Nouman Ali Khan – 084 Inshiqaq A

Nouman Ali Khan
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inshallah Tada, we reached, sort of in shock. So till then shacklock is a almost a combination of a small cluster of solos that are, are banded together because of a very similar kind of style and a very similar kind of subject matter. At least three solos have almost an identical format of beginning, we read either shampoo via what we read either summer on photography, and now we're reading either summer on shopkart. So they're very similar beginnings, there was one sort of, you know, squeezed in the middle, that was sort of the model 15, which is also intricately connected. But one of the things that we have to appreciate, and childlife Before we continue, is its integral

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relationship with all of these sources. And it's almost a combination of all of these sources. One of the things that we're going to learn about disorder is it's the theme of inevitability. It's there, there are things that go in stages. And then there's the conclusion, it's a conclusion of this series. And so there's a lot of things in the solar that talk about going through stages and then reaching a final conclusion. The other thing we're going to learn about here in Sharla, tada is filling in the blanks by herself, Allah azza wa jal expects you to be able to see when you see one or two or three things and you can, you should expect to see the fourth thing, you should be able to

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draw that conclusion yourself. So there's almost an expectation of you to fill in the blanks yourself. The suta is divided essentially into four parts. The first five is, like many other soldiers before the few other soldiers we've studied before, talk about the events of the last day with the series of phrases that begin with either and then the sixth Ayah to the 15th ayah. That's the second part of the surah which is the the current journey of the human being before it gets to that question.

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Imagine what your journey are you and I engaged and it's going to talk about that. Then from the 16th to the 21st ayah. There's a calling of the human being to reflect upon the signs of nature, and specifically a specific kind of reflection on the nature. The idea of nature having gradual change, or having tandridge is having this like step by step by step, progress, and we'll talk about that more in detail inshallah. And then the fourth and final is a warning now that you heard these, these arguments presented, take warning from it in the very end. The first thing I'd like to begin with inshallah, tada is

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a very important concept in language that we have to keep in mind when we understand the surah. You see, when Allah azza wa jal says either the Arabic word either means When, when, and there are two kinds of conditional statements pretty much in every language, you could say something with an F, or you could say something with a, when I'll give you a simple example, if I say, if I study I'm going to get a good grade, right, there's an IF and then if I study then I'll get a good grade. Another way to say that is also when I go to work, I'll get this done. When then right, there's two parts of that statement when I do when when a then B, there's if a then B and there's also when a than B. Now

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all of these suitors that we've talked about have went in the beginning either either either either so that's the wind portion when the skies torn right or when the sun gets wrapped up in a sham sukhumvit right the wind portion but then there's the then portion the then portion has been animal of some animal of some cod d'amato Aha, when these amazing things happen, then the human being is going to know whatever he will every person will know what they have to present for themselves. Every person will know what they sent forward in terms of their deeds and what they left behind in terms of the consequences of their deeds. And we talked about that before in the Sooners in in

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duckweed and also in infopath. here though, what's amazing is we have a series of when statements so we have either some our own shortcut, whether or not that but then we don't have a element of Soma. We don't have animate.

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We don't have that we just go straight to the next subject. Yeah, are you on the inside in naka de la Vega cotton, so the wind portion is there, but then portion is not there. That's the first thing I want you to understand. This is a departure from the previous solos in that that that Java shot, the conclusion of that web portion that has been admitted it's not been mentioned. And this is a very particular style of the Quran, and we'll talk about its benefit when the time comes when we get to those if inshallah so let's begin, either sama Zakat in the previous surah we found at the end of law warned us about leoline Aleem Yomi Akuma nasty Robin I mean, for you know, for an enormity an

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enormous Day is coming and these people had to prepare themselves for it. And now it was giving us a sign of that amazing preparation. In the summer when the sky in Chicago it's completely cracked open. It's completely ripped. And you know, this is different from the word in fatahna. Remember, it was about one facade that is to rip along the along the length of something, but in Chicago to be torn completely, to be torn off completely. And in the Arabic language it's used for when you tear something that is not normally you don't associate tearing or breaking apart with it. So in the Quran, for example, in Chicago or Chicago is used for example, with the moon one shot can cover the

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moon cracked open the moon, the moon was split one of the miracles of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This cracking is associated or ripping is associated with the earth. So Masha, Allah Shaka right, a lot of tears open the earth. These are things you don't know you associate hearing with cloth, you associate it with paper you associated with fragile things you don't associated with the earth or the moon or the mountain. these are these are huge things and you don't think of tearing with them. Another thing you don't think of tearing with is the sky. So this the last thing you would imagine is the sky ripping over a cracking open right? Similarly, the boulder

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that Elon speaks about socata mattarella when, you know, fanfare Java the image out of the boulder the explosion of the Boulder, but then about the rocks. He says lemme in Chicago Fire

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right on the Boulder. it cracks open and water comes out of it. The one thing I want you to know about this word that's really important here strategically in the last choice of words about the sky, we found some interesting other we found some other words, one of them we haven't studied yet. It has some footage that we found before in the Quran. Okay, then we found footage that is similar, the sky was opened up like it was doors, then we found it as Mr. Khushi thought when the sky member that it was peeled like the skin of an animal, like the redness came out of it, then we found out that it was ripped. But all of these words are reversible. That's one of the nature of these words.

