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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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this villa what was Salam ala rasulillah about a couple of things that I that slipped my mind that I should have been, should have been mentioned in the previous session about the ayat that we've already covered. Number one, in the previous surah we found an interesting word of the words that Allah uses for the people that you're running away from he says, while Sahaba t he will bunny he, when he he doesn't say about Oh, Daddy, he he says many in Albanian in classical usage is specific to sons. It doesn't include daughters, who does not include daughters. For example, Eliza says sparkle mumbo jumbo Bernina What da da da da da da da da da typically in Arabic, a plural German,

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Malacca Salim the masculine plural is inclusive of the feminine, except for some words, where it's, you know, exclusively masculine, it's an it's an exclusive thing. So benina is one of those things that sons only. And this was used, because on the Day of Resurrection, the audience is the cafe. And who does he love, he loves his sons. And that love of the sons is illustrated in his also in his in his embarrassment over daughters that's coming out in this surah. So there's there's a continuation of that. But the other thing that I alluded to what I didn't get to talk to you about was there are two pregnancies mentioned in the surah that the Rashad has mentioned, the 10 month old pregnancy

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camel is mentioned. And then the mo de is mentioned the baby girl that's born and that's been buried alive. And you know, of these things, a decent human being would have value more for what? For a child, right. But look at how despicable these kofod has have become that of the things that would you know, first Allah talked about things that would scare them, then he talked about things that they would love the most. And then they would lose love of it all of a sudden, right. And of those things, the first thing that he mentioned was an issue of not even their children, not even the door. And when it comes to the child who's willing to bury it, when it comes to a child, it's a

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source of pride, dignity, glorification. So it's this contrast in the messed up mentality of the carpet, it's looking deep into his psyche. The other thing that's happened here is the the Quran, and the Dharma, the early Tao of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is something that isn't just talking about what will happen after the world ends. And after all of this after we're gone, and it's not just talking about way, way back in the day, that old generations is talking about problems of that society. So when even though this is on the Day of Judgment, this, this child is being asked What crime she was killed for. When the audience the cafe audience, the criminal audience hears this,

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they're not thinking about that time they're thinking about right then and there. So the Quran starts tackling social evils of that society. And the other thing to mention here from a Darwinian point of view is this is an aspect of Darwin that gets overlooked, which is that the messengers, all of them, they came and they pointed out the evils of that nation to them, and told them that this Deen is not just good for their asset, but it's good for them because they are oppressive, or they're even wronging themselves by engaging in the things that they're doing. Right. So part of that role, for example, in our context is all of the problems that we you know, and this is on the

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side note, but all of our problems that we consider are the problems of the Muslim community are actually American problems. We have problem of the youth, there's an American problem of you. Right, our children are watching things, that's an American problem. It's not a Muslim problem. It's a problem for everybody. Right? So it's a universal kind of thing. If we are against Riba Well, this society is is victimized by arriba there are vast majorities of people that have lost everything they own because of rebar and the living horrible lives. I would never, you know, a decade ago, maybe even five, six years ago, you would see commercials on television like infomercials late at

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night about these children and in Somalia and and these these hungry parts of the world and we should send food to them bla bla bla dollar a day. I seen commercial now about you know, families living in Arkansas, and living in New York City and feed the children in America for God's sakes of how to love that's the point we this is what Reba has done to this country. Right? So so when you when you tackle an evil, it's not just us versus them kind of thing. Allah azza wa jal speaks on behalf of this child, who is the child of an obviously emotionally caricatured family. She's not a you know, and this evil exists among them. This is not a Muslim problem. This is not

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society's problem, but he's tackling it for them. And he's addressing it for them. And this is part of what gives Islam its universal appeal. You know, unlike any other group, when a group comes together and makes a call, then they typically make a call for their own rights. We deserve this. We deserve that we need more liberties, we need more respect or you know, our voice should count more, etc. For us, us us. If you look at the devil of the Quran, first of all, it's about the outsider, fix yours, fix yourself. It's about you, not me, it's about you. Right, first of all, and second of all, even the issues that are mentioned, there are no sutras dedicated to the oppression against the

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Sahaba and how bad that is and how the kafar need to stop. There's mentioned a bit here and there even then have suffered

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and just move on the worst atrocities the worst atrocities you find, you know, yes. And Satan is the Allahu anhu and his family being killed, tortured and killed. And what are the words that were sort of lost? I said him, you know, he's telling them is purulia acid, just have Southern family of your

