Who is the Real ‘Strong’ Man?

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So, look at that balance, Latins and acebo come in at dunya. Then we have the rest of the verse while I see gamma cinema.

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do good to others just like Allah did good to you.

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Allah was kind to you be kind to others, many human beings, Allah is kind to them, they are cruel to others, even in their own homes. People are actually,

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like I said earlier, creating disaster in their own homes thinking that I'm going to achieve a gold medal perhaps for being so manly, that everyone in the home fears me to the degree that they are shaking in their psychologically unwell.

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That's not a man. A man is he who can control his temper, not one who can vent it, when we all can we are all men.

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Subhan Allah, a man is he the strong one is He

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who can control himself, not the one who can out wrestle the others. You want to show me how powerful you are, how strong you are, you want to go on about how many punch bags, you've created the holes in Subhanallah I'll tell you those were weak punch bags come to my one

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but all of that is irrelevant. The greatest relevancy is when you see a man strong. And he's sitting in front of Allah so quiet, so humble. And he doesn't just get angry for any small thing. He's not irked by little things to handle. That's a real man. Subhan Allah benign, I mean, you know your capacity but you're in control.

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Allah grant us goodness, sin kamasan Allahu la do good to others like Allah has done good to you. Subhan Allah