Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #08 Your need to recharge your battery

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Without doubt the purpose of fasting as Allah subhanaw taala mentions is about achieving taqwa and taqwa released to the heart is about how do we become closer to Allah? How do we be more aware of a lot of conscious of a law. And that is what spirituality is about. And rammohan as everybody knows, it's a time to recharge our batteries with spirituality, because we know that the spirituality is what keeps us going, is those kind of things that's internal, that gives us the power, the energy to carry on with doing, not just the good deeds, but also to carry on with life and practicing in the best way. So rammohan is the opportunity to gain that spirituality and to charge our batteries. And

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in Ramadan, we have so many elements which allow us to do this, whether it's things like fasting and obviously it's the month of fasting, or whether it's about the Quran about the remembrance of Allah about the Sunnah, all these things help us to reboost our spirituality and with a strong spirit, and a strong will, we can achieve so much. So it's very important that we don't allow Ramadan to go without fully charging our battery and even having some sort of spare to allow us to carry on the journey. So plugging your batteries to the right x and get that kind of achievement that kind of recharging that you need inshallah tada Salama,