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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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And hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah say the labia even more serene. While early he was happy.

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As soon as he lived within Allah john I mean home,

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Amina Sally hurt whatever sobered up what was so visible, I mean, I mean,

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let him initiate regime

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kettlebell to get the Buddha Dean.

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In the previous solar, we found the raw translation of this ayah known, you know, as opposed to all of that, despite of all of that balance with which we created you, on the contrary, kandla

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rather, we find you lying against the dean. Now, in the previous suta, we found how they lie against the dean. So now it's commentary on what's already occurred before when I was always just had one Masahiko can be Majnoon, they were lying against the dean, they were saying that he's insane. And I said no, the one that company knew was not insane. This was them lying against the dean. Then he said, Well, now Who knows? I mean, he's not holding back information about the unseen from you another claim against him. Another claim against Omar who will be called the shadow regime that this is the word of Shabbat. So here can the bulk of the Buddha between now you better know the

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consequences of lying against the dean, this is not something you can just say and get away with. These words are sent forward. And remember, we talked about in the beginning of the surah, how, what the delivery, what the means of delivery is first day are recorded and archived. So the next is we're in la comida halfling. And there is no doubt about it that even again, on top of all of you and don't in the sonic home detox diva with the bringing earlier what is the dye job that don't, you know, don't be surprised that even on you, there are guardians how fueling and our concept of guardian angels is not like the angel the Christian so I'm gonna be qualified that word Guardian

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first the word halophila in Arabic, which from which half is incomes, which is used here for the angels is used when you try to prevent or guard something so that it doesn't go to waste. Okay, so when you guard a glass of water, or you guard offense, so that you know whatever is inside is something volatile, it can break or it can go within this is a half of Okay, so we even interesting, we use it for the father of Quran, right? Because they're guarding the if they don't take care of them, what's going to happen to their health, they're going to lose it. They're going to it's going to drain away from them. Anyhow, what's interesting here, in the chain of disorders that we've been

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studying, let's start let's say from Nevada, we went from number to nausea, nausea, to what

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abasa obasa to to create another career to invest in all of these sources there has been mentioned of angels. The most comprehensive may message you know, I mentioned began in so do

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you know your Morocco Morocco mela katusa Fela Takayama, the day on which the rule is, all of the angels will be standing in rows. That's all of them comprehensive mentioned. Then the next next selection of nazjatar are

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the ones who yank out and as majority of Hassan said they yank out the soul from the body. Remember, in the next surah after that we found the angels that record the revelation.

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Right. Safar que Rahman Bharata right, be at Sephora tiene que Raman Balala these are the noble angels that record the revolution. And this will after we found out rock debris on a solemn who delivers the revelation right in the hula colada suelen, Karim de cuatro Ashima, Kenya McCain mean. So this is another angel. And now again angels but a different kind of angel. So the angels we found were the ones standing before Allah, then we found the ones plugging the soul then we found the ones recording the revelation writing the revelation, then we found the one delivering the revelation. And now another kind of recording. What do you do when you have the revelation sent to you? Do you

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respond to it or not? Do you lie against it or not? Do you send forward your email? Or do you procrastinate and leave behind the opportunity to accept the truth? The market dammit or a heart What is mentioned here in this slide previously, so they are now the ones recording your deeds halfling they're archived they're not letting any one of your deeds go to waste without it being put down. You know, anybody else any guard over anything? Is there a moment that they kind of get tired, get a little lazy, you know, fall asleep for a few seconds turn away, get distracted, take a lunch break. Right have these have been different level and we'll see how what makes them at a different

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level. The next ayah tells us key ROM and their noble and their nobility is a part of the job especially when you protect

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Something, then corruption is a big issue. We talked about this in the delivery of the message too. And this is the same issue here, this is an important task to the message is coming. And we have to make sure that it comes with an entourage that keeps it safe. But then on the other hand, the message is being that your needs are being recorded. And you can't complain on the day of general this guy, he's got a grudge against me. That's why he wrote stuff in there. You know? He didn't like me too much. Right? So you the one that is recording? Yes, you like nowadays, the closest thing to this in the worldly sense that I can think of at least is an auditor. Right? He comes in he audit

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your company audit, your organization, is going through your financial papers. He's

