Nadim Bashir – Allah’s wisdom is incomprehensible

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of showing a woman with a mask on her shirt and head during a holiday, as Islam may use it to influence behavior and may use it to influence behavior. The loss of alive family members and the importance of patient approach to difficult situations are also highlighted. The speaker emphasizes the need for patient mental health and protecting animals and human beings from evil behavior, while also discussing the historical use of the word "the" in actions and the importance of considering the "anoors." The speaker also mentions the use of the word "the" in actions and the need to consider the "anoors."
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and hundreds

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of them suffer the severe semantic immediate Shannon Jaleel puzzle of theoretically McFarland originally it will happen for him is because either it was either because on Jimmy isn't it Jessica Hoffa emoji with Dorayaki with their son said he said we should either Mr. VOD pardon me or the Sovann want us to do a lot more double dash naked over the holiday? Well, number one is under Mohammed Abu rasool Allah about following the model along the border with Isla Blanca G well for me browsing the SharePoint regime is Rahim

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will then have no one that can be shaking me and hope he will jewelry will never seem to get anywhere. I'm fussy with tomorrow's cover sheet is already underneath EDA has some other to say button on you if you were in either you or your own. With a Carnegie solar company and lobbying him

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What would a government wants to do so the Allahu La lien Ivonne

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respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam

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as being a slave to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we should always keep in mind that everything that we see around us every single feeling that we experience

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everything that is in our knowledge, or it may not be in our knowledge, everything has been created by Allah subhana wa dawn.

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This entire universe, the sun that comes out the moon that we see in the sky at night, the stars, the planets, the entire universe, and what takes place inside the universe. Everything belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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You will see in the Quran, Allah sometimes he says during the day he might be semi wacky, go back and cover that for Allah and to Allah and we think in disguise in the earth it belongs to Allah. Sometimes you will see in the Quran, the light you will to survive it will. The Allah subhanaw taala is the owner of the skies in the earth. It is amazing that sometimes Allah says, Allah says sometimes.

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Why? Because if there's an amazing example that has been given, and that is that let's just say a person is renting a home, wherever it is inside the home belongs to the person who is renting the home, who is leasing the home, the landlord, the person who owns the house, he actually he owns the structure of the house. So a person can say that I own everything inside the house, but I don't own the structure, the landlord in the same light that I own the structure, I don't own anything that's inside the house. But for Allah when he said he lived with it.

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It means that the entire structure of the universe it belongs to Allah when he now you know Matheson are working on mapping all it means that anything that's inside the structure also belongs to Allah Subhana Allah.

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So when Allah has created everything is up to Allah, how he deals with it and how he uses it. Allah subhanaw taala creates different things for different purposes. We see in our life there are some families

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they only have boys in their family.

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There are some family that only have girls their family. There are some families I'll listen to how that has given parents boys and girls, then that he would have to smell actually Oh, yes, Lupo. Maria share you have remained the shampoo in Ireland while you're happily make a shower to do Oh use the Quran and he knows what he's

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talking about in the world even buddy

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and will also handle it on at the same time. The Quran mentions that when it comes to Allah, He does whatever he wants to do. In America, I believe I believe that Allah does as he wishes. The difference between the word foreigner and the word Amina is that when a person hits when the person he does something with the intention and he thinks about it twice before he does it, that is what is called a person who has done action Amina when a person he does without consulting with anyone else, without even thinking twice this person he has he has done something which in the Arabic language, it is called for Allah He does something when it comes to Allah he says in our own burqa only by

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your name, Allah does not consult with anyone. He does not have a he does not it does not suit anyone

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But he does not take my shirt off in any way. He does not think twice. Whatever happens wherever customer Allah it happens. Either or other she is a moolah who can fire code. When Allah wants to do something, he says good and it happens. In fact if now versity of love it he says in his stuff said that Allah is not even in need of saying the word going. This is just for us to understand why there wasn't a powerful of us.