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They are in some sense of the other they're reversible in Chicago is not reversible. In that sense, this, this represents the final like you know, all of these things are going to happen to the sky. It's going to be peeled, it's going to be ripped. It's going to be opened up like doors, right. We're gonna

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See all these cracks in it? for health? I mean photo, do you see any even minor crack in it? Right? But this is the final This is like I mean, it's the point of no return either somehow on shapcott. So we look, we said that this sutra is about the inevitable, and about the conclusion. So even the conclusion of what's going to happen to the sky is illustrated in the wordings in the summer one shot but then the next word is very powerful, so proud Allah, Allah says, whatever the net, the lob be how cut at the net in Arabic, it's a it's a complex word. In Arabic, you have verbs and they're associated with nouns. Okay verb is associated what we call it a mustard, right? And this arena has

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to It must not I mean, it can come from one of two nouns. Depending on what noun comes from, it means a different thing. So Athena isn't even even in the air, the noun, that means permission. That means permission. But if you say, as an oven, it means to listen carefully, and to obey the one you're listening to. This is the meaning in which it comes. By the way in the Quran, both of these words have been used, for example, a lemon, a vanilla ramen, with the exception we read this in sort of number, when the Lord gives permission, except for the one who the Most Merciful gives permission, as in any fool and freebooting, as in Allahu Akbar, far as in is used also again, for

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giving permission Allah has given you allowance, that these houses be erected and elevated in your worship in them. So that word is used. But here specifically, it is used in a different sense. Allah tells us when he says what have been at the lobby, her tours here, that it listened intently to its Lord, the sky listened intently to its learn out. You don't associate the sky with listening to anything. It's an inanimate thing. It's an object. But here, Ally's calling to attention, specifically the rebel, the human being that rebels against Allah, and he is being told in a rhetorical fashion. Look, when the sky is told to cease to exist to crack open, then it is as though

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it is waiting to listen to the commandment of its Lord. This was its destiny. This is what it was meant to do. You know, when you when you reach the final conclusion of something, that all those stages or words, they were just steps, this is what I was doing all of it for when you get your four year degree, the first year, second year, third year, right? Those were those were just steps you were trying to get here. So it's as though lies telling us the sky was created this amazing thing. And it's beautiful in so many ways that Allah describes the beauty of the sky. But what was it created for? It was created for this moment. And it's been waiting intently for its Lord to finally

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let it fulfill its purpose, the one who created well as the net be on our behalf. And then Allah says will help cut, cut and it is only rightful that it should do so from how God this is the McDaniel module and the way it's been interpreted by the seller by the previous generations. Let's look at some of the things they've said kimata Nakul hakala cantarella hada you know that we say in language, it is only becoming a view to do such and such. So Ally's saying the sky listens intently to the commandment of his Lord to crack open and it's only becoming of it to do so. What else choice What other choice does it have hope but I have Bella and tiara baja that's also been said by the

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seller, that it's the only thing it can do and the only thing becoming of it is that obey the commandments of its Lord. Finally we listen to what ignore bustle the Allahu anhu said about this ayah he said well Hakuna and asthma, it's it's, it's it's a rite of Allah on it that it listened to a lot that the sky comply with the law. So we are being told that the creation around us as though it is like us in the sense that it listens to us commands and obeys. Right? This is something that we learn in the Quran. It's a very powerful thing. It connects us to nature in a different kind of way. When a law complains about the lack of obedience of the human being, he compares us to the rest

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of the universe. So for example, Subhanallah Hema fish Tamati waffle, you submit Holy lahemaa Mr. Malhotra will write everything in the heavens and the earth is declaring the lowest perfection. How is a rock? How is the moon? How is the sun? How is the sky declaring a loss perfection? Allah tells us what it means. In law you submit will be handy when I cannot have Kahuna tsp Whoa, whoa, is there anything in existence except that it's declaring the perfection of your Lord by praising him, but you don't understand the way they do. So you don't understand that language. So that tree that blade of grass outside the breeze of air we feel on our face. All of these are declaring a lost

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perfection. They are in obedience to a lion praising him compliant is command. We simply don't understand how we are the only one by the way that Allah commands and either he has the option to listen to hear right he has got some choice us in the gym, but the rest of the creation when Allah commands they listen, they listen. So this obedience of the heavens and the earth Allah lets us know in another place. So most of our lsms were here the Han then he rose to the sky and it was turned to clay. You know it was a form of smoke for color the * out of the tower an oak upon a lot when Allah created the heavens and the earth, you know, he commanded them to come forward. submissively

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You know, he said to the sky and to the earth, whether you can will

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We are unwillingly and of course the sky and the earth in their own language responded holida attain alpha i mean, we come forward in submission and complete obedience. So that will be our focus. This is a contrast, by the way, to what we learned in the previous surah. You know, human beings, shouldn't they be intently listening to the commandment of the Lord? And when they listen to that commandment Shouldn't they be obeying immediately for what their Lord said, after all, he is their Lord. But in the previous surah, we found well now you can be will be in law calm or attend a theme or attending a theme to attributes of this, this rebellious human being we found one who crosses the

