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Nouman Ali Khan
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam

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ala BL mursaleen Allah Allah, he was happy to be home minister nevison that he did some that we left off at I am number 22 in the lava Luffy name. This is a repetition of an IRA that came exactly the same way in SoTL. In Fatah, in our life in our name, it's the same exact idea.

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But there was another counter ayah in the previous surah, which was in waynedale, for jalila fija him so there was in the Aurora levina him about the righteous being in bliss. And then there was the one about the vicious criminals being in the worst pits of Hellfire and the jehane. In the beginning of the solar, we found color in Nikita Belford, Jerry Luffy Sujin, the book of the record of the criminals is in a surgeon, but Allah did not make mention of the fajita themselves, and where they are in this surah. But he repeated the mention of the people of Paradise in this surah and he gave it a lot of detail in this order. There's two rhetorical reasons for that. The first is we didn't

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learn much about the bliss of the people of Paradise in the previous sorta so let's do that we learn more about that in this law. So there's more detail given to us here. The second is we talked about the criminals being talked about another thought a worse degree of them being talked about here alpha job, right, we talked about them at the end of that surah but here really from from Alamo Dauphine and on, these are the worst kinds of criminals. So they're, I mean, if Allah just mentioned that their records are down in that prison, it doesn't have to be even further elaborated, where they're gonna end up. Right. So because that's already been declared. So Allah does not give them

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any more attention in any more elaborate discourse. Now we find in this surah, when a large oil speaks about these people, and they're, they're surrounded in all kinds of comfort and softness, Allah mentions a few things that highlight the bliss of paradise. And that's something you should note about this surah, Allah talks about one or two particular things. And that should remind you of the larger picture, this is not the only thing in paradise that I was going to talk about. So kind of what Tada, it's a larger scene, but you should get a glimpse of it. Similarly, the things that the criminal does do, they do a lot of things wrong, but one of them that was highlighted was their

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thief. And with a 15, one thing was highlighted, but it gives you a larger picture of who these criminals are, and what their mindset is. So here again, we look at these few glimpses, and scenes that are beautifully depicted in the paradise mela enters into them, Island, aka moon, they are going to be on these cushions this Arica is the singular of Antarctic, and it's a chair or a throne or a large couch that's full of cushions, so you can recline on it and relax. Okay, young guru, they'll be looking around. The thing to notice and some of the talked about this in the imagery of this I also is when you recline or you sit down and relax, then you can look around so much because

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your view is limited. Right? If you're on a train, for example, you will recline then you can't look out the window, what do you have to do? You get up you know, you you get out of your comfort zone, then you look around, you know, you can't sit back and look around even in the car, your kids are sitting back, they don't see it. They say Did you see that cow? What do they do? They look up and they go to the window, you know, they come out of their comfortable position to see, look at how love puts it, they will be reclined. Looking around, meaning a lens designed the chair in a way that when you sit back, you get the best view. Right, you're in the most comfortable position. So panela

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young, through just looking around wherever they look, they see bliss. So they get a full view. And these are this is even it's very difficult for us to do our car takes us 25 minutes to adjust the chair exactly the way we should in the rearview mirror and all this stuff. Right so and you know the other thing is, when you when you're looking somewhere your view is kind of focused on one thing, but where are they looking left field name, the aim is where they're in it and it's all around them so they can see all around from this wonderful seating that Allah has provided them.