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he too, right? So they're not kahraman they're not normal. So when they come, if they have something against you, they could you know, they can mess you up, even if you didn't do anything wrong. And if you slip them something on the side, then you don't you owe less taxes, or you're alright, you're doing okay. So the ones that take position of security, like you know, you have a friend at the you know, at the football game, he works security at the stadium, he kind of slip you in and get you through this is they're not Noble. So the idea of guarding someone something or someone or something demands that if you're truly going to do your job, you have to have a noble character, you can't be

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someone who compromises in their job, right from the point of view of corruption. So first of all these angels that have been positioned on our shoulders to record they are killed on their noble, then what are they doing the whole time? Not even yet to Boone. Kathy bean isn't some file is used, which means that they're consistently writing, they just don't stop. There's not a moment that they stop. Either they're writing Bhima katama. Or they're writing remar or, you know, Berlin, Berlin, San Jamar.

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There's never a moment. Either you're sending a deed forward, or you're leaving a deed behind. And they're constantly writing constantly and the good the good deeds are sending forward the bad deeds you're sending forward. They're constantly busy. kelemen KTV. Then Allah says, Yeah, Allah Muhammad, Allah, they know what you're doing. And that's the other thing a guardian it's one thing you can get through him if he's corrupt. Yeah, you pay him off he can get through what's another way you can get past the guardian of security guard.

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You can slip by his grid you could he wouldn't know that you pass through. Right That's the other way you can get past a secure security analyst has what Yeah, the moon they know you can't get around the security. They know everything you're doing. Now here it's interestingly enough, we find something they know the fairing is used fairing is any act a man is us. It's more you know, specific kind of act. And a man is used for a conscious act, an act that you do with the intention and you know, that's common, but fear is any act even breathing as if walking is a fit. They know every single fitting piano minima, the following the following, but the other thing here is a lie did not

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mention that they know our intentions. This is a hadith I owe you for next week. I'll paraphrase it this week. Allah azza wa jal commanded the angels to record the good deeds of one good deed for this guy, and they say he didn't do anything. Allah says he intended to do an evil and he stopped.

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So recording good deeds so they do they know the intention. No, but they don't see the deed itself and what's this beautiful in the Quran? They know the deed on the Day of Judgment Eliza which describes this person who comes with these deeds.

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Well Kadima, Mr Emmylou, Menominee, right?

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We come forward with whatever deeds they had done, meaning the angels have recorded them. This is on my record, but there are a lot No, that these days were done with bad intentions. So for Gianna who have a mantra, we turn it into scattered dust alone destroys those that he thinks he has something. So they record Yes, but is there even a better recorder, even then, then the angels Subhan Allah, so in other places, Allah higher on half even safarnama their half even Allah says Allah is even better half with Allah is even better recorded because he knows even more about the deed than the angels have access to know Subhana Allah, it's this incredible nuance in the in the language of Quran. So

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you're in the mood, no matter how long they have food, they know full well what you're doing. In the previous surah, we found something that people were doing. They were burying the baby daughter alive, right? And now even in the generals is whatever you're doing, they know

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in in response to this now, now that they know what you're doing, you better know what's ahead. You can put two and two together, and you can figure out what's coming. There are only two possibilities. There is no third just like my friend and on the bus. Why do you just have Heaven and Hell? Why isn't there a third option? He said, right? Once these guys are recording, and this already is taking place, either you owe or you're in the clear, right? Either you pay or you get paid. That's it. There's no walking away with no obligations. There's there's none of that. So now

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Here in Abra, the financing, there is no doubt about it, the righteous will be in bliss. This is a few things about the language of this ayah we have to pay attention to. The word in is used in Arabic to one of the functions of It is Allah to shock. In other words, there are people who have a doubt about something and you say no, no, no, for sure. And we respond to them with the word in so it's not we use if we say emphasis, we're not saying enough about the word. So it is the skeptic who doesn't think the alpha is coming. When you come to a realization that these guys know what you're writing, and everything is being documented, then there's no doubt about it. It is the righteous who

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do good things, who get good things written for them. They're the ones who are going to be in place. The word for the righteous used here is abrar. The word used for the angels that are righteous was Baba ki Rahman, Bara, Bara is plural. abroad is plural, but the difference between them is Bora Bora is called general katha. And abroad is called general killer. Right? What's the difference is there's an Arabic there's a plural and there's an awesome plural, I keep changing it I super plural, awesome plural, plural squared, right? So Kira is super plural or sorry, Bharara is multitudes. abroad is fewer. Why? Because all of the angels are wet. But they're all righteous. But all all

