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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Coco Lee well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say the ambia evil mousseline. Le he was happy he ministered Nebuchadnezzar he you know, you may deem Allah homodyne lemon home Amina Latina Amano or Amina slowly hurt whatever so we'll talk what are some of the sub Allah who manage on Demi Lovato? 15 Amina, you're behind I mean,

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the soda begins with

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a profound declaration against a certain kind of criminal. inshallah, tada as we discussed this sorta

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Soto motto 15, we have to first understand something about this word and be in the law by means of it, we will understand its connection to what is coming before and and I forgot that I wanted to let Ricardo Okay, so first of all, let's understand the word multifeed. When you learn

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the word multifeed, it comes from tafa bar for info. And it's a certain kind of person that is meant by a motive. It is a person who,

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essentially when they're in business, and they are trying to get like they're getting a product from somebody, then they'd like to get a little more than they deserve. And when they have to give, they give a little less than they should. And this is done in two things intangible and an intangible things. For example, in services, it could be, you owe somebody hours of work. So you owe somebody five hours of work, you want to get away for hours and 58 minutes, you want to steal those two, who who notice it's no big deal, right? Or you owe somebody two pounds of rice. So you'll put 1.99, you know, 99% of the two pounds, you won't put the whole thing who's gonna notice who's gonna notice

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that little bit of a movement of the needle. And in the scale, right, this is a motif who gets away with very, very little, so little that the customer who gets swindled can't even come back and say pay me up pay up, or they're gonna feel bad asking about it, so they kind of easily get away with it, right? So it's not like they're stealing huge amounts of money, or they're robbing banks or anything, but they're taking a little bit away from what is supposed to be taken right? Little tiny imbalance. Now, this connects to a lot of things we studied in the previous solar. First of all, a large xojo told us can level to the moon a bit deep. In the previous solar, we learned this little

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infidelity, you lie against the dean, and we said Dean is the exact portion. This is the idea of deserving an exact portion and giving the exact version. And on the Day of Resurrection, we will be given the exact portion that we are do. The other thing we found in the previous surah Allah the halaqa for savoir kapha, a Dalek, He created you he balanced you even you out and he gave you not only did he balance you, it also means he programmed you with a sense of balance. Now look, the person who even cheats others who cheats others in business who cheats others in giving them the exact amount when it comes to receiving do they want the full amount themselves. They don't want to

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be cheated themselves, they want to get the full amount. So they understand a sense of balance. They wouldn't wish that one of their family members would be cheated in business, they wouldn't wish that their wife or their daughter or their son or their brother, etc, etc, they would get less than they deserve. But when it comes to their own customer, they give less than they deserve. You see. So they even they would deep within themselves, they have a sense of balance. It is because of that sense of balance, they feel entitled to certain things. So this is a motif and it contradicts the things that allow speaks of before. The other thing that's really interesting and remarkable here, one thing I

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didn't comment about at the end of the previous surah Allah azza wa jal says, well, Maruyama isn't lilla there's documenta here here. Well, Abdullah Yama isn't normally we would say in Arabic, well look, well, amarula hiyama isn't that the decision will belong to Allah on that day. But Allah azzawajal moves the sequence of the sentence around he says, Well, amaroo Yama, even Lila that's how the surah ends, which implies it is on that day that the decision will belong exclusively to Allah, it is on that day that the decision will exclusively belong to Allah. The verbiage and the way Allah says that implies that in this dunya we have some decisions that we need to make ourselves on that

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day you will not be able to make any decisions. But here Allah has given us some choice, until that day comes you have to make some decisions, which is why Allah says Allah He told me for all matters all decisions are returned back to him, the believers are commanded to enforce the good maroof within who now this is some armor that we have in this also in the law speaks about to go far he says Omron have they made up their mind about this matter of staying as disbelievers so in this dunya, we have some control over affairs. Allah has given us some license in our affairs. In the previous lesson on that day, the license the control, the decision making ability will be

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exclusively to Allah. And in this surah in the beginning, we find the kinds of decisions people make when they have the freedom to make decisions. They do thoughtful reason, they give a little less than they're supposed to. So it begins with the words whale. Whale is a Arabic word for either

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cursing somebody to give you know curse on them that may destruction fall upon them. May they become sick, may they become diseased. May they become you know, may they be destroyed. It's an ugly kind of word. And it's a word used for someone that's completely been ruined when they have loss of words. They don't know what else to say. They say Yeah, well, you know, way better. Okay, Are y'all gonna even destruction has fallen upon ourselves here Waylon, Lil moto 15 ultimate destruction, horrible destruction is for those who engage in this kind of touch with those who's just scaled back a little bit, they take just a little bit away without the customer, the 102 noticing. Now this,

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again, notice it's in two things, it's giving more or it's giving taking more than you should and giving less than you should, these are both things that include that are included in the word with Office. Okay, this is a person who does both of these crimes. If you go further then you find something really interesting allows me to continues to explain what they do even though the word love includes the full definition a lot so it just gives a full explanation of what makes them able to fit. But before we go forward, just a couple of things about this term again, we find this in a Sahih Hadith mentioned in the body without buffer full kale, Ala Moana, Nevada, okay to be seen,

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it's a powerful Hadith, they did not do cheat a little bit in business, but for full gain in giving the weight they only give a little took a little bit away or gave a little bit you know,

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less than they should have. Right? These people did not do so except two things happened. The crops started stopped growing, the producing the land stopped growing. And the other thing that happened was they were they were seized by means of drought, water start stopped coming, meaning the nation started feeling, you know, catastrophic, natural, natural problems. You know, we call them attacks of nature or Mother Nature's matters. There's no mother nature, these are punishments of Allah subhanaw taala on a nation that does not feed and this is if you look at the Hadith, the Bible or Koba write the chapter of the consequences or the punishments of Allah in this dunya for corruption

