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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma


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The speakers discuss the importance of finding happiness with family members and staying on the journey of learning. They stress the need to use the language of Islam and stay on the journey of learning. The use of "by the way" in Arabic is discussed, and the importance of "back to the past" in various political and cultural settings is emphasized. The history of the Bible and its use in various political and cultural settings is also discussed, along with the use of "will" and "will" in various political and cultural settings.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala ala via almost Alina, Allah Allah He was happy minister Nebuchadnezzar he lived in

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a condo Jean wion kalibo Allah Allah He masala

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before the break, we were speaking about this ayah number nine.

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And we talked about a few things just to add a couple more things before we move on in sha Allah. The last comment that has been made by a few scholars in regards to this ayah is the definition of real love and concern. And finding real happiness with the family that one has to one has to realize that what you think you're doing for the family now, to make them happy, isn't necessarily an act of love. It can even be an act of animosity. So now so just says in the mean, as well as you can do one

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out of your even out of your spouses and children, they're enemies for you then look out for them, watch out, watch out of them. Why does he say that? How can your spouse and your children be enemies to you, when you think that, you know, you do things to make them happy, and they do things to make you happy that displays the last panel. So the real happiness, the real solution is when we when the family comes together and they come to the obedience of Allah. For example, Allah says what more Allah can be Salah was a bit of a a, command your family to the prayer, tell your family to pray, and be perseverant in that was a bit of a a, you know, a tableau de la hora, who used to wake up his

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family for kiama Lane, which isn't even mandatory. And he used to recite that I what I love is Salah was loving it. So hot Allah, lovely Allahu anhu. So that's the attitude of real love. You know, and you a lot of times our children, and this is a side comment before we continue in July, our children and our spouses, perhaps even they feel like we're dragging them into Islam, or we're pulling them in, we're forcing it on them and things like that, you should make First of all, make the dean feel like something so beautiful that they want to come to it, they want to come to it. And if they find it difficult, or they find you, you find reluctance, in that you have to be patient with it, and you

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have to keep at it, you can't give it up. You can't say they don't want to hear it, you have to remember the legacy of no hana Hassan, right? It's easy for me to get up here and talk to you and I don't know your family and you don't know mine, etc. But imagine a man has to talk to his own family, the you know, the people who have no holds barred, they can say whatever they want, it's family, you get away with anything. And they your family can hurt your feelings the best, right? But to have someone with them, for the purpose of them, eventually, you end them finding eternal joy. In the end, that's the real purpose. So don't be lazy and making value to your family. That's really

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important. A lot of times we get lazy making data to our family, because it's hard, you know, they will become the object of ridicule every time you get together with the rest of the family, or they get annoyed with you easily. Right? It's very, very difficult. So but you have to stay on it because this is one of the goals. One of the great joys of Paradise, that we are together with our families, may Allah grant all of us that we have lasting about the interpretation of Allah, Allah, He is not just any family member in our shirota he incarnate meaning number one, it is to his relatives is large, even large numbers of relatives had so long as they had been believers in Africa, meaning and

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of course, to the group of the believers, meaning are the believers are like family, when we say la ilaha illAllah. That in itself makes us family. It's a kind of family that's even stronger than blood in many ways.

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Gentlemen, I mean, of course, the protein that Allah has promised to us, that is part of the family. Well, I'm an udia kitahara avare. On the other hand, you see in the previous solar we found Kitab, Al abrar, and Kitab l for jar, this is what we found in the previous solar, the book of the righteous, the book of the rebellious, the vicious, the rebellious, here we find and as for the one who has been given his book behind his back while he was behind the back, okay, so as for the one who's been given his book behind the back, now we remember the other side where we mentioned, you know, what are kitabi emini, there are lessons for mamanuca kitabi chemin E, as for the one who's

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been given the book in his left hand, here, he doesn't say left hand he says, behind his back, actually, this is how you you study the passages of the Quran together to give you a complete picture of something, you can't look at one portion of the Quran in isolation with the other. Okay, this is one of the conditions of properly understanding Quran, Allah Koran you fasulo Baba

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The local unexplained some parts of it with others. So even in the salon, we find this understanding, we find the two are put together. First of all the people on the Day of Judgment according to the many who, and also by some Sahaba. When the people the criminals are sent forward, they are chained, their right hand is chained around their neck, and their left hand is tied behind their back. So that's how they're these criminals are walking, okay, the right hand has changed around their neck and their left hand is tied behind their back and they're chained like that. And now which book which handle they're getting the book in the left but it's we're behind the back. So

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here the other part of the images fulfilled, they get their book handed to them. I don't drink out of plastic but okay. I tried stopping. Okay. But so they get their book handed to them behind their back. Well, so now they're in the previous in, in the other sort of where we found they're getting the book in their left hand. What's their reaction? Yeah, Layton Isla moussaka. tabia Oh, destruction has fallen upon me. I wish I hadn't been given my book. Love If only I wasn't given my book. Now the guy can even read his book.

