Having hope in Allah’s mercy is an obligation

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of hope in Islam and how it is taught in the month of October. They encourage people to ask Jesus Azza wa jal to admit them into his mercy and deeds, as it is an obligation to have it. The speaker also references the worship of Jesus Azza wa jal as a way of achieving a high level of worship.

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He says, Let me add

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that the people of the earth haven't entered the paradise yet. Well whom moon, but they're full of hope that eventually they'll end up in the paradise, who is teaching us something very important that even the people of the earth on the Day of Judgment, still did not lose hope in Allah. They still have hope in Allah, that he will admit them into the paradise. We'll see what happens at the end. Where does this hope take them? But this is teaching us that never once in your life give up hope in the Lord's mercy. If people on the Day of Judgment are still anticipating waiting for last mercy, the hell do you give up on the mercy of Allah azza wa jal as you're still alive in this

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worldly life, the way you think about a lot of social is exactly what's going to happen. This is the month of mercy. This is the month of October, make advantage and take advantage of it. ask Allah azza wa jal to admit you into his mercy and to accept your deeds and ask him subhanho wa Taala that he keeps your hope in Him high and strong until the day you meet him. This is a worship, having hope in Allah azza wa jal is worship and it is an obligation. You're supposed to have that