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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala should have an MBA will mazzolino Allah Allah he was having he made about

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11 $100 it in Mattoon through Manitoba the Kava.

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Kava she holds a doctorate in what he did. He

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said that you cannot you cannot won in the modern Roman era, the era

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that you can only one those people with the rigor and the caliber of others rhondella Maharshi Ramana Villa by the people who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala

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shadowless we handle under high in the hearts

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the Hush, man believe

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of Allah subhanaw taala who they cannot see

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my brothers, I want to run myself a new

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What is this issue of Russia of our last man

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unless rather use this phrase, Harsha and Asan and voila the beauty of the ban of the for an

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electronic data if he is mentioning the word fear Allah subhanaw taala could have used any of his other attributes

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of Jalil His attributes of power His attributes of force

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Allah subhanaw taala could have used his attribute of alcohol and all Jabbar

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policies but rather use his attribute of Origin

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The issue of our man

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it's on the same wasn't as Joanna Chan or the ban

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extreme of that particular thing have been extremely angry, Joanne extremely hungry.

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Now one of the issues of the height of emotion or the height of something is that to remain on that peak forever is not possible. So Alice rather use another one of his attributes in sort of the five ways that our him or him isn't the same wasn't as Jamil Kareem and so on. Beautiful

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but it's in the way that if you have beautiful image a male then you remain Jamil forever inshallah

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you do not beautiful one day and next one you're not you're no longer beautiful. That doesn't happen.

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And Alicia said R Rahman. Rahim Rahman Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala is

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Rahman, the ultimate of Rama and Rahim and that continues forever inshallah.

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And this is the beauty where Allah Subhana Allah says Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah said, yo como roll Malika to Safa. diametrical, lamona illa, man avina lava rock man.

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This the scene that has been added, of

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the day of judgment to the scene of great terror scene of great fear.

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No one will speak except with the permission of analysis and the permission of the one who is the Most Merciful. The Most Merciful of the Merciful is the one who is more merciful than less man that

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is not going to sing in tune zero when it arises.

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You can only want those people who fear Allah subhanaw taala

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who is our man? Now what is this fearing of man?

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is fear as I said before, in the description of taqwa fear is an emotion that produces hatred. Fear is an emotion that produces a dislike. People don't go towards something they fear. People don't love something they fear. They run away from something they fear. What others wanted said about the believers. Well as you know, Amano, a shadow Allah. Allah said the people the believer the people of Islam are people have demand. They love Allah subhanaw taala How about a shad more than anything else? The sooner departure the more than anything else.

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So how do we go? How do we combine the fear of Allah, Allah with the hope of Allah Serrano that and that is that is where Treasurer Nana willhave helps us to understand these two things. It is a fear of offending the fear of displeasing our man. It is a fear of displeasing the Most Merciful all around us that you will know you will insano ma la vida de Calgary Allah, people. How do you

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how do you behave like this? With your boys rugby girl Kareem? How have you forgotten

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Bigger clean. How to rebel is your article Kareem. How do you disobey his article? Kareem? He is. He is the rock, who is Kareem? He is the man or he, he. And this is the quality that we have to inculcate in ourselves, I remind myself, of always remembering the grid merciless battles are on us, in every single aspect of our lives. Every breath that we take, and how do we remember this Mercy of Allah smarter, by thanking Allah subhanaw taala we continuously and constantly can come as far as Allah for all that he gave us without asking. Without asking, how many of us asked Allah subhanaw taala for knees that don't pay how many of us as well as valterra, for for for the two that doesn't

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pay for eyes which see properly for ears which hear properly are someone with a toothache what he will pay to have the toothache removed instantly. Imagine just ask him what he will pay to have that toothache removed instantly. As someone who is who has suffering from painful knees, who can't walk up a flight of stairs because his knees have become so automatic and bent for what he will pay to have that pain removed. Alhamdulillah we don't have that. Alhamdulillah we have things which work how many of us thank Allah for this. This is very important. The more with Allah subhanaw taala The more we love Allah subhanaw taala The more we thank Allah, Allah for what he's given us, the more we

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love Allah Subhana Allah and the more we love Allah subhanaw taala The more we will be conscious of and the more we will be careful about not offending him and display and not displeasing him. And therefore that is what we bring about this hashirama Beloved, ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our hearts with love to fill our hearts with his note and to

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always be have us be conscious that we do not want to offend them and we do not want to displace him in any way whatsoever. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us, to please Him and to be pleased with us was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was average man