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Think about this. Where's the book behind his back can even read it. But he knows how does he know it's it's bad in there? Because it's behind it's on the left hand. It's no that's already enough. So he knows destruction is in there. He can't even see it. But there's destruction in there. Well, I'm ugly. mahasaya later can call you he starts crying about it. Whatever little thing he can even find in this book. You can try to turn around and look and see he's terrified of it. Right so now on this in this sort of he found you know what, I'm I'm an Oto kitahara very fast how fibrosa was very it's like terrifying words. Then soon he will be crying through war. Self I mean soon, so it's not

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immediate. It's soon after? What does it mean soon after first he's given his book then they're made to walk and then what do they see what Elijah hemo sorry about when the when the Hellfire is blazed in front of them. This is blazed in front of them. When he sees that, you know, when he cries, he cries out fubu I Halak death. Just kill me now. Please, just get it over. I don't want to go there. I just just killed me right away. For Sophia. Buddha. He will call out cry out. You know Dharma is different from NIDA in Arabic. There are two words for calling me Does anybody like if I make any? Like you know, no class next Wednesday, by the way, we're not having session next Wednesday. Right.

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So no session that's needed. But if I pointed someone specifically then that's not needed that is Darla, that's not a specific so he's calling on the angel he's calling on a law specific he's looking at you know, towards towards the angels because the law does not show himself to him in

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June they're veiled from their Lord. So he's, he's begging now he's trying to find an audience that would kill him that would that would get this over with so we find the words yawei la hora oh just get it just killed me just destroy me right now. He's gonna cry for this. This the Tafseer of this. We find this word subwoofer in another place in the levina ajamu. Actually no not not here. Belka obasa was added nurseryman kasturba bisazza era and listen to these words carefully. They lied against the hour deliberately. And we have prepared for the one who deliberately lied against the our serif. Now so far in these solos in this series of Sutras, the word for Hellfire has been jakeem

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over and over and over again. It has been gentlemen. But now we're going to see a switch that switches from jehane to sorry, the next I will say well yes la sarila sarila. Now when he sees serene What does he cry, he cries kill me destroy me. In a completely different suit. I'll be fine dimension of salaried and again we find the word support. This is the consistency in the Quran. When term when terms are connected to each other in one place. They're connected to each other in another place, even in the most subtle of ways. So the Buddha and cellular associated together here and elsewhere. So let's look at what else we find without atomic mechanics that leads me to one was a

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feeler when they see it from far off. They haven't even gotten there yet. They see it far away the Hellfire and they can hear its roar, and they can see its rage. They can hear us roar and rage. So now we're mccannon vaya con maccarone. This is you know fulfilling that image for us. And when they are thrown from it into a place that is tight and they're chained that una de casa Bora they will call on that day. Immediately. They will say death they will call for death. Isn't that what they're doing here in the studio to for software, Andrew sobota. But then Allah responds with such a, such a rattling response. He says lad Oh yo Matsumura. Don't Don't cry for death today. What the rules who

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buuren kathira cry for death over and over cry for a lot of debt to malaria movie hawala. Yeah, he will not die He will not live. It's the place between death and life. You'll be crying for it over and over and over and over again what the Earth would and Kathy Allah, this is the

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punishment that this person has been given by the way even then Allah doesn't say for Karla hora boo his Lord said to him, a lot of non mentioned himself saying because Allah does not address them directly Subhan Allah tala, even when they are addressed we find keela it was said he doesn't say his Lord said he says it the passive form is used, it was said to avail himself subhanho wa Taala from these criminals male anomic s from them. In the previous surah we found a completely different state. What was it? What were these people talking about? What were they doing in the previous Sula, these criminals? We found Indian Latina as Ramu can Amina Xena Amano Hakuna. They used to be poking

