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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Shahid in an evina fatten mini in a minute

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Melania to find out whom either Buddha one

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publisher are silly Emory, Dr. Melissa Neff. cavaco Lee, well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala seydel MBA, he will mousseline rather early he was a woman extendibility he lived within Allahumma dynamin home Amina Latina Manohar Amina sorry heart whatever so but whatever so besotted me never been I mean from my brother said Mr. Milan Motorola Moto. I'd like first of all to thank the community for their support and quick response in helping put this program together particularly are a member of the NASA and the members of the Shura here. And secondly, and very importantly, the people and the volunteers and particularly brother Rami at high productions, who

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came all the way here voluntarily to help broadcast this session live because a few 100 people attend the session online, live every week. So all the people's efforts are much appreciated. A lot of times we see these kinds of programs and the efforts that are behind the scenes don't get appreciated. So we pray that Allah azza wa jal accepts every second of everyone's efforts in Sharla Donna

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so we have reached in our series a discussion on social Guruji. Up until now, a few soldiers have come in which there is dimension of the sky in the beginning. So the sudo right before this was either CML on shapcott. Again, the sky was mentioned in the beginning in the summer on Fatah that we found, then there was mention of the sky here and there, even in between, in between the passages were either somehow cuckoo, sheetlet, or 40, hottest summer for Canada, Baba, and too much of

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a summer, summer, summer, summer summer in the series of solos, these clusters of Monkey solos at the end, you find a lot of mention of the sky. But we found that most of the time the mention of the sky was in the context of the destruction of the sky. It was in the context of the destruction of the sky, even in the previous solar either summer on shapcott. When the sky is completely torn beyond repair in Chicago is complete tearing, absolutely and you can't put it back together now. And so and then

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That point, the dominant theme of the previous sutra, as was mentioned last week was inevitability the inevitable role of the sky is to be torn. That's what it was created for. That was its eventual goal. You know, when somebody is in college, you say your goal is to graduate. And every day this this person's in college, they're thinking about graduation day. Well, Allah let us know subhana wa Taala, that the sky when it was created with its incredible expansive universe, it was created for one day, the day on which it will be torn, which is why the next is said, Whatever you do on behalf of God, it's intently listening for the commandment of its Lord waiting for that commandment, that

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it can fulfill its destiny of being torn, and it's only rightful that it should do so well. At the moment, it'll be our hope. But this is what we learned in the previous surah. But this, the sky being torn is not happening. Now. This is an event of the future. This is not something that's happening now. So now on the next sort of this, sort of that we're studying today, inshallah, the study is not that of inevitability, the study of what is now and what has already occurred in the past. So where the predominant beginnings of the sutras were of the future. Here we have a discussion of the present the showerhead, the things you can see right now, and the things that have

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already borne witness the testimonies over the past. So we begin with dimension of the strength of the sky, Allah swears by the sky was one of the things that needs to be mentioned here, before we go any further is the functions of oaths. The exam, we know we talked about this all the time, but it's important to review. When Allah azza wa jal swears by something, there are a few reasons. One of them according to traditional scholars, is the importance of whatever he swears by the magnitude the greatness so when Allah swears by the sun, he's letting us know that the sun is nothing small, it's nothing miniscule. It's a profound creation of a lights and amazing thing. So when Allah swears by

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the sky, it is magnified the sky, right? That's one obvious thing. But there are other things. Typically, in language an oath is taken when there's anger. Like in when we talk to each other, I say, I swear I'm gonna kill you. I swear, you better stop. You do that when you're angry, right? So Allah azza wa jal, oftentimes, he swears in Quran when there is what anger when there's anger, but then there are other functions. For instance, the oath is used in language when you're not being believed. We talked about this last time,

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when you're not being believed. So when you come in late to work, and you say, I was, you know, I got stuck in traffic, and the boss gives you a funny look, you say, I swear I got stuck in traffic, you swear to make yourself more believable, right? So that's the the speaker will take an oath or swear, when the audience is not believing. So there's anger. There's the skepticism of the audience, but then in classical Arabic, another function, that to take whatever Allah swears by and make it a witness. So for example, when I say I swear by, and we don't say this for creation, but hypothetically, if I swear by this person, that means I have brought this person as a witness for

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what I'm about to say. So when Allah says was summer,

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I swear by the sky in common English, we would say I swear by the sky, that Allah has made the sky a witness. But when you bring a witness, isn't it for some kind of case? When you bring a witness to testify, it's for something that you're going to say the physical job and what is this? What is this, this sky a witness to? That's what will come a little bit later on. But let's first note what else Allah said about the sky, he says was summer. He that hill Rouge, that in Arabic is a possessive, it's in a lot of fights. It's a modaf that illustrates possession. The sky possessing or the sky, that is the possessor of an Budaj guru which comes from the word barge. Also the verb bhaja

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or barge, even barges, a tower or a fort. Anything that's very high, you have to look up to see it. That's what Okay, anything stellar is large stars in the sky are also called watch. Some of the people have the you know, ancient this was not a historical science but in the science in the sense of we think of science now, but the ancient peoples they used to have all these new moon new June you know, the sciences of the stars and they would read the stars for all kinds of things. Even nowadays, we have some eclipsing horoscopes, which are horrendously evil, right? But anyway, we have those things, but back in the old days, they used to have this idea that the sky is divided into 12

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areas This is not from Islam, this is from Joe Hillier right and they would each of them was called a bridge issue is a cluster is a large you know pop section of the sky called a bush. Nonetheless the majority opinion on this word is actually

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what he had no German Ivonne, like even Kathy says, These are the large stars in the sky. This is what a lot of it is squared swears by but still the word you know, that will Guruji as opposed to that in color cube that can do that in new June, right. In previous solos we found the word new June we found the word calaca while collectable into folate, right? We don't know German Cadillac we found new German color kit but why is specifically blue is there's some benefits to this. afford. The sky is being told to us that the sky

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Full of forts in a Ford, who goes inside the Ford, who's inside the Ford soldiers, right? Who are the soldiers in the sky? The angels. So the angels are positioned in military positions all over the universe. And the large stars that we see allies making a soprano with Arla visualize the force of the angels that are stationed in the sky. A day is coming when they will leave those camps, and they will be called to duty. You know how you get drafted for a job in the military. They will be drafted and they will have to come down from the sky. Watch out bukoba melaku soften Safa they will come down from the sky and rows upon rows, but right now they are stationed in those forts in those in

