Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #29 – The best outcome is for those who fear Allah

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The Quran is used to create wealth and success, and the use of "anywhere in the culture" is important in creating success. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam laws and the use of deadly drugs. The title "good ends" is used to signal that a person is the good person and that they have a means to perform good deeds. The use of " Grace" in the Bible is used to signal that a person is the good person and that they have a means to perform good deeds.

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Well I will

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feed me the hall fee that was early

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on do more ala Yuki ones home in a mobile setting in

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Abu Dhabi learn him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, Allah Subhanallah Dina Turman Omaka know whom Bill MC napoo Luna where you can Allah you're blown away you can hola Hayabusa totalizm Ptolemy Russia women everybody here while you're Kadir Lola

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Allahu Allah in LA because I've been waiting. No hula you flip on you can have you on Sadhak Allah Who loves him, Allah my brother and my sister. If we were to reflect over the Quran and internalize it and read it daily, and process its meaning, we would have an answer to all our challenges on a daily in a daily dosage. Because every day whatever we read in of the Quran, we understanding we comprehend and we processing. Can you imagine the richness of that recitation that you're digesting it, you're processing it, you're comprehending it. So every day unfortunately, the way the life is, it's been presented as an ultimate place as an ultimate place. I mean, sort of curve. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala gives us a synopsis a summary a gist of human existence in two verses. In Nigeria, Anna Merle out of the zine Atala Holly nebula Whom are you whom accent or Amala in Niger Anna Verily, We have made martial art whatever is on this earth, Zenit Allah as a beauty and an adornment. Why? Lena? Balu Welcome to examine them to test them. A you whom us and who am Allah, which one of them will be the best inactions? So it's a test we are in an examination room and of course it's going to be choose the correct answer. And in choosing the correct answer, you're going to get the correct and the incorrect answer. That is why it is choose the correct answer.

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If it was only one answer, it won't be choose. So part of choice is there will be the correct versus the incorrect. And Allah has put the virtue and vice on this earth the noble and otherwise and Allah has put us here temporarily for us to be examined. We're in Allah Jah renew nama or Elaine ha sorry then juros out and the time will come we will reduce this to one plane field. There will be nothing on it. Lateral Rafinha everywhere Jariwala AMDA car and soft sofa as Allah says in chapter 20 surah Taha just one level plane yolmer to bed alone, layer a lot of the West Sumbawa to Ebola Hill wa Hill kohara.

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So we need to take the message of the Quran to heart like it's giving you this direction, like you read in this year. You seen what happened? Now see, what's the reaction of those who were envious yesterday, first at to what I just recited before you what else behind levena de manos McDonough who Bill Adams and those people who were desired in yesterday yesterday, the scholars a year refers to you know what, just the recent past who were like wow, man, you must see you you see karoun You but but did you see him on Saturday? But did you see him with his old man this guy was stunning. This guy just had taken control of the whole thing, man. Everybody was just mesmerized by him. The very

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people who were so envious of his lot, who was singing his praises, who were celebrating his accomplishments were asked by Halloween levena Turman, no McDonough who Bill Adams, and suddenly the whole tune change. Now their words wrote Waker and Allah Waker and Allah Now waker Inna, the philologist the grim Aryans, the linguists save as the front angle look, I've seen you know, few different books in this regard. But many say it is maraca. It's combined from two words Waker and Anna. So under means of course, definitely. And Waker is actually in place of way liquor. And way liquor means like Woe be to you will be to you. You know how silly of you How foolish of you wake up

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and Alas, alas, behold beware actually by the way, you know what? To have wealth and pomp and glory is no real sign of good fortune. Because take a guess what? And tell me you know karoun Absolutely. You already was out the other day correct. And then what to happen stuff now be here you won't be down the hill out of the stuff. Nabil won't be daddy Hill ordered. We cause the earth to split and swallow and he was plunged down into the earth. So those that were yesterday like

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wow this guy is lucky they like no we lucky we lucky that Allah saved us from his lot and we could have been easily implicated in that condition or subjected to that same fate because we were desirous of that wealth of his way he can Allah Allah is an Allah hey you yo Soto WrestleMania SHA Omen everybody he weigh up a deal

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that Allah grants prosperity and limits the sustenance of people at his discretion. This is not a reflection of a good fortune or a bad fortune.

