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To learn from other Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala sherfield MBA when will serene Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah highly valued So Salah does live on casita and cathedra from

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my brothers sisters

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we are studying Inshallah,

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on the 25th I think 26 of this one the motto and also the his program

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is must have so, the Quran

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept it and make it a means of higher and Baraka horrible Shall

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I want to remind myself and you the

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very, very important other with respect to the Quran of the Colombo manager

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when we learn the Kitab of Allah

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then we focus on the reading we focus on the Taj V which is the rules of pronunciation

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if you go beyond that thing, you focus on the different rewards of recitation, different ways of recitation

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usually, this is very this

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those of us who for whom Of course, it

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is almost very few people phone app, not just Arabic, but classical Arabic is a is that is the language it is not even for the Arabs, it is not but so, not very understand it exactly as it is by reading it. So really translations and so on. So we go we focus on

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my question myself, and you is how many of us focus on what the kalam of Allah is

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right there think about what is it

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we are saying column over a column of a loving

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speech of other species is Allah subhanaw taala spoke

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the Quran Al Karim was the spoken word.

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The Kitab is later when the spoken word was recorded. But what came

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the spoken word Allah subhanaw taala spoke in a way that suits his majesty and grace

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to Gibreel A salaam and Gmail is Ram spoke to Russell Riserva in Salem. And then Russell Russell Salam spoke, he memorized the same thing. He spoke that to his companions to the Sahaba Rwanda hurry Mudvayne

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and they memorize it, and they spoke it to others.

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After that third stage,

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it started getting recorded so the Sahaba also recorded it but spoken word

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in the Salah, you speak it

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we don't read it from a book, at least not in the first hour.

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So when we say color of Allah,

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the speech of Allah

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and that's the reason why that is the reason why the Quran Kareem is also not a created thing. It's not a it's not a creature it's not Mahalo. This is the quality of Allah this is an attribute of Allah this is a civet of Allah. species has

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like some odd bizarre

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sight, hearing, speech, all these are sievert

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when you start reading the Quran, when you are listening to the Quran, when you are you know, you hold the muscles in your hand

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there it is very important to ask yourself what is it that I have here?

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I mean, of course we don't know what is it so therefore Who is Allah?

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Man who Allah

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Who is Allah?

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Now we know the answers we know all the answers to all this right?

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Sivan wala it was a while lol Colleyville burial Musa Viola well as far as you will say, well, molecule will will jewelry vedika who Oliver I was shahada, woronora haip

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right all of this we will say

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but each of these words

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each of these names of Allah which are the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala we must think about it and reflect on it.

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Mallanna and muraki Elena

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Murphy forgot you know, listing this alpha level Mark, what is the meaning of a higher level Malik?

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He is the Creator he is the

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owner, is that the meaning?

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Or is that the translation of highly symbolic visual translations? So, to me, what is the mean?

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The meaning is what does it tell me in my heart?

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If I say Allah subhanho data who will Malik?

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Of what? line?

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So, if Allah is by Malik

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Malik al Mulk

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but Anna

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No, you're not altered somewhere in

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the middle here of Allah.

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So, what does it mean?

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If I have an owner

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and my owner is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that I know and all that, I don't know. What does that do to my heart?

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Does it do anything?

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Or is the word owner word?

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With Allah we are Malik's billing vizier owner

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That is the reason why we read the Quran we know all these words, but the state of the heart is

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full of tension and fear and anxiety worry, what will happen, this will happen there

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is no effect on her because

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we don't reflect we don't think.

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So Allah subhanaw taala spoke, what did he speak?

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Whatever he spoke came in the period of 23 years to Roswell, Roswell, Salem.

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Some of these things came

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as a response to things which were happening at that time.

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There were some issues, Allah subhanaw taala sent some laws with regard to issues, other things came as narratives and so on, so forth, the stories of the of the past, right and so on. So all of this

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so what is how much we approach that?

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The way we approach this is to say, number one, that this is the column number two, and therefore every single word of it, every single phrase of it, every single sentence of each sentence is the eye is true.

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It is completely and totally true. There is no doubt in it. Because Allah said the illegal kita vous la EverFi

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there's no doubt

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whatever I understand of this Alhamdulillah what I don't understand also, I believe, because this is the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala it is possible, something they don't understand.

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That does not mean that what I don't understand is not true. No, everything is true, some I understand some I don't understand, because my angle is only that much

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is true, then

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whose color was it? Allah?

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What is the extent of the knowledge of Allah?