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lines, he's told don't cross this line, he crosses it. He's told Don't do this. He does it. He's told do this. He doesn't do it. And he's constantly engaged in sin constantly engaged in and this is a theme. So now we're being shown a contrast between that and the sky that is above us, that is far more powerful creation than we ourselves are unto my shadow economists, sama Bana then returned to the earth. Where isn't that then when the earth is stretched? When the earth is stretched? You know, muda in Arabic is to stretch something across its length, and it's used in a hadith. We'll talk about that Hadith in a second. But let's see how it's used in the Quran. Allah, Allah Allah, Rebecca

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k firmado. Linda, didn't you look to your Lord, how he stretches the shadow, you know, when the day proceeds and the sun comes down and the shadow gets longer and longer. So look, makes you reflect on how the shadow gets longer, how time passes. That's a very picturesque way of calling us to reflect on how time is passing by quickly. So Allah tells us about the time when the earth will be stretched. We find the explanation of this statement in a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is narrated by several mofa cydonia including him to conceive and it's considered a husband Hadith so we'll go through it in sha Allah is a kind of Yokoyama model Allahu Akbar model

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on the Day of Resurrection arrives, that Allah will stretch the earth like you would stretch leather, like you would stretch leather hat, a lacuna, Bashar meanness in Mulder, khademi Subhana Allah until the point will come where there will be no place left for people except the place where they put to the two of their feet, meaning the people are going to come together on this earth, the mountains, the canyons, the rivers, everything's gone it's turned into a flatland and people are you know, obviously coming out of their graves and everything and everybody's stretched You know, they're stuck together like this and they have no place to move except the to place where their feet

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already are akuna Amanita and I will be meaning Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will be the first to be called with gbd Ronnie Amina man and jabril Ali Salaam will be on the right of the exceedingly merciful you know on this day of resurrection you will think Allah has names unless power unless anger Allah is justice but what name does Mohammed Salim use for him? He uses Allah man in this hadith right that he'll be the most merciful because his mercy will manifest first and foremost upon His Messenger sallallahu Sallam will law he melda Kabbalah when he says by Allah jabril Allen Salaam has never seen a law before that. So this is the first time he's right on the right of Allah

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subhanaw taala for a cool yeah Rob in the Heather Bharani Anika of Salta who la this. This is what the Messenger of Allah say someone says to Allah, this is the one this messenger is the one that informed me that you have sent him to me. Then you've been you've sent him to me so Pamela, so then the message the loss of Allah what Allah says sada Tamasha. So as Rocco, then Allah says, You said the truth. So this stretching of the Earth has been described in this hadith. But anyway, let's come back to the solar in an outdoor mode that when the earth is stretched, and you know, the one who stretches something has complete power over it. So this is actually illustrating a less power not

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only in the sky, but also on the earth. This is another very important concept Before we continue, the people who believed in a god at the time of the messenger sallallahu sallam, they had some concept of a distant kind of God. He created the universe, he created everything but he's kind of doing his own thing the earth is left to be right or he's up in the sky, we do our thing here on the earth. And this was actually the concept of the pharaoh to the foreigner. They believe the God is up in the sky is the God of the sun or whatever we are in charge of the earth. We're in charge of the earth right. So this is this is even a concept today that you know Allah is not concerned with the

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affairs of the earth he may if he even is there, the galaxies in the universe is far too big for him to be worried about little planet Earth, right? Well you know, that when the earth is stretched, well Alcott Murphy what Allah tala gives us more detail, luckier in Arabic It means when two things come face to face, I will call however from you change the pattern of the word a little bit. It means to cast something to throw something in front of everyone. You know, this word is used in the Quran, for example, for a Luca Sahaba. He thought about the movie, masala Sam talking staff, Moses took his staff and he threw it in front of the Pharaoh, right? So everybody could see. So this is in

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car. This is Allah says the earth is going to do a lot. It's going to spit things out.

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gonna throw things out. So everybody's just everywhere you look on that day as the earth is being stretched, things are just popping out of the earth and being thrown in front of people, Murphy, whatever is in it, what has been said about this, whatever is in it, Matthew bodily harm in and what First of all, whatever is in the belly of the Earth from the from the deceased, meaning the deceased or coming out, remember we already know without kobudo berthiot when the graves are, you know, topsy turvy, them pulled out, the contents of them are dragged out. So this is one interpretation of uncut mafia, others are the treasures of the earth that people so, so wanted, all this time or the secrets

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of the earth, they're gonna start coming out of this earth, right. But the predominant opinion here is in this context, it's referring to the dead of the earth, those who have passed already, they will all start coming out. I mean, this law, he actually gives a very interesting image to this. He says, imagine a sheet that is crumpled up, right? And then you, you know, you pull it, you stretch it and it becomes straight. So the it's curves, the ones that are indented, become straight and its heights become straight, it becomes leveled. So this is what's being talked about here. Another way of Allah saying that Subhan Allah tala is what in eluna, ma, la casa de Rosa and SoTL Kappa plane,

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flat land and that's that's that has no, you know, no cultivation whatsoever. It's a dead kind of land. So I look at my feet. But then he says, what the * that but the 100 and the 100 comes from the word halwa, which is literally means solitude. Hala means to empty something out, then from that company, we get the word Holla Holla Sevilla home leave their pet took to take someone somewhere and leave them alone and walk away from them. This is, you know, duck Leah. But then here we have the holly, Holly. And this word actually it means to empty out entirely. Like you have this is used also even for a mother when she delivers a child because this is burden on her and she's got to get

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loaded, you know, let go of that burden, she empties out entirely. This has been used for the earth here as though the earth is pregnant with this load of these, these graves of the centers and these righteous that deserve what they are do. And now the time has come that it can finally let go it can finally unleash what is on inside of it. So what Ellicott mafia what 100 you know another way we'll find this depicted later on in this in this series of sources, we will find one astrological Otto of karma, right the earth will bring out its burdens its loads. Well as you know to be how wahaca again, Eliza says even the earth it listened intently and complied with the commandment of his Lord.

