live. This is an incorrect lifestyle. You can if you are giving your energy only for the sake of

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Mullah, it's actually bad. It's bad for you and it's bad for your family. And so I wasn't convinced you're telling me I'm making too much Salah I'm fasting too much. What What kind of Islam you're talking about when they went to the Navy, salam, Salam Salam said, Salman, he spoke he spoke the truth that your body has happened you that your family has a hack on you that your Allah has a hack on you that your job is a hack on you. And everything must be given it's douchey. Don't give what belongs to your family to Allah don't give it belongs to Allah to your family. Don't neglect yourself for everybody else, because that is all haram. And so it's important to find the balance.

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Part of finding the balance is of course, setting your boundaries. Number five, it's about setting your boundaries. You must know when to say no. As an imam. I speak out of my own personal experience. I need to know that at 10 o'clock the night Yes, it's an emergency, there's always an emergency. I must say no, this is family time. This is my time. If you take on all the time, and you say yes. And you answer every email, you answer every WhatsApp message from work, even when you're on holiday, people are automatically going to expect because he's answering it's fine, until you put your foot down and say I will not I will disconnect at this time. And you know, that's why I find it

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strange that the most successful and the highest paid executives in these companies, when they go on holiday, they deliberately go to a place where it's impossible to get Wi Fi signal. You know, people fight to leave the wilderness to come to the city and live in Clifton. And the people of Clifton want to leave to go to the wilderness and live with animals against panels. It's a strange kind of world that we live in. Because they forced themselves I have to disconnect if I don't, I'm always going to be engaged. But there's always a crisis. Yes, there's always a crisis. And what you realize is it never ends.

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In fact, Allah had made it such that it would never end.

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As much as work needs you. If you fell over tomorrow, we'll replace you with someone that we will feel bad, we'll give someone an email, maybe someone will cry, but then we'll replace you with someone else. The same with Subhanallah your family. The same with your masjid, the same with everything. At the end of the day. Your job is to do what you can do to the best of your ability. And the Indus with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, the end is with Allah.

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One of the most important ways and I spoke about this last year, this time, the number one secret to happiness from a

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psychological standpoint, we know from an Islamic standpoint, the number one secret to happiness is your connection with Allah subhanaw taala that if you connected with Allah, then you can be like the visa salaams panela we had the stress of the Ummah, on his shoulders, and he can still come home and stitch his own shoes panela

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or we do find it where you can bury six of your children, six of you seven children, and you can still give hope to others. That is the depth of Nabisco. Salams cup is endless the amount of Rama you had, why because it's connected to Allah subhanaw taala us connected to an endless supply of mercy. Now, beyond is the Islamic narrative of connecting to Allah, what psychologists have shown, the number one secret to happiness is what

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how strong social bonds are. Remember, I spoke about this last year, the longest study, they studied people for 80 years, they looked at people who look the longest, it was the people who had the best marriages, we had good relationships with their friends, even if your cholesterol was very high Hamdulillah. Even if your high cholesterol. I'm not saying it's okay. Or they were smoking, even those kinds of very, very bad habits were less of a risk factor than people who are chronically had bad relationships. They were miserable in their marriages, miserable in the friendships, they didn't have friends, those people died earlier.

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So if you want to have happiness, reconnect with the people that are important in your life, reconnect, and last year this time we gave a clip, but how do you reconnect? How do you reconnect from Islamic perspective? How do we reconnect and this goes back to a hadith, we only amazed when the psychologist say that, that a guy who has a happy marriage, he loves another 10 years long as it's finally amazing than me who said that, who ever wants his life to be extended? Did he have good family ties, and I've even said that. And so it's important now that you have time, your relatives and we live you know our relatives live all over the world now to actually make time to connect with

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our family members without kids. You know kids will about doing their homework and we don't get that time to sit with him and do things that they want to do. And so use this opportunity to spend quality time with the people that you love. Meet up with that friend that really makes you laugh. So think about that frame that you really have a bowl of a time with an Islamic Hello, we'll have a time right? Call that person. Go have some coffee with that person. Enjoy a morning when often that person if you you know goes GABA goes like out of

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He's not whatever it is, if that's what you need to recollect, it is part of part of his, the sahaba. When they spoke about the visa Salam, they said that, you know, when they were asked what was he like? They never said that he was a heavy, serious person. When he spoke about Dean, he spoke with Dean, but many times and they used to stay off the budget, you know, from budget time until Iraq time, what did they talk about? They were joking, they'll talk about normal things, they would engage, it was actually part of coming to the monastery, it was a social activity they had, they meet the friends and the acquaintances in the masjid, and they had a good time. And so it's part of,

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of living a balanced life, is to actually connect socially.

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It's also important, as I mentioned, that our deen has become like our job, a chore I need to make so long this time, I need to pay my soccer, I need to it just becomes a list of do's and don'ts. I can't do that I must do that. And the emaan gets lost in that. Yes, we have to do what we have to do we submit to Allah. But we lose the enjoyment the sweetness of the Buddha, when it becomes like that, you know, when I

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because I'm not prepared. I'm speaking from my own personal experiences. Now, if you've ever driven with me, and I ever took a lecture tomorrow, you'd find that I listened to other lectures preparing, and it's unlike times two, on the YouTube people like how do you how do you listen to this, because it's just about getting the the hook bout. It's not any more about learning, spending time and actually reflecting on the words to get to my heart. Because we are so pushed to the deadline, I need to get this, I need to recite this amount of iron for the day. And you forget about the sweetness of it. And that's why do something now in the holiday a type of EBA that you wouldn't

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usually do. You know, instead of giving someone a piece of bread or five grand, take a homeless person safely for lunch, take them to McDonald's and actually have a conversation with that person. That's why they said like the wire wrap the head of the often actually do an act of EBA that you don't usually you didn't you wouldn't normally do.