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fun at the believers. They were laughing yet Hakuna

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Matata yahama zone when they were passing by them, they would used to winkeljohn these Muslims. They used to wink at each other. And then they used to go back to their families all happy way then collabo Allah and him in Colaba. Hakeem, where is our own calu in La La Lune. And when they would see them, they will say, Oh, these are the last. These are the confused. This was what they were saying before. And now look at the change of tone, the change of tone entirely different seen these same people? What will they be crying then this is the krons way of making the criminal if he has an inkling an ounce of good left hand him an ounce of fear left in him to be able to visualize the

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consequences of what they're doing. If there is nothing left these words even will be the object of ridicule. But if there's something left inside of you and your nature that's good, that you will hear these words, you will take heed, you will at least give it some consideration. You'll stop what you're doing. And think you know, let's have a talk. Why don't you think? Why don't you just stop and think so this is this would be the response of someone who truly had anything left inside of them. That's good. Then we find Why yes, last year, another very powerful phrase. You know, siloes Rahim in the previous solar for my non nostalgia him that was a stronger phrasing, they will cast

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themselves into the blazing fire here, they will cast themselves aside Oh by the way, is enraged the flame that's enraged until it reaches a towering height. That's what it means. So there's this huge high wall of the Hellfire of made of fire. And they will throw themselves in it on that day. It's not even said you Sala from Tesla, right? So Lou in the previous in another solar, that they will be thrown they it's the act of form, they will go in themselves. In other words, they'll bodies will give up on them. You know, we find this in the Quran, the our our hands our skin, they start testifying against us. Right. And they are they're given speech. And one of the things these bodies

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in these hands do is they cast themselves into the Hellfire normal human instinct, where would you go away and you will think they'll be dragged to it they don't want to go into it, but they themselves will be will be going into it because their own bodies have given up on them. The rebellion time is over. Now we find just you have to pay attention to the subtlety of language in the Quran. In the who can have a Lima surah in the hookah. In when Allah talks about the people of Paradise, he said when young kalibo Allah and he muslera right. He returned to his family he returns to his or he will return to his family full of joy. But the the fear in the verbal form was used

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young Knievel This is cumbia in Arabic. Naturally in Arabic you use the verbal form when you switch to the nominal form the noun form of sentence that implies unnatural later via that's not normal situation. You for example, you don't say who our caller normally you just say caller you don't say who are called that would be unnatural even Okay, it's used but an unnatural kinds of situations not normally here the unnatural form is used Why? Because the these naturally they should have been a people of paradise. That was they were given that path, they were shown the way it was made easy for them. Okay, so my Sabina sorrow, he made the path easy for you, right, we read that before. So here

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we find inner who can have any muscle and there to move to that here in the hope to that, then can I move to the muscle and hover sometimes happens with complex sentence structure, and then we'll have a fee. No doubt, he used to be full of joy when it came to his family. There was no doubt that he this person used to be full of joy in his with his family. This scene was described to us in the previous solar way then called Abu Illa, Allah human calavo Hakeem, when they return to their family, they returned full of you know, joy on their face a different word for joy. So they used to have that internal, you know, joy with their family, which shows no concern for the future. This is

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pseudo, there's no concern left. But the believer didn't have suit in this life. The believer has to ruin the next life even though we have moments of joy in this life. They're not free of toil, they're not free of concern. But the disbeliever does concern himself about the next slide first, life's good live it up that sort of thing. So even Kathy Rahim Allah He comments for Han, la Ufuk Yellowfin, our cape. He used to be happy all the time with his family, never thinking deeply about the consequences of what he does. When I half remember a mama who

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He was never afraid of whatever is in front of him for acaba, who's radical for the seed and who's in atonement Han Allah, then Allah paid him or gave him consequence of his, his careless joy. And he replaced it with a lasting grief with a lasting grief. So no who can have any muscle Allah? Let's, let's look at the next inshallah. Now who would not Alinea, who is he who was certainly convinced or had assumed all along, that he will not be brought back. The word for bringing back here is Yahoo. hora, Yahoo Hold on, or hold on also, to sit you know, when you stroll around somewhere and you come back where you started. The Arabic word for that is harder. Okay. Mahara is you know, in the olden