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Is it more is it does it have boundaries is restricted to this much and that

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Allah subhanho that has knowledge is perfect, ALLAH SubhanA that acknowledges has no boundaries for Allah subhanaw taala there is no past and present and future for Allah smarter you know everything.

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So therefore whatever Allah subhanaw taala told us to do in the Quran Al Karim

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was good at the time it was mentioned

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and it remains good until the end of time.

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So therefore, if I add a game with respect to something

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then those I add and whatever the home of Allah subhanaw taala is with respect to that thing remains that way until the end of time.

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To give you a couple of examples like I did this afternoon in the

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last router revealed

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the IRS prohibiting all forms of intoxication all forms of gambling.

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So at that time

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Um what were people drinking they were drinking wine made of made from dates and made from grapes.

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Right I think probably Barbie or something.

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So now it was in an hour I've got something else I've got fentanyl or I've got LC LSD. I've got heroin, right? Our opium there are no poppies in those in the in Arabia.

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That doesn't apply because this is a different thing. Is it true

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intoxicants of every kind.

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Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala revealed the IELTS writing all forms of interspace dealings.

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No matter what it is,

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whether that borrowing was done one to one person to person, or whether the borrowing was done from an organization.

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And again, the problem is people don't read history. People think that banks have organizations, they think that this is the modern modern phenomena, it is not.

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Banks existed as organizations, all the way back to the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

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You didn't have Citibank. But we had banks.

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You had bank, the big banks. The Roman Empire was a very wealthy empire.

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And they had big banks, because one of the things that the Roman soldiers and especially the senators and so on were human destiny wealthy, you cannot imagine how wealthy they were.

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What they would do was their money they would deposit with these people with the bankers. The bankers would roll the money and they would give them they will pay them interest.

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So the soldier will be fighting on the on the in the battlefield somewhere, destroying somebody else's life.

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And whatever booty they collected, whatever they got from there, they will deposit it back in Rome, with the bankers and they earn interest on it.

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So banks for their letters of credit were there.

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The Arabs use is used all the all of these people from in from Africa, they use letters of credit,

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because they were trading between

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the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. You had the outpost the last outpost of the Roman Empire was in Modern Warfare is what we call Suria, which is Syria, which is, you know,

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the sham and then the last outpost of the Persian Empire was in Yemen.

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So this area in between was like no man's land.

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And the Arab was sitting in the middle of that. And they were trading between these two. So now think about this, that these were people in those days.

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How did you move caravans so you're traveling on the road? By road by land, either walking or riding some animal

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and you're buying and selling products?

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And some of those caravans they were, they were caravans? That's why I say read history when there's no way you're gonna understand. Unless there were caravans some of them had over 1000 camels

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these people are big business people don't imagine that this was some man you know, bartering for surrogate putting dates there and getting some but these are big business people. They were billionaires in today's in today's terms, they were billionaires.

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So they had discovered now if you're going to Syria and you're going to buy a lot of stuff, and you need money right

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what is the money manual gold and silver

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so I do think they were getting in like you know, 10 tonnes of gold all the way to Syria to buy stuff and bring it back No way. First of all, it's it's very difficult to gauge heavy stuff, it's very difficult to carry Secondly, there are bad there are bandits.

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You carry that kind of God, you are a dead man. I mean, there's no way that they will leave you alone. So, they use that as a carrot.

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You are a little guide here you give you go give it to the person that gives the goods you bet.

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So all these LCS and so on is nothing new

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LCS or existed for 2000 years.

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So today, somebody says no, no see, interest was interest was on these things. And today in today's world, the interesting

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gory district

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so what whatever Allah subhanaw taala prohibit

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permitted is not restricted to time and space in geography.

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The same thing applies across time.

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If Allah subhanaw taala as orders had been restricted to time and space Allah subhanaw taala would not have stopped an abort. Please understand this.

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This happened before where there were certain order winners raw data which Allah subhanaw taala himself changed in some cases people changed and therefore new orders have to come and that's where Allah subhanaw taala kept dubby after NaVi after me until the surprise of Salah after whom there is no NaVi if that was not the case, Zambia would still have come

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in you will not be able to conceive okay this is this was the rule now the new rule no, no, what is over hummus.

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So, obviously, whatever he brought sunrise Salem applies till the end of time.

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So, therefore, let us understand the import the value of what we have we have the actual speech of our creator Robert salary

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and he shows this for us

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he was interested enough to choose this for us.

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So, we take it we thank you for this and we value it and how do you value it by living our lives according to that.

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More inshallah tomorrow was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali, he was a member of the corona