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of the people. Allah azza wa jal speaks about this and Soto Rumi says maharal pasado filberg Mikasa with a nurse, that corruption manifested in the land and in the ocean because of what people earn with their own hands. So this little bit of cheating in business and what is one of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inform us of the rain stops coming drought comes produce doesn't get you know the honeybees disappear. Right these kinds of things start happening when people cheat a little bit in their business. So one wonders what is Wall Street have to do with the farm out and you know, out in the deep south they're connected, they're connected is one problem for one nation, when they

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do this the other calamities come into place upon Allah subhanaw taala like a sub boonie comet at then kill the wheel within the frame. This is very important. You know, in the beginning, we say we learn this and we're on it. We don't say La Lu. Right? We learn here means it's it's one purpose of it is to horrify horrible destruction is for these people, horrible destruction is for these people. And to magnify that this is not any small destruction. And levena is act Allah Allah nursia. So for the next

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these moto Fifi in these people who cheat just a little in business, how do they cheat when they when they receive weight from people you know, they go to the grocery store, and they're gonna get you know, two pounds of rice or 10 pounds of wheat or whatever, they're gonna get the full amount they can get it

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to receive weight from someone to receive the product based on a certain weight. But the thing here in Arabic, when we say IQ Tyler we say Excel I mean, we don't say Allah Allah. This is the norm in the Arabic we say he received weight from this person, not against this person. The way it's used here is against this Allah is really really important. It has many rhetorical functions. In under normal circumstances, you go to the store, you put the whatever product it is, you put it on the scale in ways out and then you pay the person this is a normal transaction. But it Allah Allah knows this actually, it means this Hello, number one, you go to the guy you're buying from and you're

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bullying him. No, I want more. No, you didn't wait correctly. You kind of you're you're you're muscling him to give you more even though he waited correctly. You say No, you didn't wait correctly. Give me more. This is Islanders. This This person is getting more than they deserve actually. And they're they're bullying themselves into getting more. So we find what said Phil also you call it Tyler I mean, what do you call it? Allah Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah Fie moto Fifi, Lamictal, Lumina, nurse belta, Salatu, lamb lactea they push them to push themselves on the people that they're trying to receive from? Now if this was a normal transaction, we would have find an Athena electroluminescence our min would have been there. So this is not a normal behavior even in receiving these are bullies even in getting the product. And you know, sometimes we do this nowadays we think we don't weigh things anymore. I don't buy wheat and grain from the farm. And we don't have

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These problems anymore, you could do this on an 800 number.

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Right? You know, you, the people, they made a mistake or whatever and you're yelling at them. No, I'm on eight months of free service and you're gonna throw this into when that into and you know, you don't deserve it, but you're going to use your muscle because you learn to do this at your job, or you saw other people do it. So you want to get these free advantages thrown in, and you're gonna get that guy fired was on the other phone, the guy's just got a job picking up the number from the 100 line, right? Who's your manager, I want to talk to him about bad customer service. So you you, you're muscling your way to get things. Right. And sometimes it's necessary. But other times, you

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know, you can ask your own conscience when you're doing it unfairly. Right? So if data is Latina elected or RNs Yes, though, for this is a very, it's just an awesome word, then I'll let the pictures of huddle, you know, you'd have a folder, if the word was used our phone, they are given in full, whenever they take the measure, they are given in full whatever they wanted. But yes, though phone, they try to get the full. And what this implies is not necessarily that they get the full, they have this attitude of No, no more and more and more and more and more. So they're very, you know, shrewd kinds of customers. there this is this is not about being business people, this is

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being about the customer, they're getting more than they deserve. But the next I will either kallu I was a new home soon. And when they have to wait for others, and when they have to, you know, measure the product, give it specific way. For other people, you see, don't they make sure that the other person leaves in loss, you know, casilla, to have laws to be lost, or to give other to make somebody else lose out to make somebody else miss out, not give him what he deserves. I want to make sure I give him less than what he deserves. I want to make sure I get away with maybe 10% 5% 2% point 1%. But I will not feel complete until I cheat him out at least something at least I take something away

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from him that he was expecting from me, these are your zero, they make sure that the other falls into loss. But the other thing here again, beautiful in the language. Normally in Arabic, we would have found what either Curlew la home a was a new la home, there would have been a half jar here, if they wait for their customers for them. Or they belt you know, they put it on the scale for them, the Lamb would have been here, the missing lamb actually,

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lets us know it indicates also that this transaction is not permitted. It's not a natural transaction, they're cheating the people out of some product, just like the Lamb has been removed, the lamb is missing just like the full product is missing. This is a rhetorical function of the language. So Pamela, so is that caralluma was an overview of sarode. Now these people, Allah is not just here talking about a business person. And he's not just talking about the shoot people who get their way or muscle their way, when dealing with others. Something else is going on here. You know, Allah says, Allah tada Barun Al Quran, do they not reflect deeply on the Quran? The word the dumper

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actually means also to look behind something that's from Dover, to look behind, what is behind this person's character, this person is acting this way. But what's the root cause? What is it what makes him this way that he can cheat like this, and deal with people in this way, and not flinch? You know, when you when you deal with person, a person who is normally not like this, they're not shrewd like this, when they muscle their way with somebody, they feel uncomfortable. Many of you may be like that, if you have to haggle a price, you feel kind of not normal. And you know, you bring your cousin in to haggle the prices, right, you can't do it yourself. Because you don't have that kind of