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human beings righteous. No, there are less of them that are so broad as us this is very subtle nuance in the language. So in a lot of human beings always find abroad. And for angels we find, but the unknown actor, because they're more of them, there are more of them that are righteous. Okay, so in the Aurora, Latina, and now this is what's called Joomla is Mia, those of you that suffer through some Arabic grammar, this is a Joomla is Mrs. moqtada. And there's hover metallic, we'll have a Java module. All of this is going on here. But the thing is, a Joomla asked me at a nominal sentence in Arabic, is applicable in the present and future tense, but mostly in the present tense. Mostly,

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there's an is implied when you try to translate Allahu Akbar, Allah is,

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right. So here, if there's an is what tense is that? That's present. So it is the righteous who are already in bliss.

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There is a bliss coming. It doesn't say agenda here. It says, Noreen. And what's the ultimate nerima of a line dystonia has guidance. And these people are already enjoying that guidance, and it will only be multiplied in the future. And that's covered in the word name. Name is you know, from 13, which is sofa what that implies is a continuous favor, a continuous blessing, meaning it's right now and it will continue all the way into the ohana. It's never ending. So right now it's in the form of guidance in the form of being able to please Allah subhanaw taala, that's a NEMA in and of itself. And then in the ACA, it will be in the form of the shade of Allah subhanaw taala it'll be in the

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form of the light that comes out of your chest and your right hand that we will read about one day

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that by means of which you will be able to walk into the paradise, it will be informed of the drinks that are offered in the paradise and you know the Nosal Newsela metaphor and Rahim, the gifts that will be given, this is all part of the game, but it starts even now they're already in name. And this is really important in that there because the cafe is who is ridiculing the Muslim saying you guys are crazy, especially at the time of rasulillah. So I said they're even calling the messenger crazy. Imagine his followers, right? They're insulting all of them. And here Allah comes, you guys are confused. The reality is they are already in bliss. And what you think is humiliation for them

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is the best gift Allah has given them. We are jealous of the Sahaba were jealous of them. We we you know we we look at their legacies and the pains they went through, because we know every single moment of pain they went through is you know, minko

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Raja was elevating their status more and more and more Assad mucuna mucuna cola Kamakura when you don't become a sabich without going through some pain, but even those pains have been called a name here. Even those pains have been called bliss, bliss. May Allah give us you know this bliss, Indonesia and an afro, no doubt about it. Truly, the righteous are going to be endless. Now we talked a little bit about nirma in the favor of Allah and the softness, the the ease the blessings, but a little bit about abroad. It comes from the word but

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the Quran has been in it is one of the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala Alberto Rahim also occurs in the Quran. Bill also cursing the clock a beard means righteousness or goodness like lace Alberta, the little girl will be entitled Wingo de la Sol Bella antoniou Haku, right Triphala

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on the other hand, though, the word bow or abrar these are all related where somebody literally means land, land, and the word that comes close to it is baja and what's bad ocean Now which one of them is stable? land or sea? land land is stable. The one who hasn't

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attained righteousness is out in the sea. He's unstable, he could drown. He's in danger. And the one who's attained righteousness who's doing good deeds is like the one who's on firm solid footing. He's on land. He's not in he's not in danger. Right. So in Aurora, Kenai. And then he speaks on the other side were Indians for Jara latvija. him now full jar, is there a word in the beginning of this word, this beautifully ties into it as

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well, either kawaki won't

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be Haru Fujairah. Now here, when the

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same word abused in a different way, for jobs, those who explode with sins, those who don't care about the consequences of what they do, they're outgoing, they're bursting out in rebellion against Allah. These are the four jobs we love, save us from them and not take us from them. So in the love, we're in them for gr le fija him, no doubt about it, they are in jackin meaning their fate is sealed. Now you would you would ask? Why would alesse seal their fate because this also humanized me. Why would Allah sealed their fate why would Allah not say they will be in say akula right. So you know, Philippines him like it's already the case, like in bellinzona the vehicles already the

