Ask Musleh – My parents are stopping me from practicing Islam – What do I do?

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question is What if my parents are stopping me from learning Islam further or showing my, my identity as a Muslim? Do I still have to listen to them?

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This is a good question. It's a very common question as well, especially for a lot of the sisters like you might want to wear hijab or you might want to take it a step further and put on a niqab with mom and dad said no. So what do you do? You have a couple choices here. Number one is that you have to understand what is more important, like this particular example about the hijab and the niqab is a whole different issue by itself, because the hijab we don't have any problem with it Allah order that we just got to do it, period, but the niqab, there's discussions about it. Now the the logic that you have to use is very simple. obeying my parents is what wajib Allah orders me to

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obey my parents, but maybe wearing the niqab or just wearing an AR bio all the time. Maybe there's some discussion, and I have a couple of choices here. So what do you do you weigh the two goods, which one is a greater good in the sight of Allah? So which one is it? Is it the hijab? Or is it the niqab? Or is it obeying parents? So being the parents, right? So right away, by default, you know what your option is going to be? Whenever that can happen. You do this, of course, with the guidance of somebody who has knowledge now, but generally speaking, if you just want to start practicing your deen and you come from a non practicing home, you have a couple of choices. Number one, you start

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speaking to your parents, and you start letting your parents know in a respectful manner, that this is the religion of Allah, and you just want to obey alone. You want to do what he expects from you. But you have to be smart students. Don't go into that whole Transformers phase. Like literally the movie transformers. Don't try to do that. Don't just wake up one day and you get out of your bed and the niqab is already on you, you know, it's just, it's just there. Don't do that. And then all of a sudden, you know, you can say Salaam wa Alaykum to nobody. Unless you have Bulldog or something right? Don't start to put yourself in that transformation phase. Show your parents and let them see

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that you can be religious, you can be devoted, you can do all the things that Allah expects you to do, which you can still be a loving child, you can still be courteous, you can still have fun with them, you can still laugh, you can still be the same child that they raised. You know, one of the greatest issues why parents have this problem where they stop their children from doing certain things that are Islamic, it's because they're afraid that their child will change to become a completely different person. So you can take on that responsibility and let them know and see that this is just a beautiful Islamic side of your life, which you can still be their daughter, you can

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still be their son inshallah. I hope that helps.