A Challenge to Muslim Terrorist Sympathisers

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The use of the "back injury" phrase in Islam is a phrase used to indicate a peaceful position, rather than a violent or violent act. The phrase is used to indicate a "back injury," meaning a "back injury," rather than a violent or violent act. The transcript discusses various verses and historical context related to Islam, including misunderstandings, war,lynkaging, and the use of "the" in Arabic to mean "the point" or "the point." The segment also discusses four types of disbelievers and their negative impacts on society, including those who believe in Islam or their religion, those living in a Muslim culture, and those who have a negative attitude towards Muslims. The speaker encourages people to stand up against extremists and use social media to express their views.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today really, what I want to do is I want to put out a short message for those people. First of all, this this message is directed up to two types of individuals. The first type of individual are non Muslims who are not maybe not sure needs to be educated on a basic level as it relates to Islam. And those confused minority Muslims or minority Muslims who are confused about the situation, the terrorist attacks that happened, this monstrosity that happened. And, and they need, you know, some kind of confirmation. So really what today is, is a short brief message to people so they understand the Islamic position. Now, someone will argue,

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okay, by this is we've heard this so many times before, we're going to hear the apologetic, you know, tone. We've heard this so many times before. So what's going to be different about what you say from what's been said before? So really, here, I'm not This video is not to apologize, this would have done nothing wrong, guys, the majority of Muslims to apologize for anything, this video is an education for Muslims and non Muslims alike, so that they can have a reference point as to what the normative Islamic position is in relation to these kinds of things. Okay. So the first thing I want to mention, as it relates to the Islamic discourse, yeah. The, the kind of, as to the

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verses that were in the Quran, in the beginning, addressing this believers, well, verses like the 14th, verse of sorts of jatiya, well, last palletizers bullyland, fully lazy, nanofluid Latina layer juneja and Allah when Allah subhanaw taala makes it clear that tell the people who believe to to forgive those who do not believe in the favors of Allah subhana wa, Tada. This isn't the 14th chapter, the full 45th 14th versus the 45th chapter of the Quran. So this is one example right? Now this verse became mensual ha became abrogated with the verses of war, when it was an imminent threat against the Muslims. So the the base or the normative Islamic position, the default position is a

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peaceful position.

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Except if there is an imminent threat, this is how to conceptualize the idea of, let's say, Jihad and snap. This is how to conceptualize jihad in Islam. So just generally speaking, how to Muslim This is a question that we could quickly address here. How do Muslims conceptualize this believers? How do they conceptualize

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their interactions? Or how should they conceptualize their interactions with this belief is and what is the evidence of that? Okay, so quickly now, there are four types of disbeliever. There are four types according to the classical books of jurisprudence. There are four types of disbeliever. Now, there is what you call al Mohammed. And Mohammed first and foremost means someone who is actively trying to fight the Muslims. Yeah, it's trying to fight the Muslims, the Muslims are in their land, all these kinds of things. As for this person, this mahad verses of the Quran which refer to war apply to him or to her. Usually it's a hidden because there are some opinions as we'll come to,

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which say that even if a woman is in the battlefield, that she should be avoided in terms of combat, but it usually is a heat. So then we'll have the verse in the Quran which talk about fighting. Yeah, many verses in the Quran which talk about fighting like the ones you hear Islamophobic people always reference chapter nine, verse five, chapter nine, verse 29, Chapter a verse 39, you know, these verses of the Quran which reference fighting disbelievers. chapter two, verse 91. Many different verses that talk about fighting chapter four, verse 89, chapter four, verse 91. All of these are talking about fighting people. Who are these people that the Quran is telling

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Muslims to fight? The Muslims are being told to fight al Muhammad, and Muhammad is the one who is a combatant, and he is someone who is actively engaged in war and how do we know this? That we know this from different things? First and foremost, no, Quran itself is very clear. In chapter two verse 190, or it says we're particularly in a party Luna Kamala Tato in the Lucha Libre had been martyred in the fight those who fight you and don't transgress their bounds, because suddenly Allah does not like those who transgress the bounds.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in chapter 16, verse eight, lei and haccombe Allah and Allah dlm you want to do confer Dini, when you're free to come in the ericom and tomorrow matsukaze to allow him in the law you have been Manasa T, that Allah subhanaw taala does not forbid you from being nice and kind to those disbelievers. Those disbelievers who are not killing

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You actively killing you, and trying to force you out of your homes because certainly Allah and certainly Allah loves and loves those who are just so these verses and other verses like chapter four, verse 19, which talks about those who live within us, you don't have a newcomer by no means happen, oh, Joe come has a lot to do around. Those individuals who have you have an agreement with have no fighting, and they come to you, they're not fighting you. They don't want to fight you, you're not allowed to kill those individuals. So this is once again, the evidence is that the Quran does not promote violence against non combatant individuals. From a linguistic perspective, the word