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And you will find because it's a unique kind of Obeida, it's not about pushing the number of items you need to memorize pushing the number of records, it's just about the experience. And when you experience the bida again, it will give you a new sense of connecting to Allah subhanaw taala. So do that find a new reason to have the Eman boost. And of course number seven, have some fun this is after the Eman boost have some fun, Allah says this in the Quran, what I've done. So let's see by coming out dunya Allah says, Do not forget your che of the dunya you will put on the dunya to live so enjoy yourselves in a permissible way. And when he talks about enjoying yourselves, he says

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dressed nicely, eat nicely. There are so many Halal fun activities out there. We live in a wonderful, beautiful city, enjoy the nature, enjoy the scenery, enjoy, look at the animals, whatever it is, those are all part of Ibadah it's an act of worship, to actually enjoy yourself in a in a good way. And with that. And I know there's a difference between some people, they have fun, some people's holidays, they go out and they tour and they you know they do a lot of activities and other people's type of holiday is they just stay on a beach and they relax. From people like me, that doesn't work. I feel like that's a wasted holiday. But you have to also relax and shut down. And you

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know, it's not, it's not only about being unproductive laying in the bed and doing nothing, but it's actually doing something that takes your mind off the stresses of your life.

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And you need to find out what it is. Whatever it is that is that brings you that enjoyment. Do that. Do it. And so sit down and our holidays goes very quickly. The Time, time works differently in holidays, it goes very quickly. But take a moment to find the things that you enjoy things that make you happy. Sometimes we never we never get that opportunity that what makes you happy. That's fun. Allah who asked me that question. I don't get to answer that question. It's all about what makes everyone else happy. What makes you happy, because you will be a better person when you're functioning, you know, at your at your true potential. The last point and this is something which

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everyone, every self help book and every motivational speaker. But more important is Allah spondylosis whether in check out formula as either,

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you will never be enough. You will never be the best father, the best mother, you will never be the best worshiper, you will never be the best employee, you will never solve all the problems. That's fine. It was never meant for you to do all those things. But you have come very far and this year has been a very difficult year for everybody. Just that you are here at Hamdulillah we are alive Alhamdulillah if your family is healthy Alhamdulillah if you still have a job Alhamdulillah don't focus on that 10% that you've missed out. Look at what you've achieved this year. celebrate the wins and again the people that the perfectionist those who achieve a lot. They always fixate about the

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They didn't do take the moment to celebrate the successes in your life, the things that Allah has given you, and give sugar to that. And Allah says I will give you more doesn't mean more in a bank account only, he will give you some. He will give you success, health, whatever it might be Allah left open in that he will give you more, the last Hadith and this really speaks to it. The Sahaba had this kind of mindset. They wanted to achieve Jana, obviously, and they would hear that I will talk about Jana and Jana, and they will be motivated and they will be motive and they would make Salah and give and fight in Jihad and give sadaqa and eventually they still felt Jana, I can't reach

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it and they got to the point of hopelessness, then they come back to their instruments and say to him, I feel like I can't, I can't do all this many Sahaba would come and say yeah rasool Allah What can I do expecting that I was gonna give them a whole list of Ibadah you need to make tagit from two o'clock the morning till Fudger and then you must wasa and the numerous gift. You would say simple just to make this to and also hobby would say but I can do more citizens just make that dua why? The reason tells the Sahaba follow the right course live a good life and be sincere and give glad tidings be appear optimistic person because none of you will intergender based on your deeds alone.

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You will never do enough to get to Jana. You can never make enough Salah Jana is eternal. Even if you lived a perfect life for 6070 years. It can never be enough to equal Janna but other me he said even not even me even me as an OB will not be enough. Oh, this only Allah's Mercy will get to Jana. Part of Eman is to believe that yes or not enough. I'm not the best father. I'm not the best worshiper, but Allah is the best. And if I do my part, I have hope in Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why he said that I've even said know that the most beloved deeds to Allah are those that are done consistently, even if they're small. Allah doesn't look at quantity. Allah doesn't.

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Allah does not look at your five grand any less than the man who gave 5 million rent the numbers doesn't matter to Allah. What matters is the sincerity on your side. So don't let the shortcomings of our deeds of our lives. demotivate us demoralize us to become paralyzed. One of the one of the steps of shaytaan to deceive a high performing person is to tell him you're not good enough. And so you become you become demoralized. For the person that is doing haram. He gives them all the energy you can keep going take another Red Bull, you can do another party, but for the worshiper, he tells shaytaan tells you no matter how much you do, how much Ibadah you're not going to succeed. And so

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you give up. Don't ever give up because it's not only on yourself that you give up. You give up on Allah subhanho wa Taala so always remember the Mercy of Allah. May Allah bless you with a good time off from your work and from the stresses of your life and Allah God has the strength to be the best that we can be for the sake of Allah except the short I will show the small deeds that we do and forgive our shortcomings and grandpa's all success I mean exactly the height was Allah say no Mohammed will be some saline have notable element, so don't worry too much