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The full view would you hear him number eight and nine. He will recognize in their faces not. Nobody's a beautiful word in the Arabic language. There are a few words for glow and glitter and joy that are used to express the beauty of something or freshness even we find Zara badger nada, nada is the lighting up of one space. When you can see the freshness in it. You can see the happiness and joy in it. You know, it's also used and otherwise used in Arabic literature for even vegetables and fruit that's really fresh and ripe. But in the Quran, essentially it comes four phases. So phase would you say now that all right, they're lit, they're fresh. They're just just really happy to be

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Do you ever see a tourist who's really happy to be in DC? I haven't seen one yet. But you know if you see well that's what they would look like. We see a lot of those in New York you know, people get to the cities and just nibble on their face. You know where I see nada. I see no, sometimes if I fly to LA right the plane the Southwest flight stops in Vegas. Right? And the people that are getting off at Vegas before they get off guess what's on their face? No, man they're happy that they're staring out the window. Like they just want the landed agenda right and then the flight goes on from from Vegas to LA right so that now the people on the plane are the people that are leaving

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Vegas and this looks like the you know the the line that's headed to the Hellfire their faces are down and they you know, didn't want to make eye contact it looks suicidal probably left all their life savings behind. Right so different scene from here to there that they're there so how to love but that's give you some idea of law. You see these people sitting on couches and they're just fresh. They're just they're lit their faces are lit they're already fulfilled you know by another name. The the Baba here the will of Allah here is a name, these blissful things that they see. That's what lights their face up. I mean, you see something and you see this other thing and you

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your face gets brighter and brighter at the things you see so proud of you Scola, and now you know the the the service room service. You Scola, they will be given to drink. They don't even have to get up to get the drink. They don't have to get up because if you know if they said yes or no, then they're going to drink, but use owner they will be given to drink. So Ally's already set the scene where the children on the couch, so they don't have to get up. Use cola and what are they given to drink? mingara here.

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Let's understand first what the hc means. So booni comments as well as for who is in the car, we find

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a software tool Hummer, called an offshore shut up and the de la Shafi so few things, the purest possible wine or drink that is not contaminated by age or bubbles kind of thing. It's very crystal clear, you can see right through it. And it's got great texture in color. And it doesn't make you drunk. It doesn't get you you drink how much however much you like, and it doesn't get you drunk, others comment and it also has in it a beautiful scent, but then we find moto.

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And you know, I don't know how popular this the drinks that were marked almost must have been a very exotic thing at the time nowadays. It must have literally been sealed off, closed off tight. And it's got a brand on it. So once you open it, you know how like some drinks have that seal that you if it's not if it's not there, you shouldn't buy it kind of thing. Right, so they've got that seal, it's an original seal meant for you to open it. It wasn't opened by anyone else before it's filled to the brim. And Mach two also means something that is filled to the brim and then sealed, like the messenger. So shuttle is hot. I mean they've been right, because of the Salah is filled. It's not

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like there's room left, it's filled. And then here's the seal. It's all the way to the top. So Allah Hipple Boston is this, this beautiful wine bottles that you know as ugly as we think wine is today, as believers, there's a different kind of wine that doesn't get as drunk that Ally's offering us. And it's being given to us. But then Allah tells us something more about this, this seal. And this is just remarkable the depiction of gender in these IRA is just so remarkable. SubhanAllah, you have to understand the scene, we began with people that are the worst kinds of criminals and who's talking about them. These either, you know, there's a disagreement about them being lucky or money.

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And some have a narration about their work that some of the insider used to cheat in business. And that's why these iopp came. But that narration in and of itself is not very strong. And the language doesn't support it. Number two, in that the language is talking about the worst kinds of *. And these are not the answer. They're not they were not even close to that. Right. And also, we learned that the Assad and the people of Medina generally they weren't business people first they were they were agriculture first, who was in business more, who was doing the cheating in business and this guy who'd be an extra expert at that, the markets, right? So this is why the majority

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really doesn't hold the position, that this sorta is murky, but just just go back to the McCarthy era for a moment. You know, these, the Muslims are not in a position of power. They're not powerful. They're very weak. They're the they're the object of ridicule. They're the crazy people. And here they are talking about the multimillion dollar corporations, the Moto 15 they're pointing a finger at them and saying, you know, you do this, you know where it's gonna land you into *. Right? And I, you know, like, Julio manavi, right? We just recite these out, but remember, these are outward memorized by the companions or the Allahu Anima. Germain, and they were delivered to the people,