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campus, but we'll see why it was kind of what Allah mentioned this as the solar continues. A few other things about how the gurus have been explained in classical texts, some Siracusa professor, same idea forts or castles in the sky, and Guruji latifi have held us the, you know, the the force in which there are, you know, strong armies sitting, of course, the armies of angels. Now, this is actually a continuation of a previous discussion. Previously, there was an allegation made by the Muslim spoon that toe Quran is not the word of Allah, that this is the word of some ginger ale team, they get it from the sky, and they give it to him. And he speaks on behalf of these genes. So they

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called him a genome, like we read before a mouse like a boom image known right? But this now we're being told when the jinn try to go into the sky, what's the security system, the sky full of gurus, you can't get past them. And then they get she had one Falcon thrown towards them. So the sky is protected, and the revelation comes from that sky. So that revelation itself is protected the agenda Shelton have no access to it. The other thing also finally, what else will merge have a horse the essence of the word budget is manifestation. So the most brilliant the most stellar skies and the stars in the sky. This is really important how we connect this to the previous solar, like its lucky

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Commons, for example, we learned that in the previous solar, the sky was being destroyed. It was completely being destroyed. But it's not being destroyed. Now, when you look out in the desert sky, not like in you know, in most of the countries polluted so we don't really see stars in the sky like we should, unless you go out and you know, really out there in the desert or in the wilderness. But imagine the desert Arab, when he looks out in the sky, what does he see this this bed of stars all over the place, and some of the most brilliant stars right? And it's something he can't avoid, you have to understand this. Also, for the Arab, there's not a lot of skyscrapers or big billboards or

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highway lights that take away from the attention to the sky. Nowadays, when we drive we don't pay attention to the sky. But in the back in the day, what is there to distract you from looking at the sky, there's this desert, and then there is sky, you can't avoid it. So now the attention is being called to something you can't avoid to begin with. And every time you look at the sky, how many times is the destruction of the sky already been mentioned? over and over and over again? Every time you look at the sky, what comes to your mind is a summer on chocolate either summer or

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in a summer maku*a a summer be over and over and over again you're just reminded this guy is going to collapse it can't wait to do so. So those those brilliant stars are like reminders like you know how even nowadays in buildings and there's alarm codes, the light goes off. Right The stars light going off is like an alarm for the human being reminding him that this guy is about to come to an end. It's meant to do so was summer he that is borrowed, and that that looking at the sky and that reflection, it leads us to that reminder that lies promised today that's coming where this is going to happen. So what's the next one Yeoman or the promised day? What are they do? What are them

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right or under 10 in Arabic, this means to promise Allah says I swear by the promised day, that day that he has been promising over and over and over again in previous schools like in the solar right before this one. He said yeah, a U haul in San in naka de Haan in Arabic adhan for monatti human being you you Oh human being you are marching forward in great diligent effort towards your Lord then you will meet him When will you meet him on the promise day. So in the now here we have the second oath Allah swears first by the sky full of stellar star stars and forts and being campus of the angels. And second by the promise state. One thing I should have mentioned that I didn't mention

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the context, the historical context of this surah.

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In previous surah is different kinds of crimes of the disbelievers have been mentioned. We started this series with Soto Nevada and there the crime was you know what the crime was ridiculing the concept of a hereafter.

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Right? What are they asking about? They're poking fun. They're making questions about this huge event. How dare they ask about this? How is this something to poke fun at the Resurrection Day, the last day the day of reckoning. This was one crime. Then we read further and there were other kinds of crimes. There was a crime against the messenger sallallahu alexza.

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him insane. Then there was a crime against the Quran itself calling it the word of other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So let's say Hola Hola, rasulillah Karimi response to that. So there were all these crimes and then we went to different crimes for example, they used to kill the baby girl, we even been cotulla they used to kill the baby girl because this was a humiliation for them. Then we went further, we found other kinds of crimes way loulan mata Fifi, Allah deny that Allah Allah nasya cellphone

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was a loomio. Soon, his business people, they cheat, they scrape a little bit off the top to make a little bit extra on the side that nobody would notice the IRS won't come back to them or the customer won't come back to them. Because it's only like 1% that they stole. Nobody can catch them on that much different kinds of crimes were mentioned, different kinds of crimes were mentioned. But you know when to go farther exposed, and their criminal behavior is exposed. This crime of killing the baby girl, for example, or the crime of cheating people in business? Is this something that only hurts the Muslims or hurts other people too.

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It hurts other people too. It's a crime against you call it a crime against humanity. It's a social evil. So when they start getting exposed to their own people, they start getting angry, these Muslims were okay if they talk about what's gonna happen to the sky. At the very end, we're okay if they talk about ancient nations of the past. They shouldn't be talking about us right now. Leave us alone, talk about other stuff we're okay with you don't talk about us and our problems leave us alone. But the Sahaba and the messengers on the longer I send them, leave their evils alone, no Koran starts addressing their particular evils, calling them out, exposing them to their own

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society. And when this happens, those who oppress those who are just making fun of the messenger calling him and saying, you know, character assassination, it's called in media, right? You call somebody insane. So that whatever they say, doesn't get taken seriously, when none of this work, and the work is still going on in the Sahaba are more and more diligent in these efforts. And now they're even beginning to expose the evils of that society. So instead of them being discredited, the leaders of Croatia being discredited slowly before their society, what's the only thing left to do? The only thing left to do now is to oppress these Muslims, if you can't, you know, if you can't

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silence them by poking fun at them, if you can't silence them, by making lies against them, if you can silence them by calling them insane or crazy or whatever, if none of that works, the only thing left to do is torture them, beat them, beat them to be quiet, scare them into silence. Right. This is the tactical tactic of the foreigner. So we find later on in this what also mentioned a federal who tried to scare people into silence also, right. But before we get to that here, the people who are oppressed you know, in Makkah, Muslims didn't have an army. Muslims didn't have much of any Arsenal or large numbers was very small number of people and even the small numbers we had some of

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them young children, right, like our little deal on a very young women are involved. Old people are involved, then non Arabs like you know, resident aliens. They're involved and they don't have citizenship so they don't have all the rights. You know, the operation Get up, get away with beating them up, slaves are involved. They have no rights whatsoever. Right? So all of these people are subject to persecution. And when you persecute these people and nobody can question you, you feel like you're the big guy and these guy what are they going to do in response? Allah subhana wa Taala in the beginning of this surah is actually this is a call or this is an announcement of the support

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of the believer y who does a lesson to help his believers who does a lesson you know, at the Battle of offered who they lost and abandoned motherhood in a lesson. The angels did come Rondo can become Sati Allah feminine Malaika t Musawi meaning there was promised by intraspinal otaku to come in for him Haha, indeed, karabo can become Sati Allah, your Lord will extend for you with 5000 angels on branded horses, ready for battle angels being sent from the sky. And these angels of course they're military angels, and we're a military Angel stationed in the bedroom, in the garage. So when the Muslim is being oppressed, he shouldn't think he's alone. He shouldn't think there's no defense.

