Heart Matters #08 Repentance The Perpetual Path to Tazkiyah

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he also heavy woman while I'm about

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one of the main mechanisms of purifying the heart is that of Toba or repentance Imam an nawawi when he talks about this gear to call, he says the first pillar of Ischia to call is that of Toba of repentance, and even aka him when he talks about this concept. He has a whole book Medallia just sign again. The first thing he mentions is basically Maha Sabha. We talked about that yesterday. The second is the concept of Toba, and every single scholar of the heart, who talks about purification of the heart mentions the concept of Toba and the top three things when it comes to purifying the heart. Now brothers and sisters, the talk of Toba is one that is universal every Masjid every hotly

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every Sheikh in the entire globe has given hold books and lectures about Toba. You have heard so many talks in this Masjid about Toba. Has it had it ever occurred to you? Have you ever asked yourself? Why is this topic so common in the entire Muslim aglow? Why is this topic the topic of conversation? Every third fourth, Hatha is something about Toba. I will tell you why. There is no other concept in the entire Quran, in which the language that is used to incentivize repentance is as powerful and as majestic and as noble as that of Allah azza wa jal wanting us and ask asking us to repent unto him, how many are the verses that talk about Allah's forgiveness? In fact, the

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majority of Allah's names and attributes that are mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, a large group of them centered around forgiveness and compassion and mercy. There is no other motif that you will find more names and attributes than that of mercy and compassion and forgiveness. I look forward I look how far off it to walk and on and on. And the verses themselves you've heard them so many times I don't have time to go over all of them. Call ya everybody. Alladhina Estrada fusi him? La taco, not to me Rahmatullah Don't give up hope of Allah's mercy, Allah shall forgive all sins, Allah loves those that are repentant, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will give you this world and then that's if you

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repent, the famous verse of know how to his Salam. When he told his people if you repent, Allah is going to send the rain, Allah is going to increase your crops, Allah is going to give you children, if you repent, you'll get this world and the next world. I don't need to go over all of that. But I want to point out there is no other concept in the entire Quran, in which the language is so incentivising it is so majestic than that of Toba. And the reason for this brothers and sisters is obvious in our religion and our deen. This is the primary mechanism of rising up you know, other religions they have their versions of salvation. You have to believe in this and that no for us it

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is very different. salvation lies in our Toba Allah's pleasure lies in our Toba and has an adversity famously commented on that verse in Surah Tunbridge, you know the famous Hobbit story again, time is always limited. There was an incident in Islamic history pre Islamic history where a group of righteous people were viciously tortured as Hobbit Oh dude. And Allah mentioned in the Quran, a big pitch was built, they were thrown into it, vicious torture, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada immortalized this story in the Quran. Then Allah said in the ladina Fatone mode meaning our mode may naughty film Mala Mia Tubu follow him either. Bucha Hanham has anniversary commented what an amazing verse, this group

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of people tortured Allah has only executed righteous people. And Allah still gave them a way out and said if they repent, they shall be forgiven. Those people who did the worst crime imaginable mass murder of the righteous they killed people simply for believing in Allah. Allah said to them through Mala Mia Tubu if you don't repent, then you will be punished and has celibacy said even they Allah gave them a way out so then how about the rest of us? Subhanallah again, Josie comments on this you know the famous Hadith all of you know that your Lord is happier at one of your repentance when you repent than somebody who was lost in the desert and he found his camel your the famous story right?

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Your Lord is happier than that person if no Josie comments, never in the Quran and Sunnah is this level of happiness given

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For any other deed, then for the repenter when he repents, then number one mechanism to make Allah happy is when you come back to Allah that's what Toba means. taba to return back to Allah subhana wa taala. And so brothers and sisters, again, we don't have time to go over all the evidences, but you've been there. You've heard these lectures. But I want you to think about why this topic is so common. And I want to conclude by mentioning two verses that I want us to ponder over two verses that talk about the sinner in a state that we should be pondering over Allah subhana wa Tada says, the first verse, cut about a book of Allah enough, say Rama, your Lord has decreed upon himself that

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he shall be merciful. Your Lord has decreed Rama, and know whom and I mean, I mean, come sue and be Jehovah that in whoever does a sin in the state of Jehovah, and then repent, will find Allah forgiving whoever does a sin in the state of Jehovah. And in the next verse also in the Quran, in the Matoba, to Allah He Lila de la Yama, Luna su RB Johanna, Allah shall forgive anyone who repents, who does the sin in Johanna and then he turns to Allah, Allah will forgive him. My point here what I'm going to finish off with, Allah describes the one doing the sin in the state of Jehovah Allah.

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What does it mean Jehovah. Jehovah does not mean that he didn't know it was a sin. Here, Jehovah Allah is not a condition. It is a description. Here Jehovah is not a condition. This verse does not mean whoever did a sin not knowing it's a sin shall be forgiven. If you did something you didn't know is a sin. Allah is not going to punish you for it. What does Johanna here mean? As even Abbas said, everybody who disobeyed Allah is acting like a Jedi Hill. In other words, the way Jehovah should be translated foolishness. You did something stupid. You knew it was dumb. You knew it was wrong, you shouldn't have done it. Allah subhanho wa Taala is using the adjective and it does pinch

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because it's true. Why did you do it? And Allah says, Therefore, don't be shy when I'm giving you a way out. Don't act like a fool. act wisely. What is the way to act wisely familia to bounnam in Caribbean do Tober quickly when you do Toba, you are a wise person. This is my message to you today is not just Ischia of the call. It's not just rising your ranks up know when you sin you are acting in a foolish manner. You know it's wrong you know, it's bad for you. You know, punishment comes Why are you doing it? Don't act foolishly. act wisely. And when you act wisely, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will love the fact that you have turned back to him. Final point and we'll continue this tomorrow

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because this is a long talk. Toba has many ways to do it or many conditions are scholars mentioned four of them memorize these four and they're very obvious number one you feel regret and guilt. You should have genuine regret. I shouldn't have done that. Number two, your tongue should then ask Allah's forgiveness of Allah forgive me is still far. Number three, you make a sincere desire, you're not gonna go back to that sin. And then number four, you make up like you did something wrong. You know, when you have an argument you do something you need to make up for that argument, right? Well To Allah belongs the perfect example. So memorize these four things. Number one, regret

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number two is still fog. Number three, that you make a sincere desire, you're not going to go back and number four you make up if you do all four of the makeup meanings, you do good deeds. If you do all four, you have perfected tilba Delbert than those who have, but I want to finish off this point. If you don't do all four, you do two or three out of the four. This is still better than nothing. Don't give up. Even if you're not perfect. If you can't do all four, that's not perfect Toba and Allah wants you to do a perfect job, but a partial Tober suppose you can't give up the sin but you still feel guilty. You still make us too far, and you make up by doing good deeds. Suppose that is

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the case. That person is still better than the one who doesn't feel guilty. The one who doesn't do is to fault the one who's not making up with good deeds. So the ideal perfect Toba and this is the month of October, but if you can't attain perfect Toba, then imperfect Toba is better than no Tober so strive what you can do continue to raise the bar and inshallah we'll continue this topic tomorrow, because this is a long topic with Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato.

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