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family of yesterday have Southern right hubbub when it comes to the solar system with coal. You know, we basically been barbecued, his skin has been peeled off melted off of his back. He comes complaining and rustlers Hassan says you're rushing to it. There are people before I had much worse times. Why? Because there's a there's a larger call. This is why even in the Quantum hydrometallurgical rejet it's not meanness it's leanness, right, do the rest of nations raised for people, not from people, right? If you see the best nations from the people that were the best out of them. But if we're the best for them, what makes us the best is that we are concerned for them,

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right? It's a completely different mentality. So that's actually even illustrated in mackinder. Our alert speaks to the most vicious of the Godfather, but he speaks on behalf of them have known the ones who've been killed, the ones who have been oppressed. So he speaks about the rights of the miskeen. Even in mechanical under the rights of the miskeen. There are the people who are being cheated in business way limit of 15 is coming. Right? These are social economic problems that the moral ethical problems these people have family problems that these people have. These are people that nobody speaks on their behalf. No, there's no customer service department, you can return

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something for a refund. When you get cheated out of business, especially if you come from a weaker tribe, you better beat it, you're gonna get killed, asking for a refund. Right? Unless we act on their behalf. A large soldier speaks on their behalf. And this is actually part of the power of the devil is that it? It stands by those who have been victimized by injustice, it stands for justice, who Melinda Shahada stand for the sake of Allah being witness to justice, right? For the sake of justice. Anyhow. So that was one slight comment two things about the two kinds of pregnancies and the vicious nature of this, this demented cafe. And on the other hand, the idea that even social

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justices are being mentioned, not just things about the, you know, metaphysics of the hereafter and of previous nations. But even now, right now, these are evils that you need to tackle, otherwise, you'll be in serious trouble, then, now the sooner it takes a shift the rest of the conclusion of the rest, and how do we know their conclusion? Here's a fat, the fat necessarily connects whatever statements are coming to the statements that came before. So that discourse that has just ended with ultimate knowledge, which is the conclusion of that entire passage, that entire first passage concludes in one statement argument that every person already knows very, very well, whatever it has

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to present for itself, it knows it very well. And then as a result, these are actions by the way, my thought is the actions. Now we're going to go from the world of actions into the world of beliefs. Because actions are rooted in what and believes right, and local, illustrates this over and over again, first, you'll mentioned beliefs and actions that will mentioned actions and beliefs, because there's a cycle of karma and karma, right of actions and deeds, actions and faith, actions and faith, what you believe will lead you to a certain kind of action. And when you take a certain kind of action, it'll fortify your belief in something, and then we'll leave you lead you into different

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kinds of actions. There's a cycle between a man and a woman, right. So now some things about you, you should know, before we get into the next passage, is some things about the thought process of the kofod. They thought certain things were bad omens, like a daughter is a bad omen, it's a sign of bad, you know, it's misfortune for the family, etc, etc. This wasn't the only thing. They had weird, superstitious kinds of beliefs in many things, including stars. And this is not just limited to them, even now, you have like astrology and all this kinds of stuff, right, and palm reading and these sorts of things. So they had an entire, you know, industry running out of this. And this is

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actually a world industry, like of the criminal industries in the world, like, you know, drug trafficking and prostitution, etc, etc. There's also this astrology, it's an actual industry. And unfortunately, nowadays, it's probably the most potent and most powerful in the Muslim world, where you go to Palm readers, and they come and tell you your fortune, or they, you know, they they look at the stars or whatever else. So this is a common shared practice. It's a very, it's a satanic practice, really, that is common, unfortunately in the Muslim

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But even here in the US, we talked about how like these financial executives look at the palm reader and stuff, right now anyway, they had this thing about stars, you know, the stars, the twinkle, so sometimes they look like they're brighter than they're a little faded away, then they're brighter that are fading. So there's like a, you know, an off and on kind of thing with stars, right. And they would think that the stars are trying to tell us something when they do that they're talking to us. And then they would they would you see a shooting star like a meteor or something, right, read an English expression, the shooting star, they will say this is a sign of something. So some of the

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people that are you know, they don't have anything else to sell. So they say, I belong to a special group who has access to these shale Thien, who go into the heavens, and they find out what the stars are telling us. And this is actually a pretty serious thing about has to do with the safety of you and your family. In order to find out more call this 800 number only 1995, etc, per hour, you know, so basically, it was a business, it was a business, the idea was, you come to us, we'll get you classified information that we get from a secure source, the Sheltie these devils that we can talk to, and these are the kind of mind readers right, we get this information from them. And that's how