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they're just reciting it onto the people and the people who are doing this business that are well off when they hear that you know what, the first thing that comes to their mind is Who are you to tell me you're the scum of your land your your slave, you're a foreigner. You're

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immigrant, you're going to tell me about what's right and wrong mind your business Get lost. So they were the basically considered the annoying, you know, people you don't want to talk to, you know, like, nowadays a homeless guy comes to you and talks to you, I gotta go, you avoid them. This is the attitude The kuffaar had towards

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the believers, this is how they treated them. So now that, you know, in that sense, you can imagine the Sahabi when he's making Darwin and his name, is constantly being insulted. Not only is he being insulted, what he says is being insulted, remember, a saltiel allele, right? So what they're being insulted, their messenger is being insulted, he is called the man who is called insane. And then they're being ridiculed. Or as he learned, or low class, these these filth, these insane people, right? And then on top of all of this, now, Alonzo just gives them some some just words, just words. And that's enough for them to keep going in the work of

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Allah give them you know what these people they have? What drinks do they have? Let me show you what I'll give you. First of all, your record is in there in the urine, and nobody can even even even fathom what really you are this amazing record of every last good deed you have done. Imagine what's going on with the Savino. How strong is he going to be in his tower. And then Allah says and you're going to be up there, you're going to have these drinks, and they're going to be sealed just for you. And then this this see and you know the words in the in the Arabic language, especially Quranic Arabic, ancient Arabic, they're very picturesque. So let's making you visualize the bottle. And the

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bottle has one on it

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a seal it's got a seal on it and you're sitting on your couch and you've been given this bottle and you know where they used to drink. Where did the Arabs used to drink out of a well, right this was a you know, you don't get served. This is the elite they're the Kings thing to get the average error was to go out and dig out of the well or drink out of the pond or lake or whatever. Now he hit or miss even the seal has an incident. The seal has this perfume like smell. Not even the drink. The drink hasn't even been opened yet. It's the seal he doesn't he doesn't move risk off either league affiliate enough assoluta NaVi so then in that those who compete, they should compete in this. This

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is something worth competing. A lot draws an image of me just being there in that luxury. And putting that before me. Then after that is done no matter what the kuffaar say doesn't matter anymore. No, because the believer What does he see now? He sees the agenda he sees and he saw the early lava filati Morocco gelatin Sabu.

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Jonathan, right, run towards the paradise rush towards the paradise raised towards the paradise. Let's look at the word that office by the way is similar I occurs the sort of Salford when he says so what are the limits? He has a phenomenal

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deal for the likes of this let the people who do work let them put in the work. Let them get to work. Allah azza wa jal says teknaf was here. But poverty comments at an alpha Hulu and Shane Murphy's olevia also on a nurse, watch the E dot live dot global Hulu home. While manna fell yesterday Kofi tala, we had a nice, beautiful, he says this word enough was tells us that they're running towards something so elegant, so classy, so exotic. And this is something when the all the people want it. They really, really want it, you know, and they're all competing towards it in the spirit of healthy competition. So here the Sahaba are being ridiculed and even persecuted and

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tortured. And they're nudging each other sewing, saying, who's going to get the Heiko Lawson first. Let's see who gets there first. They're competing with each other in this the work the problems of the world has taken them away from the believer. He's put them in a different state. And you know, when the kuffaar see that different mindset set you in what do they call you? They call you crazy. What are you happy about? Man? We're torturing you What's the smile on your face for he doesn't see it. He doesn't understand why this person is being ridiculed and insulted and humiliated. And everything all of his dignities have been stripped from him. And yet there's a big smile on his

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face. Not only that, these guys are competing with each other and getting in more trouble.