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Allah has defense for him. It's in the sky, it's ready to go. It's ready to go. And not only is it ready to go unless swear by it and we said when you swear by something, you make it a witness. So those angels are witnessing these forts are witness to what is going on on the earth. And so this is the first thing this is the first threat to the kuffar who attempt to persecute the believers the second threat before even the angels come and take care of them which can happen at any time for either Lima you read we will read in the surah can do whatever he wants. But before that even this there is another threat a bigger threat than even the angels which is the day that has been promised

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when Yeoman mo rude so he promised he swears by the next thing when you mean more road. But then the next is this to me personally, after all the studies we've been doing I can tell you with full confidence. This next one is my favorite I tend to hold on just to words which are hidden on my shoulder. If you just appreciate the beauty and the power and the company

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Plek city and the depth of these two words. I'll start with a basic English translation that both words come from the same origin Shaheed eyeshadow, Shahada, okay, shall he that means to bear witness also means to be present in before something for who I wish I had a right somebody showed me their present their right before someone so that's why they were witness. So to be a witness you have to be present also Shahin one of the meanings of Shannon is now set helper. Why, you know Allah says what Ooh, Shahada acumen doula, call your Shahada other than Allah to produce the likes of Quran Why? You're the best helpers are the people that are right there by your side. You don't have

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to call them and they're, they go to voicemail or they're not available. They're right there next to you. So their Shahada, right Allah didn't even call on ansara was ruined sobre como una de Shahada because they're right there, they're right there witness to this challenge, right. So anyway, the word Shahid means a witness showerhead is the one who is engaged in the act of witnessing if you're standing out on the street and you see a car accident, be the showerhead, the word for you will be shy. And what you saw what did you see in the street, car accident, whatever you saw will be called mushroom. I say Allah says I swear by the witness, and I swear by that which has been witnessed,

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okay, I swear by the witness, and by that which has been witnessed now to make that short, I swear by the showerhead, and I swear by what the mushroom, mushroom. Now there are many, many, many, many things this by the way, these two words, why is this my favorite, I have no Quran. This is a summary of all of Islam. These two words are a summary of our entirety. This is a summary of almost the entire Moroccan Quran almost the entire mechanical on this is a summary of the entire agreement we have with the last panel what Allah so let's explore some of the ways in which these two words encompass the the the full spectrum of the teachings of this theme. Allah subhana wa tada says that

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he can do much more on the harness with Allah Yeoman marshwood the Day of Judgment is a day to be witnessed the day of the judgement in another place in court. I'm Danica human mushu. That is a day to be witnessed. It is my shoot. So who's the showerhead?

00:22:13--> 00:22:28

We are we are showerhead and the Day of Judgment is mushmouth. So all of the previous sutras that described either summer on Shabbat either summer, it'll be how to Fujairah it will be a house Tsujihara. JIRA is a mode that all

00:22:30--> 00:23:03

right is an issue is a sort of minutia way. So all of those things are Masoud and we are one shot where the witness and all of that's going to be witness. So that entire scenery in the Quran that is hundreds of IR depicting what we will see on the Day of Judgment is Massoud and us become what shine, just in those two words which are hidden mama should look at it another way, all of the creation of Allah, all of the creation of Allah is screaming La ilaha illa Allah, every creation of Allah shyed

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every creation of Allah is showerhead. And you know what the mushu this Lyla high Lama? That is much good. That is another testimony of the Quran, then we find the people who pass by it, you know, the Arabs used to travel a lot. And did they travel by nations that were destroyed in their ruins? Right? They used to see the ruins of old nations like the ruins of the mood and art and things like that, right? So when they would pass by, they're watching it. So what does that make them? It makes them showerhead and what they saw is what my showed, right so the evidence of previous nations that rebelled and were destroyed, they are shy, then those ruins themselves are much good. Another

00:23:39--> 00:24:17

reminder has been given to them wish I had one wish would. Then Allah says, By the way, the the on the other way around is also true. The ruins themselves are a witness. Not only are they being witnessed, they themselves are a witness. They themselves are a witness and you know what the machine is the machine who is the power of Allah, the justice of Allah, those ruins are a witness that Allah brings justice when people rebel, that a lot is not another nation go by let things slip. So we are a witness to the ruins and the ruins are a witness to a less justice soprano mattarella. Then we find some of the sellers say things like a Shahid Allah, the Shah had his, a lot of

00:24:17--> 00:24:50

witnesses Allah, Allah is witnessing everything that's happening. So for example, we find a debate on the Allahu se when he said a *head who Allah he read Waka fabula he shahida Allah is enough as a witness allows enough as a witness. So Allah is showerhead and we are Michoud we are the ones that alized witnessing soprano law. Then we find in the in previous discourse in previous tools, we find another kind of shine. Allah said we're in la comida half Ilene la keyaki Rama and Kathy be in Yala buena Mata alone there are angels over here. What do they do?

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

You know what their job is? Yeah. Kathy been right there writing away and they know what you do. So what are they doing? They're witnessing right there.

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

They're witnessing so they're shut their Shahada, they're shahidi. And whatever we are doing is mature, they are shy and our actions are marshwood. Then we go for further on judgment day. This is really powerful. In this previous example, I told you the angels are Shahid and we are mushu this is what's going on right now. But on the Day of Judgment, what are we going to start seeing come from the sky, the angels, so we will become a showerhead and the angels will become my shoes right now, the angel or showerhead and we are mushrooms and on the Day of Judgment, it will be reversed and they will become a shoot and we will become they will be witnessing them will be the ones bearing

00:25:40--> 00:26:21

witness to the descent of the angels. Then we find really beautiful again in previous discourse of the same series of soldiers. We found the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a showerhead and gibreel and a Salaam taking over the entire horizon is measured by Nakamura who will offer a movie, he saw him over the clear horizon. The messenger was witness to Lola Harley who sent them to juvie Ronnie center. And we find this is very comprehensive study. I'm just giving you glimpses of Shahid, Masood, all over the Quran. This glimpses This is not everything. But another place I told you, whenever Allah takes an oath, whatever he takes an oath by is what is a witness's

00:26:21--> 00:26:28

showerhead. So for example, when Allah says well as Indian in Santa Fe, time, is showerhead.