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we deliver it to you. And so people would go to them when you know, the woman becomes by having a boy or a girl, or should we attack that tribe or not? Or should I kill my cousin? Am I going to get killed for it? Or am I going to get away with it? etc. So they would go to advice for the with these nine and then they would jumble they would just many nurses tell us they would mumble up words like me like to just nonsense, right? make it seem like they're actually getting some connection, telepathic connection going on. And then all of a sudden, ah, I got it. And you need to do this or that or the other right. So that's this was the game they would play. Now, a lot as origin swears by

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stars, stars and stars understand in Muslim culture in that culture specifically had a lot to do with these omens and superstitions and beliefs. And one of the allegations against the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that he's again again, he's a mind reader too. He gets this stuff from the stars. He gets this stuff from devils and Shelton that come from the stars and tell him this stuff. That's what he's doing. So now that you know that this what homosocial is telling you is asking you to question your conscience, as opposed to the guy who used to get paid for this. And then he would tell you most of the time what you want to hear what has come right now and disorder,

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is that something that mushnik wants to hear? No, it's the exact opposite. So now we'll learn refers to the goes to their appearance source of knowledge, which is the stars and says fella, No, on the contrary. And this law here is not connected to oxymoron, it's connected to what came before, based on all of this, not at all, don't just make these assumptions at all. And this lies basically shut up all of you. Just be quiet. Listen to what's about to be said oxy mobile, homeless, I swear by a homeless, homeless is the plural of harness. And harness in Arabic is someone who's going on a path and all of a sudden takes a turn or hides behind the bush and you can't see them anymore. And then

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they're avoiding contact with you. And then they're seen again, and they're unseen again, right? So this, they would say when a star has appeared it's a sign for me. But by luck calling it a harness is saying they appear but they also disappear. So if you think that it's a power of theirs to appear, well a lot of controls, they're appearing and they're disappearing. For phenoxy will be homeless, Allah swears by these and he's gonna swear by these two. And when Allah swears by something, there's always a conclusion, what's called yo Belkacem, right? So that your album custom is coming inshallah Tada, I will Jaguar in goodness and there's no word or fire in the middle. So

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it's a continuation of the previous and Joelle is comes from Java or jolin to veer off the highway. So star that goes off of its place, like a shooting star basically. Okay, and our goodness, this is a comes from kinas and kinases the hiding place of a deer, like a deer is running, running, running in the woods and all of a sudden, where to go. It's almost like it disappeared. Right? So the deer has a place inside the bushes where it becomes virtually invisible. So what this illustrates very beautiful analogy is that the star that's shooting all of a sudden what happens to it disappears, like it's a brief moment of movement, and then it disappears. Goodness these were the things that

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they associated their superstitions with and a lot begins by swearing by them, illustrating his control over them, illustrating his control over them and also what's interesting in the Quran as he comments on this and so does a show Kenny rahula that the they believed that the jinn get some information from the stars. But we learned about a she had a falcon for example. The when the angel when the jinn Sheltie and try to get information, steal it from the melodica what happens? stars are shot against them. So what you think is the source of information is actually these devils getting a beating in the sky in the heavens. right this is how secure that information is. So it's the exact

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opposite of what you believe Fila proxy will be Goodness, goodness. Then he says Why?

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Lane either as he swears by another powerful thing, the night as it starts to darken and dwindle, your your vision and this is used is from a smile of bud words that mean their opposite. So as I say is used for the night when the evening is starting, and also when the evening is ending, because these are times when the vision is blurry, okay? So in these hours when visions are blurry when they leave us has meaning at that time you don't see the stars. Where does your information go? Then Allah swears by the time where he controls even how much you get to see the stars. He controls it by night, and then was super happy that enough for us. And he swears by the morning, I swear by the

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morning as it gets to take a breath as it gets to take a breath of relaxation so that I just choking on the day and the day gets to breathe. And when the day Takes a Breath, what happens to the stars, they're invisible to you. They're gone. They're completely gone. So this is actually a lost control over what you get to see and what you don't get to see when the stars are shooting or not shooting when it's a daytime you have no idea. So the information you're getting is all when it's all you know under a lot of control but it's not what you're assuming you have is nothing. Now Allah azza wa jal mentions the right source of knowledge in a hula, hula, hula and Kareem. There is no doubt that

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this is truly the word of a Noble Messenger here the mobile messenger Kareem from from Kerala, right karuma Kuru and Kareem refers to nobility and honor. And this is this is a reference to Djibouti that is set up. Okay. The a couple of things you should mention I should mention here that are very beautiful. First of all, I didn't say in there who like helambu column was not used column is a word for speech. Goal is another word for speech. Okay, but can I misuse with Allah insalata Toba we find that is Mark anomala until he gets to hear the Kalam of Allah. Now Kalam is literally that which is said from the source. Coal is that which is uttered by the tongue. Now you're you can have a coal of

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that which is not your own column.