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key tell in Arabic anyways, it's on the western or it's on the morphological kind of rhythmic meter of meaning that there are two sides of the fighting. Picture. So in other words can tell, which is what the word use. The active verb that's used here in these verses, is a verb in in and of itself, which indicates two people fighting each other, not one person fighting someone who's not fighting them back. So there are four types of let's say, disbeliever. From a from an Islamic perspective. The first one is the Mohamed, who, from an Islamic perspective,

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is the only one you can legitimately fight. How and where can you find them, you can find them only if you have a leader who is an Islamic leader, and you live in a Muslim locality, and there is an imminent threat on your life. This is well known and established in the Islamic in the Islamic discourse, the other kinds of disbelievers. For example, the Mullah had

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Mohit comes from the Arabic word that I had is literally where you have an agreement with someone else. Yes. Now and so. So to marry the chapter five verse number one, it says, Yeah, you are Latina, blah, food.

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Yeah. So here, it says, oh, people who believe make sure that you fulfill the agreements, and it's left to general so obviously this applies to Muslims and disbelievers Muslims or non Muslims alike. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam came up with it as is mentioned in behind, he says and this is a hadith which is narrated, okay. And even normal Raja Lama, an abuse of Allah Holly Ursula macaque, Moncada, ma hadden, LEM, Yuri, Roy heterogenic. It says that whoever kills Mr. had someone who has the right you have an agreement with you will, they will not be able to smell the smell or the fragrance of heaven.

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Say that one more time, it says that whoever killed someone who does an agreement with then you will not be able to smell the fragrance of paradise. Now. This is in so many different kinds of Hadith have handless Kalani, who obviously was one of the great scholars who did commentary called fat henneberry on this particular on this particular book, which

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he says when murghab be menlove wide, he says who what is meant by this headache, whoever has an agreement muslimeen so I can so it says with the Muslims, this, whether it be

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my after the jizya or whatnot, he says whether it be someone that's paying jizya, which is a tax, or there is an agreement, a peace treaty between those two individuals, then all whoever own eminent domain, eminent Muslim, whoever is given em from a Muslim, these are the individuals that you cannot kill. Yes. Now, if you are in a country, which is not your country, there is something called a social contract, which you're

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going into, okay. The laws of this country dictate your terms, this country, okay? As soon as you live here, or you come into if you're not, you're an immigrant, it dictates that you must abide by certain laws. These laws are in effect are in effect, because what they're what the country is telling you to do is that we don't want you to fight us. Yes, we there's laws against obviously killing people. Yeah. This is equivalent to that. This is equivalent to that. You cannot then go and kill someone who is who is just a normal person in the streets because you have an agreement with these individuals, so long as you're living in this country to obey the law. Okay, this is the

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highest how it works. Now, even if you didn't have such an agreement, or you don't buy this agreement, you don't believe in this agreement? Yes. Even if you don't accept that this agreement is in fact in place. The Prophet yet told us no

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Many, many different ahaadeeth Yes, that you cannot kill non combatants, even if this was 100 dharohar, as you call it don't have is basically they say this the place of war. Because you have to understand those people that have terroristic

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radical beliefs, they have those beliefs because they believe that we are in a state of war. And this place here is we put Donald Trump where literally it's okay to go and kill people, even if you're here, and you believe that you're entitled help the non combatants the ruling that you don't kill non combatants is still in effect. Now, just quickly to summarize the four different types because I didn't mention that one was was the we said was the muharraq. Number two was the wild number three is the most that men and Amistad men listen to the justice of hell, a lot of Islam, and most stat men is the person who goes into the city Islamic land, and anybody of the Muslims says to

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that that person that you are protected, whether it be a child, whether it be a woman or a man, whoever is a free person or a slave. If anyone says you are protected, then that person is to be protected. If they go into the Muslim lands, now Hey, obviously, so you have here and Mohammed and white, l.

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Muslim man, and you have also added me as me is the one who's paying taxes in a Muslim land. Okay, so these are the four different types of,

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of disbelief. Now,

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in terms of killing women and children, because this is, unfortunately, what these incredibly an educated terrorists radicals have resorted to, and they are radicals that are radicals, and there are extremists. Why are the radicals an extremist? Is it because the West has given them that label?

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No, no. Well, I it's not because of that. It's because the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam has given them that label before. He's given them that label before which we'll come to in Sharla. And I'll put a lot of those links into the description box. But basically, there's lots of different ahaadeeth Okay, and I'll just go through some of them.