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They don't they can't fathom it. But this is the mindset the man that the Sahaba tasted when they heard the word of Allah May Allah give us that taste of Quran so now after this allows Oh Jesus when he takes the imagination further, by the way this this kita boo Mr. seal is made of this mosque this beautiful scent, you should compete towards this. The passage began with algebra, the righteous the righteous the few righteous will get to this point. But then there's even a higher level of law takes our imagination even further. So Pamela, when we zoom into sneem massage in Arabic message a shrub was used when you mix the drink. Okay, like you're not nowadays you have like, you know,

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Ovaltine or quick or something. You mix it in the milk, right or some kind of mix you put in your drink to give it a new flavor.

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So when the Arabs would make something in your drink that was called message or message also or message also. Now the sneem in the in the language comes from cinema and cinema is the hump of a camel. The snake means a very high place also means to elevate something like they will say to Stephen Colbert, to raise the graves to elevate the grave site and to make it higher above ground. Okay? So Allah says the mixture of meaning The drink is something but you know, you add some sugar to it or you add some flavor to it. That flavor has been added from a very high fountain or a very high waterfall up there somewhere because it's called the sneem. So the drink itself is not this

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name, but it's got a little bit of mix from the steam. Now when you taste that this name What do you want?

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You say what's that mix? I want to go where this came from? Well, where did it come from?

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came from very high. So now the abrar are enjoying this drink and they they talk to each other to say did you taste that flavor that new thing in there? Yeah, that's the steam. Dude Where do you get the steam? And so now look at the next I i in the sneem is a waterfall it's a spring and this is the lift the sauce yoshinobu be held accountable

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the people that are closest to Allah will be sitting next to this waterfall not yoshinobu minha mashrabiya behind here what it gives us barf McCann they'll be sitting right by it right by this waterfall where it starts and they're drinking from it directly. The abrar the righteous are drinking the mix from the * they're loving that too. But those who are close to Allah and mokapu What are they enjoying? The sleeve itself so holla like is it degrees of paradise? So the and all of that comment I in an earlier Shara boo hotshot well as with the US with this namely of different woman who said I'm a very righty, this is a very high drink. And the origin of this name is

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something very high. Something that In addition, you should know and this is commented on by a show kanila Hola. The sneaky one. It's more lenient. Phil agenda, your subdomain halocarbons often this is the this is the name of a waterfall or a spring in Paradise, from which the closest to a level drink millimeters from me says you mean who Rahim Allah he actually movie abrar Adela valic Allah azza wa jal makara been phoca dolla dolla blah, this this illustrates that rank, you know, because the, the people the righteous who are still living it up because they've got the couch, they've got the people serving them drink, they've got the bottle, they've got the seal. But the this

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illustrates the language illustrates that those who are closest to Allah, they will be in a higher position than even though righteous, it establishes the gradation here, so panela So on the one hand, Allah spoke of the worst of the worst of the worst criminals. And on the contrast, he spoke of the people who earned the closest rank with Allah, Allah spoke about another place. He says, a savvy Cora savvy kulula ik, as

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the first of the first. Those are the closest ones. What does it mean? First of the first, the first first first one, he would say, these are the people you know, when the messenger makes the claim that an angel comes and delivers me this message that this is not words, I'm making up on my own, who believes in me, it's easy to call him crazy. Imagine that your neighbor came to you and said, Hey, man, and angel came to me and talk to me. You need to believe in everything I say comes from God. It's as crazy. It sounds as crazy today as it sounded 1400 years ago, at that time, the first person to say you know what, that's not crazy. I believe in you and public. And whatever you say, I

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will do. I will not question because I know it's not coming from you. It's coming from a higher source. I will not question it. I don't care what people call me. I don't care who disowns me. I don't care what they do to me. I'm standing by you. How hard is that to do? It's easy for us to be believers, because there's so many of us. There's so many of us. How easy is it when you're the only one. When you endure you have to believe in this guy who everybody calls crazy. Everybody calls him insane. And whatever he says they ridicule they mock you you're gonna be right in that position. The moment you say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah saw Salah. So this this position, the Sahaba

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put themselves in such a painful position. And so luck compensates them by saying no you'll enjoy the sneem you have the highest rank, the righteous will get something but you Europe here are a boon May Allah make us from all macabre being now at the end you see how Allah Allah azza wa jal mentions now at the end something about all four jargon these criminals again, right these worst kinds of disobedient or rebellious to Allah. But at this point when you hear these IR put yourself from the perspective of the believer, it's not even going to touch you.

