The Capitalist Firaun #2 – A Post-Fajr Reflection on Surah al-Qasas

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of the Surah and its various characters. It describes the rise of different personality groups and the importance of showing one's power and desire in front of people. It also describes the negative impact of d flying on the earth and the potential consequences of d flying on people.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala annual Saudi Arabia. So this is the end of surah. Two passes

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the end of the surah is part of the story of Musa alayhis salam. Now there are three personalities that

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key in this story apart from Musa alayhis salam obviously, the first personality is frown, the second personality is Harmon and the third one is outro.

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Now, some things they say, Well shutdown is a symbol for political and power corruption

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and power rune

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is a symbol for economical corruption.

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That can be and Harmon is an example of,

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of those who work for both

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or those who participate in the political corruption. Now, Harmon we will mention the study of famine insha Allah or little bit about the story of famine in the next Surah Surah Blanca boat, but her man, he was one of the ministers of

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finance and our own.

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Our own history is mentioned in this chapter in this part, although his name was mentioned a few times in the Quran, but it his his story was mentioned only in the Surah. Now far on Allah, Allah Allah said in our own autonomy Academy Musa and this is bit strange, Arun, he was some scholars said that he was the cousin of Musa and some other scholars said that he was the actual the uncle of Musa anyway, so he was from Bani Israel, a relative of Musa from his tribe. However,

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he showed arrogance towards his very own people.

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And according to some historians, he was employed by crown

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as a minister to look after Bani Israel. Yeah, he was in charge of them.

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And then Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mentioned that he has given him a lot of wealth. Yes, they said he was the most wealthy person. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah described his wealth in an effort to hold

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the keys for the treasures of her man, yeah, used to be carried by many strong people because of the amount of those keys, okay, which shows how much wealth for us to have. Now,

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what else he showed he showed arrogance in front of his people. Now, this is Subhanallah, something that happens all the time, the tyrants, you they want to subjugate certain people, they don't find better than what a person from the people themselves to subjugate them because he, this person, he knows how to deal with his people. Okay, this happens all the time, then, for example, certain governments if they want really to deal with Muslims, they don't find what

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a better person than a person who called himself as a Muslim, yeah, to deal with the Muslim community, because he knows how he, they think he knows how their culture, et cetera, et cetera, and more other because if subjugation comes from Him, the tyrants will say, Well, this is not from us, it is this person who is a Muslim. Yeah, this is Subhanallah this happened at the time of frowned on use this tactic. And this tactic is followed now by so many countries, okay. And so many governments and so many tyrants, and this is exactly what our one, okay, did. So he started to show the outcomes towards his people, in particular his people. Now, of course, what about his situation in front of

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Was he showing our guns in front of for out? No, but they show out of guns in front of what, on front of the weak people, and this shows that they have a psychological mental problem, because the dignified person will not show arrogance in front of what in front of you

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weak people, if you aren't a man, really a man, you should show your power in front of what a powerful person or a powerful state not in front of what? Weak people. Yeah. Okay, that's why Musa alayhis salam was so angry at him Allah Allah, Allah Allah was so angry at him and it was mentioned intercede in Katina and others that Allah Allah Allah Allah said to the earth to the land. Now listen to what Musa wants from you.

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In some books of FCM, Musa asked Allah, Allah Allah Oh Allah give me control of the land for one day because of this one person. Then Musa made dua and what happened is Musa Medina against our own that the land will work to split and the swallow him. Okay, this is has to be will be daddy, and no one can help him of course, and this is the

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Subhanallah the end of our organs. Okay, so this is the last part of the story. There is another important lesson from this to be taken. See the worst thing My dear brothers and sisters is Americans. Now see

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the mother of all sins and all shapes and all cover. Yeah, there are two parents, our organs

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and the other parent is what desires.

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Yeah, all COFCO go back to either our organs and or desires. Same thing all sins go back to our organs are what or desires. And when they marry, then it becomes a real disaster. And normally, they marry when they're when the person is so wealthy. Yeah.

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In particular, and that's why the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to warn us against against against dunya to penetrate our hearts. Okay. The Prophet SAW Selim said it dako dunya Yeah, it put dunya be careful of the dunya because if it penetrates your heart, then it might give you our organs and it might give you what desires as well. Okay. And this what happened to to Cairo and Subhan Allah in the Quran, we see Allah Allah Allah Allah says so acid for Yachty and Medina what Yetta Carbone of in Libya? By the end of the surah Allah Allah Allah says to cut down on airfare to Niger Aloha Levine Allah you do not do one fill out the facade will activate to pain. Yes, we will end we

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will give the outcome the good outcome whether in this dunya or in the alpha for those who use to humble themselves and not to show arrogance. It is a very evil attitude, okay. And we need to get rid of that and learn from this surah Of course, as we always say, there are many other benefits to be taken from the surah there are some powerful areas, but inshallah this will be enough in sha Allah and maybe tomorrow. We will go through the beginning of Surah oncoprotein show what exactly