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It was as though it was waiting for this moment. This was its destiny. You know this Athena is used again, not just estima outta here. It's not just that. And it's not just a bar to obey. It's something more, it's like, you know, you're waiting for someone to give you instructions. And it's not just that you want to you want to listen to them and do it because you're being forced to, you can't wait to follow those instructions. There are some situations where you can't wait to do a certain assignment. And you're the only even though it's an act of obedience, you are as much in desire of doing it even more so than the master commanding you. Right? That's that's the intent. And

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that's the vigor and that's the zeal that the earth shows when Allah so just is what they are behind. it complies to its Lord intently, as though it's now getting a chance to fulfill its destiny, oh my god, and it's only rightful for it to do so.

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Now, these two these are either either either Some are on shapcott either or domanda. Right these two when when remember when should lead to a what statement, the Java shop that then statement that there has not been mentioned. But in similar pseudos hasn't been mentioned. We have an image of sama, sama Kodama to every part when this happens, every person will know what they have to present for themselves reluctantly so every person will know what they send forward and left behind. We've read that already. So Allah wants us to understand that conclusion doesn't have to be stated anymore. You already have experience. You've already heard the believers already heard read this in

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the Koran so you can fill in the blanks himself. And this sutra is about filling in the blanks understand the conclusion is coming when this happens what's the first thing that's going to happen? You're going to realize what you've been doing your entire life when you see the sky crack open beyond repair. And when you see the earth stretched and its contents coming out the first thing going through your mind will be man What do I have to present for myself? What did I send forward? What did I what good deeds did I invest in? What evil have I left behind? These are the things that are going to be crossing your mind it doesn't even have to be said it's become a natural conclusion

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now, so larger which moves to the next topic, and this is really the center of the solar this this is right here. Yeah, you have insan Allah azza wa jal begins Yeah, you have inside this slew this style of Oh human being Hey human being an insane you know from one of the origins of the word antennas nesea so one of the implications of that is oh forgetful human being, you forgot where you came from. You forgot your you know, your your your journey, your destiny. The earth didn't forget the sky. didn't forget you forgot

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And so, from the word even in sand, we get this, this idea of, you know, this yarn of forgetfulness that this this thing has been mentioned twice. Yeah, you had in Santa Cruz twice and both in these series of solos you have Yeah, you had insert in naqada then we have Yeah, you have insomnia right already Malhotra Kabira can carry, oh human being what deluded you from your gracious Lord, what what was so powerful that deceived you we read that already. So now we find the other statement from your son tying these two soldiers together even in their style in naka de Haan, no doubt you are engaged, you are actively engaged. This is some fine. So it's active engagement. You're actively

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actively engaged in toiling labor. You're actively engaged in toiling labor. Before we go any further. Let's understand what that means. You know, a little piece of law says Lockheed Martin in Santa Fe, Cabot, we created the human being in just harsh work. So that one of the conditions one of the just it's a fact of life human beings part our entire life is struggling for things. It's struggling for things. Think of your entire life, like exits or milestones on a highway, right? You run out of gas, you got to get to the gas station, then you got to get to the next one destination you forget about you worry more about how you get to the next milestone, right? Even though you're

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on a longer journey, you stop at every milestone so when you're a kid, your only milestone is when am I get when is my one of my parents gonna give me that toy? Right? When do I get to play with that thing I've been waiting for so long, they haven't gotten it for me. Or when is summer vacation coming? Right for some vacations coming in a couple of weeks. So you know people are waiting for that that's a milestone they're waiting for you get a little older. When am I graduating from college? You get a little when am I gonna get married? When am I gonna you know, when is the baby coming? When are we going to move to the house? What is the next one is a new job start when does

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the second store open up? when when when when when you have all these milestones and for every milestone, you work really hard. You get just immersed in that work. especially nowadays, you know, I come from a tech background this used to happen it happens to techies a lot you have a project it's kind of due date what's going on until that due date in your head even you're making Salah you're eating food, you know you're you're driving your car, but your mind is processing code. And it's you know, in your head, it's like oh my god, I missed that line, or I should call them they miss that line or whatever. Right? That's all that's going on in the home. But Allah put gives it a

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sense of let's actually before we go on, let's explore the sense of perspective. First thing Yeah, inside almora jinsol insane, freshmen and mortmain well cafe. First of all, understanding the setup we find that the the meaning of evil inside a human being is all human beings, every human being whether he be a believer or disbelieve or they're being told us so this is not just a declaration to Muslims, it's a declaration to humanity. All human beings, you've all been you are no doubt each and every one of you is actively engaged in toiling labor. Now let's see what kind of toiling labor first. God it's been described by a sacani.