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So what look in the levina as Ramu can Amina Latina Manuel Hakuna, no doubt those who engaged in crime. And this Islamic Arabic is not just to have crime, but to actually eventually see the content.

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sequences of you're trying to, it actually illustrates one who sees the consequences of their crime. So those who engage in this crime and implied who will see the consequences of them have been making fun Kanu, they have been making fun or they had been poking fun, or they had been laughing or yakun. They had been laughing at the believers. They heard these words of the believers, they saw the joy on the believers face and they said, Look at these morons, look at these nut jobs. They believe in this stuff. Let me let me write a skit in my comedy about them. How much comedy has been written about Muslims in paradise in the last six, seven years, right? Because it's funny to them. It's

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funny, because you know, we're the object of ridicule. These guys believe in paradise. And that's why they do these crazy things. And they're all you know. And so even you know, when you talk to Christians nowadays, they train themselves in Dawa, right to the Muslims. And one of the things they train themselves in is poking fun agenda. That's one of the like, dharwad things that they do. Oh, yeah, you guys believe in this or that? Or the other entire dies? You get these rivers and all that. But yeah, we do. And you don't. So you want to join me?

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Right? So we have to have this, this this confidence, and that this is not just fantasy that allows drawing for us. This is real. This is real. But right now, the way things are right now, it is real to us, but for everybody else this is this is a thing to make fun of. So the thing I want to illustrate to you here that's really powerful is the word candle.

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You see the Quran is full of empty fat, empty fat means transition.

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transition happens from first person, the second person to third person, it also happens from the past to the future. somebody out there talking about the future. What's gonna happen on the Day of Judgment, all of a sudden Allah talks about something that's happening right now. The dot filmyzilla. And why Luca Fifi alladhina Allah Allah necesito foon Kailua was, was that happening in the future right now? was happening right now. But then as we went forward, yes, yes. kolomela hit a mosquito kita boo boo misc. Was that happening then? All right now, that's later on in the future. So the IR travel from the future to the present future to the present, sometimes past the present.

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But these art are speaking about current events in the past can Oh, I need you to understand this. Allah is not saying disbelievers make fun of believers. He's saying disbelievers used to. There is no doubt those who engaged in crime used to poke fun at used to laugh away at those who believed. So how is he talking about it as though it's something in the past, the way this is situated? What was mentioned right before the people of gender. So the way it's situated in its Bella Hyde illustrates that people are in genda. They're enjoying all this drink, and a memory passes in their mind. Remember when they used to make fun of us? Remember those who were criminals used to make fun of

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those who believe they used to laugh at us with our marrubium yahama zone. And when they would pass by them, they would wink at each other they would you know, a thumbs in Arabic is to make gestures with your eyes. And one of the worst insults you can do to somebody even nowadays is roll your eyes at them, right? They're talking to you like,

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you know, you could do a lot with your eyes. You could do a lot with your eyes. So you're a bunch of you are walking by, right and there's a Muslim over there. And what do you do?