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personality. But he does, he can get you like, he'll throw in a few extras in there. Right when he's when he's dealing. Or when your customers you know, waiting for the product, you don't know how to talk to them. You just know how to do the job, you get somebody who's a little more shrewd, who can yell and scream on the phone, they can do it for you. But what kind of person does this what kind of person develops this this attitude? The next ayah lets us know. And I alula economists often have don't have those people that do this. By distancing themselves. Allah has distanced himself from these people. Allah doesn't even talk to them. He talks about them as those people, not even home

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like oh, way far out. Those people have it, have they never even fathom has it never even crossed their imagination that they're going to be raised, that they're going to be raised. And what does that have to do with, you know, business? You see, these people the first time they cheat in business, they're a little bit nervous. The first time to do it, I'm not so sure, maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe they're filing taxes incorrectly as an accountant for somebody and they're kind of nervous when they file the papers. The second time they do it, they're a little less nervous. When they get away and over time, they become experts at beating the system, right? They get around the

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law and they know exactly what to do. Not only do they know what to do, they can teach others how to beat the system to so they become very confident. And their confidence comes from the fact that they will never have to stand before the law. They've already learned how to beat the system. That's where their confidence comes from. They become very you know, you know, caught you know, outgoing even, they become proud of their their illegal behavior when they don't get caught for a long time because they figure at this point they're above the system.

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They can get away. And you know, a lot of criminals in our time they get caught after they feel like they're above the law, and they get a little careless. And then they get, you know, under this under the radar, they come in, they get caught. So now Allah says the idea that they are going to be raised, of course raised before a lot, right brought back to life and made to stand before Allah. This has never even crossed him out. One assumption, even that assumption haven't crossed hasn't crossed their mind. And this word, Bertha, is a portion of the word we learned in the previous solar, when we learned what either kobudo berthiot, Botha and atharva together make Warfield. So a

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portion of the word from the previous Solo is used to illustrate even a little bit of that thought doesn't even occur to them, this idea that they have to stand for what they did, they've completely blocked their minds from it, they've completely blocked their minds from it, Leo minalima, they will be raised for an enormous day.

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Now that it's something about the word Arlene, that I may or may or may not have shared with you before, I leave commonly gets translated as great. But it comes from the Arabic word album or the plural very long, which is the plural of our theme. And other other means a bone, you know, bonus called other because it's tough, it's stiff, it's difficult to break, right? It's the animals bone hits you then you get injured if it doesn't in some other parts that you you might be Alright, so now of them that's from the from which the word greatness comes. So it's not just great, it's tough, it's intense. It's, you know, coming into contact with it will cause you pain, this is our lien.

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This is taught, you know, intensity, so they don't realize that this tough day is coming against them. Yo Yo, como nasolabial alameen. In the previous surah, by the way, before we go on, Allah says Don't they have any fathom that they're going to have a great day where they have to stand there what tell us anything about that great day in the previous solar in the summer, at El kawaki, Baltasar, where it'll be harder for JIRA to work on the sky, you know, it's ripped open and the stars are falling apart. They're like, like a sheet that had pearls on it. And you, you know, you, you know, you give a little bit of a jerk to the sheet and they'll fall apart, right and the oceans

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are going wild and the grapes are being turned over, then whatever their contents are being brought out. The greatness of that day has already been illustrated. But despite hearing this message, it's like, this hasn't even crossed their mind. So Leo minalima, it's been given a separate Ayah to think that even after hearing about that great day that a lot called another will alim and you know, and so to another, still after hearing these powerful if nothing, not nothing processes, and as we continue in the surah, we will see why nothing registers in their mind. Why is it that they hear this powerful message, but there's no effect. Yo como nasolabial amine. In the previous slide, we

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learned some naka de la hora. Every person who will know what they invested in what they sent forward, what opportunities they left behind. We talked about that at length last time. Here, another depiction, another wording of the same scene, the day on which people will stand before the Lord of all of the worlds that I mean is for the winner cool, the people of intellect means all of the nations all of the peoples their Lord. In other words, the Lord of the criminals, the cheaters, and their customers, the criminals and their client base, and whoever they were the clients of the all of them will be standing together. So they're not going to get away with even the smallest

00:23:22--> 00:24:01

amount of cheating Kela Not at all, meaning this attitude is not going to save them at all. This is Canada, Canada, is this the idea that they are not going to be raised? You they think because they have this idea, and they become very confident about the way they behave in this world. This in itself is enough for them to be saved, you know, one of the one of the flaws of human beings, when they send in, you know, incredibly, you know, they have no bounds in sin. One of the things that happens to them is they block the idea of consequence. And just because you blocked does it mean there's no danger there? No, that's that's not enough, pretending there's no danger is not enough

00:24:01--> 00:24:36

that there's no danger. So let's have color. No, no, no, not at all. This assumption alone is not enough to save you. You could feel safe all you want. You could feel safe all you want, but the danger still remains. He says in Nikita Belford, Jerry Luffy said, Jean, this is absolutely remarkable. To understand this in proper context. Let's look at something we read in the previous surah. We've been you noticed in these sutras that we've been studying there has been mentioned of angels in one way or the other in every surah right and they're complement each other. In the previous lesson we learned about the angels that are here in Aleykum, the halfling Caleb and Kathy

00:24:36--> 00:25:00

in Yamanaka alone, these guardian angels are here. They're noble, so they're not going to cheat in what they write. They're going to be Noble. They're going to show their inability and documentation. And they're constantly writing Cathy bean. And what are they writing? Yeah, laminata follow, they know what you're up to. They know everything that you're doing and they're they're continuously documenting. So the the documentation part of it was highlighted in the previous documentation of what whatever we

