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Ghafir 56-85 Translation 56-85

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Eleonora sulivan Karim Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Lisa de were silly Emory Washington, Dr. Melissa Nikolay urban as in our

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lesson number 248 sort of woman, I am number 56 to 85 translation in the Medina indeed those who yuja deluna they argue they dispute fee in a vs. Allah He of Allah be lady without Soltani evidence at their home, it came to them in not fee in saluting him, they're just in there except kieboom greatness, pride, man, not home they be barely at all ones who attain it faster. So seek refuge biller with Allah inna who indeed he who he is a semir the always on hearing about sleep, the result seeing

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the hongkou surely creation smls of the heavens while up and the earth at the bottle is greater men from creation and ness of the people when our kingdom but actor or nurse most of the people lay on the moon they do not know. Warmer and not yesterday we he is equal armor, the blind. Well Buffy and the scene when Medina and those who am I knew they believed what army lasala had and they did the righteous deeds, why Allah and not almasi the one who does evil, the evildoer.

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kalila ma very little that other karoun you all remember

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in indeed Asara our T shirt, the one that is coming, left, not raber any doubt, see her in it when I can, but that's our nurse. Most of the people lay up noon, they do not believe

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Wakanda and he said, Rob become your rub. odor only you will call upon me a study. I will respond. Lucky for you all.

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In indeed, Alevtina, those who yes that Buna. They are arrogant on from Reba T. My worship, say the whole Luna. Soon they will enter Johanna Hellfire death hitting once humiliated? utterly a beast?

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Allahu Allah, Allah de The one who geralyn he made. Luckily for you all, a Laila the night Lita school, so you all find rest fi in it, when the hell and the de mobile sera one giving site in Allah Indeed Allah LED, surely possessor

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of bounty and unece upon the people while our kin but extra ness most of the people learn not the Quran, they are grateful that he come back or you are Allah who is Allah, proper come Europe, Holly co creator, colleague of every chain thing, lead not Illa her any god in there except for he a nurse. So from where for goon you all are diluted?

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Because alika does your circle he is diluted Allah Dena those who can they will be with signs a lot of Allah he had to Hadoop, they argue for your Hadoop, they reject

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Allah who Allah Allah de The one who Jana he made Luckily for you of the earth, or on a resting place was summer and the sky been a canopy was on water and he fashioned you he shaped you for App Center. So he made perfect so out of your shapes, your forms, what are the outcome and he provided your main from a playback The good thing that he come that are you all Allahu is Allah, rubber comb Europe, South America so he is blessing. Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah mean of the world. Who are he and how you the EverLiving learn not Illa any god

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In law who accepted federal rules, so you will invoke him mostly seen ones making sincere law who for him a dean, their religion, and handle all praise lilla for Allah, Robbie alameen of the world's oil say in me indeed I knew he to I was forbidden on that our Buddha I worship alladhina those who did their own you will invoke men from dooney other than Allah, Allah. Lama when journey it came to me Albinus, the clear signs, the clear proves men from rugby my rep will miss to and I was commanded and that Muslim I submit lira to Rob alameen of the world's

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poor he led the one who holla Coco He created you men from dust some then men from notified in a sperm drop some then men from Allah putting a blood clot. So much then you critical he produces you he takes you out please learn as infants, so much then Lita Balu. So you all attain a should the comb, your majority, your full strength, some then later kulu so you all are sure you have elders, ones who are old.

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women come and from you, man who Yuto was, he is caused today, men from a blue before while into blue. And so you all reach Agilent a time muslimah one fixed Well, our lucam and so that you all dark alone, you will understand

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who he led the one who Yoshi he gives life where you meet and he gives that set either so when he decreed Enron a matter for in America then indeed not but YOLO he says Lahu for it can be for yakun so it is

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an M did not start on UC Ella towards a Latina, those who Uj deluna they dispute fee in a Atilla vs of Allah and how you sort of phone they are turned around

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and levina those who get the boot they denied vikita with the book, what Bhima and with what Auto Center we sent be here with it will Solana Our Messengers, for so far so soon Yala moon, they will know is when

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the iron condors fee in our nav to him their next was cell acid and the chains use haben they will be dragged see in alchemy, the boiling hot water some then fin now in the fire use geroux they will be burnt they will be set ablaze. Some then, Taylor it was said to them anaa were mad that which country you were to shikun you all associate men from dunlea other than Allah or do they said Balu they got last unknown from us. Been brother lamb not Nakhon. We were we are Nether we call men from public before Shea anything gallica likewise. You believe he sends a stray? Allahu Allah Al cassadine the disbelievers the alikum that are you all be mad because of what contempt you were the

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for hoonah you all rejoice, see in

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the earth, the lady without and help the right woman and because of what quantum you were done by her own, you will exalt

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Oh, the Hulu, you will enter abueva doors, Johanna of hell, Holly Deena ones abiding eternally see her in it a bit set. So how bad math were aboard Elmo, Taka Vereen of the arrogant ones. First bit so be patient in indeed, where the law promise of Allah help is true for ima so if nohrian NACA we definitely show you barraba some ality that which Neri to whom we threaten them, oh or not our faneca. We give death to you.

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But Elena, so to us, your drone, they will be returned. While and certainly on Sunday. We sent was stolen messengers. Men from publica before you men

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home from them, man who are sosna we narrated our Laika upon you, woman whom and from them man who loved not, Naka, sauce winard or Laker upon you warmer and not Ghana, it was there or soon in for a messenger and that yet here he comes bi with a sign in there except be isn't in there with permission of Allah for either so when it came to command, a lot of Allah called the it was decreed will help with the truth will hustle and he was lost. Who Danica there and then Alibaba pollun the followers of falsehood, Allahu Allah, Allah be the one who geralyn he made, luckily for you, and the grazing livestock, Lita kabu so you all embark men her from a woman her and from it that Kowloon

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welcome, and for you see her in it, my nephew benefits while Lita blue and so you will attain or lay her upon it has written a need see in sudo recon your chest? Why are they hurt and upon it war Allah and upon enfoque the ships to Him alone You all are carried while you Rico and he shows you at His signs for a year so which I had signs Allah of Allah don't kill you all deny Flm did they're not yes zero they travel fill out in the earth for yanbu so they look okay for how can it was Arqiva to end and levena of those who monopoly him from before them can they were x or more men home from them what a shed the and more intense Overton in strength what I sat on and traces fill in the earth

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summer so not owner it availed on home from them man that which can oh they were the xe boon they earn fellow man so when j at home it came to them closer to home their messengers bill by units with the clear proofs fairy who there rejoiced Bhima with that which are in the home with them, men from the knowledge will have ended surrounded by him with them. What can know they will be happy with it yesterday on the mock phenom. So when they saw that center, our might our punishment

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they said and we believed biller in a law was the who him alone work a foreigner and we disbelieved Bhima with what corner we were busy with it wish the king wants to associate finance or not yaku it is yen Pharaoh whom it benefits them email to whom their belief lemma when a lot oh they saw that center our punishment. So netta way Allah of Allah ality which are in fact, harlot it best fee in reberty he the servants will harass you and he was lost who Nautica there and then alkaff your own the disbelievers

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