00:26:29--> 00:27:06

And the fact that you and I are in loss is what my shoot time is like a think of time as a guy watching us go into loss. He's a witness that we're going into loss of time itself is a witness time has seen many of us come and go 1000 years ago, there was somebody who wanted to buy a house and get his kids married, and you know, save some money and take care of the farm or whatever. And they went and they left, they came they were they went through their youth old age and died and left and time watch them go through this. They came and they lost. Then other people came in right after the same things and lost then other people came who's been watching this drama all along, who's been witness

00:27:06--> 00:27:44

to this over and over again, people running after loss. This is time with us in Santa Fe hosts, so as a showerhead and we are are lost as much food. Similarly we find in the Quran called Lucia hidden Allah and fusina on the Day of Judgment we will say we bear witness, we are Shahid against ourselves and we are Shahid against ourselves and then it becomes even more graphic Allah says yo Mata shadow Allah him alsina to whom ye him, Well, how did you lose Allah, the day on which their their tongues, their hands, and their feet will be Shahid, Pasha to Allah him, they will bear witness against

00:27:45--> 00:28:04

their own selves. They're over everything that they used to do. Notice the sequence here is really this a side note, but it's an important note. Allah says their tongue will bear witness. Then he says their hands will bear witness and then he says what what's the third one? Their feet will bear witness there's a good there's a beautiful sequence here. Which one does the most crimes

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the tongue so it's first who does the crime most crimes after the tongue, the hands and then the least the feet. The feet lead you to where your tongue and your hands are used. So there's a sequence of the one that has to testify the most of them one that has testified to me so panela then we go further again. I had one my shoot continues. The Messenger of allies told some Allah honey he was send them work Eva genomen. Coolio. matambi, Shahid, navicula shahida when you heard this is decided by the Sahabi couldn't even listen anymore. He just said hospital guy can't take any more. The messenger is told so the lohana who send them that he has to be a witness against

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us. He will be brought as a witness against all of us. And his testimony is of two kinds. On the one hand we find his shefa his intercession. On the other hand, we find your robe in cometa Hello, hello Khurana Mahara, my nation this my lord this nation of mine, they abandon the Quran. They took the Quran and left two kinds of testimony, two kinds of Shahada of the messenger and we are the mushroom our behavior or our actions, our legacy as much food. Similarly, this oh my showerhead and Massoud Salas, panna cotta, Allah says nittaku Shahada ananas. So all of you, all of you, but that we've been turned into an oma, all of you will be maybe a witness and who will be Massoud. What are we

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witness to the truth of Islam against to all of humanity, we akuna rasuluh alaykum shahida the messenger will be a witness against you. In our Salah, kashia hedin bombasheldon Juana de la the messenger is told we have sent you as a showerhead. We have sent you as a witness, so he is going to witness bear witness to these things. Then we find an interesting case with a Santa his salon. I want to give you just some glimpse of the depth of these words and how they encompass such beauty before we go forward, and then we'll see how these two simple words set the course and the tone for the rest of the soul.

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The next is the case of Lisa Lisa, the hawara University salon. They asked him something they said wash had to be anomalously mood when they believe that these are the salon times were tough. The followers of retardation and the true followers were oppressed. So when they made the commitment to follow this messenger robina and Bhima anzaldo. What about Nova Sula, right? They said this we believe we've come to believe in what you said. And we're following the messenger. We followed the messenger. So they told her a salad in Santa which had been announced the moon, you be a showerhead that we are Muslim. When we go to a law you need to stand before a lion give Shahada you be the

00:30:38--> 00:30:44

witness that we were Muslims we submitted to Allah. So they want their lawyer to be who

00:30:45--> 00:31:11

he saw this enough. They want to make a case for them. But you know what happened to the followers of the Saudi Saddam was supposed to followers over generations, that they keep their Islam or did they lose their Islam? They lost their Islam. So we find in the Quran, this oma the Omar Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when they speak to the people of the book, we are told to say is how do we and our Muslim look at the change? Now we tell the people of the book you bear witness that we are Muslim.

00:31:12--> 00:31:49

They told her he saw a Sarah bear witness that they are Muslim. Now we have to tell them because they lost their Islam at least you testify you hate us so much as these guarantees you will testify before a leg up we were Muslims. He had to be a non Muslim once upon allow the tables have turned then we find this dogs beautiful beautiful dark those who follow the messengers in tough times. And in our times those who remain on the mission of the messengers May Allah make us from them. We say furtopia Masha hidden right as in among those who bear witness, you know, when Allah said we are witness over humanity, we want to be from those who fulfill that job. So we asked a lot of makers

00:31:49--> 00:31:54

from those who are shy had to adapt to that task of living up to the mission of Islam.

00:31:55--> 00:32:33

Then a couple more in sha Allah tala, the kuffaar shahina, Allah and fusi him will cover in this day and age in this in this world, not even in the future right now. they testify against themselves with coffee. They will take their copper with pride. They will declare it and bear witness to testify to it with pride. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is in his last address. The oma is right in front of him. You know, this is a more nervous scene for him than the scene we saw of Ibrahim alayhis salam or jacoba salaam when he was on the deathbed and he was talking to his kids that scene was depicted for us in Quran um kuntum Shahada

00:32:35--> 00:33:15

were you around when death presented itself to yaku? Were you there? But even a more nerve wracking scene is when the messenger Salallahu alaihe salam is giving his address to this online because now he's respond. He's the last messenger there's no more messengers coming. So if this Omar fails, and they fall into shape, like as every other nation before that they eventually fall into misguidance they did. But every time what came after that, another messenger came to fix things up. Is there anyone else coming? No. So can you imagine the grief and the concern and the worry and just the just the nervousness of the messenger sallallahu Sallam when he's giving this address to the oma? So he

00:33:15--> 00:33:34

made sure he covers himself he said Allah how much had a long Mashhad aloha Masha Ola you'll be witness. I did my job. I'm leaving it to them now. You'll be witness I did Allah Masha Allah Subhana Allah. This is a very, very powerful, powerful legacy of the messenger sallallahu sallam.