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

Do everything that we do. But there's another part. And this is so much easier for me to explain and understand even because I come from a tech background. You know, there's the data entry, right, you're entering the data. And you have to get a reliable person to enter the data. Because if they make mistakes, then you'll you know, the email that you send or the fax that you send, or the the contract that you send if as mistakes, then you're going to have problems. So first of all, who's entering the data of our deeds, the angels, they're entering the date, so there's any room for mistake? No. But then there's another problem in business and in transactions. And in worldly

00:25:37--> 00:26:18

affairs, not only do you have to get reliable people to document, you also have to save your documents, you know, the idea of backup servers nowadays, right? And make sure that your data is saved, and all the registers and the accounts and the names and context of your customers, and what date what product has to ship and everything has to be saved. And if your data has gone, that's far worse than your money being gone, because this is all this is everything. This is everything. So the previous surah illustrated the the recording of the information. But this surah is going to tell us how that recording is saved. Where is it archived? And you know, if the archive is not safe, then

00:26:18--> 00:26:54

what's the point of even having reliable data entry? You understand? So now look, can I inequitable for jar? No, no, no, there is no doubt the book, the book of the vicious criminals, alpha jar, this is from fudger, like fudger rips through the night. That's right. A fighter jet is someone who disobeys a line, the most vicious, vicious way, they don't feel bad about it, they're proud of it. And they do the worst, most heinous kinds of crimes. And of course, they do it because what you're gonna do about it, they have this attitude of, you know, who saw me do it, who's gonna come and attack me about it, who's gonna come back to haunt me, but what's what's gonna come back to haunt me

00:26:54--> 00:27:31

about this. So this attitude allows, you could be a fighter jet. But everything you do has been documented, and it's been actually turned into a Kitab alpha jar, a book of these vicious criminals. This is like a register a roster. The way that some of them are comment about this is, you know, in the olden days, it used to be dungeons right underneath. And these were the prisons for the criminals. And before you enter into the the cells themselves, there's the gatekeeper. And there's this, this office almost, and the office has a roster of people that are inside, and it tells them okay, this guy is in for this many years, he has to be in this cell. And these are the punishments

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written for him. And this is when he has to go and this is when he has to come out, etc, etc. This is this whole roster of the criminals, where's this roster kept? It's kept right outside the prison. So if somebody says, my time is up, I gotta go. Where does the warden Where does he check, he checks inside that roster. That's the image that some of the some of give of this book that this some of them commented This is in the depths of the earth, where the the souls of the criminals are kept allowed on them. But we know that it's kept this this roster is that of the criminals and all of the things that they have done. So the sinful soul when it leaves this earth, and you know, it goes to

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the this roster, and we find, what is it that it's what is what are the crimes that it is committed? And now where is this roster Luffy See, Jean, there is no doubt about it. It is an it's a C gene. Now, cision in Arabic means prison, C gene, horrible prison. And some have argued that this is actually a particular name of this location. But because of its origin, we know the nature of that location is like a prison. And this is like the rock the wardens, documents of this prison who is going to be inside and what what punishments they have to suffer, suffer. Just so you understand the intricacy of this roster, this Kitab alpha jar what's inside it, we find a little bit of detail

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about it here and there. In the Quran. Lex for example, in Soto calf, we find many has an kita what's wrong with this book, LA, Casa de la cabeza button a la la. It didn't leave out anything small, anything bigger, except that it recorded it. There's not a small thing I did. There's not one ounce of cheating. There's not one pound of flesh. There's not one minute of you leaving work earlier, whatever it was, nothing has been left out. Everything has been thoroughly documented. So law you have 00 10 voila can be written in law. Now laws of justice. draka messaging, you know, in the previous surah, we found a maraca, my God, what is going to give you a clue what the Day of

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Judgment but the day of decision making is, what the day is when everybody gets their portion. Somebody who has at least some sense of justice will be shaken by those words, but far worse, now you're talking to the criminal, you know, the day of judgment, everybody will be worried. But then the worst criminal you have to tell them you know, not just about the court. You know what you scare him off? You scare him of the prison. So the previous one I was like, do you know what their court is going to be like, when you have to stand trial and the judge will be there and the evidence will be presented.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

It was like that that scene. But the worst that if the criminals not scared of court, what are they what's gonna scare them beyond the court? It's the prison itself. So Morocco messaging, you have any clue what this prison is what this gene is where this record is kept, Allah says Kitab Omar calm Subhana Allah, this is again the protection of the data, unless as it is documented, it is a writ. It's something that is presented in writing keytab. And we know how it was written, who was writing it, and the previous soreq yarraman cathi been they were writing it. So they've actually documented the whole thing. But then Allah gives it an adjective, he says more cool. more common Arabic means

00:30:37--> 00:31:09

to write something in thick, clear writing, and to imprint it so it cannot be erased. This is also done when you stitch you know, embroidery onto clothes, you can't rub it and wash it off. It's done. It's on there. Right? So that's also called recom. Actually monokuma here implies that not only will this data be entered accurately, it will be clear and it's not something that can be erased. It can't be erased. It's it's you know, protected data. So we find for example, a sub boonie commenting back to one camera confessor job law.