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When you have a column it is your own. When you have a coal it could be somebody else's, you're just saying it. Okay. So for example, kala, kala Rasulullah, he says, He said that the Messenger of Allah said, so when the woman says it, is it his column, whose column is it? It's the messengers column, but it's this person's own. We're taking his word for what the messenger said, you understand. So it's verbatim, this person is verbatim delivering something. In other words, these aren't the words of jabril Addison, they're the words of who they're the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why the word Kalam isn't used is only used with a large religion can Allah but this is the coal of a

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messenger Now again, by calling not just saying the hula cola jabril he said in the hula cola rasuna first of all understand why this would why not God? Because he is delivering something, a messenger deliver something, what's he delivering? A message, a message in what the word itself? So he's going to be very precise with his words. Why is he going to be precise with his words? Because unlike a shape on a devil, which the guy relies on, which are already everybody knows the guy that devil, so there's no nobility associated with it. His attributes, the first attribute, you know about this messenger is what? Kareem, his Kareem his noble, so it's part of his nobility, that he will deliver

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this word, the speech in all honesty, this is the first thing about the source. Understand that in the previous surah, Allah spoke about the integrity of revelation feasterville thermocol, Rama Murthy, Mata hora ba de sfakia, Rama Malala. That was the integrity of Revelation. But that's only one part of rissalah. rissalah is the revelation. It is the recipient of that revolution. And it is the means by which this revelation is delivered. So one of them has been fortified and defended in the previous surah. The revelation itself the source, the source of all new karma that's been defended in the previous law. Now alized is defending what the means by which this revelation comes

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the means by which it comes and then in this surah, he will also defend the messenger himself sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When he says, Well, now Sahaba can be much known, who will defend the messenger himself. So there are three things, the message, the messenger and the delivery, right. The previous doula defended the message, this surah defends the delivery, and then it defends the messenger himself under his pseudonym or sallallahu sallam. So in the hula, hula kolu also didn't carry the word Rasool is from the parable of ferule, which is a mobile device and hyperbolized form in the Arabic language, someone who delivers something and is basically a professional at

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delivering, who's always delivering or who is constantly has engaged in delivering and delivering well at that the wedding. He is in possession, this this deliver this messenger is in possession of great might great strength. Now the weakness of the shell deed was illustrated when the stars are shot against them, they have no defense, they have to run. They have to run and they have to find hiding places to sit and try to listen

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Lacuna Coil NACA, NACA dhamaka this summer and SoTL. Jen, we used to sit in these places where we could try to get to hear something, right. And then we used to get you have our rusada thrown against us. But on the other hand here, first of all, he himself is extremely mighty. So nobody's going to try to steal something from him the cool thing, but then Allah azza wa jal mentions where is he getting this stuff from? Where is he under the lousy mucky McKean, right by the arch? The word arch in Arabic means roof Arusha issue to build a wooden roof in the olden times, okay, and what is a is an extremely expensive commodity in the desert. Right? It's not like now I wouldn't know we

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could why not concrete or why not rock but compared to the society from which these words are coming out shall bite the roof of a house. McKean is a very interesting word. And they're in Arabic language, the roots of words, they have interplay with all the derivatives of those words and they come together beautifully and very poetically, and in an in a picturesque way. McKenna means to live somewhere, McCann is a house is a place of state, Tony's existence, the original account to be to be located or to exist. Now, McKean is someone who lives somewhere permanently. But also McKenna or Tamkeen in Arabic means to give somebody high status. And from ancient times to now, ownership of a

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home in ownership or having a place to live in and of itself is a symbol of what of status, it's a symbol of status, and the higher your places. You know, the high high profile neighborhood we say nowadays, the higher your status is apparently Indonesian, right? Allah speaks of this messenger jabril Ali Salaam and he says they'll Archie McKean right you know under the Archie McKean right by the possessor of the the throne he is situated and he's got that high high status to things where he's situated and his status. Then he says