00:33:35--> 00:34:16

Now, there after all of these depictions of Shahid Masood in the Quran, let's turn to what we find in the Jim hood. in large numbers the Sahaba had an opinion that comes from a hadith that is more sun in Essaouira, Yama, Yama, Yama, wahoo, a showerhead, Wilma Massoud Yama, Yama, Rafa, the opinion among the Salafis that the Shah had the witness is the day of Friday, the day of Friday is a witness. What that means is when we attend the Friday prayer, on the day of judgment, that Friday prayer that day is going to testify in our favor, it will bear witness that we came, it will bear witness that we came and that confirms our Shahada. And then the Yamato phi is not something that

00:34:16--> 00:34:56

happens every day, every week, when does it happen everyone, once a year, and you can't do that every month did like jamara you have to go to it. So it is something that is witnessed. So it is much food, young Juma showerhead and yamaraja is my shoe because it's not just a time it's also a place it's the region of artifact that has to be witnessed, you have to be there to perform that ritual. So that is called mushroom. Now in the context of the soil, in the context of the soil, we've talked about a lot of implications and beautiful variations of meaning. All of these, these rich meanings inside showerhead didn't wash. I wish I had been washed food, but within the context

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

specifically of the soil. The two the first two items

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

The first is showerhead. And the second is much good was sama boo hoo showerhead. The sky is the witness, the sky is a witness to what's going on on the earth. The sky full of those stellar scars, stars with the armies of the angels are a witness to what's going on on the earth. And what is that which is going to be witnessed. The day of the day that has been promised when Yeoman mountain was shot hidden is actually a culmination of a summary that we borrowed and mushu there's a combination of when Yeoman Mo, they're tied together. Now we go forward, you know, in oaths, and I've explained this before, but you need to understand it, this review, it helps because it's complex topic. The

00:35:43--> 00:35:50

oath in the Quran has to have a response. Like in English, sometimes you say, I swear.

00:35:51--> 00:36:29

Then the guy says, You swear, what? Shall I swear I'm going to come on time. Right? So there's, I swear, that's this call person, I'm going to come on time is called Java class and the response to the oath, what did you swear to? What was it that you were talking about? But sometimes when you swear, it's obvious what you're talking about. Like your kids are making a lot of noise. Right? And you walk into the room and you don't say, I swear, you better be quiet. You know what you say? I swear, you don't say anything else? Is it understood that you should be quiet? It's obvious, right? In that context, it's clear. Allah has taken an oath in the last series of solos many, many, many

00:36:29--> 00:37:06

times to one thing, animate not some bullet, animate, not so much. tomato salad, every person will know what they have to present for themselves. Every person will know what they sent forward what they left behind, meaning their deeds. So when Allah swears in this surah does it have to be mentioned again? What is obvious? What is obvious and even more obvious that the custom is the job will cause someone to make more rude? The promise day that's what a lot of swearing by that that day is coming. So he swears by that day as an IT as an evidence in and of itself, it's not something that needs further elaboration. So the subject continues. Some have argued that cootie knows how to

00:37:06--> 00:37:31

do the next ayah is the response to the oath from the language point of view that isn't a strong opinion, because to be the response to be jovial person, you have to have a lamb a lamb on it, for example, we let me read find out soon will be shafique when lady woman was up, while comedy is a toss up, these are our oaths a lot swears. But the next is job cousin. How do we know shabu casa, la la, Taka, Taka and

00:37:33--> 00:38:05

the lamb is doable person. Here there is no lamp. So this is the job the passenger costume is not loose, understood. Some grammarians have argued the job costume is way down in the end of the surah in about the shadow of the kalasha deed, that is the response of the earth, that also from a language point of view is weak, because usually the earth and its response are supposed to be right next to each other. And that's normal in language. You don't say I swear, and then you start talking about something else. And then let me tell you what I was swearing about. You don't do that later. You do it right next to each other. Right. So that's why that opinion is also not very strong. The

00:38:05--> 00:38:29

strongest position from a language point of view is that the response to the oath is understood, it's implied that we will all have to present whatever we've earned. May Allah make that easy upon all of us, Allah which changes the subject now The sky has been mentioned the problem is day has been mentioned the witness and that which is witnessed has been mentioned. Now a lot brings the reality gives us a history lesson. He says quote, he does have a look dude.

00:38:30--> 00:39:09

You know up the Muslims are not the first to be oppressed. The followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam are not the first to be tortured, or ridiculed. Or, or you know, killed even or killed. They're not the first, Allah speaks of a people much in the past. And the language he used is absolutely impeccable and remarkable from many, many angles will try to highlight some of those things in Sharla. The word cookina in Arabic is a past tense, passive verb. It's called Omni Island mage who, okay huhtala literally means he was killed. butina means he was killed. But in Arabic language, sometimes these kinds of words are used not to speak literally, but to curse. And I don't

00:39:09--> 00:39:32

say that lightly. Like if I say about someone, you know, coup de la Fulani, that means may that guy be killed? I hope he gets killed. That's how we say nowadays. I hope he gets killed. But the way you would say that in ancient Arabic is hula hula. Okay. Fulani is so and so. Okay, so I hope so and so gets killed. Right now here less is who Tina is how much

00:39:33--> 00:39:41

Elia sending occurs upon a certain group of people. What's their name? The people have no fluid or fluid in Arabic. This is

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

the general the plural of it is a hobby. Let's talk about that a little bit. A Shaka Lima Moscow to fill out calahonda wha hoo ha ha de This is a rectangular shaped ditch in the earth that people dig. It's supposed to be really deep. It's not natural. It's artificial, right. It's dug dug by human beings.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

It's it's very big, it's very large and it's rectangular. So these are the properties of the dude. Allah says the people of the earth dude, may they be destroyed, may they be killed, violently killed. Now why would Allah curse upon the people that dig a ditch? What's wrong with the ditch? The thing is, this is there's a long Hadeeth narration which we're not going to go into. But your homework assignment for yourselves read the CW crowfield has the full narration in it shala or B also has it but I'll give you the gist of it. Essentially, the Hadith speaks of a believing boy who was the only or took influence from another Muslim, and then defied the ruler and the magician of

00:40:40--> 00:41:19

the time. And as a result, there were and there were some karma Allah gave this child that he couldn't be killed, unless you say a last name. And when he was finally killed, the entire town became Muslim. And as a response, all of the civilians were dropped into ditches and burned alive by the king by the ruler King. Okay, they were dropped into digital and burned alive. So this horrible this heinous crime is being reminded of, but the aroma of the sell off like a savani Rahim, Allah shoka many others, they comment that it's not just talking about them, this crime of you know, genocide, or killing people in masses, or you know, human like, you know, collective graves. This is

