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similarly, hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was a heavy woman who either hum about the Battle of budder was one of the most magnificent victories of Islam. The Muslims could not have asked for a better result. The list of who's who of Makkah had all passed away from routes by Robbie shaver of Nairobi or OMA yet even heard of Abuja hill and then Ebola hub the week after better, all of the senior leadership of the Quraysh had basically disappeared, Allah azza wa jal took care of them. And a few days after better

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to have the Quraysh were sitting in the shadow of the cab. One of them was the son of OMA yet had been caliph, the one who tortured who did it torture Oh my You haven't heard of beloved OMA yeah had died in the battle about that his son was suffering a bit over a year. And the other was his cousin, roommate had been Wahab, the nephew of omega cousin, first cousin. So so funny, but omega and omega are made of and it will have are sitting in the shade of the cabin. And they began discussing how bitter life is. What's the point now because firstly realized as well, the Muslims, they had migrated from Macumba because now half dead anyway, half the city is gone anyway. Now after the

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battle about the senior leadership has gone as well. The thing has changed the whole society has changed in one year, one year dramatic change. So fun and Omiya are talking to one another. And someone says what's the point of life anymore? You know, my father's dead, my uncle's dead, everybody's dead. What's the point? And his cousin homemade.

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Entre is the same sentiment. All of this they say is caused by one man, and that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then in his fate of anger, or Amir says, you know, if it weren't, and by the way, oh, Mayor son, he had only one son or a mayor son had been captured, and he's being held in Medina at that point in time. He has no family now, except to three daughters. He has no sons and his families, that whole family. The whole tribe is very the bundle Juma tribe, it's suffered immensely at better. So Omar says in a fit of anger, he says, you know, what, if it weren't for the fact that I have daughters that have to take care of and have some debts left, I would personally

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march into Medina and kill the one man who's responsible for all of this. So we're done with this affair.

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Safwan his cousin was the richer of the two he's the son of will may have been Hello familia was one of the chieftains who may was one of the big shots. So if one says is that your only reason for not going, don't worry. I swear by Allah under the shade of the carrabba Your children are no my children and your debts, I will pay them off. You go do what you want to do. So Omar said, I will do it. But don't tell a soul keep it between us the shade of the Kaaba, keep it between us, when they went home, poisoned his sword and marched immediately to Medina. Telling nobody he marches in takes around 10 days for a soul writers come. Nobody has preceded him from Makkah, he has marched on his

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own. And as soon as he enters Medina, he walks to the mystery of the the prophets of Allah, who are they who was sending him and Ramadan, no hot tub is sitting with the unsought telling them the stories of weather and what happened and what they missed. Okay, and this happened, and that happened, and we did this and they're all around him, because a lot of people didn't go for better because they didn't realize it was gonna happen. Or Omar saw coming in the distance, or mayor

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and his face scowled. Romero's title in the bottle of butter was shaped Oh, no, Quraysh. That was his title. And Earl Mayer was a Archer. And Earl Mayer was a very well known and respected warrior, and factor or male was the one when the two armies are in the distance, they sent omega as the scout and said, Go and estimate how many and what weapons do they have, or omega took his camel in the Bible of other and from the distance watching them, and he comes back and he says, around 300, plus or minus a little, and he was on the mark, they were 312 around 300 plus or minus, and they don't have a lot of weapons, they only have the, you know the bare minimum. So he explained that this was

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his sharp eyesight and his assessment of the so he was known for his experience and his warrior and skill. So what are the Allahu Allah sees him? And he says, this is the caliber of the Quraysh coming, the shaytaan of the Quraysh coming, he does not want any good. He jumps up and he holds him by the collar and he says what are you doing here? So he says I've come to speak to Muhammad wa salam have come to speak to the prophets Elisa and he didn't say Prophet obviously as a photoshoot. He's not a Muslim at the time. You have to let me come speak I've come I mean, how can you stop me from going to speak to him? So, Amara de la Hawaiian, drags him by

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By the caller and takes him into the masjid. And he says to the unsalted, gather around him and guard him, because this is not a man we can trust. He knows him, do not let him go unguarded. And he has on him a sword on his side, a small dagger or sword on his side. So, he is put in front of the prophets of Saddam, the process let him go, let it go to let go of his color. So he says, no matter what has brought you here, so he says, I have come. So he says, he says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the the the greeting of Jaha Leah and Saba Han that was the way it is to say good morning. The prophets of salaam said Allah has given us a greeting better than this. He has given us

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the greeting of the people of Jana. It is the greeting of salaam notice here so technical he did not say a salam Wa alaykum because generally speaking, you don't say to a pagan, but he is teaching Romania we no longer say you know, nm Saba Han, we don't say this greeting anymore. We have a set on why they come. So Romania says, this is something you guys have just invented. And I'm upon the culture of my people. I'm not in your Salaam and your Islam and whatnot. So then the President said major, a big Why have you come? He says, I have come to negotiate the ransom of my son. His son was a prisoner in the bottle of butter. I have come to negotiate the ransom of my son. The Prophet

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sallallahu sallam said anything other than this? He said, No, just my son. So he said, what's up with the sword? So he goes, Oh, the sword? What use was swords in the bottle of butter? It was just just there. He is not to try to, you know, minimize it. The prophets have said no, that's not the reason you have come, rather you and so when you will. Omiya we're sitting under the shade of the cab, discussing the loss of the Battle of butter. And then he said, Why doesn't somebody go and kill this man, and you offer to come and kill me and he took charge of your children and your deaths? If you did this deed, he said to him the conversation in detail from beginning to end.