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days to make thread and stuff like that they used to have a spindle and it goes around, right on the axis on which it spins is called mattawan. from the same root origin of how to hear Okay, the poet lobate, for example, he says Yahoo, Rama, Rama and Baba Banda, it was out there that the the coal became became back to return back to dust after it was inflamed. So it came back to its original state. So it's used like that in poetry in Arabic. Also, this word illustrates that this person never thought by the way another meaning before we go to the discussion, another meaning a moment all him says very important. I'll hold a hold a thought that phenomenon, it's to have uncertainty

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about a matter. This person that used to be happy with their family alive is telling us this guy was convinced that he will not be brought back to this, this thing will never come back to haunt him whatever he's doing now. And he never felt doubt about what he's doing. And then you're also illustrates, he had no talent. He had no second thoughts about the wrong thing he's doing. He just did. carefree. And no, now Alonzo just says Bella Inaba who cannot be basura.

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No rat, rather, there is no doubt his Lord used to be in full view of him. Now to be in view of someone don't have to do an act that you see them do. Like if I if I you're in view of me taking off from the parking lot, you're in view of me talking to each other, etc, etc. Allah says he was busy he saw them, but look at pay attention to the verbs in the previous ayah what verbs are used? Joy deeply felt muscle. Right? One Where's one? thinking, thinking? Now in the previous surah, Allah told us about the book that has been recorded. The one before that Allah told us about the angels who know what we do, but they only know what we do. This surah is about the conclusion. And in the

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end, if angels and everything else aside, who sees what you're even thinking what you're even feeling, right, it goes to that level in the who, in Bella Inaba who can be vasila it's the culmination of that entire discussion. Just a few things as a reminder, when sultanabad we began all the angels were mentioned. Right? Yo moku melodica to soften all of them are standing in a row in the next surah some angels that pluck the soul when NASA when not Shabbat. In the next surah some other angels, the angels that get you know, record and guard the revelation won't be at Sephora tiene que Rahman. Bharara, right, those those angels Then the angel was mentioned who brings the

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revelation down with along with his entourage of security, right in the hula kolu Rosalind Kareem the cuatro, Archie Maki Mata amin, Masahiko combi Majnoon jabril la Sam and his security detail matar this following was mentioned. Then we find the angels that are over here, when the revelation comes, you respond to it in a good way or in a bad way who's recording it? These over here in La Jolla have in common catimini Allah Mona Mata. So there's a progression, you have this discussion of angels, right? And then it comes to the point now, once they've done recording it, where does it go? In Nikita, but our inner Kitab al Puja, we found that the book of the righteous the next one of the

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book of the righteous, the book of the rebellious, that was the next stage. So now all of this knowledge, but then there is a knowledge of Allah even beyond that. And even beyond that is the knowledge of what was inside the hearts and what was inside the minds. And that's what's been captured here in Bella Inaba who, if that none of that shapes you know, faze you, if none of that affected you all the recordings of the angels, even the way in which it is written was told to us Kitab, Omar Coombe, Subhan Allah even that was told to us, but if that doesn't faze you, you should know your Lord has had been in full view inside out of you all along of this person all along.

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So, now, this this full view, that this person will not be returned this this assumption of the person that he will not be returned we have to understand what does it mean to return? You know, when we were created Allah took a covenant from us this is recorded in Sultan Allah and I am number 172. He says is to be able to become Cordova Am I not your Lord and we bear witness when a person dies. What do we say? In alila he when a Rajon we no doubt we all belong to a line it is only to him that we are to be returned

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We are returning only to him. We understand that we will go back, this person assumed there is no going back in now Havana Alinea, whoa. So see the final the final evidence that this person can be given that can make them think beyond the angels in the knowledge in the book of the righteous in the book of the sinful etc, etc etc. You know Lord had been watching what what bigger argument is there going to be. So there is a progression of arguments in these sources that reaches its culmination here in Naropa, who can be Heba sila, now we come to another law calls us to a point of reflection from the basis of gradation. This one thing I want to before we go forward, explain to

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you very briefly, inshallah,

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hold on is not trying to prove itself as a miracle, you know, how we say scientific miracles in local art or linguistic miracles or this or that or the other. The Quran itself is not saying, hey, look, it's a miracle. It's not doing that. No Crohns line of argument in its entirety, almost, is psychological, spiritual, look inside yourself, even for almost all look inside yourself. halakha elantas, aka, right, even he was told that and think, reflect, and so the Quran what it does, it guides us to different ways of reflecting different ways of thinking about things. In the previous solar, we found, think about this, don't you have a sense of entitlement and justice? When you when