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he is fall obeyed matar from power. Another very interesting word in Arabic. The word bar means one thing it means to celebrate also means to volunteer for something. Well, Manitoba hydro info hydro Allahu Allah says, Whoever volunteers and puts up their own goodwill, they want to fast an extra couple of days, or they want to stay after the obligatory days of hedger over, then it's good for him. Right. So these don't work is used for volunteering voluntary out of your own Will you do something a lot, as I mentioned, this attribute motor, which is an instrument of rule, and objective noun for journalism, illustrating that he is followed, but followed, lovingly, meaning the people

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that follow him, he's got this very tight knit army of followers of angels that obey His every command. And it's basically, you know, you know, in our expression, we say, when somebody commands like a general commands, and the soldier is a very, you know, vehement follower of the general he says with pleasure, right. So when somebody follows with pleasure, the one who is followed with pleasure is called matar. So he's followed with pleasure, meaning he's followed with this tight knit army. Why is this being told to us when he delivers his message, there's also a security team,

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all of these followers that that follow this entire road now, in dunia terms, just understand this in linear terms, you know, when a highly classified document, or a classified piece of information or technology or something like that is being delivered? What has to happen? Does anybody get to any security person gets to take it deliver? No, you have to have high ranking officials that have access to this thing, and then they put it in a cart and secure it. And then they have to have a team of security in layers around it. And this needs to be these are people that you have to do background checks on. And you have to have certain level of security clearance before you can go on

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this journey to deliver this package. And it comes from the highest highest sources. This package is highly classified, this even happens now. That's what's being told to us here. This is a highly classified piece of information. This this revelation is coming from a very high source, and the one delivering it is the highest ranked, and he's got an army of security, mobile and some I mean, and their motto and sama means he is he's followed over there. Somewhere in the Arabic language is two things. Number one is a lot of McCann it is a it's a kind of a noun used to describe a place. So over there even right by the arch even he has a huge following the following algebra is that some

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the other use of thumb is very interesting. In that it it's mentioned right before an adjective to empower that adjective or to highlight that adjective over all other adjectives that have been mentioned. So one from summer we learn less talking about the station of Jimmy Lysa. The other is of all the adjectives that are mentioned for jabril is the one that's been highlighted the most is which one? I mean, okay. matar and Thumma. I mean, especially especially that he is trustworthy. Why is that the most important, you can have a security clearance high level high profile deliver, but if that that deliver has been

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bad intent, can you sell the source? Can he go to the wrong place? Can you have alternative agendas? So this person, what's the most important ingredient after all of these external security features is trustworthiness. Right? So like I mentioned, some I mean, that he's incredibly trustworthy. So he delivers this message from the high heavens, to this man, Mohammed, Salah lozado and he's the most trustworthy of this job and is delivered in the most secure way. Now, this is these are just delivered this defending what the delivery of the message, those karami menorah that will refer to in the previous Surah Now of them, the ones that are responsible to deliver in support of Djibouti

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alehissalaam when he brings the message down, well Masahiko can be Majnoon and your companion This is talking there's a shift now all of a sudden Allah is now talking to the kuffaar on the Day of Judgment, he will not be talking to them be even been cootie let What time was she killed for what you tell me to sue in it? Right? I will not lie to you sooner or sooner right the killer is not being questioned the killed is being questioned. But now a lot of turns to the kofod which is that it's a language illustration that even now you have a chance unless turning to you still and he's giving you an opportunity before we turn to this ayah just know that inshallah tada on your on your

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own Bismillah study certain legend. Certain legend suta najem has explicit details of how another how jabril Ali Salaam is who came into contact with Mohammed slay saddam, and how the delivery took place the first time. So this that's basically even at a seal of this part of the solar over here. Anyhow, well, masakazu can be Majnoon, and the one in your company is not insane at all. There are a couple of things words here that deserve our attention. The first is the word Sahib. Allah did not say why Mohammed Don't be Majnoon. Muhammad is not insane. Right? When I have a rasuluh image, No, he didn't say that it was like a bukom. Imagine your company, your companion saw have an Arabic

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means two things, the one who accompanies you in place in space. And also in time. This illustrates that he is lived among your midst, you know him, you know where he lives, you've been close to him physically close to him. Also, it means he's been among you for a long time. He's been in your company for a long period of time. And this is the two ways you get to know someone, when you live close to them. And you spend a lot of time with them. These are the two things right? Now if for example, in the masjid, we know somebody, we spent some time with them, but we don't live close to them, do we really know them? No, because it could be a completely different person when they go