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Oh, man was dumbfounded. There is no way. Firstly, Stefan wouldn't have told anybody. Secondly, he has just come. As a single writer, straight from Mecca to Medina, no one could have preceded him.

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After some silence, he said, a show to Anika la Rasulullah.

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No one could have told you this, other than Allah subhana wa. Now pause here. By the way, by the way, this story has so many benefits. But as usual, time is limited. You know what this incident also shows it shows us many things. One of the things that shows us that some of the Quraysh really did believe in their gods, they really did. And it just didn't occur to them. That La ilaha illallah is the correct religion. And they had to be shown these miracles, these mini miracles to be like a smack in the head. What's wrong with you? Can't you see? So here we have Romania. Actually, as soon as he sees something, which is a mini miracle, he understands you know what, I'm on the wrong side.

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So deep down inside, they were sincere in their falsehood. Some of them not all others were clearly up knowingly upon bolted, but people like oh, man, it's very clear from this incident that deep down inside he genuinely believed in his religion. Now he sees this miracle equals a shadow undercover Rasulullah Wallah he, no one could have told you this information other than a law because I just came from that conversation, there is no way you would know.

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And the prophets have said to the Sahaba take care of our guests. Teach him the religion and gift him his son for free. Your love is Mulago no need for any ransom. Otherwise, the ransom would have been very high. So he said, Yeah, rasool Allah. I'm going to go back to Makkah and every single gathering and house that I used to curse your dean, and you I will now preach Islam, every single house and every gathering that I would be in and say bad things. I'm going to go every single place and I'm going to preach Islam, and one he had gone so far, but Omiya had spread the news that guys I can't tell you what's happening, but you're going to hear some really good news from Medina soon.

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Okay. It's a secret, but I mean, I'm going to tell you, and so one day a caravan came back from Medina. And they said, you know, so one you will write a major news has happened. He goes what happened? What happened? He said Romania has embraced Islam.

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complete shock. And so when omega came back, he lived up to his promise of preaching Islam for a while. Even as hot mentioned, the number of people of Makkah converted and then he migrated to Medina lived his life in Medina than the conquest of Mecca takes place. Or mayor is in the army of the conquest of Makkah. He's coming back to Makkah with from Medina obviously, and he's missing his cousin. So one there

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were very close friends grew up together as his cousin. He rushes to someone's house in the conquest of Makkah, only to discover stuff one has fled. So one has fled, because he did he knew he was a dead man he had caused a lot of damage and he did not want to embrace Islam. So one had fled. Where did he go? He asked the family he went to Judah, by the way, is called Judah back then Jeddah, he went to Judah, and he's gonna run away to Abyssinia to live in exile, self imposed exile. So Safwan went to the Prophet system said, Yeah, rasool Allah, you know, my cousin, sorry, not someone who may or may went to the process and was a yellow surah. My cousins of one, you know, he is the savior of

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our tribe. He is the son of omega. He is the son of omega Ebonheart. He is the CEO of our mini tribe who he is the CEO of our tribe, please, I ask you to grant him your personal safety, you're a man. So the process that I have given it to you or mayor or mayor says he's not going to believe me. The Prophet system took his turban and set it here show him this, his turban that he wore during the conquest of Makkah, he gave it to Romania, he said go to someone and show him this is a sign that he is under my safety. So Mayor rushed to Judah before the ship would depart he caught up to surf one they haven't seen each other since since maca and soft one sees him it says Get away from me. Oh

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enemy Oh liar. You promise me this and that You humiliated me that he's very angry. Don't talk to me and suffer Romain continue to say yep, and my cousin. embrace Islam. My cousin, our relative, the Prophet sallallahu I think he was sending him is azul Arab an acraman NAS and Allah Munna He is praising he is the bravest and the most generous and the most forgiving. And then he says, Don't you see his there is your is when he rises, you're gonna rise meaning he's bringing in an element of Jamelia. Here, he's Acorah, she like us. And this is fine. If you want to use it for something like this. No problem. He is saying he's our tribe, why would you run away? So then someone says, but I'm