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So when Allah is when everything belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala every single situation belongs to Allah, everything that's happening in the universe belongs to Allah, then there are times that a person, Allah Subhan, Allah will test a person different different ways. Allah mentioned that so the bucket of one another one that wouldn't be shake me, I hope that we will certainly we should put you to test. Sometimes it may be unhealthy may be fear. This is something that we see we understand right now. As Muslims living in America, you know, when 911 took place, when different event when the when the the shooting in Fort Hood took place some years ago, Muslims were under attack. Muslims

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cannot go outside, Muslim women were being attacked. Why? Because there was simply Muslims were all under attack. And there was this view that was going on. That what could happen if I went outside, if I came across a person who has lost their mind, that will come to the What could they do to me or my family. So and how well your hunger? A person who loses their job? A person who loses out you know, he does not have control over his finances. He doesn't have money. When you are when other semi unwell Well, I'm force the author of alive in your family.

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The loss of alive in your family is awful. It comes with loss of a handle with the Isla Allah He tests us what we saw recently in Connecticut, a week from last year, one week ago, in Connecticut, we all know what happened.

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Where he got the young children, their life was taken away. They were innocent, regardless of whether they're Muslims or not. But these were first grade children. What harm did they commit? What crime did they commit these teachers their life was taken, there were innocent people.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala either there was one protect all

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and male one not make any of us experience what they experienced.

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In the same way we see in our own in our own community. Just last week, on Sunday night, tragedy struck our community where there was a sister coming back with her daughter, and there was someone on the other side of the street. What was the reason? Why did it happen? Only Allah knows was this person was she on her phone where she drove wishes speeding will go on? No news has been released. But she crosses over the media and she struck at this in the corner car collides with this car, listen to some sister. She passes away. Her two year old daughter in the backseat, she also passes away.

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tragedy that happens. Allah subhanho wa Taala that this is something that will happen. Once again. May Allah subhanaw taala bless this family, you know, brother either I knew it wasn't gonna help him to get this difficult situation. I mean, Allah Subhana Allah helped his two kids also. I mean, there was another one of his other daughters was in the car, and she had to survive by this imagine the psychological trauma that these kids are going through right now. Especially the girl, right? Let's make everything easy for them.

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But respected for their sisters, when these things happen. What does Allah expect from us? Either I saw that one we'll see whether or not in our in LightWave nowadays Rajon we belong to Allah, everything customer does have a handle with the island. So what happens is that now when we understand that there are going to be ups and downs in our life, sometimes there are local testers in different different ways alone will not test every single person in one in one particular way. Just like a doctor, when a doctor when he is when when a patient comes and visit the doctor. That doctor does not always give a one prescription to his patients. He gives a different different

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prescription to his patients in the same exact way a was a bit harder and knows what is our strengths? What are our weaknesses, a lot he sends trials and challenges our way accordingly.

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But now how do we react? Of course we have to be patient about it. We cannot we cannot say inappropriate things, as we all know that I need the promisor Well, while he was a sophomore in the Southern Water Cooler, he can't he sees a woman crying next to the grave of her side. What does he say?

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The subject is exercise. Patience is exercise, the very first time it strikes a person. So we need to be patient in our life, and how we are patient, we always keep our focus on those for how to with Allah, always ask a list of 100 help us get through this. But then what I really want to get done in my football, what I wouldn't want to get you in my foot is that you understand there's a common question that people they ask I remember this question was asked, even after the horrible and horrific incident took place in Connecticut, for many people just asking this one question. And this is something that a lot of atheists people, they ask this question. And it's unfortunate that even I

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still go to Muslim brothers and sisters come into my office. And they told me also that they have friends who are Muslim turning towards atheism. Why? Because there's one common question that if Allah is there, if Allah is truly there, why is all this happening? Why is their sufferings? Why are their crimes being committed? Why does you know Mother Nature come? And it destroys things at time, every time? Why other natural disasters? Why are people killing other people? Why is it evil on the face of this earth? If Allah is there, why?