00:31:11--> 00:31:47

Right, he says it's it's it's, it's imprinted. It's written just like stitching or embroidery, embroidery on cloth. It will not be forgotten. It will not be erased. This is the nature of you know the word Kitab amaco. Meaning you think you forgot what you did? Everybody forgot no big deal. Nobody helped. Nobody took me to court for it. Nobody held it against me. It's you're making a big deal out of nothing. Well, you think you can think it's nothing all you want Kitab amaco it's there. It's the data has been sent. And you know that it's been sent so you could feel good about it. You can make others feel good about it. But that doesn't take away that it's been documented. So Pamela

00:31:48--> 00:31:50

wailing Yoga is a little Mackenzie been

00:31:51--> 00:32:31

the ultimate destruction on that day. For those who lie and you'll find three three is about lying. And levena. You can see Bulava with Dean. Omar, you can see will be e la kulu Martha didn't see him three times you can you know, look at the beach and you can see boo and you can say boo three times over. So the root cause of the people who cheat in business I was how it began with a limit of 15. But here law says we know in Yama even in mocha dB, ultimate destruction, the most horrible destruction, especially on that day will fall upon those who deliberately lied against Apollo did not say what they lied against. He didn't put the the object in front of it. So when you say I lied

00:32:31--> 00:33:09

against, that's not a complete sentence you're expecting What did you lie against? Now if you say I lied, that's enough of a sentence. That's enough, right? But it's actually intransitive in grammar, we call it and transitive, like you say I walked. It's a complete sentence. I lied. It's a complete sentence. But when I say I lied against, then the listener is expecting well who did you lie against? What did you lie about? What was your crime of lying for? So now the next is it opens the door to this and levena you could you could the Buddha within those who lied against the Day of Judgment. In the previous surah we found without the word yo

00:33:10--> 00:33:46

cannibal to catch the Buddha. With the you're lying against the deen itself. You don't you don't like the idea of judgment. You don't like the idea of someone, you know, holding you accountable for the things you've done. But in reality, you've been reminded of this enormous data over and over and over again. How many times have you heard the reminder in these few weeks? About the author? What are you What's the core problem? Why you know, what the law repeats the most is what is denied the most? Well, I'm not repeat stuck law more than anything else in the Quran. It's because what people lose the most is what is stuck. When the Lord repeats the reminder of the hereafter in one way that

00:33:46--> 00:34:20

another way that another way, the oceans will boil over then the oceans will go wild. Then the mountains will be back carded wool, then the mountain mountains are gonna sail. He says the same thing over and over and over again. Why? Because this is the thing people tend to overlook. And not that concern themselves. No, no, no, this is Yeah, I don't want to hear about the alcohol. I already believe in the alcohol of things. Can we go to another chapter? Can we talk about something else? It is this that hasn't been imprinted into your mind into your heart. That is the reason of this stuff enemies and this is the reason so Allah says Allah Lena, you can the Buddha Muhammad in those who

00:34:20--> 00:34:51

lie against the day of literally of judgment of the new portion being given, then he gives a further explanation. Well, now you can see will be and there's no one at all in existence who would lie against that, except a certain kind of person. illa kulu more uttered in a theme. So this is where we have to pay attention. What kind of a person is not able to internalize the awesome reality of the Day of Judgment. What kind of person is it? Two adjectives have been given more awkward in a theme, we have to understand both of these terms.

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

In the Arabic language, it means to violate somebody else's rights or to cross the limits. So you wrong somebody.

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Then you have become a martyred, you become a more of that. When you wronged somebody, like we said the first time, maybe you feel bad. The second time, it's a little easier for you, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, it's second nature, then not only is it easy for you, you're proud of it on top of that, and you find worse ways of becoming a martyr of robbing the people. This is how, you know, tyrants are created on this earth, whether they rule countries, or they rule, or they're in charge of a household, or they run a business or they have employees, or their sibling, or they're a bully in any way, shape, or form. This is a mark that the one who crosses the limit, then we find

00:35:34--> 00:35:36

the word, a theme, which comes from Islam.

00:35:37--> 00:36:13

It's I mean, it's already original form means you know, it's commonly translated a sin. But the Quran has about a dozen words used for sin. So it's very particular, what if the means if there is a kind of, you know, attitude, and a behavior that keeps you from doing good things. So on the one hand, the more that is a guy that's doing bad things, and a fee makes him a guy that keeps him from doing good things. You know, there's a kind of person that does bad things and also does good things. Right? They did a messed up in this, but at least they do that much, right? Some other good, but he is more of that on one hand, and a theme on the other is the worst of the worst. These are

00:36:13--> 00:36:51

the worst of the worst that can absolutely deny, without the blink of an eye or deny the existence of judgment. They will hear these words and they will laugh at them. Nothing will go on in there you won't see a bulge on their forehead. Why not because they've attained these two attributes over time. They become more tired on the one hand, a theme on the other the arrow logo, the people of language they comment that Islam is primarily an issue of the heart It's a psychological thing that your heart doesn't feel inclined at all actually becomes uncomfortable in doing anything good. Which is why we find a no Koran for India who asked him on Kobo that his heart has become as him his heart

00:36:51--> 00:37:32

has become one that is that deters doing good. It's become sinful in that sense. We find a beautiful Hadith in disconnection about Islam. I'll build robots net la nefs well if mama hacker fabric I found this hadith in a novel by envy Holly Lovato Quran which is a book on the grammatical analysis of the Quran. He's also Salaam says righteousness or goodness is what will satisfy your enough's it will give you tranquility, it might not be enough. And the the sin ism this holding back from good is what will eat away at you. Meaning it'll eat away at you in the beginning until you reach the point where you're no longer asked him. But you are a theme you see the Yeah, in the word a theme.

00:37:33--> 00:38:10

That means this guy's stuck in that state. It's not like he did it once or twice. This has become a personality trait for this person. every chance he gets he violate somebody else's rights. every chance he gets every opportunity he gets to do good. He pushes it away. This is actually the worst case scenario of the market de la hora. In on the previous slide we read it monopsony goddamnit. We're a horrid every person knows what they sent forward what they left behind. The worst case scenario, everything he sends forward is an easy isn't evil is a violation of somebody's rights. And every good opportunity that comes to him to do something good with himself. He leaves it behind, he

00:38:10--> 00:38:16

doesn't touch it. So this is actually the worst case scenario of the previous shallot Allah we go forward.