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Economic a sorry for shade B Jordan minerais, d 14 min verifique Bina and yagoona cache hierarchy shot one, this is a struggle towards something without any distinction. And it's to labor some struggle without any distinction distinction, whether it's a good thing or bad thing, you're just engaged in it, you just got to get it done. You don't care if it's good or bad. So it's not it's not an evil work or a good work necessarily. It's just work all together. Then we find Jordan Jordan nefs filamin, when cut the fee, this is what you know, we find by the machete, the linguistic deceit of Quran, he says this is this struggle, the toil of a person in the work that they are engaged in,

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and to be immersed in it entirely to the point where they their body even gets exhausted. Their body gets you know, tired from that work that project that they have before them. Now see all of this. You know, when we do hard work, we have that goal in front of us but Allah puts us different goal he says ihlara Baker, in the caca de Haan era because you are engaged in this act of work rigorously non stop day in and day out business business business. You go to somebody How's it going? hamdulillah housework man's a lot of work. Yeah, busy, busy. You know, it's always that what's going on in life, though there's this one thing going on this other thing going on, we got to finish this

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project and you take 20 minutes describing the guy, your project that you're about to finish, or this this new business you're about to start, or this class you're about to take or this, you know this term paper, you got to hand it, it's always something. But unless as these tiny milestones, what ends up happening is you forget where you're headed. You know, you have to go to one, then to the next then to the next and you start realizing you're actually on a highway. And this is just small stops. Where does this highway end? What's the conclusion? Remember, we talked two slides about inevitability? What's the inevitable Where are you going to end up to your Lord, you're headed

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

to your Lord, whatever you're doing, you're rebelling against the law. Your life is about partying, your life is about business. Your life is about studies, whatever your life is about. Doesn't matter what road you take, they all lead one place in the end.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

You are headed towards your Lord. In naka de la be Kaka and then Allah Subhana, Allah from Gulati you're headed to your Lord. Meaning this what it really means is for Allah Madhava ma camara be standing before your Lord. That's where you you're ending up. That's your real project philosophy. Rough translation means that you are going to meet him for sure. Then as a consequence of this toil, you're going to meet him. Now this work, this labor, some effort that the person is doing isn't necessarily to please their Lord, they're just doing it for their life. Doesn't matter what you do it for though, you're still headed to your Lord. And you will one of the translations of find out

00:30:38 --> 00:31:13

from malarkey is that you will meet him that you will meet meaning your Lord, but it's been interpreted other ways also like a Buddha and so forth. As he says, from hula team, good luck. You're going to meet your own labor. And this has been supported in the Quran. You can work so hard, maybe you'll see the fruits of your labor, maybe you won't even if you do see the fruits of your labor. Those aren't really the fruits of your labor. Where do you see the real fruits of your labor? With a lot. That's where they really are. So when you get there, you'll come into contact with what you had been doing. A lot won't show you anything except what you've been doing yourself. Well, what

00:31:13 --> 00:31:47

do you do mommy know how they run They will find whatever they did standing right in front of them like a mirror everything that they used to work on. So this is the reality that's been depicted in iNec aka de Haan Isla de caca Hansa monarchy, whether we strive to please our Lord, whether we believe or we disbelieve, we're on this conveyor belt that's moving, whether we like it or not, whether we're sleeping or awake, whether we're in college or working, whether we're married or unmarried, when we're sick, or we're healthy, there's no day off, we're constantly moving in that direction. You know, in a real in a journey in life, you can take a break, you could stop. But

00:31:47 --> 00:32:18

there's not a moment that goes by that we're not on this journey. There's not a moment that goes by that reality has been explained in these very few powerful words. That journey comes to a conclusion for the sky and the earth when it cracks in the earth stretches. Where does this journey come to conclusion for us? We're How does it and how was it when we get to that our Lord, what's gonna happen there now that that door has been open for that thought, that's what's coming next for outta kitabi emini, then as for the one who has been who had been given his book in his right hand

00:32:19 --> 00:32:21

udia in the Arabic is different from you,

00:32:22 --> 00:32:58

you guys madora it's the present tense the translation would have been. And as for the one who will be given his book in his right hand, who will be given his book, but here it says for a moment Odia The one who had been given his book, this by the way, in the Arabic, this is one of the things that's very confusing for a contemporary audience, and can only be resolved when you're a serious student or at least have some appreciation of classical Arabic. In classical Arabic past and present tense is not how we think of past and present tense in German and Spanish and English and Urdu or Farsi, even the past tense is a means by which you can deliver certainty. This is one of the means

00:32:58 --> 00:33:35

by which you can deliver certainty like you know, there's nothing more certain than the past. So for sure this for the one for sure who to whom his book has been handed, in the right hand, now what book in the previous slide, we find a mention of books, color, inequitable. Lee in the book of the righteous will be in the highest, right, that book that has the record the roster of everyone. So you take out the notebook, the binder that goes that belongs to you from the book of the entire righteous, and then it gets handed to you in one hand, the right hand it gets handed to you in that right hand from that from a lien. So now this book that's handed to the right hand, let's let's look

00:33:35 --> 00:34:11

at a couple of words in here that are really important. First of all, this is not the only place in the Quran, where Allah talks about the book being handed in the right hand, we find for a moment at kitabi emini fire code, and he's gonna say how omocha ottavia Hey, come here, read my book. So the guy gets the book in his right hand, and it doesn't it's like a graduation certificate, right? You don't want to just keep it in a shelf. What do you do with your, with your diploma, you put it on the wall, you know, you frame it, look at that 4.0 GPA, right? So you want to show it to people. So you get your book in your right hand and you want to show it. So he goes around the day, nobody