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And people are turning towards they're turning away from Islam? Why? Because this answer in this question has not been answered. So I actually want to take opportunity to answer this question. I want to take the opportunity to answer this question. And one of the reason I also selected this is because a lot of my youngsters, they go to school, they go to school, this question is put to them, they go to universities, they may have an atheist professor, and they put this question to their students, and our youngsters don't know how to answer this question. People adults don't want this question. First of all, is that whenever I want whenever I calamity comes, whenever there may be any

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hardship, or something that may it's it to a person it registers in his mind, as something that is wrong, there may be a bigger plan behind that of Allah subhanho wa taala. There may be a benefit behind that. When we started the story of Musa alayhis salam on three different times on three different occasions, here is this something that moves our legs and fall he was wrong, but there was a benefit behind it, the very first time he wrecked the ship. Why, so that the key can stop it, he will not let the King seize that ship. The second time he took the life of that child is because this child would go out to take his family to prefer to leave them to move her in with gyda. And he

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will become a

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tired person in the future. And finally, when when you when your son after being rejected, from the from the people in the city, and after they say that we will not you know we will not express or show your hospitality. We will not show you hospitality. He's still fixed the wall. Musa was on the assumption this is this does not make sense. He said the reason I fixed the wall is because there is treasure hidden beneath this wall. And if you were to be exposed to everyone in the city, everyone will take it away, there'll be nothing left. So sometimes you may be something that we see in May does not mean may not make sense. But there's a bigger plan behind that of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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for come forward. Please come forward. When we see the Treaty of Davia the Sahaba of the Allahu Akbar against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that why is this happening? We came here for the intention of Allah, why are we not performing on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did as he thought was right, what Allah had put in his heart. But what did the Sahaba see that we came here? This trip was was meaningless, nothing happened. Nothing was achieved. Allah had a bigger plan in mind. And when the problem was returning back from a you know, what do you think enough? Like I could have novena enough. I don't know

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what happened there right now, I fucka. This is going to lead you to clear victory. So sometimes what we see may not actually be what's happening, but there's a plan behind that. Also behind

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that, that's number one. Number two is when things like this happen, crimes, sufferings, natural disasters take place. Why did it take place is because Allah Subhana Allah Allah has has seen, Allah sees and it is because of our Ma Allah sees that we were disobeying Allah, our our minds that go home before they go up to have us have a handle with Allah accordingly the situation in the circle

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That's it they come. Allah says to the room, the Harada facade to invent new well binding, that corruption spreads on, on earth, on land and in water everywhere around the entire world. But because of what be back so bad, he did not because of what people are doing, when people disobey Allah, the circumstances will come according to the circumstances of a couple accordingly, I share with you a lot more on her. She mentioned that one time that I was alone while I was on came inside, he came beside his home. And she said that when I saw the face of the Prophet, I had guessed that something of great occurrence, something of great importance has occurred. And she said, I'm not

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talking to anyone. He went to people on Moodle, he prayed, he performed the slides, and then he stood up on the pulpit. And what did he say? All people, usually, you should continue to enjoy towards God forbid from evil, otherwise a time will come. That then you will make dua to Allah and roadwatch will be rejected. You will ask Allah and Allah will not answer your prayers. And then he says that you were asked to have a law against your enemies, and your DUA will be rejected. What do we see today? Do we can we really blame a list of it with the idea of bringing these circumstances upon us? Absolutely not. Just look at the state of our ummah. Look at the state of our own law. As

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we continue to go on this Obama is slowly and gradually drifting away from the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam modesty does not even exist in our community anymore.

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Modesty does not exist. There is hardly you know, there's so there's such a great percentage of OMA that they did not even perform their five times daily solids. And how would Zina has said is taking place within our Alma, how much drinking of wine and alcohol, how much is being consumed within our own facility?

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How many people are committing how often a daily basis how many people are involved with interest there dealing with interest? When we break these commandments of Allah subhanho wa taala. And when we clearly put the Sunnah and the life of the prophet on the backburner, what can we expect from ALLAH SubhanA wa?

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What do we expect from Allah? So that's why keeping in mind is that when these things happen, it is not because Allah subhanaw taala is evil. Now what would have been love it is because Allah He sends down the circumstances based on our actions. Now at the same time, keeping in mind is that another reason why these kinds of calamities or sufferings they come or test alone may test a person is to make this person strong. And very, there is no better example than the example of the life that was miserable by yourself. I mean, there's no light who can come in terms of rank and status, even close to the profit. But look, how much suffering look how much difficulty the promise Oh, it was

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something you went through. Look at Ibrahim alayhi salam, he had to be this family in a place where there is no means of life. Allah subhanaw taala he tested these people to make these people strong. Allah tells us why it's so that we can increase on our EMA and at the same time, keeping in mind is that Allah says in the Quran very clearly, that you can be for long enough so in

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every single difficulty that we are experiencing, calamity that we come across, that we are struggling with, is we actually can handle the circumstances and the difficulty that's what Allah He brings upon us, Allah diagnosed with a bucket or what does he say that you can people walk in?