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you deal with people you give them you shortchange them, but when you're the customer, how much do you want for? So you have a sense of justice, you have a sense of balance? Why don't you take that sense of balance and reflect Where did you get this balance from? And don't you think if you've been given that sense of balance, the world around you is not going to be balanced, and the one who gave you that doesn't have absolute balance in store for you. So it's a point of reflection, and certain little 15 another kind of reflection that is coming here, and these are really the for the people to reflect upon, to think deeply about this is really, it goes beyond philosophy even right philosophy,

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I think is an insulting word for this. So just deeply reflective thought process, Quranic logic, electrical even, that allows that which it wants us to indoctrinate ourselves into. What is this logic? Let's think it let's look at it further. Ooh, Cosimo bisha then no, then by the way, then far is using the consequence of a previous discussion. So this is a concluding remark now, then, as a result, no law here is a negation of false ideas that may proceed contrary to the truths that are about to be presented. So law here is no not forget about whatever you're thinking, leave those false assumptions aside, I give you the way to reflect oxy mobis shafique. I swear by the redness of

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the evening shafique when the when the mother time comes, and the you know, the the sky starts turning red. This is Chuck. Now this Allah swears by this shafique What does he mean? Let's go further and see. He says so Pamela, when layli wamalwa suck. And I swear by the night as it envelops everything. What's up, Mama Obama mahasi don't say what gathers and envelops inside of it everything. So the light covers everything inside of it. Okay.

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First, the red evening, then the night. You see what this is? It's progression. Right? You know that when you see the red sky, you know what's inevitable, what's next. You can avoid it, it's going to be night and it's going to envelop everything. Let's look at the next let's see if we find another sign of progression. The next thing Allah says, well, comedy is a toss up and I swear by the moon, I swear by the moon as it reaches fullness, it does occur to become full to become complete. The way it's spoken of in loja is Thomas Carmela it comes together comes together Now isn't that gradation also the moon goes through phases until it becomes full. So we found these few ions of gradual

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inevitability right you have the red sky inevitably leading into the night you have the moon inevitably becoming what full it's just this great niche nature around you is going through these gradations it's allows you're letting us know like the clock is ticking every day is like the the rounds of an hour or every time the moon becomes full and then then then almost nothing hotter either kind of union Kadeem like you know like

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an old twig, even right and then come back to full again, these are like the rotations of an hour time is passing by and these great These steps are taking place. So you know the previous in the previous passage, the central text was Yeah, you have to insert in nakada on a lot of cotton. When the human beings on this conveyor belt headed towards their Lord, they can't stop it. Now look at this the sky inevitably turns black. Inevitably the moon becomes full. It just keeps moving forward and forward and after calling for us to reflect on these things. What does he say that our cabin atomic cannon paddock, all of you are going to ride literally ride like you're in a car or in the

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old days on a camel or something on one stage after another. This the way the Maupassant described this is so amazing. So Pamela, you're going to be in the welcome

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Have your mother that's the journey, then you're going to come out of it, then you're going to become a little older and be able to walk, that's going to be a stage. Then from there, you're going to go to a stage where you can talk, then there's going to be a stage where you can, you can walk, and there's going to be a stage where you can become independent. And there's going to be a stage when you'll be, you'll be more powerful than your parents. Are you going through these stages? And eventually you'll be at a stage where you can't even stand up straight. Right? Woman No, I mean, who knew like so we'll call whoever we give law, old age, we start reversing them in creation, and we

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can weakening them in their creation. So you'll go through these stages, just like every night, eventually, every evening eventually leads tonight. Every half moon eventually leads to a full moon. It's inevitable. But what's the final inevitability that's already been told to us? Where are you going to end up to your Lord, you're going to meet what you did, you're going to stand before Him so that that entire theme comes full circle in these words, a very subtle beauty in these in these IR that shouldn't be overlooked. Let's go back a second follow oxy move a shovel and give it some some do. This phrasing follow oxymoron occurs a few times in the Quran. It occurs a few times in the