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You know, you're doing all this just with your eyes, just with your eyes. You're poking insults at them. So Allah even captures that much of their crime, the worst of their crimes he captured and he illustrated, but even the crimes of the caliphate against the believer not that he kills them. Why mama Naka Moomin home in LA you will be like me, but why are they taking revenge from the believers? Why are they throwing them in pits made a fire? Why are they torturing them? Why are they killing them? Those are big crimes here What crime is illustrated, just the way they look at them. Just the way they look at them way the Monrovia takamasa when they pass by them, meaning when the believers

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passed by the disbelievers, the believers when they make eye gestures to insult them, and the other way around when the disbelievers passed by the believers, they make comments with their eyes, the way they look at them the insulting way in the ridiculing way in which they look at them, then, well isn't calavo illa le now that they're done poking fun at the believers, they return to their families and we will find this a consistent theme. A lot of talks about returning to the family, these these kuffaar they return to their families, for example, in Soto gamma, some Illa Allah he get Amata right. He returns to his family all happy. You know, you know how I insulted those Muslims

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today. Man, these guys are funny. These guys. They look so funny did that. And we were just standing there. And man did we make a fool of them. And so they have this they enjoy making fun. So what they do is when they return to their family, they returned full of joy comes from from phakisa which is a fruit. So they enjoyed poking fun at the believers so much. It's like they can taste the fruit in their mouth. Oh my god, that was awesome. That was so funny. And so the

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Scholars comment fokin Margie VENA Mota Levine. They're so happy to get taste the joy of insulting the believers. And they go share these stories about how they made fun of Muslims with their families. You know, there's this is a contrast, by the way is this this is happening in dunya. Right? But this is a memory of those who are in paradise looking back. But the reality what happened in reality we already read, yo yo, federal Maru Mina, he will only be wasafi with Eva, when is Allah, that same guy who went to his home running happy, hey, look who I made fun of? Is he going to be running towards that family or running away from them when the time comes? He's running away from

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those same people. The reality has completely reversed. But right now it's, it's the way it is. So these believers think back and they you know, they recall when they used to poke fun without an O home and even when they will see them This implies kind of a temporary distance. So these non Muslims those who poke fun are here. The Muslims are over there without Oh, whom I do in law in a bar alone. When they saw them they said these people man, they're so confused. They're so lost. These are the truly lost you know what they're, they want this paradise. That's why they're acting like this. They can do their day and night they're trying to spread this message. They stick around

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this man who we think is pretty sure he's insane by the law. Their last look at these poor people. So they look at them with pity. They have pity for the most I feel sorry for you man. That's what they their attitude towards the Muslim in the heart Allah Allah Allah you'll find people like this even today. Even today you'll find people that look at the Muslims Oh man, I just feel so bad for you man. Let me help you out. Let me give you some some other religion to follow is pity for the Muslim because you what foolish religion are you following? Now? Allah says we're Mozilla Allah him Have you been? It's so incredible that Allah says this is this, this ayah has been interpreted in

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two very different ways. And both of them are very powerful. Allahu Allah, Allah means both the literal meaning is and they had not been sent upon them as guardians, meaning these disbelievers were not sent to watch over the believers. What are you so worried about, that they're lost or not lost? Or, you know, you know, what they how they live and what they aspire towards? What's it any of your business, you're so concerned that they're lost? So this is one interpretation, this has been attributed by many. But another is actually that this is a continuation of what the food jar say. And that are the image of the moon say, and that completely changes the taste of these words. Let me

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explain to you how

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these that what this basically means is they're looking at them, the Muslims, and they say, look at look at how they're lost. And they say, these Muslims, they haven't been sent to the society to guard over them. Why are they commenting on Who? Who cheats? How much in the scales? Why are they telling us Don't bury the baby daughter? Why are they getting beat up in our business? Who made them in charge? Who made them guard over our affairs? Why are they acting like they're so watchful over our affairs? So they, they have this criticism of the Muslims that they are correcting the evils of society, getting into the society's business? But you know, in the previous surah, Allah has already

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told us, the Muslims are not watchful over you. You already have someone watchful over you in aleikum. halfling their criticism is these Muslims are the half of the non alajuela how many already have in common? catimini Allah munakata follow? You know, you have noble writers, they know exactly what you're doing. We don't have to keep record or watch over what you're doing. The Allies already put that mechanism in place of how to look for Yeoman Latina, amanu minako Faria