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Allah does not make any difficulty upon a person when he does not any person is not put in a situation which is beyond his capacity. So first of all, is that Why did Allah subhanho wa taala? Why do these things happen? First of all, is because there might be the there is a plan of Allah subhanho wa taala. Number two is that Allah subhanho wa Taala sees that we have drifted away from the sacred source, the sacred text. And number three is that to make us a better person to make us a stronger person, we also see that sometimes natural disasters come and for innocent Muslims, they get taken away in this also, like few years ago, I remember this question, and this came up quite a

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lot. And people were you know, they were talking about this, you know very much that you

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Two years ago, or several years ago, a tsunami took place at Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand in that area. I mean, it was, I mean, it was a catastrophe. I mean, so many 1000s of people lost their lives. And the one question I hear a lot of people saying is that when this even Okay, let's just say it was the adult of Allah, it is out of Allah, it came, it just took away so many 1000s of innocent Muslims, what about them? What do they do? What do they do? I want to share with you and Hadith of the Prophet SAW Allah where it was said to vary by the law. And this isn't the very first chapter or the other side of the, in the chapter of the philosophy. The promise of the law why he

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was setting up was afterwards he said, that the people will go to they will be marching towards the Kaaba to rate the carbon. And he says that when they reach a particular piece of that fee, that guy will be paid die looks up to me over the last year, that the earth will swallow everyone.

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Everyone will be swallowed will feed him a smile whom at least some info, the province of some says that even those people will be swallowed by the earth who are not even amongst these people. So I shall be a one one had just like you would ask this question I shot it with the alarm or I'd have may Allah be pleased with her. She says to the Prophet, that will probably alone what a crime did they commit? They were innocent people. Promise Allah Hi, Sam says that everyone hates when the punishment of Allah comes. It takes away many people. But on the day of judging these people, they will be separated from the people who come to your pride, they will be separated from the wrongdoers

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we see instantly I see what does Allah say, one person a young man ain't doing anymore. They're on doors that the people who didn't good, they will be separated. That's why there's a higher purpose Allahu alayhi wa sallam. The one time he said that when he that in a community, when there are people who are righteous, the idea of Allah can still come upon them. So the Sahaba they said, Whoa, what about these righteous people, they will be taken away from us on some say yes, they will be taken away. But they'll be raised upon their intention.

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So this is also another reason what happens. And a lot of times we need to keep we need to believe in this, to understand this. Now when all this has happened, we come down to the only question that when all this is happening, and Allah is there, how can Allah allow all this to happen? While is God there, and evil is taking place on the face of the earth? I believe so I answered that in the second part of the Barack Obama now what happened to me when I found out wasn't yet again, I started a lot he whatever, when he started to discover stuff, you know, in November

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How many of you that want to start even when I started fiddling with all the languages you have to study yet they ended up

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making it but I had good luck

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with an aunt who

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resented brothers sisters, if you don't, if I were to talk about this subject, it will take another half an hour one went out this subject, it has been debated about and 100, our you know, our scholars and people in our, in our society or computing world, they have taken a lot of they can come up with a way to answer this question. There is an answer to this question. Absolutely. But all that cannot be covered right now in five more minutes. So I'm going to try to make this brief as much as I can.

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When people ask you this question, that how is Allah there and all this is happening? The answer to that is that Allah subhanho wa taala, he has created a human being with something that is called free will. When you look at angels there see there are two different terminologies one is called obligation what is called free will. Angels don't want their owning associated with obligation. They only have obligations they have to carry out for Allah subhanho wa taala. On the other hand, you see animals, what animals do, they don't have any obligations, there's free will. That's why you still in the date of judgment, there is no accountability for angels. There's no accountability for them

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for the animals, that animal go up and work with them. They will try to dusk, but the human being will be held accountable. Why? Because he has been given both. He has been given obligation. And he has also been given free will. When a person who commits a crime for someone else with some of the goals and take some live up someone else. This is this question. This question that how can Allah allow this while he's alive while he's there?