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tellers either, aren't Asante Yo Ma forgot a certified Zima Anita wheelie Allah Tada Nanbu Rebecca Vanessa in for interrupt Becca Oh ALLAH Bill Jimmy Lee will also yet better who your sarin worker will Allah He Astra poco Latina fellow Anmeldung recall at the zoo Chris con, Lacan al Mohler in the double Raghu lead. It's not intellect that brings wealth in Alma Khedira, is that bizarre that I'll have at lunch is I've been carded. If Allah has written this for you, then that wealth will come your way. So this is not if you have it automatically. You are fortunate, and if you don't have it, then you are deprived and you are unlucky, because we really thought otherwise that you were so

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blessed and fortunate. And what was the end? And that's the thing my brother and my sister the Quran repeatedly invites us to say in the end what happened. Okay, so there was the stunt and the speed and this phase that you know what, it was all about him and all glory and all the recognition was routing but in the end what happened? So these people's tune changed completely Waker and Allah Yaga sutorius Cali mania SHA woman everybody where you have to deal with Lola Amanda Allahu Akbar Elena Lucha Bina. If Allah did not favor us, the Earth would have swallowed us as well. Where you can no hula, you flavored coffee rune, alas, behold, actually, you know what I'm convinced the evildoers

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the disbelievers will never attain success.

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Now you flip on coffee or on in the end of matters, law you flip on coffee run for law success. Salvation ultimately is for the believer. So sometimes you you you know, you could be close to a person and then life takes you in different parts. And then you cross paths after a long time and then you meet up and you say Ya Allah, this was just your kindness that you took me away. And you saved me at that time. My naivety my foolishness, I could easily follow through there. And I'm reminded of a verse in Surah to Salford where available to whom Allah back via Tessa load, the dwellers of Jana will be talking amongst themselves while they will be drinking the pure, wholesome

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wine of Jana. Were in the home class euro to tartufi throb. And of course, they would have the damsels of paradise as the Quran describes it who are modest in their gaze, and then they would be talking Carla illumine, whom in Nikka Anna Lee Corinne one would say, you know, I had a friend in this world, your Kulu are in Nicola Minnelli Musa decreed. He used to ask me like, do you really believe in Yama? And I said, Absolutely. I either met in our co nathula been in Alhama de noon, a llama GZ Yoon, se when we die and will be reduced

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to bones, bones and dust, will we be resurrected? And will there be compensation? And I said yes. And they will be discussing this. And of course that friend did not believe in karma and he denied it. And then Allah will say to them hello Anton Natale rune. This is one Tafseer of in medallic Tenzin, do you want to see this person? And they would say yes, for talara and then Allah will allow him Allah will allow him from Jana to get a a peep and a peek into into the fate and the condition of this friend of his deep down in the in the pit of hell. harlot Allah He for taller and Farah who feeds Sawai energeia Haim. You'll see him in the depths of hell. For our fees, Allah Ilja him call

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it Allah He in kita letter Dean in his behalf of middle multiple of course, that you know, in kittila to Dean, you would have potentially destroyed me as well. You would have potentially destroyed me while hola namah to rugby lagoon to Minalima Marine, if it was not for the Mercy of Allah that rescued me, then I would have also been here and this is the Mercy of Allah that He protected me. So verse 82, these people are now saying that you know, this is the Mercy of Allah. Otherwise, Lucha Lola Amanda Allahu Elena la Safa Bina the Earth would have swallowed us we could have been easily include

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it in the fate of cartoon because we were amongst those that were envious of the empire of cartoon in the whole youthfully Holy Cow throne. Verse 83

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Allah says manga or Bill Hashanah.