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home. But if you live close your their neighbor and you spend a lot of time with them now you really know them that that saw him this to both things time and space, closeness and space. So he has been among your mates for a very long time. So you already know very very well that he's not insane that he's not a mind reader there isn't interested in any of these petty things and the best possible attributes that you can come up with you give to him. This is your socket. So you know very well that he's not insane. Well Masahiko can be much known. Now the other thing about the word gin,

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we should know about that is it's another loaded word. Jana, in Arabic means to cover something up, literally to cover something up. And to climb over it. The agenda is called agenda because it covers the dirt with lush greenery. And it's a lush garden where you it's one thing covering the other. Okay, so it's an overflowing the lush garden, gin because he's our eyes are covered from seeing them. Janine the womb of the mother because the baby's covered is on the inside. Okay, Majnoon is two implications, one whose intellect has been overshadowed or covered his rationale, his sense of reasoning has been covered. So he can't make sense of things. They call him insane. That's one

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implication of some of the other implication is someone who has been possessed by a gene and the two are connected, they would say, a person is his intellect has been overshadowed by the possession of agenda would combine the two things. So Allah says, Well, masakazu couldn't be Majnoon. He is not possessed by a gene also implies he's not getting his information from what from gene these words are not inspired by by adyen, rather by the angel jabril and a Sam, who delivers them from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What are Katara who will who can move in, and no doubt, he saw him in the clearest part of the horizon, and also is a quarter literally it means a corner. I thought corners,

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so the far horizon where the earth and the sky meet. From there the clearest part, he saw Angel gibreel on a Sarah, this is describing his experience as a seen thing as a scene thing. So he's not insane. He actually saw this happen. Now, again, keep in mind in the background, this is talking to people who take information from mind readers, and the mind readers say I see things you can't see. Right? Or they'll say we get information from the unseen, but you have to pay us before we give it to you. We'll give it to you, but you have to pay us and that's the idea. Allah is over.

00:30:00--> 00:30:35

shows another contrast between these pathetic mind readers and these merge noon people and the Noble Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, well now who are the other lady bonnin? He is not the word bonnin is close to the word Bahia. You know, bikinis cheap, right? miserly, but Bernina is someone cheap and information. Like, you know, a chef who doesn't like to share his recipe, or like, you know, Pepsi that one doesn't want to give them a formula for the soda, or something like that, right? These are plenty. When you hide information, a financial analyst, you'll call them as I need some financial advice, okay, I'll give you two minutes, then you gotta, you

00:30:35--> 00:31:09

know, $100 an hour or something, right? Or an accountant. These are people that hold back information until they get what they want. He says in terms of the unseen, even though it's seen for him, because he saw the angel. Well, now who are other laby He is not when it comes, especially when it comes to the unseen. He's not being cheap with you. He's not holding him back back and saying, Let me tell you something that's really gonna benefit you. After you pay me. He's giving this stuff away to you. He has no alternative agenda. Compare this to what you're calling him. All the people that call that you are saying he's just like a car when they're all interested in some sort of

00:31:09--> 00:31:47

agenda. They want something out of you. He's not like them. He's not funny. Women who are unhappy with a woman who will be a part of a gym and this is the final conclusion. And in the end, this is not the word of a cursed devil at all. Men who are beat mind be together not at all. This is not a no this is the farthest thing from being the word of a cursed regime from Roger no pelting regime literally means module. That is the one that is so cursed and has such Wrath of the people that whenever they see him, they do what they throw things at him. Right. That's how much anger that he this person deserves. This is a regime. The word shaitan has two origins. In classical Arabic.

00:31:47--> 00:32:21

There's a disagreement among the whole ama about the origins of the word chatline. I'll share both with you in my opinion, actually, I was talking to Chicago Rosa man about this one of my heroes in the United States of America protecting and preserving, he's the mom of a machete in New Jersey, and he's just an authority intercede. He said You know, when there's a word that can be interpreted from multiple routes, this is perhaps a lot as our just illustration of how much he owns this language, that we think of all these different possibilities, and they all connect and a lot because he's the creator of language pixel word that can go both ways, and puts both in one words panela and this is