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Okay allow this. This is not told us about Hana, what are Allah? Allah has created every single person with freewill. He does whatever he wishes to do. And that's why this life is a test because we have shared on with us. We have Quran and Sunnah with us, we have been given a choice we have free will, we can do right we can do wrong. So when someone commits a crime and goes and takes advantage of someone else, it is not because of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is this person who chose to do what is wrong. He chose to do what what what we teach what we determine what the Quran determines as unexcusable. These are things that there is no reason there is no excuse for when you

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go in and take the Bible of someone. You cannot say that Allah wanted me to do this and that's why I didn't know every single person he does, he does out of his own will. That's why you will see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala he says in na de nada Sabine. We showed him the right path. Imam Shakira in Makkah Fula they can be either those people who are more thankful to Allah, they follow the orders of Allah will imagine the Fuhrer and they can do all they can be those people who come in. We see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala time, every time he says that you have the choice, this is your choice, a dinner, sit all the new stuff, they said all the money and I'm not able to do it with

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a body, you have two paths in front of you. What you do is your choice. So for this question, for someone to say that Allah has given all this note, every person there is freewill attached to every single person and a person does based on his own consciousness and his own mind and his own knowledge. But now, finally, what I want to share with you is when we see all this happening, you know, we talked about our Muslims, all over the world that are suffering when we look at our Muslim brothers and sisters, innocent brothers, Muslims, innocent brothers and sisters and children whose lives are being taken away in Syria, in Philistine in Kashmir and Burma and all over the world. What

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can we say? The where? Where is Allah subhanho wa Taala so that's right to give us this contentment apart. What does Allah say in the Quran? A name so long the Ackerman Hi Kimmy is hola naughty Bestival and judges, which means is that day will come a day will calm down Where's true justice will be served, not the justice that we see other places Earth, that there are people who are innocent, that they aren't, they aren't. They are serving in jails and prisons, and they are innocent. And yours people who aren't guilty, and they're still at home, and they're still they're living, they're living alive. And they are considered as innocent all of the articulate the rhetoric

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about that kind of justice, we're talking about the justice of ALLAH SubhanA wa at the island, that when the justice of Allah is served, no one will get away from the Justice philosopher hunter with the island. On the Day of Judgment, everything will be clear in front of us a person he will see his book of beings. And he will see that there is the most smallest detail in the smallest piece of information regarding his right, it is in this book, and what will he say, man, he had a guitar. What is wrong with this book. Now you all use Avira when I come here with a thing that is taking everything. It includes everything. What I saw what I did, what I thought about everything. And

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that's why what do we say it's well, and every single slot and every single rocker when we resize to the party? Or what do we say, Man you're within? Allah is the Owner. Allah is the king of the Day of Judgment, and what will happen on the Day of Judgment, justice will be served. So if we feel like the word is a law, always keep in mind is that the day will come? Whatever you is single person, whatever they did, they will have no question about it, and they will have to give an answer for you. So that's why keeping in mind is that if justice was not there, this question would have been valid, that Allah subhana and lets the people who are suffering he could easily let them suffer. But

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no, it wasn't. And this question could have been asked that those people who aren't involved in me those who are the oppressors, they can do whatever they want to do I know when when Allah said there will be justice, every single person will be judged and justice will be served. May Allah subhanaw taala give all of us the ability

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to act on what has been said heard. And once again, I tried to summarize this with this subject. It's a very long subject in the show that I'll be talking about this one time on a given Friday night. I'll talk about this and elaborate upon this more, but we need to keep this in mind.

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I remember that our Dean's if someone comes into question, are they there's always an answer to everything. When people they come in they come through they say that how can all this happen when God is there? These are the answers that you need to get Melosa give all of us the ability to act on what's been said and heard. Once again our trade what was behind the data that may Allah forgive. And Mila So Holly forgive sister, the sister who passed away last weekend so Sadia and her daughter Bella behind give them a piece and Jana, also a brother in our community, brother go far.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:35

Brother, my son, he his father passed away.

00:30:36 --> 00:30:54

Brother My son has fallen has to be importing Allah Subhana Allah give him also facing Jana and everyone who has passed away everyone who has been married Allah subhanaw taala enlightened, they're great. And Allah Subhan Allah forgive their sins, their shortcomings, ALLAH SubhanA may be questioning the hereafter easy for them. May Allah make mistakes they

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