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They will cut down to Niger Aloha leadin Allah Yuri do not renew when fill out of the Wella Fussa wala Atiba to little Mati till Kadar will Astra that abode that abode meaning the abode of Accra well just just process the Subhanallah they will get that will occur that about Allah refers to the home of Accra as da da, right that if you appreciate it in Arabic is an absolute you know what designed home the absolute ultimate abode till Kadar will that home in Ankara that abode, that palatial palace,

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data data will authorize net journal how we reserve it we assign it Levine Allah you re do not renew when fill out. It is for those

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who do not want pride on this earth or corruption. Till Kadar will Earth era verse 83, that abode of agora Niger I know how we assign it, Lil Levine Allah UD doon, who do not want who do not intend and the scholars say the adoption of the expression law you redo and who do not intend suggest to us that the sheer intention of sin when it is at the level of Assam, like I'm going to do this and I want to do the sin is actually a sin as a Muslim as we would say. For example, you plan a sin. And then there are external factors because of which you do not commit the crime. You intend going to a venue of evil when you get there, it's shocked, it's bolted it's closed. The club is closed, the

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casino is closed, but you went there. So then then obviously that's the consequences you would have to deal with it. May Allah save us from intending evil first 83 till canderel Arthur that abode of ultra ninja I know how we assign it we keep it lean Levine for those law you re do not renew one who do not want elevation meaning they are not proud. This is what the scholars say. The couple in their own self right Pharaoh in in the future Allah Allah fill out in the fear Allah, Allah fill out. He was proud, he was hot. He was boastful. He was arrogant. Now you read when you know when fill up, and many scholars say it speaks about the Maruchan the O'Meara who are humble, those who are

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governors and rulers notwithstanding their position, but they have humility. It appears in the Hadith and it's also the call of each of the Allahu anha in the community Faloona and after the labor there are people Why do you do you neglect the greatest act of worship? And the answer are inshallah Allah Allah What is it and she said it is humility. So Allah Yuri do not renew when Phil rd they do not seek pomp and glory, they are not proud and arrogant, wala fossa and they do not seek sin and mischief, meaning they do not abuse and exploit well kiba to limit the pain. And the good ending is for the pious, the evil and then we seen what happened to our own welcome Alaknanda and

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Korean butternut Marisha Taha, as Allah mentioned previously, in this chapter, that how many nations were destroyed because they were boastful on their wealth and the economic position? Will you have the tail end the story of Arun, from where to where, and ultimately what happened to him ultimately, what happened to him how many times we see a student in a, you know, setting of a seminary or an institution, acquiring the sciences of Dean, but due to arrogance, or due to pride, or due to disrespect to his teachers, etc. You just see how the fall and the collapse of this individual happens. May Allah safeguard one and all, no person can talk loud, because at anytime Allah can

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strike, we need to,

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you know, secure the drama's of our seniors, because that is something that would support us through so Allah subhanho wa Taala said, says that the abode in artha is for those that are free from Pride, meaning those that have humility, and those who do not commit facade, meaning corruption, they don't abuse others, they don't harm others, they don't abuse exploit, etc. Well, three by two little theme, and the good ending is for those that fear Allah subhanho wa taala. So how do we then get the good ending? Well then versus what Allah says to us in verse 84, as we inch towards the completion and the culmination of this amazing riveting chapter of the Quran surah Toluca says mangia Bill has

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an active Allahu Hierro minha woman job is say, Falah you're just a Latina. I mean, no, say it in La Mancha. know ya my Lord. Verse 84 mangia Bill Hasina. Now look at the words of the Quran. Allah does not say man amela Bill. Bill has an app

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The one who performs a good deed rather Allah says, The one who presents a good deed who produces a good deed in a barrel Mohit, it is mentioned the adoption of this expression so Jah which is followed by basic Arabic grammar, nothing too complex. It means you protected it you preserved it you died with a man and you brought it along Jha er B. Jha A B. So we often sign and we become content on the performance of a good deed. But that's not where we need to stop. The concern continues. It's not it's not after you've written your exams that you you know, you're done. Yes, it's one milestone. One worry of your head, but now, the results are pending. You anxious you