00:32:21--> 00:33:02

one of the powers of, you know, control over language anyhow, because it's his creation. shodhana means to be far away from the truth. That's one meaning of Shetland. The one who is extremely far from the truth on mobile, okay, shaytaan that pattern on the other hand, it could be from sharper sharper means to be engulfed in flames engulfed in flames of rage literally. So the one who's extremely angry or extremely frustrated in golf burned up scorched literally associaton from from fat land and the mobile aka pattern, what that would illustrate on the one hand this shutdown is calling to something that is the farthest from the truth that's number one. Number two, that his his

00:33:02--> 00:33:38

humiliation before other other he sat down has burned him so much all the all the things he doesn't tell now are still as a result of him being scorched since then, he's burnt about it's still you know, we use that expression in English even nowadays, you're still burnt about that. Right? So that's why he's called a thought. So this is not the word of a cursed shape on the aina tabula, then where are you headed? Where are all of you going? This, by the way to me is the center of the surah This is the heart of this whole surah the heart of this surah is just just a question. You know, the previous two soldiers were the kuffar asking questions. They were asking even in Nevada, they were

00:33:38--> 00:34:17

asking questions, right? They were they were posing you know, these these casual kinds of statements about the IRA. And now Allah has just one question for a Natasha then after knowing all of this, where are you going? Where are you headed? Where What are you running off to? Your you have to you have this world of corrupt knowledge and you have this world of the most are the source of the most authentic secure, noble priceless information that will save you from ultimate destruction. But where are you headed for a Natasha boon and then in the end, why is it that you don't go this way or the other in who are in logical denial? I mean, by the way, this is taboo. You go this way or that

00:34:17--> 00:34:54

way is again at the seed of what came before a man is the one who doesn't care goes wherever he wants. He does he feels he's free of need. That was in the previous Surah Now for a Natal moon Where are you people headed? Then he says in Hua illogical al amin in the previous surah he said Kalina tequila, no, no, no, this is nothing but a powerful reminder. Now he says, this is nothing but a reminder, in who are in law. This is nothing but a Roma, a powerful reminder, the Quran, Allah, Allah mean for the worlds. This is a reminder for the world. What this illustrates, by the way is two things. You can go off there are other people that will take it. I mean, it's not just licorice,

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

right? It doesn't need you. The message doesn't need you in the previous surah the message

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

Was exalted above the arrogance of the college. Now they're being told you know, you want to take it or not that's your problem. This is a reminder for all of the world's all of the nations of the world and this is not the same article on an island minister referred for for a little article basically the people are creatures of intellect human beings, genuine angels, okay, they're included in an enemy, but not like mountains and trees, and those kinds of things. So in the Quran, whenever I mean is used, you will find is for nations, so nations of the world nations of the nations of the angel, this is a reminder for all of these creatures, specifically the human being primarily and

00:35:32--> 00:36:11

then the jinn. So the Quran Allah mean, live and Sha I mean, come on yesterday in this Li is a bundle of the Li in the previous ayah the way we understand that in Arabic would be in who are the cruel al amin in who are the cruelly mansha I mean, c'mon, yes, Taki is connected together. This is nothing but a reminder for the one among you who has the intent who wants to shut out like we say in sha Allah, whoever wants among you to be upright, to be straight, and there's a beautiful imagery in this ayah that I want to share with you. The word is the karma. likes a lot of Mr. Hakim originates from the word karma Yakumo to stand. Yes, that is the one who wants to stand up straight. Allah says

00:36:11--> 00:36:49

this is a reminder for the one who wants to stand up straight and you know, when we recite this reminder, when we stand up straight and so on, so Hi, Lola. So there's an even an imagery and alluding to the Salah, in the language of the ayat, right? Anyhow, so Lehman Shah, I'm in communion stokin whoever makes the intent to follow among you that he may set himself straight. And by the way, his diploma is to stand up vertically, vertically, okay to stand up vertically, to not lie down but to stand up from your studying. This is why slaughter muster team is not a straight path like this left to right or forward to backward it's actually headed upwards, it's headed upward. So the

00:36:49--> 00:37:25

one who walks this path is elevated in garbage out, because it's headed upwards away from the near towards the right, that's the even the imagery in the Fatiha so dementia, I mean comunista is nothing in the previous surah was a similar offer for manchaca whoever wants you can make mention so this again, complementing what has already been illustrated, and even more powerful language here. Now that some things about the word mushiya that is very, very beautiful. And that will help us conclude this solar inshallah, the word Shah comes from the word shaman. And you must have heard the word shaman before what a shaman mean, a thing, an object a thing. Okay, so what is shout out to

00:37:25--> 00:37:30

want to intend have to do with a thing. Another word for intent in Arabic is arada.