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case. So in Fujairah, the feature him Why would he do that? This is the subtlety of the Arabic language. You see, the full jar here, they are mentioned as a noun, and for job is in essence a noun, as opposed to using a verb just to help you understand this in simpler terms, you have a knock on the word meaning and meaning then you have the phrase and Alina amanu. Aminu means believers alladhina. amanu means those who believed, but under the nominal is verbal, it's a verb form and meaning is a noun form, the different there's a difference between them. They're not the same thing. When Allah uses the noun, he's talking about someone who has matured and become permanently, you

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know, stable in a certain state. So there's a difference between caffeine and enter the caffee Runa Allah, Xena cafaro and Lizzie Nika for those who engage in COVID alkaff Iran, those who are bent upon COVID it's like permanent for them. Now. They're, they're stuck on it. And

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they have they made up their mind they tied the rope, or they stuck on copper. These are called alcohol and caffeine, but unlike vena cava who are engaging in the act, but they haven't made up their mind yet, there's still hope for them. So there's the Miura higher status and under the nominal you'll find lssc even sometimes these harsh to under the nominal Yeah, you know, what's wrong with you? Yeah, you have to leave a takuna alone Why do you say what you don't do? He doesn't say that to me noon though cuz

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we know.

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We know. Right? In devil moon, Allah Xena is so cute. I love watching Hulu, when he speaks of what we know is always in the positive always. But when he says I'm gonna, I'm gonna it could be in the negative too, because they include the weaker ranks also, they don't include the top of the top brass that's mean understand alpha genre, those who are bent upon this rebellion. They didn't just rebel once or twice and sealed their fate and then Hellfire, they have now decided this is their life, they made a commitment to food you. So these people will last as if they've made their commitment, we made our commitment to to understand this. There's an IRA that's another IRA that I

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alluded to briefly just now, but you have to understand fully inshallah, to appreciate this lesson, it's a very important lesson in on abramo. Ameren in the moon.

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Abraham in Arabic means in you know, in the olden days, you didn't have construction with, you know, cement and brick and stuff. You had wooden beams, right? You had these wood beams. And you have to have, you have to connect them perpendicular, right to be able to construct, but you didn't have nail and hammer either. So how do you take two beams and fix them up so they're straight and perpendicular with each other, you tie them right. Now the kind of rope that you use is you take a rope and you double it. So it's stronger than you wrap it around. But you don't wrap it around once you at least wrap it around multiple times twice at least. This is called a bomb. meaning there's a

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kind of knot you tie with the intention that you will undo this knot like you know, when you tie Irish, you tie your shoes, then you're going to undo that knot. But when this guy is tying these two beams together, what kind of intention does he have? Is he going to untie it or he's going to leave it is getting this permanent knot. It's a permanent knot. Now this is the image in the Quran of those who are bent upon Cofer.

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It's like they've tied their knot. Allah says I'm gonna have they have they tied up their decision. Have they really locked it in double the cord twisted it twice, fixed it in, then Allah responds for inom will be removed then there is no doubt we have tied or not.

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They've tied their knot on remaining disbelievers Alliance tight is not in what sealing their fate. But what's amazing in that is when they tied their knot Allah used a verb

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Bravo family. But when I spoke about himself, he said we're in a movie moon isn't firing, it's used a noun. Okay, the active participant what that tells us is, even though they have tied their knot, even though they're so bent upon copper, is there a day coming when they wish they will be Muslims? Will they want to undo this not eventually, a little Baba Yaga de la cafaro Locarno, muslimeen perhaps it is coming very soon when disbelievers will wish that they had been Muslims. So they tie the knot but I'll use the verbal form because as bent upon it as they are, they are not going to last in that that commitment when they can come before Allah subhanaw taala. But when Allah spoke

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about his commitment to tie the knot, what Where did he use, move, remove unknown, which means you can regret it all you want eventually, yours your fate is sealed. Your fate is sealed. So this is a very powerful lesson in the Quran about Allah, his response to those who are bent upon disbelief and been bent upon denying the truth. Yes, lona Hi, yoma Dean. This is another response to a Natal moon in the previous solar in the previous lesson where you had it. And if you deny this truth, if you don't take responsibility, these people will be cast into it. They will be sad even Actually, I shouldn't have translated like that. Because it sounds passive when I translate it like that. Yes,