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nervous? You're waiting. You're hopeful. You concern? Yes, a believer Kuno Lee COBOL Amelie I shudder at MAMA Minella Hamill, concern yourself by the acceptance of the action then, you know, just by its mere performance, you need to concern yourself. The DUA of Satanists today man at his Salatu was Salam ala voz Ernie and ash Khurana mythicality Oh, my Lord gave me the ability to perform good deeds

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to be grateful to you the bounty is upon me. One armella saw the hand to perform righteous deeds, federal law who would which you are pleased with which you are pleased? So perform it and then oh, Allah asked you to be pleased with it. And then what are the full name paramedic of everybody kosali Hain and Timmy into paradise with your mercy, Rama Tikka with your mercy amongst your by your servants. So men Jah Bill has an a means to perform a good deed and bring it along. What am I trying to impress you the famous Hadith in Sahih Muslim when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at the drone Emanuel mufflers, do you know who is a pauper? And he said yes. And mostly Sophie

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anomala dyrham. Allahu Allah Mata, a muffled This is a person who doesn't have wealth or possessions. And the prophets Allah has him said no animal flesh. I mean on my team at Yeoman, Dr. Murthy Bill Salatin was a Yeoman was the curtain to Padishah toma has our Akela Mala Harada were Baba bajada was Africa Maha a Papa from my Alma is a man who will come with years of fasting in years of charity and years of donation. But coupled with that he abused someone exploited someone hurt someone offended someone insulted, someone denied someone, and the list continues. And all these people will come as creditors to claim their due from him. And then his virtue would be taken

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off and given to each one of them for Infinia persona to copula and Yokota la if his virtue is depleted, but the demands continue. Okay, I'm in Hatha Yoga home for three Hetalia informatory, half an hour, then these people who come and lay their claims, their sins would be put on his shoulders and then he would be to stand for help. May Allah save us May Allah save us. So my brother, we perform the virtue of don't destroy it, don't destroy it. I met a brother in Ireland, I think it was extreme, long, fast. 1920 hours. And he says in the month of Ramadan, you know, I restrain my gays, my speech and everything. And people ask me like, how do you manage it? And I say to them, You know

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what, it's a 20 hour fast. I simply cannot afford to give the reward of this faster way. I'm staying hungry from early in the morning from like, 2:30am going right up to 9:50pm. It's a long day. It's challenging. I cannot distribute my virtues away. I simply cannot. So you need to protect your virtue you need to preserve that virtue. If I'm going to retort like this. I am depleted my virtue. The message is mangia Erbil Hasina. A person says I earn so much. And then his family says Wait, hang on. Before he claims how much he earns. Ask him how much is he bringing home? There's so much that goes into pension. There's so much goes into installments. There's so much that goes into his

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debt. So by the time we come in home, it's a third of the salary. Allah is not asking how many good deeds you performed my brother, Allah is saying what are you bringing with you in Accra? When Jabril Hassan a fella who Jairo minha bring good and come you will definitely get better, minimum 10 And beyond that, as Allah wishes he could multiply or manga be say here. Look at the virtue of the kindness, the grace, the boon of Allah, He will multiply your virtue from 10 and beyond depending on your intention and his kindness and grace. Woman job is say, and whoever perpetrates an evil and a vise fella, you just levena armadillos say it in La Mancha, no Yamalube then the perpetrators of

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evil will only be let tributed in proportion to their wrongs. So you would not be given a punishment above your crime in balance to your crime in accordance to your offense.

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You would be punished. And someone might then ask a person who died in this world and live the life of disbelief for 70 years, and he died as a disbeliever. Why would he be subjected to eternity in hell? Well, the answer is in the Quran, Willow road do la do, Lima knew who are new who were in the home locker, the bone he loved for 70 and then he died. But Allah says even if I were to return him back to this earth, he would persist in disbelief and he's a liar in his claim that he would change. So Allah system is absolutely fair and just