00:38:17--> 00:38:53

Before we do actually a couple of things here. What we read in the previous solo has been mentioned in other places this conscience of the human being of him losing his natural predisposition towards doing good and not violating other others rights. In the beginning we find but in Santo Allah and after he basura know the human being in full view of himself, he knows what he's up to. He knows what he's doing. What I will come at you even if he makes lots of excuses, he presents all of them like you know, I have this reason or that reason for doing whatever I'm doing. But now so we've established that we're talking about these four job, his worst kinds of sinners. Look at their

00:38:53--> 00:39:28

response to the heart of Quran when these ions come they're talking to him about what he's doing they're very direct. I mean these ions for us you know, we could say these are a millennium and a half old they were talking to the Arabs of that time. When you listen to their message doesn't it rattle you man this is happening at my office. This is what I'm doing it my business. I better tell my dad to stop I better tell my uncle to not do this anymore. I have noticed when I was working for him that these things that FIFA was going on you start thinking these these I have come to life about what's happening here. But the one who has gone past this point of return either to LA LA to

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

La Casa de la winning or not I art when are miraculous signs are recited onto him can include La La toliet, even toddler over and over again. Over and over again the author recited onto him What does he respond with as a winning? First of all, Tyler you understand something about the word tilava which is used here. It comes with to install an internal one with 1110 one means to follow someone right behind them like tailgating nowadays, right that would be talaia clue also means to read.

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

So it has two meanings, reading and following. So the IOD are read on to them. And literally the message follows them.

00:40:09--> 00:40:45

Right. And they, whenever they hear it as a wedding, they say, Now what's the response? Let's understand something about the word assaultive. It comes from three singulars. It has three singulars is Thor, a satara, and a store. These are all acceptable singular forms of assaulted. And it comes from the original word subtle, which is lines. The connection here is in the olden times, you had these legends of old times, like myths or mythology, right old stories, and somebody was really good at telling the story. And the kids really enjoyed it. Right? So they would write it down, they would put it in lines, and this is how the legend would be passed on. Everybody knew this

00:40:45--> 00:41:22

has nothing to do with the truth. This is just something that's passed on through generations. So when he heard what he said, these are legends of old times, these are stories, what angels on my shoulders and, you know, this nation was destroyed and that nation was destroyed, and I'm gonna be raised back to life again, come on. These are just stories, you know, grew up. So basically, their attitude is one of, first of all being condescending towards the ayatollah and of literally calling, talking to the one who's giving these IOD making them seem like fools Come on, what are you talking about? This is what we say nowadays, what you would say, you know, 1400 years ago, nobody What

00:41:22--> 00:42:01

nonsense. What is myth you keep bringing up a subtitle a wedding. So this is the first thing that makes him fudge and really the ultimate. The worst crime he's done so far, is poke fun at the ayatollah, somebody is a criminal, that's one thing, but they reached that, you know, a state of being criminal to the point where you try to correct them, and with the best possible correction, the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala and their response is Get lost. This is nonsense. us how to overly Kela then Allah explains why did they reach this state? He keeps giving us reasons of why was the thief there was the crebio with him. There was lying against the deer resurrection. Now he lies

00:42:01--> 00:42:49

against he pokes fun at the IOD criticizes the insults the ayat of Quran. Why does he do this gala? Not at all. He's not doing this for genuine reason. What is it that that happens in response? Run aku beam rather, we place a rust on their hearts or Ananda kulu beam Ababa. What Dennis the subtle urban malu says that's an imprint. And it's it's filth that covers the heart. This is Ronaldo kulula him we find hacer la the Allahu anhu saying who has them or let them have the S word they'll call it his sin after sin after sin until the heart becomes completely black. We find the Hadith narrated by Abu Dhabi Allahu anhu. We find the single body in which the messenger says sallallahu alayhi wa

00:42:49--> 00:43:03

sallam. So either colita Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah could obey Him. He was asked about this ayah call he said, who will just name them for Tunica trophy? Colby he knocked a soda into Birmingham tsukina Cobo we're in harder located.

00:43:06--> 00:43:49

This is a person who does a sin and their heart gets a spot on it like a blemish on it. Right which is what Dennis the language scholars called a Dennis a spot. And then if he repents and he goes back, then it's scrubbed off. It's washed off literally it's made polished again, given a shine the hearts given a shine, according to the wording of the Hadith. But if he doesn't if he continues, another spot and another spot and another spot until the entire heart becomes heart hard and Tara heart becomes black, Blackwood filth and rust and this is the state that is described in the IR Allah Allah kulu beam. And why did what what caused this this filth on their heart? What is it that

00:43:49--> 00:44:27

rusted over them? Morocco, New York, Cebu. Whatever they used to earn is what made the rest occur on top of their hearts. Whatever these sins were and have we learned in this sutra already what they used to earn just a little tiny bit of profit. They weren't making millions necessarily. They were being cheap over a buck or two. They were cheap being cheap over a minute or two or a day or two of service something small, but they want to get more than they deserve. And they want to get let give less than what people deserve them. So Pamela can in the home are robbing me. Oh my god. Oh, by the way, before I go on, just something that ties this to the previous solar. You know, in the previous

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

solar we read Yeah, you have karma Kabira because Karim Allah asked a very powerful question, human or human being? What is it that diluted you What took you away from your noble Lord from your gracious Lord? Now we learned in this surah what took him away his stiff heart, which is the worst thing that can take you away from your noble Lord. So Allah asked a rhetorical question in the previous soda and we have this scary response. In this little Roku Bheema, can we see both Canada in the Humala behavior, human Subhan Allah