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then on that day, now, the same goes back to the future, again to the Day of Judgment, then on that day, as a result, those who believed will be poking fun and be laughing at the kuffaar Miracle Faria taco. Now we've had in the Latina ajamu Latina Latina Kaffir we didn't find the kuffaar before we found those who committed the crimes, and the crimes have been listed before the crimes have been listed. Remember they poked fun at the IOD called them a little early in the treatment visa, and there are a few things that were listed. So they were the criminals. On the day of judgment, the believers will not only be laughing at these criminals, they will be laughing at what all gofar

00:29:13 --> 00:29:55

whether they did this or not so long as they disbelieved that they will be the object of ridicule, and sootel Baqarah be fine. Xie Na de la Vina cafaro Hara to dunya whereas Corona minella Xena Amato, worldly life was beautified for those who disbelieve and they poke fun at those who those who believe when levena taco FOCA, homeopathy ama, and those who are Taekwondo be above them on the Day of Resurrection, the roles have been reversed. The same reversal of roles applies here. All kofod they will be poking fun at them either our our kiambu second time they will be on these high couches, reclining relaxing, looking around having full view. Now what are they before what were

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

they looking at? Now aim all the blessings What are they looking at now?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:21

They're looking at the people that are making them laugh who's making them laugh or goof off. They're looking at the disbelievers they don't even have to look down they can relax reclining back and they can still see the disbelievers and now those disbelievers are burning, and they're recalling Didn't you find our whole thing about Hellfire funny before? I don't see you laughing down there?

00:30:22 --> 00:30:36

Because it sounds looks pretty funny now, actually, now that you think of it, so now the disbelievers are getting their revenge. The insults that were hurled at them are being hurled back at the disbelievers. Look at how the suta ends have to be belko follow Macedonia follow

00:30:37 --> 00:31:18

the web in Arabic is to get a good salary, to do good work and to get good back. Help OUI belko follow Macedonia falloon have those who disbelieve been paid a good salary for everything they used to do? sarcasm from Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps even sarcasm from those who are in the paradise. They're looking at those burning down below who are screaming Hey, where can I work from you? Can you help us out here? throw us a drink or something. And they act like they don't even hear them. They say to each other. I wonder if the disbelievers got paid what they deserve, based on what they did, adding insult to injury Subhan Allah so how do we belko photo mechanic if I don't have the

00:31:18 --> 00:31:54

disbelievers been been dealt? Has they been given in full great, great pay great compensation sarcasm over what they used to do. Final a little bit of comment over Yes, alone, as opposed to Yeah, I'm alone. I'm alone. yamalube means to do an act consciously to think about it and do it. alone. You don't even think about it. Why have I known because these four jobs do they think anymore about the consequences of their actions? No, the future doesn't they don't think so. They don't do unbelievable. What do they do? They do fairly thoughtless action. They're thoughtless in their, in their in their disbelief. Finally, we conclude in tying the end of the surah with its beginning.

00:31:55 --> 00:32:32

We also conclude with a comment of Josie rocklahoma UCL co founder of inocula TV McCann we have I don't know who will be named minister Korea when he stays up now. Have they been given these people? Have they been given what they deserve when they made fun of the believers? When they made fun of the IRS? Have they been given what they deserved? Absolutely none. So he ends with that word. We began in the we started in the beginning with the IRA limit of 15. Ultimate destruction falls upon those who make a little bit of profit by giving people less or taking back a little more. This is a motor 15 and at the end, what does the law say? What What do they want money in the end they wanted

00:32:32 --> 00:32:53

some profit. Allah says that they get a good competition because of what they used to do at the end. You see how they're tied together? The conclusion the beginning of the soda and its conclusion so problema so how the pseudo begins, it wraps itself around and comes to its conclusion. inshallah tada we begin our study of sort of in Chicago next week, so panic alarm ob Hambrick the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta la casa de Monaco

Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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