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lo and behold, they will enter upon it stumbled into it trip into it. Okay, saloon. It's a difficult word to pronounce in Arabic, but it's, it's used when you trip into something, or you go somewhere where you don't want to go, but you go on your own anyway. Right, you're reluctant to go but you go. And so it's almost like you're forcing yourself to go, they will be cast, they'll cast themselves into it literally. Okay, yoma, Dean and solid of all the different kinds of words for entrance that are used in Arabic, this one specifically only used for fire. It's only specifically used for fire. And we talked about jehane. Before, if you remember, Jama in Arabic is the look the lion gives to

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its prey before it tears it apart, right to stare into its eye. That's called Jamsil. jehane is not only the blazing flame, but it's a flame It almost looks like it's staring at its victims. It's looking them in the eye, it's coming at them. And that's one thing that will now become you'll understand the precision of Quran, why jehane is used and how beautifully ties to what's coming later. You'll slowly know how to Medina, they will be castrated into it on the day of a dean has the word Dean come up before gullible to cut the Buddha within you lie against the dean now there's a day of the incoming you won't be like you'd be able to lie against it then then you'll pay for it.

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You're mature, you better take the take care of the now otherwise it'll take care of you then. Right so you're slowing the hayama Dean on the day of a dean

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Well, my home unhappy ha even very scary. I want my home unhappy Habiba. Even the see the MA in the beginning of the sentence is the stronger form of negation. There's Lisa and there's Ma, okay. laizhou below, even ladies who are unhappy like that's a lesser form of negation is stronger. Now, ladies who are Maha Maha, even if you don't put the bother that's a lesser form of negation, but you have mother and you have been there. This is the one of the strongest forms of negation, they will not be able to steal away from it. They will not be able to be outside of its view for a single moment ever.

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Now to be law is for example, I'm teaching a class and some of my students are sleepy, so they find a seat behind the beam. So they are alive from my stare, right? Why is this important is to him something that has a stare.

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And now listeners will not

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be like you, they are not going to be able to avoid it stare at all. It's not even about not being in it. They can't even avoid it stare it's constantly going to be glaring at them. When something scary is glaring at you. Your first instinct is to avoid eye contact. Because you get stunned when you have eye contact, but there's no way they can look where it's not staring at this panel. It's a petrifying scene for my home and Hobby Lobby. But to add to it, we found something really interesting in elka chef when he comments on the language of the ayah we don't take arcada from psychedelica chef as a machete because he had more thirsty tendencies, but his grammatical analysis

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and his linguistic analysis has been taken from Madison dolla dolla do abide by them historically. Okay. Weird use on your odd. Yes. Oh, now Yama, Yama, Deen, Ma Ma UT buena? unhackable. adanac Yakubu Rahim Allah says they will not be able to escape is it stare ever? what that implies is even when they're in their graves isn't there a window open to the Hellfire? Isn't there a window for the for jar open where they can see it? Now if there's a window the windows on the on your left or your right or somewhere or in front of you? At least you could try to not look at it right? Allah says they won't even be able to avoid stare ever even in their graves. It includes even in their graves

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they won't be able to escape this the glaring into the Hellfire, so it'll be terrifying them horrifying.

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Even before they enter it for ages and ages and ages, so the four jars that have died already, right these vicious disbelievers and sinful people that have died that boldly sinned. They are in their graves right now staring right into the eyes of hellfire. They're staring at it and they're petrified of it. And they can close their eyes. They can't blink they can't look away. Oh my well my home and Hobby Lobby. Alma de la cama de semana de la cama de la question is twice. So it began previously with one question in the previous of a Natasha boon here Moroccan Arabic al Karim ma la cama de semana de la cama de three times the questioning and the slides getting tougher and tougher.

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After all this worried after all this warning, you're still not changing your attitude. Now we find the counsel early as he finished day one, the repetitive the repetition of the question, we'll talk about what the question means. The repetition of the question intensifies the horror of the one asking, you know, in human experience, you'll be able to appreciate this. Didn't I tell you to come? Then I tell you to come.

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You ever hear that?

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When is the second time it's even harder?

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Come here, come here. Second time it's tougher, and rattles the person

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with Dean.