00:41:19--> 00:41:50

even happening today. mass graves, right there even dug today. And people, they just throw them in the region throw explosive inside, or put fuel inside. And these kinds of horrible things have happened even in the last century. This is not ancient history. This is even even happening now. But it's an ancient practice from many, many oppressive and tyrannical cultures. So now that Hadees The reason it's connected to this ayah is two things. When in one narration, when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited that full Hadith, which is like a two and a half page long PDF, at the end of it, he recited these,

00:41:51--> 00:42:20

which is why that Hadith is connected to these ayat. The other reason it's connected is the wording in the Hadith we find two places for hubdoc of duden that he had trenches dug these rectangular trenches dug so the same word as Buddhists used in the Hadith. Then the other thing is for Jana, you'll see him fetal kind of dough, then he started placing him in those ditches, that wording is used again in that study. So the parallel is the similar wording. But here's what I want to highlight for all of you inshallah,

00:42:21--> 00:42:27

these criminals, they put people in the ditches, is there another ditch waiting for them?

00:42:28--> 00:43:00

these criminals have put, you know, believers inside ditches. And that ditch has been filled with fire and nadie that in the next ayah is called begonnen. html and now it is the casilla. And now this job is called better than HTML. What is what that simply means in Simple English, these ditches were filled with fire and fire that is possessive of fuel, meaning the fire just won't go out. Oil is in there, coal is in there. So it keeps blazing and the people keep screaming, right. Now, does that remind you of some other scene?

00:43:01--> 00:43:41

What else? I mean, what else do we have in the Quran that sounds like that. A ditch fire fuel hellfire. Here you have these oppressors killing this killing believers in this most horrible way. But Allah has made the people of the ditch be destroyed, not just of the ditch that they dug for the believers, but the ditch that they have dug for who themselves not just the fire they lit on the believers, but the fire they have lit for themselves, not just the fuel that the believers the oil and the whatever they put in there and the believers returned into the fuel. But what we do have NASA well hey Jarrod, the fuel of that fire is people in stones that they will become the fuel

00:43:41--> 00:43:53

themselves the irony of the wordings upon Allah, on the one hand, they may be destroyed because of this crime. And at the same time, their punishment is their crime itself. And then here what says go further Allah says is

00:43:54--> 00:44:34

good, but actually before we go to there, the word of how we should mention something about the word is how before we go forward, so I have an Arabic is it has two things in it. mokaba and mokara. Now what that means is closeness and affiliation. A Sahib is someone who's with you all the time. Okay, if you say about somebody for who are Sahaba Quran, this person is Sahaba of what of Quran that means this person is always reading Quran they're always talking about Quran they're known just they never leave it side. Right? If I say what is present who Asahi This is my soccer you know what that means? We're always hanging out together the the companions of the Prophet What are they called?

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

Sahabi right? why cuz they're always by his side, and they're very close to him. When the messenger was told sallallahu Sallam that he is not insane when the people were told this, well Masahiko can be Majnoon, the one who has been by your side all these years. He's not insane. You know, he's been with you all these years. You know that he's not crazy. And the evidence was Sahib he you've known him all along. You know how intelligent he is, but

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

He always speaks the truth. So the evidence was in the words of itself. Here, they're called us Habilis dude. This does two things for us. When somebody commits a crime like that a crime like genocide, aren't they forever known for that crime? Like even today, when you say Nazi what comes to mind, the crime, right? The Holocaust that what comes to mind right away it comes to mind. So when they committed this crime from then on what they become famous for what was associated with them forever, that crime has habit of dude. But in the Hellfire will they be in that ditch forever.

00:45:32--> 00:46:10

So in another sense, they're also as humble enough to they will be in the company of that farce. Allah, how Allah captures the reality of this world. And it parallels it with the reality of the next in just two words, for us how will have thought and not only that our code is malleable. And these words again, just rattle you, you know, when you are talking about these horrible, horrible criminals that are throwing people into a fire. They're throwing believers into a fire. And this is men, women, children, the Hadith, even speaks the last ones to enter was a mother with her baby. And she was reluctant to go into the fire with her child and the child was given the ability to speak

00:46:10--> 00:46:43

the who told her you're on the truth, and she jumped in. Right? So these are innocent people, men, women, children that are being killed. Now, when the people commit these kinds of crimes, you have two kinds of soldiers. There's the soldier who kills and he's only doing it because the general told him to and he's reluctant to do it, you know, he doesn't want to do that crime. And then there's the soldier who enjoys it. There's the guy who who enjoys it, you know, the soldiers that go into a village and they'll do all kinds of crimes against people. There are those who reluctantly do it and those who they have shavon inside them, they do it and enjoy it. These these, you know, sorry

00:46:43--> 00:47:02

excuses for human beings. We learn in the next ayah these were the worst kinds of people in Houma, la How rude. The fire has been dug. These people find themselves a nice chest chair to sit on a road as opposed to juice By the way, you loose in Arabic means to sit, or rude means to sit over a long period of time.

00:47:03--> 00:47:41

So they at the very brink of that ditch, they will find themselves a seat, sit down and watch the whole scene. They will sit and watch does that mean that they were reluctant to do so they enjoyed it. These kinds of criminals they enjoyed it. And by the way, they won't even get to sit in that time. They will be the one they stand before that fire. When they stand before that fire. In the previous slide we learned about this a lot is tying the subject we have already learned these criminals that enjoyed watching the believers be tortured and killed. On the Day of Resurrection. This guy is handed his book behind his back in the previous hour. Okay, so why mamanuca kitahara

00:47:41--> 00:47:48

avare right, the guy who's handed his book behind his back for so fired ooda where

00:47:49--> 00:47:57

he says kill me now. And then he will be thrown into fire. I think about this and someone's thrown into a fire what will they beg for?

00:47:58--> 00:48:35

Kill me get the pain, get the pain to stop. Allah says about this guy who's about to be thrown into hell fire, he will beg for himself to be killed and then he will be thrown into the fire. You're the Buddha was useless or Iran. He hasn't even been thrown into the fire but the terror is such that he'd rather not even think about facing and he's begging for death even before even before so as horrible as their crime is as horrible as their crime is a laws punishment supersedes their what they did, what the pain they caused, the believers pales in comparison to what has it what Allah has in store for them.

