The Magnificent Alhambra Palace

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AI: Summary © A customer is speaking to a representative about theics' history at a attraction in extraordinary buildings. The representative explains that the attraction is part of a palace and is highlighted by a title. They also mention that the attraction is important for learning about its history.
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Salam Alaikum everyone I am in a very special place today, I am in London rose in the Alhambra Palace in the city of Granada, that was once upon a time ruled by the Nasseri dynasty, from 1230 to 1492. This was the last surviving Muslim dynasty in the Iberian Peninsula. And in the year 1492. This last dynasty fell to two Catholic Monarchs, called Ferdinand and Isabella was a coalition to marriage that defeated the last stronghold of the Muslims in Islamic Spain. So this is the main hall or the audience of the king. It is absolutely magnificent. It's filled with Arabic formulas. Most importantly, and visibly, Walla Walla Walla Walla, Khalid illallah, almost 90,000 times that formula

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has been inscribed throughout the palace. This is part of the palace this is the audience all with a king would receive very important dignitaries. So I've been stopped talking in in few seconds, so that you can look at what I am beholding at the moment. So there is a lot of Arabic there's Quran here there's poetry that are probably messages and their attributes for Allah and His messenger and things like that. It's absolutely magnificent. And the reason why I'm showing you this is for you to realize how important this history is for free for you to come here and learn about it for the you can convey this history to your future generation. Now behold what I am beholding.

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