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scared. After all that I've done, I'm scared. He said the Profit System granted you a man, because how do I know? So this is the turbine. He took out the turbine. He gave me the turbine as the sign. So Safwan grudgingly came back with omega. And he held on to his had walked into the Aqaba the process was there. So if one wanted to confirm he said, he said, Yeah, Mohamed is not a Muslim yet. Yeah, Muhammad was sort of, I have heard from homemade that you have granted me a man is this true? He literally wanted to verification, the prophecies that I have granted to you, he says I want two months, at least two months, I want to have safety. Let me think about my affairs, take care of my

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business, and then I'll see what I want to do. He's not a Muslim. The problem said, I'll give you for not just to give you four. So for four months Safwan remained in Makkah as a non Muslim. And during this timeframe interacting with the Muslims there, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is going to certain battles over them is the battle of how was it from Makkah they need to do other battles in life and how was it so so one being the rich man that he was the prophet says and went to the house of one said I need to borrow your armor and your bows and arrows I need to take them for my military expedition so far is one of the big guys the wealthy guys he has entire you know, silos

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if you'd like not silos would you call them you know the place where you keep all the weapons would you call that the magazine house whatever you call it? He's got that he's got storage more than it is said 100 armors Can you imagine somebody in Makkah have 100 armors is a milli Mini Militia he has it so the process and went to his house and he said I want to take your your armor you know, for the for my army. And Safwan says, Are you taking it as a stealing? Or are you taking it as a loan? Literally, he's like, are you just grabbing it from me? I want to know what did you let's be clear here or is this alone? Our Profit System said no Bellaria tune mod Munna it is a guaranteed loan,

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it's a loan that's guaranteed, meaning it's a lend I'll take it from you and I guarantee that is going to come back to you if anything is missing, it shall be replaced with something else. And this shows us by the way, that the general default when you borrow something from somebody else, and you make a mistake, you're liable for that mistake. If you borrow somebody's car and you mess it up. Generally speaking, you are liable for that mess up if you take somebody's you know, whatever it is appliance and you break it up. You are the one responsible because the President said no, no, I'm not taking it from you. It is IDM of Muna it is a guaranteed lend you're going to lend it to me and

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I guarantee you you're gonna get this or the equivalent back because if one of them is missing, another one will be placed in its stead. So the Prophet system took all of this and then he gave it back to him then in the battle other battles as well the Battle of how was it took place? And then of course, the famous battle towards thought if to play

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So that was when the minima that was captured and her name was the largest Lynnie. But in Islamic history, as you're aware of that the battle and hit or Stefan was still not a Muslim, and it's still within the four months, right. And it was in the Battle of her name. And the battle of her name, were the prophets of some chose around 10, or less than 10, of the elite of the Quraysh, some of whom were still non Muslim, I also found was on that list. He was a Muslim at the time, but he was on that list. And he gave each one of them 100 camels from the minima of her name. Do you understand 100 camels is literally more than a million dollars from our equivalent, one person gets, maybe we

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would call it 5 million route realistic, about 5 million just here, take it.

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That incident caused the unsolved to get irritated, famous story. And they began grumbling amongst themselves, these evil people of the whorish, the sundial did have the Quraysh go back with millions, and we go back with nothing, right? They're grumbling, because of the treatment of soft one and a few of the elite but so one is in that elite, the Profit System heard this, and he enters in upon the ensemble. And he gives them a very moving lecture about the status of the ensemble. And he says, We're it not for the fact that it was born of color, she I would choose to be an unsought if I could. And he says at the end of it, he says, Are you not satisfied that the Quraysh are going

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back with sheep and camels, and you're going back with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when he said that the entire tent was sobbing and in tears, and they said, rodina, we are x, we're satisfied, we're satisfied. And he explained to them, he is doing this from what I left for the Kuru boom, he is doing this so that these people when they convert, they're going to convert large tribes after them. And that's exactly what happened. Finally, someone converted at that point in time, after grudgingly seeing Islam for four months, and then being gifted a massive amount. Now he realizes, you know what, this is not a man who has any ambition. This is Rasulullah sallallahu it he

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was sending him And subhanAllah and he has so many points of benefit, but one of the interesting things we see is the relationship between omega and Safwan and how that friendship and joy Helia that culminated in Jaya Helia in a plot to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how Allah subhanho wa Taala used it to eventually cause reconciliation and cause the other one to become a source of safety and bring him those, the same one that was sent to kill the Prophet system brought his cousin back in safety to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the both of them died Sahaba and in fact one of them died of Shaheed fighting that his roommate he died Ushahidi later on

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and his son will have also died as Shaheed He is buried somewhere in Roman lands and below the sham which was Roman lands back then, but Subhanallah What an interesting story and how it shows us the reality of how Allah subhanaw taala uses friendships and connections and this is Subhanallah one of the beautiful side notes of the of the Sierra and one of the things I like to mention these what I call the footnotes stories of the CRO May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of the righteous and be allow us to be amongst the companions on the day of judgment was said on mighty come here

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our Mala who use one Lunarlon Nabi

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swallow water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know no one wants to level

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two Nia

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mother movie in

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Wallasey no you do meanie No, Mina TV a while at MCC decibel Foucauldian

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