00:34:11 --> 00:34:51

cares on the Day of Judgment, but he can't hold himself a crow kitabi read my book, in the volunteer only moolah Kim, same word. And this is Sora I was so sure that I'm going to come into contact with Lacan sabya with my with my accountability, I was so worried about that, too. I was sure that I'm going to Allah is going to show me my book, and it's going to have everything I need. I used to be so worried about that. In any market, he has a nervousness in it even I was so sure that I'm going to come to meet with my accountant, my reckoning my accountability, but here the first thing, let me beyond that. So what I want you to appreciate, inshallah, this word about having the book given to

00:34:51 --> 00:35:00

you. The word you mean, the word you mean doesn't just mean right hand in Arabic. It's an expression of power. Number one, okay? It's an expression of

00:35:00 --> 00:35:32

Power. Number two is an expression of an agreement. When people shake their demeanor meet, have the mean meet the two hands meet the right hand means it means it's a done deal. It's finished. This is the kilometer Arab, okay? Or even the verbal the body language of the Arabs, when they will shake right hands on it, it's a done deal. It's finished. It doesn't have to be signed, sealed, notarized, or approved by a lawyer or whatever it's done when they shook hands on it. Okay? And this is part of many ancient cultures, it's not so much anymore. You say, Hey, we shook hands on it, man. Where is the money? What hands What are you talking about? Right? We don't have that culture anymore. Because

00:35:32 --> 00:36:08

usually our agreements are by email. There's no handshakes anymore. But anyway, here one of the things you have to understand this person has been empowered by using other words, you mean, on a day where everybody will be weakened, this person is empowered, empowered to the point Remember, a lot told this liquid Lymbery a man who neomycin Chateau yagni on that, on that day, there's going to be such a preoccupation on the Day of Judgment, such preoccupation, not worried about anything. Everybody's concerned about themselves. But this guy is empowered to the point where he can even go around and say, Hey, read my book, who's gonna say read my book on that day? Right, except the one

00:36:08 --> 00:36:44

who's been given this freedom, this rain, this relaxation, so this is captured in a moment at kitabi emini. The other thing, it's an honor, the right hand is also considered an expression of honor and of course, we said fulfilling agreement. So he has that as soon as he gets the book in his right hand. He knows allez has agreed and fulfilled his agreement. He already knows where he's headed. That nervousness of the Day of Resurrection is gone. He's calmed down, but then Eliza will ads for Sophia you have sublattice Albania Sierra, then as for the one May Allah make us from these people along the 197 years era, you know, the one who has been handed his book in his right he will be he

00:36:44 --> 00:37:25

will be audited, you have sub mahasi but to have an audit to have thorough accounting done for every last item, in your in your in your in your finances on your papers, right every last thing checked, he will be dealt with an audit that is easy. He savonia sila and easy accounting and easy reckoning. You know this helps us understand in the previous surah when Allah told us the righteous are in bliss. They're Latina aim right in the LA Latina no doubt the righteous they are in blessings what's the first blessing before they even get to Jenna before they see all the you know the rewards of paradise. The first blessing is they get the book in their right hand already daddy fulfilling would

00:37:25 --> 00:38:00

you hear him Nevada name you will recognize in their face the glow of bliss. Where did that glow come from? They got the book in their right hand. They once they got that book, their faces lit up. Before you get that book, you're not sure which hand is gonna get the book. You're not sure you're nervous. As soon as you get the book the face lights up. One of the most beautiful things I failed to mention in the previous solar daddy fool you will recognize a lot tells His Messenger Salallahu alaihe salam you will recognize the bliss on their face What does that mean that the messenger will be in their company and this is another name that has been added to them that you know to recognize

00:38:00 --> 00:38:08

someone you have to be able to see them right. So he will be in their company Subhana Allah Allah Himself This is another gift of Allah to the people of gender so Pamela

00:38:09 --> 00:38:52

then finally in this in this discussion for so for your hustle his Avenue sila please understand the nervousness the nervousness of the people before us you know we think we're we done enough good deeds we did. We pray you know, we're not that bad. You know, we only Miss Salah once in a while or whatever, you get a feeling you're doing all right. You know, you're headed okay. Look at the nervousness the Sahaba had the sob, the companions, the ones who are guaranteed parrot paradise, right. I work at the Ecole de la hora and who says if one of my feet was in Paradise, and the other was Raja, and the other was outside ma I mean to mokra la. I wouldn't feel safe from a loss plan

00:38:52 --> 00:39:03

with me. I'm still not sure what Allah has decided for me. I'm still nervous. You look at our material hombre de la hora. He says will la de lo nada de nada neoman Tiana.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:44

I swear by Allah. If a call the caller makes a call on the Day of Resurrection, and coolness even Jana Ilayaraja la noir head that all people will enter agenda except one guy. A call has been made on the Day of Judgment. Everyone will enter agenda except one person level and to under hypnosis. I would be convinced that's the sort of hubbub that's me. So Harlem is the nervousness of the Sahaba. They earn paradise for a reason. We hear this and we say okay, yeah, I get his seven year See, I'm gonna get the easy accounting. This is not the mentality of the people before us, because that will lead you to laziness. We want this and you have to work for it. You know, this guy, the only Larabee