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take this seriously. It brings a lot of wisdom to say twice had a lot. It's a very it's a magnificent manifestation of anger. It's a manifestation of horror to be injected into the one that denies What do you have? Do you have any clue what the day of that decision is? Do you have any clue what the day of that final judgment is twice? Even then, do you really have any clue the way it is? It's terrifying, terrifying. Morocco, Morocco de semana de la cama de, da, da, da, da da and yet to find something through, you know, manipulating clues to try to figure something out by looking at you know, to evidences to investigate something. What are you going to look around for to give you

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even a clue of how horrifying that day is?

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When you're going to be getting your portion when everybody will know about goddamnit Aha, that's Dean. We better get your act together. So mama de la cama de now Soma here also exacerbates the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the previous surah we found what is also known as brief description of that Deen the enough you need to know the only thing you need to know this enough about our Deen the scrolls will be released. The scrolls will be released everything will be out in the open. Right so pauwela attacker orfila mature doctor father son has similar comments that the repetition in the language is known when it has many objectives. Can you

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tell them what the hustle with the fame but it could be the horrify it could be the magnify, it could be to elevate the person's sense of loss and deprivation. When you repeat something you should have gone You should have gone right to how to inject a sense of loss and deprivation. And to to give weight to something to give burden to the team to make it heavy. To make it magnanimous before someone these are the these are the functions in Arabic of repetition. It's not that far fetched. And it's not that far off from our human experience and language to be able to appreciate the depth of the language. Finally, yo mela Tom licona Salinas insha Allah, Allah azza wa jal gives us some

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clue about what's going to happen on that day. And something really beautiful in the previous surah. At the end, Allah concluded with the powerlessness of human beings making intentions, as opposed to Allah Allah said, well, Mata Shah una Illa, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me, what are you going to make plans for? What are you going to intend? What concrete plans are you going to have, as opposed to what Allah has planned the Lord of the worlds so it was the powerlessness of the human being and even having intent as opposed to Allah. Now on the other hand, here, we find your mother tongue lick enough, certainly enough since the day on which no person will have any dominion and sovereignty and

00:29:18--> 00:29:57

control any authority. Any any ownership in any way, shape or form in regards to any other person. We have already This is a summary of what we've been reading your your federal mermin he will be he will be he will Sahiba he will be He, you've been reading about the you're running from your family members, you're running away from all of them. Right? Everybody's worried about themselves and so much so even if you wanted to worry about someone else, let's just get really, you know, crazy in our imagination. Let's just say we have enough good deeds for ourselves that we're ready to worry about somebody else. You have no authority over someone else. You have no place to say anything

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

about someone that Dominika enough soon

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

in absentia, no one has any control any authority, any dominion over any other person, when Mr. uyama is the law,

00:30:09--> 00:30:50

and that this decision in the end on that day belongs to Allah, on that day, yo, yo MA in de la sala. That day the command will belong to Allah, the decision will belong to Allah. So you have to stand before Allah, you can't hope for anybody in between. The Psychology of shift is very simple. It really is the psychology of showcase. I don't want to face a law myself. I'd rather put somebody between before me and Allah. Why do people worship an idol? Why do we worship a saint? Why do people set up a son for Allah? Or daughter's for Allah? Why? Because I messed up. When I have to go in front of Allah, he's probably gonna let me have it. So let me say let me send my bullet his beloved

00:30:50--> 00:30:51

son in front.

00:30:52--> 00:31:05

He could speak for me and I'll be alright. Right? People do this at your job. Your manager, right? He's your friend. So when the boss calls you for review, you send a manager instead. He's okay. He's okay. I'm with him.

00:31:06--> 00:31:44

That's the psychology of shake. Somebody else will save me I don't have to change myself. It's not rooted in arcada it's rooted in your your refusal to change yourself. It's in rooted in your refusal to become a better human being that's what it's rooted in. You want it's a cop out shift is a cop out is what it is. That's what's going on in the person's head. So finally, we conclude the law with tying together how the soldier began and how it ends just like we always do is a sama on Fatah. Right Allah azza wa jal begins with a description of what's going to happen on that day with the with the big things that are going to happen on that day. And he concludes, when all the chaos is

00:31:44--> 00:32:01

done, human beings will be left powerless. So Yama, Latham licona, Selena sin, she said begins with the piano. It concludes with a different kind of setup of one human piano and that is a brief study inshallah tada of sort of infinite also practical long more bionic, a Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta

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la casa Mata como de la Vega