00:48:36--> 00:48:41

So what are they how crude and the previous sort of software we have.

00:48:42--> 00:49:27

Now unless as well Hi, my name is Mina showed in the beginning of the Soviet Russia hidden woman showed and the plural of Shahid is show who they came up in this is again, another kind of Shahada, the ISS and they eat these people in particular, if meaning specifically over what they did with the believers, they themselves are a witness. Well, Homer, Allah Maya, meaning especially what they did with the believers, they are a witness to this now I did not say yes, by noon here. You're alone. He didn't say yeah, I'm alone. Um, unless something you think about and do it. The thought runs in your mind. Iman is like writing a book is aman. Okay. But reading is a fit in it's not just you don't

00:49:27--> 00:49:59

think about it. Maybe I should actually tell you don't do that. It just happens. Right? This is a fairy. What this tells us is they didn't think twice about what they were doing with the believers. There was no thought they would nobody would step back and say Wait, maybe we shouldn't be I mean, we're throwing the baby in there. We're throwing innocent women and children in there. We're throwing innocent people in there. Maybe we shouldn't be the thought never occurred to them. How do we know the thought didn't even occur to them? My Luna? Yes. The fairing fearless without thought ominous with thought ominous with thought and then the theme of it

00:50:00--> 00:50:24

I have a Luna alarm I have another is called Java module. It's supposed to be normally at the end. So typically, if this was an average Arabic sentence, it would be a home show who do not alarm I have a Luna mini that's how you would normally say it. They can vote but by the way, if I don't wanna Mia, what this means, especially when it came to this, these people are good witnesses because they sat there the whole time. You know, when you want when you watch something,

00:50:25--> 00:50:44

you know, an accident or whatever, you saw some glimpse of it. You saw something, I saw this guy running I don't know what happened. But when you sat there to watch and enjoy, aren't you the most, you know, reliable witness to what happened? So Allah made them the most thorough witness of their crime. Well, whom I'm if

00:50:45--> 00:51:15

somebody from far away may have seen this happen and run off, he didn't see everything that happened. But these vicious criminals they saw everything. So let makes them a witness. What makes them testify why should anybody else you know, in court, the guy who did the crime says innocent, and you have to bring some external witness who comes in and says, Yeah, I think that was him. I think this is what happened, but I'm not sure because I was scared. But who's testifying on the judge on Judgement Day about this crime? alleged making these criminals testify themselves, while whom if

00:51:17--> 00:51:25

their crime is assured and they are shut down, which are hidden or shown another manifestation of Russia had been womanhood. Woman aka woman whom in

00:51:26--> 00:52:07

law says Honey, you know, nakum nakoma in Arabic and Nakajima to verbal forms the Muslim of it is Nick Martin. Nicola is something you fought you you are disgusted by. You see something in someone and you can't stand it. whether it's good or bad is not even relevant. It's not like it's really bad. It's just you really don't like it. This is network and somebody walks into the machine you don't like the color of their shirt and you've given them this dirty nasty look. Right? This is Nicola sola describes this word well Monica momento what what was so detestable that they found in them what was so what was made what what made them so hateful of the believers? What filled them

00:52:07--> 00:52:33

with so much you know, intolerance against these believers? Well, Monaco momento nakum also means the urge to want to hurt the other to take revenge against them for the offense that they've caused you whether they've caused you a real offense or not. You want to hurt them. You ever heard somebody say, Man, that guy is wearing such stupid clothes? I want to slap him. People say silly things like that right? Now, oh, this guy is so annoying. I want to you know, the customer service lady, if I ever find her.

00:52:35--> 00:53:15

Right, this is Nicola. So the idea is these disbelievers before they came to the point of genocide against the Muslims, just the fact that they believed in Allah was enough for them to find this disgust. This real like, discomfort in them. Now, fortunately, for our society, the vast majority of non Muslims are not like this. They are not like this is a fortunate thing. The door to door is still open. Why? Because when they see a Muslim, the first thing that doesn't come in most people we think so everything, everybody's out to get us it's not the case. Most people are not out to get us there. They're normal people. And you know, you, you have to stop looking at them as weird and

00:53:15--> 00:53:52

they'll stop looking at you as weird. You know, that's basically what it is. I'm just on a side comment. We go to an Islamic program at a university, and there's a security guard, or non Muslim security guard or a professor's office, and hundreds of Muslims are passing by their office and the security and he's providing security for the Muslims. But they're all Yeah, gaffer system security. And this, this, you know, this professors have different Balala and, and we give them dirty looks. Nobody even looks in the eye. Nobody says Hi, how's it going? Thanks for the job. You're doing. No courtesy. So what would they think of us? You understand? So but these people were believers, and

00:53:52--> 00:54:11

there are there's a segment in society that no, even if you're the nicest people in the world, the thing that will make you the worst on the face of the earth is that you believe in Allah, that you believe in Allah, but believe in the lives not the one that not the thing that made them hated here. Allah didn't just say mama comin home in LA, in LA.

00:54:13--> 00:54:43

They didn't they didn't, you know, find the testing, you know, hatred and spiteful hatred against the believers, except for the reason that they believed in Allah. That's not what Allah said. He said in that and you know, Bella, Bella Zhi Shan Hamid, two very powerful Names of Allah. What did they believe about Allah specifically in this ayah? First Name, Aziz, it comes from the Arabic word Not to be confused with the older word those of you who speak Urdu, okay? This is in the Arabic language. It contains the meaning of authority.