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

Cockerham came first. This toil in this labor now that toil in that Labor has to be directed towards earning that that easy recognition from Allah subhana wa Tada. And NACA on tours for easy have been used the word Hagin and the word Yessir. So this is where you see his heaven you see like

00:40:00 --> 00:40:33

Here. So yes, it means easy, lightweight, comfortable, effortless. These are the implications of YesI. Okay, now, let's look at a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam in which he explains this ayah one time I shall be a lot more on her. She saw him making God and he said Allah Maha Sydney Hassan, Hassan Allah salam, O Allah, you know when you take an account of me when you audit me, give me an easy audit. audit me and easy on it. Take an easy reckoning of me. So when I shall the Allahu Allah heard this, she said

00:40:35 --> 00:40:55

call to your Rasulullah Malhotra Will you see what's easy reckoning? what's easy accounting? What does that mean? So he says, and jandola he said he at he was one who? That that the Lord will look that he will look into your sins, and he will overlook them. He'll he'll read it. And he'll just pass you know, like,

00:40:56 --> 00:41:02

the guy sees your license. Right? couples you over and you have like a couple of tickets on your license. He looks at record, he goes,

00:41:03 --> 00:41:36

Okay, go, just don't do it again. He's being nice. He's in a good mood. Maybe he got a promotion that day or something right? Or they fill their quota or something. He lets it slide. On the day of judgment. Nobody thinks they're going to let anything nothing's gonna slide. So this is a tremendous Mercy of Allah, this person. Already they have been given their book in their right hand. But does that mean they only have good deeds? Oh, they have they make mistakes too. Right? The people that are been described in paradise Allah describes them making mistakes too. They that's why they're asking for forgiveness. It's not you know, they only have good deeds on their record. So when Allah

00:41:36 --> 00:42:15

sees those bad deeds of Allah, He overlooks that no big deal. It's okay. It's okay. You know, even if the angels recorded everything precisely, it's all there. It's not like it's missing or erased or anything. It's overlooked yet I was one so proud of Allah in the human nutrition hisab Yama in halakhah Hadith and the one who is debated on the day of on that day, meaning the one who was questioned about this line a lot about this sin over here. What did you do on Thursday? The fifth you know, at 3pm What was this? If that happens Hallock this person has been destroyed. The moment a person starts getting question for their deeds, the messenger tells us I saw them. That's it this

00:42:15 --> 00:42:54

person has done for this is the mercy of allies on the one who overlooks the sins, other narrations and young little young goofy kitabi he will look into his book instead of his sins, yet he was on who he will overlook it in the home a new new kitchen hisab Yama is India, Russia hallak, the one who has been debated or questioned on that day, as far as their accounting has been destroyed. Then the other Hadith that are pertaining to this concept, Mancusi by Yeoman TMR diva, the one who has been reckoned on who has been audited on the Day of Resurrection, for sure has been tortured, meaning their torture is sealed, later, radical hisab in another Hadith, this is not accounting as

00:42:54 --> 00:42:57

you think of accounting in the Metallica era.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:35

This is nothing but overlooking or, you know, sort of a courtesy extended to these people. When I came in nucleation hassayampa gamma, gamma was the last one in there who later I had on you, hasta, boo, Yeoman qiyamah, Illa De Palma, there is not a single person, the messenger sesam. All of these, by the way, are narrated by Chateau de la la, there is not a single person that is counted on or audited on the Day of Resurrection, except that they are tortured. Meaning the people who earn a less paradise directly, they will they will have to show their book, what's going to happen, their sins will be overlooked. And when the sins are overlooked, to handed their book back, and what do

00:43:35 --> 00:43:36

they do, hey, look at my book.

00:43:40 --> 00:44:11

So first of all overlooks because even then, when your accounting is being presented, you're nervous about the mistakes. I'm constantly reminded when I was a kid, you know, in some schools, what they do is you take the test to the teacher, and he grades it in front of you. Right and if your test if your test has ever been graded in front of you, you know, as the teacher is reading through the questions, what are you doing? Oh my god, oh my god. Yeah. You're nervous about every item? Where is he going to get it? Where's the x with the x? And you notice this is this audit on the day resurrection is taking place and you know, there's a mistake but there's no x he keeps going he

00:44:11 --> 00:44:49

keeps turning the page. And you start getting feeling a little good about yourself. So how to love so this is an amazing gift of Allah azza wa jal now after this is done, when you get the greatest news, when you get the greatest news, you graduated, you got the job? You got the promotion, right? Or they approved the contract, whatever. Who's the first person you call? Who do you talk to? Your family? You call your mother you call your sister you call your wife? You call the kids? Hey, we got it. It's done. You know where I am right now. Right? Every time you have something good you want to share first with those who you love the most. So Allah azza wa jal tells us as soon as this hisab

00:44:49 --> 00:45:00

has been given to him, what happens next? When he turns around? Where does he go? Isla Lee, he turns around to his family. But wait a second. Have we heard we read something

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

thinks about the family before this person running away from the family if you don't nobody cares about anybody else on that day. So how is this explained intercede, first of all I have here, not everybody is your family, who's your family, those who believe with you. Your love will be associated with those who believed with you. And you will not feel on that day you won't feel that you miss you know, like New Holland Salaam was feeling pain for his son when he was drowning, that pain will disappear on the Day of Judgment. You know, Abraham la Salaam was concerned for who his father that concern will be gone on the Day of Judgment, the who will be in your heart, the love of