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which refer to the fact that even in the state of war, so we're talking here, even in the state of war, you're not allowed, okay? to endanger people that are non combatants, including women, including children, including monks in their monasteries. This is very well known. Yes. So for example,

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I am

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a mom of one of the narrator's

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he says that

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they saw

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or he saw in La cartella feva, a woman who is basically fighting that wasn't, he was killed in one of the mahasi in one of the hazards, so that wasn't

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a nap. But also I saw some alleys. I'm collecting the NSL CBN. He said that this is not allowed to kill women and children. And this is a hadith which is, everybody has narrated it. In fact, everyone except for me say,

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this is one of the hobbies but there are literally dozens of the same hobbies literally in front of me. I've got my notes, literally dozens of the same ID. Now these disgusting human beings that don't apply, don't listen to the rulings of Allah subhanaw taala and the commands of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam who go out literally looking for women, literally looking for children that are cowards. That's what they are. Because if you're looking for someone who's you're going to go find someone who's not going to fight you back then you are that's the definition of a coward. You're armed, you're strong, you're able, and then someone who's not armed, who's not as strong and he's not as

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evil and you're trying to take their life. Yeah, and that's what you guys did in London Bridge and that's what you guys did. And Manchester people that literally are unarmed non combatants. How can you justify this islamically and you know the verses in the Quran as soon as I made a talisman actually delicate cabinet of any sorry, in the human continental office and in Florida and Omakase NSG man whoever kills a person for chapter five less day to ever kills a person for for, for they haven't committed murder or any corruption that's like the killing the whole of humanity and this is not an abrogated verse.

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This is not an abrogated verse.

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So what are you gonna do about these verses you have verses and Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed Salah, telling you is not permissible that actually is giving you

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incredible disincentives is one of the worst sins that you can do and and they're doing it. So listen, these are all ideas here that are talking about this.

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And all of them have agreed on this. Let me give you one example. A chef i is, is one of the major scholars the force policy that

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means Muslim Muslim in Vedanta hub, we mn falardeau middle Avenue. So he says that if listen to this, listen to this isn't

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a chef it says that if a Muslim goes into the countries of heart,

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which means that the countries where there's war going on so for example, the UK or the US or whatever, and they commit terrorist acts themselves, let's be fair, yeah, they commit terrorist acts themselves, Israel committed terrorist acts itself against another people and indigenous people, but you go into their country now we're in their country now.

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And now Shopify says if you go into those countries, and now you're in those countries, and they're giving you and providing you security, you're not allowed to fight them. This is what this is what a chef has said, Yes.

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And the same thing, many different scholars, but I've just given you one, which will suffice for now, even taymiyah, which a lot of these individuals actually quote

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has said very similar words, in his margin hotel, and he says that is completely forbidden, MacArthur Nisa can decide to be an evil, as he says, once again, is not allowed to kill the women and the children and the priests, etc. Well, Shaffer can be an AMA, etc. This is so established within this scholastic tradition, that going against it is ridiculous. Now, just to just to conclude, guys, I mean, why did we have to do this, it's important to be n, to be n. And for us to clarify these matters. For the sake of education, because we're meant to be educating people on a basic level, that's one of our functionalities. But also because there are some unfortunate some

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sympathizers, there might be a very small minority, yes, but they are some of the awesome supervisors that sympathize with these acts. We say to those individuals, we challenge you, I'm challenging you here today. And now. Yeah. People like Mr. haleema. And people like, you know, these individuals that come out on social media, I'm challenging, I'm challenging all of you to come forward and meet me personally. And if you know if genuinely if you know if you think you know, the religion of Islam, because you I believe you're extremists. I personally believe you're extremists. And we have to as a Muslim community, we have to weed out these individuals who are corrupting the

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community and spreading a bad name for us and disturbing our dour. Those individuals I challenge you to come forward and debate us and tell us why do you think what you think is correct? What evidence do you have that you can kill women and children? And you know, and these things? How dare you attribute that to the religion of Mohammed Salah, your center and the religion of Islam?

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You have no right to do that. And so here we are standing. Yes. Because Hey, you're living in a country which is let's be honest, our generations before us, a lot of us didn't live in. And so we have to take a stand against individuals like yourself by using the new social Shariah and by the dollar. Yeah, so here we have very clear evidences don't mess around anymore. Don't and hopefully anybody, if any one of the Muslim community sees any child going astray or start watching some different videos or something like that, direct them to this video because it's important that people are educated. These are just very basic things that I've highlighted today.

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From the Quran, and the Sunnah and all of the all the things of the, of the of the scholars. Anyways, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.