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Quran, then, then no note negating the ideas of the others then I swear by oxymoron. It's a very strong phrasing for law oxymoron. It occurs several times with one exception whenever it occurs, as mentioned of the Quran. So for example, for that movie too soon, too soon in Yahoo. In Yahoo. Nakamura pseudonym I swear No, then no, I swear by what you see and what you don't see it. No doubt it meaning the Quran is the word of a Noble Messenger. Another place Allah says Allah auxin will be Moroccan in June we're in the hula talamona la casa of him in the hula Quran and carry on again. Right? I swear by the placement of the stars and had you any idea this is an enormous oath, no doubt

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it is the Quran. It is a noble Quran, Quran again. Then we found fala oxymetholone nostalgia, viral kindness well lately that was over a dozen of us in the who noccalula School in Canada who again. So to query those poloxamer oaths, they ended also in dimension of Quran. But you know, these oats further oxymoron. By the way, there's one that's an exception in sort of knowledge for noxzema Bella Bella mashariki. Well, Mahara and it's exceptional because Allah swearing by himself in there to his swearing by the Lord of the east and the west. But coming back to this topic, when Allah swears by him by these this phrasing follow him What are you expecting to hear about them? Quran something

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about the Quran. It's not there but is it eventually there for either Korea Allah Himmel quran quran comes up. The IMF says that we're gonna see what comes up when it comes up eventually. Even from the style of the solar we find that inevitability if it's not there, right away. It's there still, it's coming up. So Pamela, so well, comedy is at the sock, Natal cabana token and you're gonna be going to stage after stage after stage. Another reading of this ayah from the variant readings of the Quran is lotterer cabana instead of lattari cabana cabana allows llamas condiment Toki dilemma of emphasis. And normally we say that our kabuna This is the Mubarak, right? And you can make it 13 and

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you can make it as called what's called in grammar. So you can say Latika Boone, and you can say the turban can make it heavier, heaviest. Now what that implies is there is no doubt about it. Certainly, certainly certainly you're going to ride stage after stage after stage in your life. Now that buena, if you make it bundela Taka Banda that makes it singular. And from that the scholars have assumed that this can also apply to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he will go from the second stage to the madonie stage to the stage of bother to the stage of a hunter, the stage of Azov to this stage of the conquest of Makkah, one stage after another, but the majority

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opinion is on the topic of Buddha with the Lama and consistent with the sutra is talking about the journey of human life. It's talking about those stages that we all go through, you know, Allah speaks about the stages elsewhere in the Quran, he tells us the he tells something about these stages number one, and number two Daniela reborn Wella one was seen at on whatever forum by Nakamoto Catherine family we know that stages in life, like worldly life is nothing more than games. Play when you're little all you want to do is play. Then, you know, whether when and entertainment, you get a little older, you want to sing songs and you know, watch a store read a story. Entertainment

00:29:27--> 00:29:58

was Xena tune then an obsession to purify yourself, you become a teenager, you want to look good fashion, right? What about hold on being a comb and then the next stage the next Babak is to prove yourself to one another to show your accomplishments to the world. And then what a cartoon film while you were allowed and then to have plenty of worldly, you know, in assets and in children to have stability in the family and stability financially. That's your final thing. A 14 year old is not worried about financial stability, but ask a 40 year old What are they worried about? Right It changes so you go through these stages in life that are common

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

At the end of all of the discourse these are the concluding is from Allah home life.

00:30:05--> 00:30:44

And what is wrong with them? They don't believe what is wrong with them. They don't have the man. Where does the man rest? Where does where does the man rest and not Allah says, When I came to La Habra in a common man was the Yana houfy. Who do decom Allah has made him and beloved to you, and has beautified it inside of your hearts. Right? When a lead talks about people having lost their eemaan or becoming corrupt Allah talks about the hearts becoming hard. Here lessons, what's wrong with them? They don't have you man. But in the previous surah, Allah told us what is wrong with them? He answered that question himself in the previous source of Allah. He says Kela Balarama Allah

00:30:44--> 00:31:23

kulu Bhima can we accept one? Mo the rush that has been placed on their hearts because of the sins they earn? Right That is the rest that leaves them No, no time for reflection, nothing. This again is a contrast. What are the neck the lobby How can the sky and the earth they intently listen to the commandment of their Lord and it is only rightful that they obey? But the human being forget listening doesn't even believe it's from his Lord. from Allah home now you mean what is wrong with them then they don't believe what is the Quran and when the Quran is recited on to them. Law has to do let's get that done before we talk any further way the Quran Allah hammacher Anu

00:31:41--> 00:31:44

the basic meaning of the ayah

00:31:45--> 00:31:51

when the Quran is read on to them, they don't prostrate they don't make such stuff. And this is an idea of such though.