00:45:36 --> 00:46:13

family will be the family who believed with you, your and your people are the ones who believed May Allah enter all of our our blood relatives, our all of our extended families, the entire oma into those who that we returned to on the Day of Resurrection. The other thing here that's really powerful, it's very beautiful, is imagine this person has been given. And by the way, young kalevala, and he missoura. Delighted. His masoorie comes from Subaru. And saloon is related to the word seal. Sir, in Arabic means secret. It's a kind of joy, you feel it deep inside your heart, and it doesn't even come out. It hasn't even come out on your face yet. It's deep inside, you feel it in

00:46:13 --> 00:46:35

the depths of your heart. That's the kind of joy that's being talked about here. inner joy, you know, the superficial joy on your face or temporary joy. But there's that lasting joy that's deep inside. That's That's true. Right. So he goes with that lasting joy to his family. But the thing here is, you know how there are degrees in Paradise, there's the Rajasthan genda. Imagine this person is in a high level of gender and his families were

00:46:36 --> 00:47:04

in a low level of gender. What this implies already is that a low will take people from the lower levels of gender, if one of their family members made it up there, and they want to go back to their family, they don't have to take the elevator down. What's gonna happen these people on the lower levels are going to be brought up suppiler law is an added Mercy of Allah and added Mercy of Allah. So of your family if they're you know, you're hopeful for Jenna but there are people in your family that are doing more work for the deen than you are? support them, what do we do?

00:47:06 --> 00:47:40

We really kill them, why are you wasting your life? Why are you you know, now who needs data? Right? Why are you learning all the time what's going to the machine that budget time etc, etc. Instead, understand if these people raised to a higher level that you know, you know, it's not like you're free from your duties. But even if you make it to our lower level, there'll be your ticket up to a higher place. Remember, we talked about the two kinds of drinks previously that people are enjoying and they have some little bit the sneem but who's got the whole flow of the steam going on the people at the higher level so you want to go see what's up over there. If you have family up there

00:47:40 --> 00:47:49

you got connections, right so you can get up there so how Allah when Allah Allah He masala you know, these are the same people there are a few things we have this by the way, what time is Salah?

00:47:51 --> 00:48:30

930 Okay, there's a few things we have to talk about here. The first thing is these people by the language it is told this is not the carefree happy and joy only attitude they had with their family when they were in this world. This happens in the next world. And we find a testimony of this elsewhere. We find a lot tells us when Latina Amano What about what about Tom's Rita? Rita whom you imagine? And how can I be him Juliet onsala those who believed and their future generations followed him with faith, we make them come together meaning they we bring them to the same high level. Well, my left now How many? How many himanshi and we will not cancel out of any of their deeds at all.

00:48:31 --> 00:49:08

calamari, MB maca sobre hain but then later on, we find these people when they get to agenda, they're talking to this family, they're talking to each other. They're talking to each other and you know what they say kalu in Conoco bluefin tuna mash up. We you know, back in the day, remember there was for sure we used to be so worried, so grieved, and so concerned about our family. These are the people they have, you know, joy, only joy on the on Resurrection Day, but in this world, they're just worried about their family. They're worried what's gonna happen, what's gonna happen to the kids? Are they going to be praying when I'm gone? You know, this this, this shock that's being

00:49:08 --> 00:49:40

talked about? We learn in the life of jacoba Hassan, he's on his deathbed. And what's he saying matter Buddha Nam embody? What are you going to worship after I'm gone? What are you going to do after I'm gone? This concern for the family? We feel that more in the West perhaps nowadays, right? What about the external influences on our children? How do we protect our kids from all these you know, the the foul language and the bad company and all of these kinds of things? We were always concerned, where are they going to learn their Deen? How are they going to teach it to their kids? What's going to happen three generations from now? Where's this lamb going to be? So they they

00:49:40 --> 00:50:00

remember those concerns when they get to gender? But this is not the time to be carefree. This is the time to be concerned. That's the time to be carefree. What's happening nowadays, unfortunately, is we become carefree about our families here. Many of us we you know, our life is good. The kids have the video games they ordered right? You know, you get the

00:50:00 --> 00:50:35

husband has whatever he wants in the house and it's designed the way everybody likes it just exactly as per everybody's specifications of decoration, right the car is the car he likes and he likes and whatever, everything's good we don't have to worry about anything else. But this is this this this will not give you this rule, by the way and before we break for the Salah, one last thing in the previous solar we found who was joyful and carefree with their family. What isn't colorable law human callable, fokin and the previous solar we found the irony, those who returned to their family with you know that taste of joy in their mouth Remember that? They go this is the disbelievers

00:50:35 --> 00:51:15

carefree life with their family no no concerns about the future but the believer he's raised with that concern because this is the legacy of Ibrahim Ali Salaam concern for the future that's what we have to have this is why when we make the law we make the our banner headline I mean as Virgina was a reality now kurata Union Latina mama and sofa can we find this door? You know, give to us from our spouses and our children, the coolness of our eyes, the the come from the storm, literally what it means to come from the storm, the relaxation, that we may feel contented there. All right. As far as their Dean is concerned, they're all right. And make us mm over those who have Taqwa. Subhan Allah,

00:51:15 --> 00:51:18

Allah azza wa jal give us this joy with our families on the day when it counts.

Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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