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

It is these people that when it especially when it comes to their Lord, they are going to be barricaded, they're going to be blocked off, meaning they won't be able to see their Lord on that day. On that day, especially their Lord, they will not be able to see there'll be a hijab, you know, the word hijab, a barrier, that which comes in between you and whatever you want to see, so that you can no longer see it. You can no longer it's no longer in your sight. That's what a job is literally what hijab means. So here, when ally xojo says on that day, they will be permanently barricaded, you know, blocked off from the view of their Lord. The wording is interesting in that there's this us

00:45:36--> 00:46:11

our rugby game is first, it is their Lord that they will be able to see it is their Lord that they'll be barricaded away from and what that implies is there's something else that they will be looking at, and not only looking at, they can't stop looking at it. You remember in the previous little mama home and Hobby Lobby, they will not be able to steal even a glimpse away from that Hellfire that is staring at them. They can't hide behind the beam and take a breath and say okay, back for back to the punishment. No, not even a blink. They're stuck. Their eyes are stuck on that punishment. And here, there'll be staring at that but what Won't they even get a glimpse of their

00:46:11--> 00:46:32

Lord? It's a contrast from what we found in the previous solar. Well man, have you ever been a chef a document Allah said something very important in this ayah? Well, if you have the higher the level, Allah and Amina yo la hora de la Cala Malik Lama who Jeeva de who are there who let me know who the generally Alia is hotter, hotter hetero

00:46:33--> 00:47:11

Shafi Rahim Allah comments, this ayah is a proof that the believers will in fact see their Lord. This is a proof that the believers will in fact see their Lord and then Malik Rahim Allah He commented, when the when the enemies when Allah enemies are barricaded away when they're blocked off from seeing him then he will show His glory his full glory to the believers until they get to see him so problema so this this is at the same time is a punishment on the kofod and is a gift to the believers from him the homeless ology him thereafter, and you know, you see all these horrible punishments, the worst of the punishments being described after the one crime, you mentioned

00:47:11--> 00:47:49

different crimes, but when did the discourse on the on the the punishments begin? The worst of these punishments was the sealing off of the heart. Everything is a result of that. But what sealed the heart? What caused that curse to fall upon them. They poked fun at what the ayatollah, they poke fun at the IR they made ridicule of the ayat, they call them a saltiness, when they were called, they had this arrogant attitude towards the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala and that resulted in this one after the other after the other first the heart gets rusty, then they don't even get to see their Lord, then on top of this from the homeless ology him, then they will be jumping into casting

00:47:49--> 00:48:30

themselves into the blazing flame. We talked about the original meanings of jehane before you'll Sloane Ohio Medina in the previous solar here lithology him you're slowing the hi fi filter him yo Medina they will be throwing themselves there again. But here the wording is stronger because la Lu is is in fine, it's an ism. In the previous surah we have yes Lola which was a verb and the verb is weaker than the noun and since this context is stronger, the stronger word is useless hailu Ajay Baba is given to it instead of having a phantom of Ruby, but then just the wording of the these IR is so powerful suppiler la familia Carlo. Then it will be said

00:48:31--> 00:48:44

Allah doesn't say that Allah will say to them, he says then it will be said Now what's the difference between he said and it will be said when I say it will be said I didn't mention who's talking. I didn't mention who's talking this is called an Arabic

00:48:45--> 00:49:23

Will Ferrell Allah de la Musa masala who write a lovely image who the passive in English, the passive, like when I say he was killed, I don't know who killed him. Right? Why is that? Why did Allah say it will be said to them? Allah did not say Allah will say to them, because in the previous IOD has Allah barricaded himself from them. He's barricaded himself and Now in this ayah lies barricading his voice from them he's not even talking to them directly you call it will be said to them so Paloma, you call to have an economy tickety boo. This is what you used to lie against. This is the very thing Haddon levy. This is the very thing that you had been lying against all along.

00:49:23--> 00:49:55

This is what they're going to be told as they are jumping into the fire this is what you were poking fun at remember this what you found funny. This is when somebody reminded you of you said I don't need to hear this mythology you remember that? This is what that is. They're being told over and over again. Subhan Allah so my Your call has ended he couldn't be here to catch the bone. You know, in the previous surah there was still hope this scene is not of dunya This scene is of what I had in the previous surah there was a scene of dunya cannibal to catch the Buddha Dean. No, no, you're lying against the dean right now and dounia change your ways you're you've been doing this all

00:49:55--> 00:50:00

along. No, there's there's guardian angels over here that are writing that the guardian angels of the Chris

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

These guardians are guarding the things you do they're archiving them in half Alina, Callum and Kathy been change your ways. But if you refuse to change your ways, if you're like these four jar the worst kinds of criminals, then the only thing left for you is the news, you can poke fun at it now, you're going to be thrown and you're going to be told, remember we said Don't do this. Remember, the thing you were told not to lie against, had had the lead equal to me, he took the vote, then allows the wizard switches and he changes the scene. And he takes us to the scene of the believers. And this of how to lie is a contrast from the previous surah. In the previous slide we

00:50:35--> 00:50:36

read in the upper left,

00:50:38--> 00:51:13

certainly the righteous are going to be surrounded or immersed in bliss and NEMA in constant blessing. what that implies, according to the imagery of a seminary, for example, even as wherever they look, they'll see something that makes them happy. You know, you go to a new town or something you're looking around and you see this monument Oh, look at that. Right? That's one thing that caught your attention, not everything to one thing, but feed Noreen. They're in it. And everything around them is something awesome. They look at that somebody else's looking at us and look at that, you know, you're the one next to you. And Jenna says, hey, look at that. And you said no, no, you