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

So they didn't just believe in a god they believed in a God that has what authority? What that means is when that God speaks, when a law speaks when a law tells me to behave when a law tells me to do when tells me not to do I acknowledge his authority. You

00:55:00--> 00:55:31

Acknowledge the authority of your boss at work, you acknowledge the authority of the police officer, that standing right there, you're not going to cut the red light, you're not going to speed you acknowledge the authority of the IRS, you acknowledge the authority of your professor is going to fail you if you don't handle the assignment, you acknowledge the authority of your parents, you acknowledge the authority of you know, we acknowledge authority throughout our life. These people didn't just believe in an abstract concept of God. They believed in Allah who has authority over them. And this was not this is something that really got under the skin of the oppressor, because

00:55:31--> 00:56:15

whose authority do they want to establish their own? How are you taking in authority other than me? This was what ERT found. Another bucola knows what he said, I knew supreme law. What are you talking about anybody else? What other authority? Marlin de la comunidad de what other words to worship and obey? Do you find besides me? I don't see how you can even think of that. Right? So the first thing was the authority of Allah disease. The second thing here is an Hamid and Al Hamid is the, the the inner conscience of the believer, you know, hummed in Arabic is two things, a sugar Westerner, it's two things. It is to have gratitude. And it's to praise. The believer who came to believe in Allah

00:56:15--> 00:56:54

recognize that this Lord of mine has done me a lot of good, and I haven't done anything in return. The least I should do is believe in him and acknowledge his authority. This is the least gratitude I can show. I appreciate all the things he's done for me. I appreciate the fact that He even gave me the privilege to c'est la ilaha illAllah. What other choice do I have, but to accept his authority, the honeyed the Hamid is the driving force the source code of appreciating Allah allows authority, then out of 100 of Allah, we accept his authority. You know, before Allah talks about his authority, as well as I mean, Rob is authority. Even in the party, what did he mention first? He didn't begin

00:56:54--> 00:57:27

the fact that with Robben Island, when did he begin it with Alhamdulillah? hand first, you acknowledge the praise of Allah you acknowledge a lord that's given you limbs? I didn't pay for my hands. I didn't pay for my eyes, you have the exact opposite concept with non Muslims. They'll say if there's a God, what how come there's cancer? How come this guy, this kid is born with one eye? How come there's this? How come there's that and we say, You know what? You people need to understand he is Rob, he doesn't owe you anything. You didn't sign any contract that says five fingers on the left and five fingers on the right, and this should be equal size. You didn't you

00:57:27--> 00:57:46

didn't earn any of this, he gave it to you, he gave it he didn't give it to you. It wasn't yours to begin with. To think to say this is my hand. The Muslim doesn't say this is my hand, we say temporarily, but who does it belong to? You know why this belongs to Allah because we say in now, Linda, we onto a low

00:57:48--> 00:58:02

forget my hand or my eye or my clothes or my money or my health or my car, you know, I belong to a low it's a completely different attitude. So we have this hunk of Allah, which helps us appreciate his authority in law and human will be law sees it.

00:58:04--> 00:58:48

But then it goes further. When you acknowledge them as authority, when you will acknowledge it less hand, where do you see as authority in his hand manifest under the law who moon casati without the one to whom exclusively know who is first if you say Allah, the mucosa Mayawati will only know if you put nahu at the end, that means the ownership of the heavens and the earth is with him. But you didn't say is only with him? If you say no, whoever it is in the ayah, then it's the sauce. It's only with Allah, and let me know who will casati Well, the one exclusively and whose possession is the sovereignty. This is not milk Oussama. This is milk, Osama two different word in words in Arabic

00:58:48--> 00:59:31

milk, Osama white and milk Osama, we'll talk about that in a second. Milk is sovereignty. The one who has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. The surah began with something about the sky and something that happened on the earth. The sky a lot talked about his armies was somebody that is what was happening on the earth with the last Hubble dude. Now who was this? Who's the sovereign in the sky? Alevtina whom? Wilco? Who's the sovereign on the earth? Well, meaning Yes, the angels will be a law. Yeah, yeah. They do whatever they're told, and allows authorities clear in the sky, but it was authorities also clear on the earth. Don't you think that these people did something that I

00:59:31--> 01:00:00

didn't that you know that they slipped under LA's radar somehow that they got away with it? And yes, be hoonah and I'm Cassie Bella, Xena Yama, Luna See? And yes be one of the people that commit sins do they think they got ahead of us? They think they got around a security camera. So I'm I have a horrible decision they made what a horrible assumption they've made. So here last panel that Allah tells us the one who belongs to whom the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth belong. Let me tell you something about sovereignty and work when you're suffering

01:00:00--> 01:00:34

Going over something that means nobody else can question what you do. a sovereign nation was a sovereign nation. No other nation can tell them what to do they have their sovereign law, a sovereign ruler like an ancient King, nobody can tell them a king, this is a bad idea. This is a good idea. It's out of the question. There. They have absolute authority. So under Nina homolka, sumati, will be the one who has sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. This was part of their eemaan this was even worse for the kofod How can they acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah, not questioning anything from Allah, and this is the real problem. And he man is not believing in a God

01:00:34--> 01:01:01

that created the universe or created the heavens in the earth and is merciful and powerful. Most people have no problem believing that you know where the problem starts. When you give God's sovereignty, when you say he has the authority, he has complete control and he is the only one rightful have that control. So his authority comes from his sovereignty. Why is he Why is does he have authority because he has the money. He owns it. I have authority over this bag because it belongs to him.

01:01:03--> 01:01:24

It's mine that's why I have authority over it. Allah owns all of this he has authority over it. So at the root of all of this is a lesbian kiya is ownership. So here we find a Latina who will casati will Allahu Allah Konishi in Shaheed will break with this ayah inshallah for the Salah, make some comments about this last statement. Allahu Allah Konishi.

01:01:25--> 01:01:30

On m l in regards to every single thing under imagination.

01:01:31--> 01:02:14

Every everything you can imagine, Allah has been witness to it all along the normal sentence structure again the sentence structure is very important in the Quran. The meta is very important. Well lo shahidullah Allah cliche. Okay, well lauscha ha la la collegiate normally that's how you speak. Also. Allahu Allah Cooney, Shane. Shane, this is called tasneem and jarwin maturo Okay, what that does is you can't imagine everything you know you don't say that normally you don't say Eliza, Eliza witness to everything you say Allah is a witness to everything. That's all you have to say. Because it says Allah could Nisha in Shaheed This is the highlights his mother, it's elevating its

01:02:14--> 01:02:39

status in the speech. So don't you think anything escaped the witness of Allah subhana wa tada now understand this there's been a gradation we said wish I had been more mature the witness and that which has been witness, the sky was a witness. The sky was a witness. Then the criminals who were committing the crime where should they were should we learn the angels are witness to but finally eventually who's the ultimate witness?

01:02:40--> 01:03:09

Allah Himself will lohana cliche and Shaheed he is shy and he shade and everything that has happened is my shoulder. It's again it's taking that statement was shot he didn't want to shoot and it's like that seed that is that is you know, ripening these flowers all over the surah another example of Shahid woman showed another example of Chaga mushroom, so we break with this is shallow towel and after the soda, hopefully we'll finish the sorta in decent time. So kinda llamo behenic Michel de la ilaha illa Anta esta feel comfortable