00:37:31--> 00:38:14

or other UD era data, right? In camera, who is an akula? Who can write. So the what's the difference between arada and Sha? So first of all, this one thing to understand shala comes from shape, which means a concrete intention. Just like you know, a shape is something is not abstract. It's actually physical. When your plans are so solid, your plans are there, that you are going to do this. And it says concrete as a shape itself a thing itself, like in physical form, that's a strong intent in order in order to and can be in your head, but never manifest, and you don't even plan to execute it. So it's the kind of person that says, Yeah, I should become better. I plan to, I plan to start

00:38:14--> 00:38:49

praying, but they never really start praying, or I should be studying, I made the intention that I'm going to work out, I made the intention, I'm going to start studying a little bit more. And that intention is there and after 10 years, you have the intention still Yeah, I still got the intention. It's stored pretty well. That may be allowed, but it's not what mushiya it's not concrete. So Allah speaks to the person who's made the concrete intention. Maybe the thought crossed their mind Samira was there, but it did manifest, but the people who will be able to set themselves straight, who will get reminder from this Quran, the one who truly wants has mushiya they've made that intent, that

00:38:49--> 00:39:30

concrete intent coming from shape, okay, dementia, I mean, come on yesterday. But even in the end, your machine, your concrete intent is dependent, no matter how strongly we think our intention is, it is not the be all end all. Allah says what matters are what concrete intentions are you going to make on your own anyway, in sha Allah, except what Allah wants, what concrete intentions Allah has made for you. Right? So you make that intent and this is actually part of the summary. What are the summaries of the Quran is a lot as a joke, illustrates a balance between Divine Will and human effort. And the whole Quran is balanced between Divine Will and human effort. Who was whose effort

00:39:30--> 00:39:31

was mentioned first.

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

In this Elementary, I mean, come on. Yes, takim, Masha, Allah, Allah insha Allah whose effort whose intention was mentioned first hours, you do your part, you make the intention, you make it concrete, you start taking the first step, Allah will make the next 1000 steps easy for you. You think you're going to do it on your own you will fail. But you think Allah will do everything for you, you will fail. You have to take the first step and then put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So there's this balance between what we owe to align what Allah

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

Help when a large help will come. When you don't understand this balance, you get two imbalances. On the one hand, someone thinks they can do everything on their own. They're independent Estela. On the other hand, you have the person who doesn't do anything and says why Allah will do it for me. Whenever Allah wants I'll become good. You know, Allah wanted it for you. So it happened. He didn't want it for me. So it didn't happen. No, no, no, you didn't want it so I didn't want it for you. Well, Masha, Allah, Allah insha, Allah, Allah, Allah mean, the Lord does not have all of the words and this this word in the end, the word rubia in the Quran, is associated constantly constantly with

00:40:33--> 00:41:08

hedaya with guidance. So what are you going to want that your Lord doesn't want for you in this in the end is the guidance. Just Finally, inshallah concluding how we started the sutra and how it concludes, the sutra begins with some of the most enormous manifestations of Divine Will. Right? It is by Divine Will, that's that's mountains will start just floating around, just casually walking around, and that the sun will be wrapped up, and that the stars will collapse, and they'll lose their texture and that the sky will be peeled like the skin of a camel. All of those things are a manifestation of Divine Will. So what is our will compared and the will of the cafe, even mamatha?

00:41:08--> 00:41:44

What intensity you're going to make compared to the will of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mean his lordship over the world, as illustrated in the beginning of the surah. Another beautiful comparison here, the beginning says, What's going to happen on this world in this world? And the end just after you've heard all of this? It just ends with a simple question. I know. Where are you headed? After hearing all of this? Where what's your conclusion? Where are you headed? So someone's from a person what it demands is that we don't just live in the world of abstract ideas, where we hear interesting philosophical concepts, but we never actually think about them implementing them in

00:41:44--> 00:42:18

our life. Islam is demanding action. If you find something, you find the truth in it, you don't just say, Oh, that's interesting. And then just walk away. No, no, no. Where are you headed? Where are you going? This is something that's supposed to demand a change from you. So it necessarily calls people from thought to action. There's that the other balance we talked about Divine Will and human human effort. The other balance is between thought and action. So the beginning is thought and now the conclusion conclusion is actions upon Allah. May Allah give us a correct understanding a better understanding of his book Subhana Allah morbihan definition to enter into

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some article