00:51:13--> 00:51:55

look at that. And then you switch scenes you're staring at the other thing, you're surrounded by amazing things laughing at him. So here we find more detail about the righteous. In the previous surah we found more detail about the criminals. So there we found, you know, in alpha jarana fija him you're slowly Ohio Medina mahabhava been found to IOD detailing what we get about the full job, the worst criminals. Here we find six iaat three times the number of IRA just dedicated to the people of genda just dedicated to what's going to happen with them. But it begins with their record, the record of the criminals was where you remember that roster that register in that prison FISA

00:51:55--> 00:52:32

gene. But now look what's going to happen to the record of the believers can learn not at all you know, in this not at all is again in response to those who poke ridicule. They make fun of the believers because they talk about you know, these amazing things that are gonna happen these fantasies that they live with, that they're going to be punished and this all of this is going to happen not at all in Nikita but abrar Luffy II in the book of the righteous and abroad again general killer, right. This is the minimal plural because the righteous will be few May Allah make us from them. Their record will be the their book is going to be in the lean and lean has been interpreted

00:52:32--> 00:53:09

in a number of ways. I'm going to share a few things with you. First, it comes from Lulu, which means height. And the lean has an inner at the end and also in the next aisle owner at the end was which is called Gemma Malacca Salim which is used the will or cool in the people that the creatures that have intellect. What this implies is this book will be in the company of the highest. This book, one of the implications of that is this book is in the company of the highest and we know the higher the angels are, the more noble the more responsible they are, you know, in regards to the Quran itself, we write about angels that are up there, right, be it sofala tin can in Bharara we've

00:53:09--> 00:53:42

read that already. But this is another set of angels that are high and what are they protecting this they're not protecting Koran here, this is a different group. This is a different kind of angels. They are responsible to guard over the book of the righteous. The book that according to the AMA has two things. First of all about the lien let's see what a subunit says Rahim Allah. Well, who am mccallion Aileen? Mashallah Rafi Allah agenda. This is a very high place, it is noble and honored and dignified in the highest part of gender. This is in the highest part of gender, that's the name of it. So so that's one opinion that it's from the highest place in gender. Other stage refers

00:53:42--> 00:54:21

directly to the angels that actually says it could refer to both at the same time angels and high stations. It is also on the call. Some of them are also comment in addition to those two things. The book itself is called an alien. The book itself is called and lean, and this is some German law alum. So now, let's get an idea of this high high agenda where this record is, we find this interesting commentary, well, we'll come to it when the idea comes actually, the soul of the believer, according to the great number of sales on the soul of the believer, is taken up all these levels of parent you know, these these heavens until they reach underneath arch and underneath the

00:54:21--> 00:54:55

arch, and they're only in they have this record. And this record states that these makaveli Shahada, for example, those who died in the path of Allah, they're evil deeds, are they rather their punishment they're saved from it guarantees their punishment, they're safe. And it also guarantees their entrance into Jannah. But and then they're brought back so they see their record and they get a guarantee. Yeah, we're gonna we're headed in the right place. So we see the contract before they're brought back into the grid. We know the Shahada go straight into the paradise, but this is referring to Alamo Colorado, those are really close to Allah subhanaw taala. They are showing this

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

roster even before the day of judgment. So we'll look at how that applies into Sora.

00:55:02--> 00:55:44

What will give you any clue what will give what can you look at around you that could possibly help you imagine Iraq, you know or other are you treating to look around for clues to figure something out? You have nothing at your disposal that can give you any clue what early universe what is high place is and how secure that record is. Right? Yes. hidey hole makara boon. These the closest to Allah subhanaw taala will be witness to that. Okay, two minutes. All right. All right. So let's just read a little bit of the, the Tafseer that I made sure I wanted to read before you and ChildLine. We'll take a break. So yes, Luna makara, Boone Valley, Calcutta, Luna holy anda mill, Amanda and

00:55:44--> 00:56:23

Lisa, hubby him in an hour, because he Belgian. First of all these angels are the Allah says they're their witness, the closest of them. They're witnessing this lien. They're witnessing this book, this document that has the deeds of the righteous, basically, they're guarding it, because it contains in them the security, the guarantee the safe passage of these people, that they will not be people of Hellfire and that they will have success in the paradise Assad boonie comments he traveled abroad kuttabul musataha he says this is the book of the righteous a book that is well documented back to Wolfie armato home that in it all of their deeds have been documented and written or who are feeling

00:56:23--> 00:56:59

lean, and it is in their in lean. Fiala knowledge and gender it is in the highest levels of gender, your shadow macabre Buddha, Amina Malaika, that the closest of the angels are witnessing, there's constantly looking at it's constantly under surveillance not by security cameras, but by the angels. So how Allah and they're constantly, you know, watching over it, one of the comments that I found before we take a break and sha Allah in regards to this, the righteous person, the root of the righteous person goes all the way up, who's already witnessing this book, The angels, then this rational person gets there and they're shown their portion, this is your roster. This is the

00:56:59--> 00:57:32

guarantee you're not going to hellfire. This is the guarantee you'll be entered into john, then he goes back, you know, when he rises up on the Day of Judgment. Are there other witnesses that that have read that with him? Are there other witnesses that can support that? Yes, in fact, that was there on record, the other angels and what does that give him even before the day of judgment piece is at rest that I have a guarantee with a law and I have those who are testifying to this? Yes, shadow. Alamo karabo the closest to a lot are bearing witness to this book and that He has given the witness to a to some automatic comment actually a good number of them that the rule of the moment

00:57:32--> 00:57:42

gets to see it and he is also included in mokara boonmee lawmakers from alma carabin we take a break at this point. So Chronicle law Moby Dick, the Chateau de la ilaha illa en esta Furukawa tabula.