00:31:52--> 00:32:19

But we have to understand something more than the size of the of the believers in the tradition of the Arabs and the Persians, not the person, the Egyptians, okay missile, ancient Egypt and the Arabs. There was a tradition of prostrating when people were overwhelmed in all of something. This was a tradition. We find evidences of that sprinkled all over the Quran. We also in the seat of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we find the Egyptians when they were overrun with magic, what did they do?

00:32:20--> 00:33:00

such that they fell into such that okay, immediately, we find the dream of use of AlLahi Salam interpreted as such that, such that and this was done out of you know, appreciation or being overwhelmed this sort of thing we find in ancient Arab history, a poet named obeyed. The Buddha was a very talented poet. And when he recited his his newest work his qasida then the Shara the poets of the Arabs they made such that A him they made such that a hymn, and then they took his poetry and they hung it on the wall of the Kaaba, from the more undercard, you know, the hanging ones, these were there the climax of poetry. So there's a tradition of when you hear something powerful and

00:33:00--> 00:33:36

overwhelming, your responses fall into such that so even from that point of view, allies calling onto them and saying what's wrong with them, they don't believe when the Quran is read on to them, they don't fall into such that meaning they know it's so powerful, they have never heard anything like this before. Yet they still don't give it they know that it the majesty of its language is something the likes of which they've never seen, they still don't fall into such that they don't want to say that Rather, they they hold themselves back. They hold themselves back from making sense that some some argue that the Bible knows all these several windows, all the context of revelation

00:33:36--> 00:33:38

of this ayah is you know, the another ayah of such that

00:33:39--> 00:34:14

was revealed and the messenger may says that and they made fun of him sallallahu sallam, and then here they were told no when the Quran is read, they don't make such stuff. But the believer does so called on the way the holy Allah human. I know. Now yesterday. Now the other thing here is they veiled themselves from the Quran. They don't want to hear it, they want to cut themselves off. You know, let us not only handle Quran where Allah Kofi don't listen to this Koran plug your ears make a lot of noise when it's being recited, as a consequence of them veiling themselves from the Quran, the punishment is a previous surah on the Day of Resurrection, who's veiling themselves from the, in

00:34:14--> 00:34:53

the hamara behavior, my dilemma, right, so hon Allah, this, this hijab that a lot of places you know, and eventually even places this hijab here, Jana vena cava, bhaineann Latina la Minami la sala de Mistura. Right, we placed between you and those who don't believe in the al Qaeda, a barrier, a consistent barrier that doesn't allow them to get the message across to themselves. This is because of the sins that they earned. Now, Allah says Belinda Dena cafaro, you can do rather, those who just believe they are lying viciously against the truth against the messenger against a law against the ayat of the Quran. They know to be the truth, they lie against it anyway, calling it a lie. This is

00:34:53--> 00:35:00

a continuation and a culmination of what we read in detail in the previous surah. In the previous lecture, we found this technique where you

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Yo mama Mackenzie bien, Allah Xena you can see whenever you're with Dean Omar you can live will be healed Hakuna Matata nothing technique, technique technique, we found, you know the ultimate destruction for those who deliberately lie against the truth and lie against the messenger or accuse him of being a liar, those who lie against the day of standing and the Day of Resurrection of judgment and who will lie against it except the most transgressing center, right the transgressing center. All that that leave the lying against the truth was mentioned there. It's been concluded here but in Athena cafaro you can be born on Long Island will be my your own. And Allah knows best

00:35:35--> 00:35:55

in the previous surah we found, you know, or even before yellow moon, matter of fact, they know they know what you do the angels know what you do. Allah says Allah who Allah Allah knows best. And the illustration of that is in the suit I remember he even knows our thoughts, the joy we feel deep inside our hearts even those that belong animal be my room.

00:35:57--> 00:36:15

He knows whatever literally if you were to say literally what they bag what they put in the bag you know when you amass something you put it inside the bag what Gemma alpha alpha we find right he gathered and he bagged it together he put it together. We are right for about an hour already righty here. We

00:36:16--> 00:36:17

are at him brother.

00:36:18--> 00:37:05

We find use of a slam when he went through the bags of his brothers right the same way. Okay we are is used then similarly we find a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam noble Allahu abdon semi on Akala t Makati for aha May Allah azza wa jal give joy to the slave who heard my word and bagged it. You know he meaning he internalized it and he security memorized it also he protected it for wa soprano Allah. Okay, so this What does it mean linguistically? Yeah, I mean, it him they hide from what they do. They bag it they hide what their actions are they conceal the intent that's one of the implications. The other is their deeds are like things like rocks and pebbles that they're

00:37:05--> 00:37:40

gathering. And this this bag is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And they don't even know they're bagging all of this stuff. Who knows? A love Allahu Allah will be my urine. Allah knows best. What is it that they're gathering together in the previous little we got a glimpse of what they bag you remember the bag a little bit of profits, they slice off a little off the top with a little motto Fifi Allah director to Allah nasya cellphone, the previous sola the back just a little bit of the profits and they want to get full when they get from others. So that's Allah says Allah knows best what they gather for themselves for Bashir home. This is a continuation of the style of

00:37:40--> 00:38:18

the previous solar. It ended with sarcasm, the previous sorta ended with sarcasm. Allah said helpful we will go far have the have the disbelievers been given full compensation for what they used to do. And through with the three was good compensation, like good salary. Did they get a good salary for what they did? So it's a sarcastic question. Similarly here for Bashir home we are having any congratulate them of painful punishment. congratulate them with painful punishments of handler. This is this is the warning to these criminals After all, the best warnings and points of reflection have been given to you. Nothing works for you. The only thing now is just like you've been sarcastic all

00:38:18--> 00:38:23

along about the alcohol. Now give them a sarcastic comment back Klobuchar, who may have been,

00:38:24--> 00:39:00

you know, give them glad tidings, or give them good news congratulate them of painful punishment that's coming ahead for them. In livina armano Amina Sally had with the exception of those who believed and did righteous deeds now this Illa what this illustrates is there's still hope. as harsh as these words are, there's still hope, with the exception of those who believed and did righteous deeds or middle solid how they did that which corrects the situation, it is only for them now whom are children they have a pay they have a reward, later to mommy noon, the word the last word we have to reflect upon in sha Allah is the word maamoun. A very powerful word in the Arabic language, they

00:39:00--> 00:39:11

will rough translation they will have a reward not to be discontinued. Quite a well known, you know, in Arabic we say men, the root is men, okay. In rb, we say you call mental habit,

00:39:12--> 00:39:50

ie cortado, meaning I cut the rope memento to cut mamnoon that which is cut hieromonk knowing that which will not be cut, that's one of the meanings of it, then it also means that many limonene has been described in lisanna, Lara as hubba hubba even dust because it cuts itself off from the ground. It separates itself so that which is separated unless it's laid on well known that which will not be separated from them a reward they will have that will stay with them. The other meaning here is from men is a favor like Mandela who is meaning

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

to impose your favor upon someone like you know some somebody does you a favor and then they remind you by the way, remember that time I helped you out or whatever Allah azza wa jal will give them this

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Favorite and he will not impose it. Nobody will impose it on them except to Allah, they will thank Allah but there's nobody else they owe credit to you know Allah helps us in this world through other people. So we all live thanks of course but we also owe them the guy who helped you fix the flat tire or you know give you directions or whatever you owe them some gratitude also, the favors you will enjoy on that day, you don't owe anybody else and no one will impose those favors upon you there purely from Allah subhanho wa Taala lahoma June hieromonk noon, they will have a reward that is not to be discontinued, the sooner I began with in the summer on chocolate, when the sky is

00:40:34--> 00:41:14

completely ripped, open, cracked open, and at the end on that day, one of the things that will happen forever shall be either been ending when the sky is cracked open, you can give them good news of painful punishment. So what's started the surah is now coming full circle. The last comment in sha Allah, the central ayah you remember the central idea of the Sora the central Iowa Xia you have insan in naka de Haan in Arabic adhan formula a human being a human being you are working diligently whether you realize it or not towards your Lord, and you will get to meet him and the consequences of your deeds that was the central idea of this war. Now what are those consequences either either

00:41:14--> 00:41:15

when a limb

00:41:16--> 00:41:30

in the conclusion either the painful punishment or the well known or a reward that would not be discontinued, so the sooner begins with something and wraps it back together, ties it up to panel which is incredible Khanum, barakallahu li walakum and Hakeem to win a fight anyway

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